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Changes to how meals work

We recently made a change to how Saved Meals work.  Previously, if you saved a group of foods as a meal, when you added that meal to your diary, you'd only see one entry, i.e. "Eggs and bacon".  Now, when you add a meal to your diary, we now will create entries for all of the individual foods.  So, for example, you'll see a separate entry for eggs, and a separate entry for bacon.

If you were using Saved Meals as they were originally intended, i.e. a grouping of individual foods that you regularly eat together, then this change should be very helpful.  Many of us will generally eat the same foods for a meal, but may make small changes, i.e. two eggs one day, three eggs the next, or maybe sausage instead of bacon.  By adding the individual foods as separate entries, you can now add the meal to quickly add a group of foods, but then easily make small changes in your diary, tweaking quantities, deleting some foods and adding others, etc.  

As a further benefit, if you think the changes are more permanent, i.e. you always ate three eggs, but now you are switching to only two eggs, then you can "Resave" the meal.  Just make the changes you'd like to make in your diary, and hit "Remember Meal".  You'll see a new button labeled "or, Replace and Existing Meal".  If you'd like to overwrite an existing meal, click on that button, and then select the meal you'd like to replace.  Your meal will be resaved with the new components.

If, however, you were using Saved Meals as a way to calculate recipes, then this change probably contains some drawbacks.  For example, if you had saved the ingredients of your Taco salad as a meal, i.e. "Taco salad", then you probably would prefer to only see a single entry, "Taco salad", when adding that item to your diary.  Now that we are adding all of the individual components, your diary has become more cluttered.

Our plan to address that is to create a recipe calculator.  You'll be able to enter in the ingredients to your recipe, calculate it's nutritional contents, and save it as a single new food.  When you add that recipe to your diary, it'll be added as one entry - all of the individual ingredients will NOT appear.

Creating a recipe calculator is our top priority for the website, and I'm literally designing it as we speak.  If, as we flesh it out a bit more, we feel it will take a while to implement, then we'll try to add some kind of option to revert back to the old way we added meals.  But if we think we can have it ready within a reasonable time period, we will probably just skip adding the option and instead try to get the recipe calculator out faster.

Hope that all makes sense.  if you have any questions or concerns, just let us know in the comments below.

Thanks, and hope you're all enjoying the site.

Mike & Al 

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jkohan wrote over 4 years:
This is a huge improvement. thank you!
LuckyLeprechaun wrote over 4 years:
This change sounds GREAT! Thanks for all you do!
Anonymous wrote over 4 years:
Thank you!
Tobi1013 wrote over 4 years:
Good stuff!! Can't wait for the recipe calculator so that I don't have to use two different sites!! I, for one, can deal with a cluttered diary if it means a recipe calculator sooner rather than later.

Thanks for all of your hard work!! I love the site!!
DwightJenkins wrote over 4 years:
Great ideas, thanks!
ebearit17 wrote over 4 years:
The recipe calculator will be a great addition!!!
SandraBro03 wrote over 4 years:
Awesome!! I would rather have the recipe calculator and deal with a cluttered diary as well!!!
nolachick wrote over 4 years:
This is GREAT!
THANKS~ I personally see everthing expanded that one single meal so i see what all went into my body.

Thanks again!
garrettfrazier wrote over 4 years:
Looking forward to the recipe calculator. I've been jumping over to other websites to do this and then importing in the stats as one food item. It'll be to all be contained in one place.
evanbeek wrote over 4 years:
Perfect. Was waiting for this ever since you started it on the iPhone app. Thanks!
megamom wrote over 4 years:
Yippy, with my memory I could never remember for sure if that really was the same thing I was eating. This site rocks.
leideebug wrote over 4 years:
Great! That is going to make things much easier for me. Thanks!
hiddensecant wrote over 4 years:
You are awesome! Keep up the good work!
Robin1117 wrote over 4 years:
Nice!! thank you so much for all the work you do. Will look forward to the recipe calculator as well!
Alita2011 wrote over 4 years:
The changes sound awesome. Esp the receipe calculator...Can't wait. ON: I love the website as it is a great tool for weight loss!!!!
puppypower15 wrote over 4 years:
This site is amazing! Not to mention very helpful!
arewethereyet wrote over 4 years:
Great idea Mike! Wish I read it before adding my coffee this morning.....thougt I was going NUTZ! LOL
arewethereyet wrote over 4 years:
and a recipe calculator too?? You are way too good to me ;-)
sandara wrote over 4 years:
I've always wanted to be able to do that! Thanks! And looking forward to the recipe calculator too. Then I wont have to go offsite at all! :)
obifatkanobi wrote over 4 years:
Sweet! A recipe analyzer will be great, thanks for adding one.
PureAndHealthy wrote over 4 years:
BRILLIANT! Great work Mike! Exciting stuff! And can't wait for that recipe calculator! :D
MAGinRI wrote over 4 years:
I am totally psyched! this is EXACTLY the way I wished it would work! and especially the recipe calculator! awesome job.... thanks for your efforts in making this the best site!
mustangnana wrote over 4 years:
Thanks Mike for such a great website. I am looking forward to the recipe calculator. That will help lots. I think you have the best site and I recommend it to everybody I know.
TuscanySun wrote over 4 years:

