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Enter the August Member of the Month Contest

In June we launched our Member of the Month contest on Facebook. We’ve been so inspired by the amazing stories of transformation we have read and the pictures you have shared. Thank you for the incredible response, we look forward to more of the same!

For the month of August we want to celebrate the power of exercise. So, we invite you to enter this month’s Member of the Month contest by submitting a photo of yourself enjoying your favorite fitness activity and up to 500 words describing how exercise was key to achieving success.

At the end of the month, we’ll review all the entries and share the winner’s story with the whole community. August’s winner will receive a Runtastic Heart Rate Combo Monitor, a Runtastic Sports Armband and a one-year Runtastic Gold Membership.

Visit our Facebook page to find out more:

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Duck_Puddle wrote 13 months ago:
Is this only available to people on Facebook? I'm awesome too, but I spend all my time on mfp and don't have time for a Facebook account as well (that's not really the reason, but it's true).
martymum wrote 13 months ago:
I don't know about FB book its only available to those in the US : ((
JanaCanada wrote 13 months ago:
I don't do Facebook, and I don't live in the USA. Way to make us feel unworthy, MFP. :(
worldsbestauntie wrote 13 months ago:
Do we HAVE to submit a photo of us actually working out? As I would have two problems with that: (1) I workout alone. Who would take the picture? and (2) I would NEVER let anyone see me in my workout clothes! I am way to uncomfortable showing that much skin!
worldsbestauntie wrote 13 months ago:
Oh plus I'm proudly Canadian.
SexyTmar wrote 13 months ago:
I was so excited at the invite to join the August contest that I selected just the right picture, wrote my story and submitted it...before I realized that it was for US MFP users only. Since I am Canadian...that was terribly disappointing. I think that ALL MFP users should have the opportunity to win great items that will help us in our quest for fitness not just the American users.
Anonymous wrote 9 months ago:
It's better for your heath.
Anonymous wrote 8 months ago:
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Anonymous wrote 8 months ago:
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