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Bug fix updates available for Android and Blackberry

Just a quick note that we've just released two minor updates for our Android and Blackberry apps.  These are both bug fix releases - these releases do not include any additional functionality, but a number of crashes have been addressed.  We've also added some logging that we hope will help us diagnose the remamining crashes that have been occurring.

A few of the bug fix highlights:

  • Fixed: Android users with certain custom ROMs could not accept the license agreement
  • Fixed: Blackberry Pearl users could not use keyboard properly in some areas of the app
  • Fixed: Creating foods in Blackberry app without a space in the serving size (i.e. "140g") would cause a crash
There are a variety of other minor issues and crashes that have been corrected as well in both apps.  As always, we are continuing to try to improve the stability of all the apps, and we'll do our best to ensure that the apps provide a crash-free experience.
We are also working on major functionality upgrades for all of the apps, so more is on the way! In the meantime, we hope these bug fixes are helpful.
Thanks, and hope you are all enjoying the site and the apps.
Mike & Al 


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taso42_DELETED wrote 83 months ago:
Nice! Is the food in wrong slot problem one of the fixes?
Teenamarie_36 wrote 83 months ago:
Thanks for working on all the bugs!
mamato3inca wrote 83 months ago:
Only problem I've had is barcode scanner coming up with completely different foods? Wrong, brand and completely different food. This was never an issue until recently.
fitzie63 wrote 83 months ago:
Mike and Albert: I'm very grateful for you taking the time to upgrade the Blackberry program. Would it be possible to see and use the MFP newsfeed on the mobile program? If it's not feasible, I can understand. HTML program is never a "gift"'s usually quite complex.

QUESTION: How in the world can we use a "barcode scanner" with the MFP Blackberry program. Didn't know about that.
exermom wrote 83 months ago:
Mike and Albert - first off, thank you for all you do. Secondly, I'd like to get the update for the Android, but I have no idea how to get it. I even asked my husband (who worked in IT for the last 23 years), and even he couldn't figure out how to get it. How do I get it?
penny39 wrote 83 months ago:
Thank you for working on the bugs! I have great difficulty logging on to the app for my android, it takes for ever and you have to log in each time you go in and out.Once I get on it's fantastic! But today I wasn't able to log on at all from the phone.
genab wrote 83 months ago:
Would like to see your"friends" (which allows you to get messages, etc.) available on the Droids like the iPhone app allows.
peacehawk wrote 83 months ago:
I've got to tell you that your app is my favorite, even more than my games! I also love love love this website! Thank you for all you do! :-)
txdispatcher wrote 83 months ago:
I still can't get past the user agreement. I keep agreeing and agreeing.
tiffypooh2u wrote 83 months ago:
Any tips that can help me stay logged in??? I logged out one time and for some reason, it won't keep me logged in anymore and I can't figure out how to keep it again.
EmmaShorter wrote 83 months ago:
do you intend to create an app for Nokia n8?
PoleBoy wrote 83 months ago:
Enter in the BlackBerry App still moves to next, instead of selecting the current option.

Android App seems less stable.