These are fantastic improvements! Thank you!!
robin52077 wrote over 4 years:
Perfect! Sometimes I only use half the amount of cheese on my homemade pizzas and couldn't take it out before! Thank you!
sandara wrote over 4 years:
I just used it for the first time. It's great, it even let me alter a meal I had already saved! yay!
toots99 wrote over 4 years:
This will help so much since I usually eat the same meal about 4 times a week! Thanks!
Shannon4J wrote over 4 years:
Thank you for making a GREAT site even better!!! :)
kspeach wrote over 4 years:
I added a 'meal' today, but it showed it as a meal instead of the 3 different elements. It worked correctly for me a few days ago, but didn't work today.
PJilly wrote over 4 years:
Me too, darn it. I wanted to edit elements of a meal, but it's listed as one entry now.
HealthyChanges2010 wrote over 4 years:
Thanks Mike! Appreciate all you do and love all the new features you and Al are working on for the site. It just keeps getting better and better! :D Becca
DoctorLaura wrote over 4 years:
WooHoo! Love the change! Thanks Mike!
rjadams wrote over 4 years:
Thank you so much. This is great. your site is the best.
lilchino4af wrote over 4 years:
Awesome changes! I've been waiting for the ability to make changes to saved meals and now I can and the recipe calculator on top of it is an added bonus. Can't wait to try out the calculator when it's done!
kspeach wrote over 4 years:
Mine is working again! :) Thanks for all your hard work! Btw, I try to click an ad now and again if it's something I'm interested in.... :) Hope that helps!
lyn333 wrote over 4 years:
Many thanks for your great app. Your offline system for ipod touch users arrived just in time for my holiday and was brilliant. I really like the fact that you can now change some elements of a saved meal, and the new saved recipe will be really useful too. Thanks again for providing us with such a useful tool for keeping track of our what we eat.
cmatkinson wrote over 4 years:
This is going to be helpful; I was trying to find a way to edit a meal without creating an entire new one that was actually the same, just a little bit different. Like taking the mayo off the sandwich I had the week yeah, this will be nice:-)
Brandzilla wrote over 4 years:
I can't wait!
nursee67 wrote over 4 years:
Everyday the site gets better...keep up the good work. Looking forward to the new additions!
RMX82 wrote over 4 years:
Wow! I was just thinking that this would be much more helpful the other day, then bam, you fix it, haha.
Laika3 wrote over 4 years:
Thanks! I was hoping this change would come as I change my saved meals all the time depending on what I have in my fridge/cupboard :)
PAnn1 wrote over 4 years:
I love this site! The addition of a recipe calculator will really be a plus!!
last25 wrote over 4 years:
Fantastic idea! Any you're so right about the slight change in the meals, like one egg today and two tomorrow, etc. Just brilliant! Things on this site just keeps getting better and better! Keep up the great work and thank you so much for doing this for us and keeping it free. God bless your hearts!
hartterjw wrote over 4 years:
Love it! I tried saving a meal once, and just like you said, there were some changes the next time I ate that, so kudo's to you! And I love the idea of a recipe calculator, great ideas! Thank you for your help now and to come! :)
SaraRW wrote over 4 years:
Sounds good!

I could be overlooking this feature, but is there any way to share meals with myfitnesspal friends? Some of my friends are family members and we eat many meals together. We find that it would be convenient if we could somehow locate and add the meals that one person has already created. We noticed the sharing of diaries, but could never find any feature to share meals.

