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Featured Partner: Bodymedia - Track your caloric burn around-the-clock. Get 15% off through 11/16!

MyFitnessPal is excited to announce another new partner to help you reach your fitness goals: BodyMedia.  

Founded in 1999, BodyMedia pioneered the development of wearable body monitors that automatically track your calories around-the-clock.  BodyMedia's proprietary technology has been clinically validated for accuracy.

The BodyMedia system includes:

  • A comfortable and adjustable Armband that automatically collects 5,000 data points per minute from 4 different sensors
  • An online Activity Manager that analyzes your data and gives you personalized feedback via the BodyMedia FIT coach (monthly subscription is required)
  • Free apps for on the go and up-to-the-minute readings throughout the day to track progress against your goals

With the integration of MyFitnessPal and BodyMedia, you will see several key benefits. You will be able to automatically transfer the calorie burn data gathered by the BodyMedia FIT system to your MyFitnessPal account. And since BodyMedia's data is based on all-day physiological measurements that track calorie burn for every kind of activity, it will be more precise than estimates.  Also, your MyFitnessPal food diary will now be linked to BodyMedia's Activity Manager so you can accurately monitor calorie intake versus exercise.
Most importantly, your data can be viewed in either application so you can use the system that best fits your needs.  For example, users logging their food intake in MyFitnessPal can simultaneously check their BodyMedia-measured calorie burn for the day, or users consulting ther BodyMedia Activity Manager for information on their calorie activity can simultaneously see their MyFitnessPal calorie count and nutritional summary of their food intake. 
This week, BodyMedia is sponsoring a giveaway of their Bluetooth-enabled LINK Armband! Head over to the BodyMedia FIT Facebook page to enter! 
Visit BodyMedia to learn more.  Interested in linking your MyFitnessPal and Bodymedia accounts? Check out the BodyMedia page in our App Gallery
Best of all, BodyMedia is offering a special discount for MyFitnessPal members. MyFitnessPal members get 15% off using the code "MFPBM15" at checkout, so if you're interested in the BodyMedia FIT system, make sure to take advantage of this discount before it expires on 11/16/12.
Thanks, and hope you are all enjoying MFP!
Mike, Al and the MFP team 

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skvenus wrote 59 months ago:
Why don't you guys give us a discount for fitbit instead? So small, easy to track but unfortunately a 100 bucks!
scotgirl63 wrote 59 months ago:
Is there a monthly fee to use all the features?
MelBristol wrote 59 months ago:
Is this waterproof and free to use after purchase?
MelBristol wrote 59 months ago:
There is no UK as an option when you choose location and it's $7 per month to use after purchase! What is fitbit skvenus?
FountainofKnowledge wrote 59 months ago:
The UK version is KiFit. Fitbit is just a pedometer, nowhere near as accurate
sofia321 wrote 58 months ago:
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Tfanara wrote 58 months ago:
I have the bodymedia armband and have followed the instructions to link the accounts. Unfortunately, when I add food on the myfitnesspal ap, it does not automatically show up on the body media ap. Also, my body media calorie burn does not automatically show up on the myfitnesspal ap. If I plug my armband into my computer at the end of the day both aps sync fine. However, seeing my results at the end of the day does not really help me keep track - I need to see live results of both. Any suggestions?
mrsewert wrote 58 months ago:
I'm so excited about this and ordered my Body Media on Friday. It will be waiting for me on Thursday! I can't wait to get this and start using it. Thanks MFP!
cheryl233 wrote 58 months ago:
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Antsuni wrote 57 months ago:
i love my bodymedia link! my girlfriend bought it for me for xmas! she is the best :)
nancy953 wrote 57 months ago:
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tj1376 wrote 57 months ago:
I like the food portion of MFP better than I do the BodyMedia, so I am excited that they are connected. I have been using the Body Media reader for over two weeks and I love it. I plug it in each morning when i take a shower and then i review the data from the prior day to see if i can make this day better. I have the option to do wi-fi sync with my phone, but i have to do it each time so i dont use that unless i want to look at specific items. I also love all the charts and graphs - especially the sleep one. Who knew i woke up that many times each night.
marry1234 wrote 56 months ago:
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