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Android Update - Version 2.7 is Available

Introducing Redesigned Android App, Rebuilt With Users in Mind

Hooray! We’re excited to announce that a new version of our Android app is now available for download. This release features a fresh facelift and sought-after features like:

  • Improved navigation — We'd like to introduce you to our new sliding menu, which makes it easier than ever to access a variety of features. Now that the menu is vertical, you can more readily find the features you care about. For example, Messages are now available in the navigation, and Reminders are even more accessible than they were before.

  • More consistent user interface — We've been hard at work to ensure that MyFitnessPal provides an experience that meets and exceeds your expectations. For instance, the main action button is always in the top right corner of the screen now, instead of at the bottom next to the ad. And using your phone's menu button, you can immediately get back to the home screen, regardless of your current location in the app.

  • Cleaner screen structure — Finally, we've tried to make the user interface as clean as possible, so you can scan information and digest data more easily on the go. Graphs are now easier to see and understand, and the barcode scanner stands out much more clearly.



With all these enhancements in mind, we encourage you to upgrade as soon as you have a moment! And if you run into any issues, please just let us know and we’ll investigate ASAP.


Mike, Al, and the MFP team

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chasecohen wrote 46 months ago:
When will this be coming to the ios app? Looks so much cleaner, good work!
AprilRenewed wrote 46 months ago:
I LOVE it! Thank you!!!
Peni_Davidson wrote 46 months ago:
Is this version available in the UK? as I don't have it yet :(
Peni_Davidson wrote 46 months ago:
Got it thanks :) I'm a happy bunny now xx
prockjp wrote 46 months ago:
Much improved... :) Just wish you added the capability for the keyboard to display a decimal point so we could the enter the exact amount of food serving size or # of servings consumed (this can be done when logging in from the web). Good work, thanks!
GBO323 wrote 46 months ago:
MFP Team, the new MFP app is a WELCOME UPDATE! I know some want more features(as I do too), but the main thing I've hoped for is a cleaner interface....and you delivered that well. I moved from iOS to Android 4.2.2 a few months ago and am learning the difference between beautiful and functional. The MFP app is closing that gap.

Adding foods is a better experience on the new version. Moving the ADD button to the top idea and it works better for me. Maybe I'll lose more weight now. :)