Android App sometimes stops the screen dimming and turning off - on top of this is has a lot of white. if I forget to close MFP an overnight charge can only give me 20% power :(
amazing_graceā™„ wrote 83 months ago:
I wish there was a way to delete some of the topics under "my topics" in the Community tab. We could keep the ones that we want to "follow" but delete the ones that we only posted on once and aren't necessarily trying to follow. Thanks. (I LOVE THIS SITE!)
troopydoo wrote 83 months ago:
exermom - did you get your question answered?
NicLiving wrote 83 months ago:
I wish it would keep me logged in. Using Android (Samsung Galaxy) and can't figure out how to change the settings to keep me logged in. Otherwise great app! Most used app on my phone ;)
NicLiving wrote 83 months ago:
I wish it would keep me logged in. Using Android (Samsung Galaxy) and can't figure out how to change the settings to keep me logged in. Otherwise great app! Most used app on my phone ;)
suezen wrote 83 months ago:
I have a blackberry and this is the second time I could not log into MFP on my phone thats a little bumming. I love this app mostly for my phone. I use it daily for everything, even if I want to check calories for a food item I might or might not eat.
Thank you and please help me figure out why its not working on my phone today.
Have a good day.
jaygirl3 wrote 83 months ago:
Its not working with my blackberry too. Keeps giving me error messages when i try to log in my food or exercise.
NancyPav wrote 83 months ago:
this last fix for the blackberry has resulted in it NOT WORKING AT ALL! Error messages; Reinstall doesn't help. This app now is useless on the phone (which stinks big time). Any word on how soon this might get fixed
heygeagee wrote 83 months ago:
I'm not getting it to work for the Droid. I had it on my phone, then it wouldn't remember my password, so uninstalled hoping to reinstall - but no go. Don't think the updates have worked....
cmyrick75 wrote 83 months ago:
Has anyone ever told you guys that you ROCK?!?! Thanks for all that you do!!!
Raven6204 wrote 83 months ago:
no problems on my droid til today. New to this technology. Can see it though it is darker and unresponsive. Can't do anything
binkmb wrote 83 months ago:
Can't get the app to work on my android phone. It gives me an error message when trying to accept the user agreement. Tried deleting and re-installing to no avail. Help!!!
GLLove wrote 83 months ago:
I'm now having problems searching for foods. I have to hit search twice each time to get results. Other than that, Love the Android App. Its the reason I joined MFP in the first place!
erynnp wrote 83 months ago:
I'm sure you've gotten this one before, but I have the iphone app and it refuses to use the foods I've entered in manually...I entered in the info/nutrition for a food and it stores it in "my foods" and everything but refuses to keep it in my daily diary whenever I log it for the day! Mysterious glitches...
nomorefatbitch wrote 83 months ago:
I am STILL having to use the 'force stop' option on my Android almost DAILY.
ddough wrote 83 months ago:
I do at time create a dup. item because I find the nutritional information is wrong or it doesn't match the providers website nutritional information. Then I document next to the providers name "(Website)". I think you have all the reasons listed. However I did not know I could EDIT and item from the master database. I don't remember seeing an EDIT option.

I too have just noticed wrong barcode information matching with a completely different food item. For example I barcoded Rice Wine Vinager NO Sugar & NO Sodium made by Makuren?? brand. It came up as Broccoli! SOME MAY ASSUME THEN THE ITEM DOESN'T EXIST AND RECREATE THE ITEM. FYI I didn't, i did the search first & found my item in db.


I really agree with the first requestor that many times I'm finalizing prior days meal & it gets entered in current day which makes sense that it's the default but id love to press & hold the item and have additional option to move the item to a different date & meal as well, vs the popup just being "delete". You are able to do this in another major app which I've parallel compared and as of last week I have stopped using the other. I like how the other app has a feature called "Diet Calendar" avail on phone app which lists, in columns & small print, Cals, RDI, Food, Exercise, Net for 9 days of data (7 is fine). I miss that! On the fly and Phone app, not online report. Both is great.

I live in the country and my phone has to struggle to find a network connection and drains my battery when I enter a food item. The other App does not auto sync for every transaction but has a manual batch sync. It would be good if this could be an option in settings.

emailing report and more importantly downloading to a spreadsheet would be fantastic! I'd like to also get my average calorie & nutrutional intake over 7 day period and monthly so I can see if I'm overall still maintaining an average of my daily calories and nutritional information. In order to stick to a calorie diet, you're supposed to average you're calorie intake and not worry about minor daily high's and low's as long as the average in your week Sun-Sat remains on target. Of course you should be perfect everyday but it's well known that most people will stick to the plan if they don't feel guilty about "cheating" for a day because you can eat less the next day and not feel guilty about a special event "cheating"(bad word). haha

My last request at minum would be to improve the Report function to add/stack the RDI(recom.daily.intake), based on your nutr. program details, directly above or below the related column title. I want to compare what my intake was to what I actually should have done including vit,protein,suger,fiber etc. And maybe a NET of the two. I know it's a lot to ask! I'm very pleased and my suggestions are only to keep you at NUMBER 1.

Thank you for listening.

a_stronger_steph wrote 83 months ago:
Awesome work! Any way you could make it so some of us on internal memory-limited phones (like the HTC Desire) can install the app to our SD cards?
DrawnToScale wrote 82 months ago:
Improving the food searching capability would help. Your competitor (My Fat Secret) allow you to first choose a restaurant or supermarket, and then seach within that catagory, making the search easier. Maybe do something like that?
Brenda_Bixler wrote 81 months ago:
Is there a barcode scanner for the blackberry curve??? If there is please help!!! I want this ASAP!! Thanks!
Yazzyaz wrote 78 months ago:
I see a number of questions on the forums for scanning and in this posting as well with regard to scanning for Blackberrys. Is there such a feature? Or, a plan to add one in the future?
keacey wrote 72 months ago:
Love the android app. But i have to always sign in everytime i want to use it. Is there any way of staying signed in?

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