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Coming soon! Updates to the Android App

You've been asking, and we’ve listened. We’re excited to announce that a new version of our Android app will be available in a matter of days. Get ready for a host of new updates, all of which means a better experience for you!

  • Improved navigation
  • More consistent user interface
  • Cleaner screen structure – Some of our beta testers have even called it "streamlined," "fluid," and "classy," but we'll let you be the judge of that
To gain access to the new version of MyFitnessPal's Android app, we encourage you to upgrade as soon as the release becomes available to you. We will keep you posted once it goes live!

The MyFitnessPal team

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ynotpray wrote 52 months ago:
How can I be a beta tester next time?
xTJSx wrote 52 months ago:
Will we be able to access the forums from it ?
DJStinky wrote 52 months ago:
Please please please let it be compatible with Gingerbread. My stupid only-a-year-old phone (NEVER buying anything the Verizon rep suggests as "great and brand new" again) is still running on Gingerbread. :(
kikicooks wrote 52 months ago:
Great, is Windows next? :D
warriorprincessdi wrote 52 months ago:
I loveeeee the new app!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It works so much better on my poor old phone, and yet it cleaner, newer and I find very user friendly! NICE WORK!!
KCalmeyn wrote 52 months ago:
I think it works great now, I look forward to the update.
RhetorDayna wrote 52 months ago:
I hope you make it so you can change meals in the food screen and move things to specific places as a group much more easily. It IS clunky in its current form.
Rose_bee wrote 52 months ago:
Rose_bee wrote 52 months ago:
Hearts_2015 wrote 52 months ago:
Please don't forget us non-app users! :( But I AM very happy for the app users that are getting updates and new features added! :)
doowop713 wrote 52 months ago:
Woohoo! Thanks!
rpmtnbkr wrote 52 months ago:
@ DJStinky... I'm running current version on 2.3.4 and iot works fine. I can't imagine new version wouldn't work.
soultoasty wrote 52 months ago:
do you plan on updating the website anytime soon? its kinda janky at best, doesn't update well, the navigation bars on the top and side have different names for the same link (ie checkin/weight in) id love to see some better interactive metrics, as well as better fitness tracking for strength & cardio. id love to have one place to go for all my tracking needs instead of using fitocracy, runkeeper, myfitnesspal, and withings.... god forbid i get something like the fuleband or fitbit and need another place to track my fitness.
wheezeybouncer wrote 52 months ago:
I do like the new app! Not tried it on the iPad but it's easier to navigate on my phone!
JRadd14 wrote 52 months ago:
Soooo excited! Love the current app - only issue is not being able to change the Meal # when copying from a previous day, and I'd love to be able to access the Community items!
realmister wrote 52 months ago:
Ty man! Sometimes the app devs simply forget that we Android users even exist! To be honest, the current UI is unnecessarily confuse, so I hold high hopes for the new version! Keep the good work guys!
DrewsAnna wrote 52 months ago:
When ya gonna work on the windows phone app, I can't even access my news feed, not to mention my friends.
fancymisty wrote 52 months ago:
which cell phone is best to use with the myfitness app
jeslaughter wrote 52 months ago:
Will the new app work on the new Blackberry Z10? Oh I hope I hope!!! fingers crossed!!!
lovingbears2 wrote 52 months ago:
That is great news!!! I HOPE the android update will make the mobile app more in line , i.e., look the same as the one on the laptop!!! I have a VERY DIFFICULT time with the phone app, as it looks so different, doesn't want to accept the stuff I'm searching, or trying to comment on, etc, and seems like it is only half the website! I MUCH PREFER THE LAPTOP SITE, AND WOULD LOVE LOVE LOVE THE PHONE APP to look like the same site!! HOPING THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!! <3
JUDDDing wrote 52 months ago:
I hope it stops the super annoying side-swiping day switching in the food diary.
jessicaf86 wrote 52 months ago: just to make it so we can access the forums from our phones!!
Franma1 wrote 52 months ago:
Hope it is out soon as I am having problems logging into the app on my phone, has been happening for a couple of days now.
Coach_Simon wrote 52 months ago:
I hope you guys come out with a new update for the Windows phone soon. Not having a news feed and friends really sucks.
jamielynnmobile wrote 52 months ago:
WONNDERFUL! I have Ice Cream Sandwich, and this is the only app I have that crashes consistently :( It's a real pain considering that I use it several times a day. Looking forward to the upgrade!
Laurelite73 wrote 52 months ago:
agree generally with all the comments and wishes.
Looking for ways to do body measurements "solo".
brc912 wrote 52 months ago:
Will this new app work on the Kindle Fire?? looking forward to the new updates. Also, You guys should look in to linking up with NikePlus so that the calories you burn using their watch/fuel band are automatically added to the diary when you sync... just a thought!

