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Are you healthy with a high BMI and want to be on TV?

If you are healthy and fit but have been denied health insurance because you have a high BMI, we'd like to hear from you.  The producers of a nationally syndicated television talk show are looking for someone who meets this criteria to appear on an upcoming taping of their show on Tues. Mar 1st, 2011.
If you fit the criteria above and would like to be considered by the producers, please send a message on MyFitnessPal to...
...with the subject "Talk Show" and include your email address and a very brief summary of your story.  If the producers are interested in speaking with you further, they will contact you via the email address you provide.  Anyone who is selected to appear will receive travel & accommodations to the studio in NYC where the show will be taped on Mar 1st.

As the criteria is relatively specific, please use your best judgement when determining if you would be a good fit and whether you can travel to be in NYC on Mar 1st.

Hope that everyone is having a healthy and happy 2011!


Mike and Al

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faith2share wrote 83 months ago:
I was denied a few years back due to my high BMI. Since then I have lost over 60 pounds ( total weight loss 162 pounds) With all the denials I had to get NH health plan. ( the bottom of the barrel insurance that can't deny anyone)

My story in short. I lost 100 pounds on my own and them sought a Personal trainer that introduced me to MFP. I have a logged in for almost 200 consecutive days and lost 60 pounds, 12% of my body fat, and am now normal weight and studying to be a personal trainer.

I will attempt new insurance options soon. I knew I had to wait until my BMI was normal.

Cindy Gilbert
cawfeegirl wrote 83 months ago:
What is considered "healthy with a high BMI"?
CharlieJimenez wrote 83 months ago:

Someone who has considerable muscle mass and very little body fat (ex: body builder), is healthy (ex: no disease, healthy lipid profile, etc.) will commonly have a high BMI as it is a measure of weight and height.

Since BMI only considers total weight and not body composition (how much is fat, muscle, bone) one could have a high BMI and be very fit.

So BMI should only be used on individuals at the extremes (either obese or very underweight). For people who are fit, body-fat percentage is much more accurate.
hotmooglelove wrote 83 months ago:
@cawfeegirl chalriejimenez is absolutely right.

The easiest way to measure at home is with WHR and body fat %. Women with 70:100 ratios and less than 30% body fat tend to live longest with fewest health issues, and that is absolutely regardless of their BMI.

BMI is a great as a warning sign, but shoud never be used as a diagnostic tool. I've dated girls perfectly in that zone while having "overweight" and "underweight" BMI's
mcarmon wrote 83 months ago:
I'm SO glad someone is taking this on! BMI is so inaccurate and frustrating for those not on extreme ends of the scale!! My doctors refuse to listen to me when I tell them that I'm fine with my weight where it is. With the MFP tools, I've lost 50 lbs total and my BMI is just barely out of the "Obese" range and into the "Overweight" range. I have a naturally curvy body and great muscle tone, but I guess that weighs against me as far as BMI is concerned. I'm in good shape with no high blood pressure or any other weight related health problems.

News flash: Not all short women are supposed to be a size 0-2 with no muscles and no hips. I haven't been less than 130 lbs since I hit puberty. BMI is a one-size fits all chart, and it's made it impossible for anyone in the medical profession to see beyond my weight to look at other causes for my sleep apnea.

Everyone I know is cautioning me against losing any more weight. I am healthy now, but I don't think I will be if I get down to the "normal" 97-123 range that BMI dictates. My some of my bones in my midsection (right below my abdomen) now stick out and my ribs are almost to that point. My waist is so small that I have to get my clothes altered. That's just my body shape. When I was 190, I wore size 14 bottoms and size 12 tops. Now that I weigh 140, I wear size 10-12 bottoms that have to be taken up in the waist, and size 8 tops. Belts that come with size 10 dresses are several sizes too large.

Was 190 healthy for me? Probably not in the long run. I've burned off the fat and look much better, but I'm still dense because I have strong muscle tone in both my arms and legs and because I have hips. I know other people that after losing 50 lbs dropped several dress sizes. We're not all the same! I'm being told that I should lose ANOTHER 25-40 lbs to get my BMI in the right range. I guess I'm supposed to let my muscles atrophy or something. Forget that whole diet and EXERCISE thing!

I believed the hype promoted by my doctors that my weight must be the cause of my sleep apnea, but that clearly isn't true. I still have apnea and I'm at a healthy weight for my body type and muscle build. I feel very badly for those who have been denied coverage for their BMI, as it does not have a necessary correlation to health or specific health problems in every person. I hope I don't have to go through the same thing later this year when I move out of state and have to shop around for new insurance.
slimyfishy wrote 83 months ago:
Thank you for taking this on! I don't think I totally qualify, but I'll give you mine. I've run 3 marathons and 5 halves since 2004. I adore running and usually weigh 165lbs when I've run my races. I went to my insurance about 3 years ago asking to race my life insurance for my family. Everything checked out with them (i.e. never smoked, no drugs, drink a handful of times a year, exercise, floss, wear my seatbelt, etc.). The agent was impressed by my running and even said that they could never imagine running a marathon. Everything looked great until they asked my weight. "I weigh 165lbs." They looked shocked and proceeded to tell me that my new life insurance rate would more than DOUBLE each month if I didn't lose at least 20lbs. I was VERY UPSET when I left their office. Sure, I was fit. They then proceeded to tell me that I am fat. I have until age 45 to get down to 140lbs to lock in the rate they quoted. I'm still angry about the whole thing. Yes, I am trying to lose the weight to increase my life insurance for my family. However, I'm doing it mostly for me. I wish what you are doing could change how insurance is handled. I'd love to be able to go back into their office and show them that I'm not a couch potato. I've had several family members die from morbid obesity & Type II Diabetes. I WILL NOT be following their example. I hope your report opens the eyes of the insurance industry. They have had on blinders for a LONG time. -Shan
fitzie63 wrote 80 months ago:

Sat 05/14/11 08:02 AM
I got a notification in my App World yesterday saying there was an upgrade available for the app. I upgraded and restarted my Blackberry and it completely wiped my software right off my phone, leaving it completely unusable. That being said, I don't know that MFP is the cause of it happening, or if it was just a Friday the 13th coincidence.

Wondering if this happened to anyone else?
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