Love the site ... Thanks!
AllisonMS wrote over 4 years:
Recipe calculator? Great idea!
And I love the changes to the saved meals.
You guys are so creative and responsive. Thankyou so much!
amelia_atlantic wrote over 4 years:
GREAT improvement! Thanks!
rnroadrunner wrote over 4 years:
you rock! that is the one thing to make this site even better. Thank you!!
rnroadrunner wrote over 4 years:
you rock! that is the one thing to make this site even better. Thank you!!
opr290 wrote over 4 years:
I'm excited about the recipe calculator - AWESOME!!!
Jeansattic wrote over 4 years:
I am new to this program & would like to know if My list of foods can be itemized in categories, such as "Juices", "Desserts", "Vegetables", "Fruits"....etc, etc. ?
This would make it easier to find food items when filling in a new day's worth of them.
The new idea of the Recipe Calculator is great !
thirtyby40 wrote over 4 years:
You are mind readers! I was wishing we could tweak a meal a little bit. Looking forward to the recipe calculator too. Thanks!!
Ge0rgiana wrote over 4 years:
These changes are awesome, Mike! I've been using the recipe calculator on Spark and then transferring individual serving info to custom database entries on MFP. Skipping that and going straight to a recipe calculator on this site would be 1,000 kinds of fantastic! I really appreciate the work you do, and not just as a user, but as a programmer as well. You put a lot into it, I know. Good luck, and can't wait to see the upcoming improvements!
Will_B_Healthy wrote over 4 years:
Some of us monitor our blood sugar; it would be handy to have a tab that tracked that, too. I am sure others would agree and it can't be that difficult to add. I am weaning myself from my oral meds and having a record from the same source where I log my meals, exercise, weight, etc. would be a great advantage and time saver, too.

And if not, that's cool, too. I can always download my BS monitor and print it out. Extra time/work etc but not impossible.
sunnysashka wrote over 4 years:
Awesome! Thanks!
melanie92 wrote over 4 years:
Thank you!!! Can't wait!
BunnyzBebaH wrote over 4 years:
I noticed this change the other day and was thrilled!
fancyladyJeri wrote over 4 years:
Absolutely fabulous program. I've been helped so much in my weightloss by using it. Great work and thanks.
vevecca81 wrote over 4 years:
Hi - I like this but as you state above I use it as a recipe saver i.e. an entire homemade cheesecake which i will have 1/8 of or whatever. I was a little shocked when it added every ingredient and I had to manually change each quantity to make sure I didn't add a million extra calories. Looking forward to the update for that one
vevecca81 wrote over 4 years:
Oh - and a tweak to the water thing would be great. I'm in the UK and we don't tend to use the 'cup' system (although I've had to learn using this app) - perhaps a change of units for this too to pints or litres or even just glasses??
A joint link with would also be great but that one might just be me being lazy!
Anonymous wrote over 4 years:
I just joined and this sounds wonderful as I wondering how I track a portion of homemade recipes, etc. Many thanks for all you do as this and the whole site will be a very helpful tool for me going forward.
Roy_Young wrote over 4 years:
What a great site .... finally an application that doesn't require you to jump all over the place. My favorite is the daily menu section.

Great job on the overall design with the ease of tracking calories plus a lot more ..... this format allows easy input and daily tracking of what you eat.

This is the end of my fifth day and I love it. Had dropped 5 pounds when I started ... looking forward to next week at weighin ....
My45Chelle wrote over 4 years:
I am so excited, the new changes are great! I always have to go explore all over the web trying to get the nutritional value for a recipe or food not listed in the database. Thank you very much, this site is the best!!
rethers wrote over 4 years:
Love this website and all that you are doing to keep it moving more efficiently! (also love that its free!) I used to subscribe to another website that is very similar but had a monthly fee but switched over when I found MFP. I have one suggestion that I found very useful on the other site that you might think about incorporating. You could "copy" meals or days to your current log. So lets say I eat the same thing every day for breakfast or lunch. All I have to do is click on copy, then the date (optional stop and copy all meals from that date), then the meal. Saves a couple of clicks. Well, that's my two cents. keep up the good work!
jarnagsa wrote over 4 years:
Thank you for changing the way the saved meals works! It's just what I needed to keep things simpler. This site is awesome.

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