Love the website and the app, thank you for helping me lose 113 lbs. and counting!!!
starracer23 wrote 52 months ago:
I hope the new update has a "close out" button!
Its annoying to have to switch back and forth from app to actual internet just to close out the day.
Thanks for all your hard work :D
HolyPeas wrote 52 months ago:
I want to be able to use the forums on mobile. I HATE that I can't do that right now.
CaeliGirl11 wrote 52 months ago:
Definitely want to be able to access the forums on the mobile...I just don't understand not being able to do that. Doesn't it seem like that's an integral part of this site?
Nrkelly wrote 52 months ago:
I'd gladly pay to get rid of the stupid ads.
michaelgnocchi81 wrote 52 months ago:
I hope it can scan food bar codes with my asus tablet in this update. It's time consuming to enter food in the database when it doesn't exist
mu5a5hi wrote 52 months ago:
I just moved from iOS a week ago... I like MOST things about the Android app better.. but I'd also be willing to fork over a bit of cash in trade for no ads. They are really annoying. Otherwise it works pretty well on my new S4.

It would be cool if it had a 2x1 widget that showed the remaining calories for the day, but that is just a 'wish; feature;
caly_man wrote 52 months ago:
thanks for all the hard work.

as far as forum use, launch a browser from phone, open site, done.
Chaotisphere wrote 52 months ago:
Please could you eventually consider letting me browse/post-on the forums on my Android through the application? I spend a LOT of time on my phone each day, and would really like to see this feature. Please please please with walnuts and almonds on top? I would even PAY for such access. Just do it, please please. Thank you in advance.
BakingMadGymAddict wrote 52 months ago:
This is amazing news!! Cannot wait until the big launch. Keep up the awesome work MFP. You have changed my life for the better x
Keightisgr8 wrote 52 months ago:
THANKS FOR AN UPDATE!!! I wouldn't be half as successful without this website and my app. I just wish we could access the forums. It's physically painful when I see someone on my friends list comment on something that sounds super informative/interesting and I can't read the thread. I'm not complaining that isn't in this release, I'm just hoping you continue the awesome trend of listening to your users. Thank you so much!! <3
kfroese wrote 52 months ago:
Would much prefer if you put the effort into making a BB10 app. Even an android port would be better than nothing at all. And your website is not mobile-friendly; can be done but it isn't fun.
litteratus wrote 52 months ago:
Great news for the Android users. I hope this gets ported to BB10 quickly.
Cheeky_0102 wrote 52 months ago:
Yea I would like to see the access to the forums on the app, or at least a mobile page that navigates nicely.
CMB1979 wrote 52 months ago:
Great! Will I finally be able to input "0.5" instead of just "1,2,3,4,5" now? I need to be able to use decimals in the android app!
vlmay1955 wrote 52 months ago:
Improvements are always welcome; I like the Android app the way it is. Why on earth don't you put the same effort into improving your website???!!! I prefer using it when possible and looking at the big screen. Your web "reports" feature sucks compared to the Android reports. Why can't we have the Android reports on the website!!!!!
paddy472 wrote 52 months ago:
Good on you for showing Android some love! :-)
Robin1117 wrote 52 months ago:
This is awesome! Glad to hear!

Please put Window's phone version upgrade on the list too--desperately need newsfeed capabilities!!!
tbodega wrote 52 months ago:
Hopefully the new app will have a Tablet UI for Android. It's long overdue.

A barcode scan and calories remaining widget would also be awesome.
myshihtzusrock wrote 52 months ago:
I would love to see a delete button added so we can get rid of foods on our list that we no longer want in there.
inspiredjen34 wrote 52 months ago:
Hoping with the new app it will crash less and also add more features for us to use. Hope that after you make a comment you dont have to keep scrolling where you left off, that's a pain in the butt. Cannot wait.
PosterPens wrote 52 months ago:
so this means you'll also be porting this to the BLACKBERRY 10?!
yprince1 wrote 52 months ago:
I like everyone else love MyFitnessPal, but as an earlier posted stated "Please put some of these great ideas and features on the WEBSITE". There are a ton of that use it as our mainstay, only using the android and other versions when we are on the go. Particularly at work, you can't always be seen staring at your phone, but you can enter something really quickly the website and "keep it moving". Please Mike, I have been waiting a long time for search feature within items that only I have entered into my log. I will never ask for anything else. Thanks!
luvdogz wrote 52 months ago:
Morbo42 wrote 52 months ago:
Would love to see an update to the Windows Phone app as well. I realize that Windows Phone users are (still) in the minority, but it's a growing platform. The last update was almost one year ago... Any plans that you can share with us?
Coltsman4ever wrote 52 months ago:
You posted this last Thursday and said it would be out in a matter of days. It's getting close to a week now, hope we see this update soon. I'm excited. Quit toying with us and release it already! :)
Muscle_J wrote 52 months ago:
Can't waiting hoping for a add to diary widget.
janeeley68 wrote 52 months ago:
I am going to join the others and say, PLEASE, please, please work on getting it for Blackberry 10.
I love MFP and had it on my old android, but now I miss it on my Blackberry Z10.
MzKitty421 wrote 52 months ago:
Can't wait!!
captmiddy wrote 52 months ago:
Can you tell us the version number of this new release? There was a new release yesterday but it appears to be fundamentally the same as the previous release.
joshpass wrote 52 months ago:
better be getting a tablet app. it's ridiculous there isn't one.
chrismpalmer wrote 52 months ago:
Hoping we see a widget. I use the one for miCoach a lot. an mfp one would go the distance.
fitzie63 wrote 52 months ago:
Present version NOT functional. I appreciate all that you do to help us in volunteering your time (Mike and Albert) but I found the Android app to be lacking in functional capability on my Tablet. Tried it several time then deleted it. Went back to just using the browser version.
ashleymm625 wrote 52 months ago:
i hope we can upload photos
Nickstery wrote 52 months ago:
The new App is awesome, has the best navigation yet... I was lucky enough to get in on the beta... will definintely keep using the AP!
ScatteredThoughts wrote 52 months ago:
I wonder if the delay with the app is related to the unresolved web site issues.
bedazz562 wrote 52 months ago:
I am super stoked to hear this. I hope one of the updates is the adding of the serving size "fraction wheel" that is on the iOS version of MFP. That would be much appreciated. I thank you guys for all you do with this site and the mobile app, as it has helped me lose 45 lbs and still counting!!!!
cmb67 wrote 52 months ago:
Thank you! I appreciate the efforts put in to making this FREE app so helpful!
dickymint678 wrote 52 months ago:
Looking forward to the new Android up date!!
Keep up the good work.
Thank you.
baes86 wrote 52 months ago:
For all platforms - I would love to see notifications of replies (and the ability to tag) from other people's posts. I have to remember to check my friend's posts if I want to see their replies.

I think it'd also be kind of cool to be able to post a photo from an activity, and have it show in the feed next to calories burned or whatever (ie. Someone just did a marathon). Nothing too flashy. Just something to make this site a little more interactive and give that extra bit of motivation.
sacredg wrote 52 months ago:
Is it outyet?
Coltsman4ever wrote 52 months ago:
I'm starting to think you were just messing with us about the updated app. Where is it? You got us all pumped up and now just left us hanging.
Muscle_J wrote 52 months ago:
rassha01 wrote 52 months ago:
Been doing the beta test and yes it is definately a lot better!!
RunConquerCelebrate wrote 52 months ago:
When will the new APP be released?
remelehane wrote 52 months ago:
A matter of days feels like its already passed in my opinion, its been a week???
dmw45 wrote 52 months ago:
the beta looks beautiful and works fine but I dont feel like its a significant upgrade without access to blogs.
_Zardoz_ wrote 52 months ago:
Still waiting
seanfit65 wrote 52 months ago:
when do you expect the app for the blackberry z10?
brandiuntz wrote 52 months ago:
Please create a native app for Blackberry OS10 (Z10 and Q10). I've sideloaded your current android app, and it works. I believe you can get either a port working or build natively.
phoximom wrote 52 months ago:
Fingers crossed for the pie chart!
TammyS327 wrote 52 months ago:
The new app is a little more streamlined but still no access to forums or blogs. The main differences I see are navigational. The community is still out of reach. My current version is 2.7-3331
Pls137 wrote 52 months ago:
I just wish that the fitbit would sync without having to go thru your computer. My wife and I have the new LG Intuitions and because they don't have Bluetooth 4.0 we have to sync thru a computer. Kind of a pain sometimes.
prashkrish419 wrote 41 months ago:
make the groups and friends visible in android app
Anonymous wrote 36 months ago:
Get rid of the swip-changing day feature. It very annoying and frustrating. I'm seriously about to stop using the app just for this. It's very sensitive that when I scroll down or up the list to look at the nutritional menu, UT keeps swiping backwards or forward to the next day. Every freekn time, please get rid of it or change it.
Anonymous wrote 36 months ago:
agree with anonymous.. the app changes days every time i try to swipe up or down the mealtimes
Anonymous wrote 4 months ago:
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