Again, thank you for this great improvement and for the tools that are helping to find the new ME.
tonicro wrote 46 months ago:
It's been lame today. Keeps having problems synking.I have to input my activity or food a few times.
tonicro wrote 46 months ago:
It's been lame today. Keeps having problems synking.I have to input my activity or food a few times.
DrewsAnna wrote 46 months ago:
Are you going to work on the windows phone app?? We don't even have a news feed, can't see our friends much less worry about the forums.
CarmenSRT wrote 46 months ago:
So far, so good! Liking the new interface. :D
bking719 wrote 46 months ago:
Will you be adding an option for calorie cycling soon? I do the leangains diet that has to different calorie and macro intakes depending on workout and rest day.
flet2 wrote 46 months ago:
Sync doesn't work. When i launch the App it hangs on "synchronizing measurements" If i kill the app then launch again I can use it, but when i try to manually sync it says "sync already in progress". Using Android 4.2.2
Montco wrote 46 months ago:
Wow, Android gets the flashy new update before iOS? Never thought I'd see the day.
nccoda wrote 46 months ago:
Love the new interface - much more cleaner and easier to read - smile. Great!!!!
j_chama wrote 46 months ago:
Hi. What about BlackBerry version?
jeffrey2584 wrote 46 months ago:
looks good....
atavvy wrote 46 months ago:
Great update to the app. Looks fantastic.
MightyDrake wrote 46 months ago:
Under Frequent foods, you've lost track of the last quantity used. I have some that I used to use regularly, and I can no longer just tap the checkmark.
ellenvmelon wrote 46 months ago:
Isnt syncing, the pop up telling me so is driving me nuts! Otherwise love the look and feel.
RunConquerCelebrate wrote 46 months ago:
Really like the new update
k8lyn_235 wrote 46 months ago:
having issues with syncing exercise from app to site. never had a problem doing this before, but now it is showing on the app but not on the site (if i log exercise through the app)
Kmscarbro wrote 46 months ago:
Needs a decimal point! I try to eat half portions and I can no longer put them in.
michellefoley81 wrote 46 months ago:
Still can't search my own entries....disappointed. It is so time consuming to continue to scroll through everything all the time.
michellefoley81 wrote 46 months ago:
The app is now searching added entries! I restarted my phone and now it works. Thanks!
xDita89 wrote 46 months ago:
Ever since the update the app does not sync with Runtastic anymore. I tried renewing the connection but that did not help either.
jusbrthe wrote 46 months ago:
It wont let me log in to.the app.... it says syncing be patient.. that was 30 mins ago. =( hope.this doesnt do this every time. It looks great though. Love the new app.
bara_rei wrote 46 months ago:
I like the layout, but I'd rather have the old app with good functionality than this one with bad functionality. First, the app takes at least 30 seconds to load up now. Really? It took 5 seconds tops before.
Also, as others have mentioned, my exercise is no longer syncing from my phone to the site. In fact, syncing isn't working well, period.
Fix the bugs, please!
crossbarh wrote 46 months ago:
I'm really liking the new interface. There are still some glitches, but I'm sure those will be under control soon. One "complaint" Why can't we enter numbers higher than 9999 on the mobile or iOS apps? I've recently started tracking steps & do way more than 10,000. Please adjust this & it'll be perfect - for me anyway. Thanks.
vals83 wrote 46 months ago:
Have you fixed the issue with the exercise calories not updating properly on the website? Happened twice.
blusardi wrote 46 months ago:
I, too, have encountered issues with exercise not staying logged in. I enter it through the app at home, but it doesn't show up on the website version the next day! If I enter it again on the website, it will eventually show up twice on my app. Hope you're able to resolve this.
michaelgnocchi81 wrote 46 months ago:
The barcode scanner still doesn't work for me on Asus TF300 Android tablet
BryceK67 wrote 46 months ago:
I must say, the Android MFP app is not good at all and I much prefer old version. While it does look better, the performance lacks and is extremely frustrating. It doesn's sync properly, the Diary constantly skips, doesn't add the proper portions in, etc. Extremely frustrated!
WilliamLeeSims wrote 46 months ago:
I completely love the new look! Everything is snappy, easy to find.

I do have one small problem... the check boxes are too small! I've done some Android dev, so I understand the issue there, but it would be nice if you could test where the user pressed, and if it's nearer the checkbox than the text, it should just check the box.
LoveBrilliantly wrote 46 months ago:
I love how clean this new version is, BUT I am having a lot of trouble getting it to sync. Today I have had no success at all and had to log everything online... Which isn't that big of a deal really. Just annoying. Also, the update seems to eat battery life too.
piscesy2k wrote 46 months ago:
I like the new interface, but it takes really long to sync, it keeps on losing recipe's that I enter, and tends to crash when I try to sync the recip to a meal. I have now had to uninstall and reinstall it twice to get it working again. Would rather have the old one back :( Samsung Galaxy S3
Dtm3000 wrote 46 months ago:
Echoing alot of comments about sync'ing above. I have Galaxy 3. Also, If i edit an item when posting to diary it rarely stays. Looks better but no longer performs well.
prockjp wrote 46 months ago:
I like the interface on the new version but I had to revert back to the old version (2.5.007). The new version would make my phone hang and then go into a continuous reboot cycle. I deleted and reinstalled the new version several times and the same thing happened. Seems like the new version uses much more RAM (+50MB) on my phone which is an older Samsung Galaxy 2 running the android "Gingerbread" O/S. Too bad cause I really liked the new one.
bdanih wrote 45 months ago:
Looks good, but there are times where it won't get past the initial synchronizing screen. I've had to uninstall and reinstall a few times to get rid of this problem. Haven't really had any other issues that I can think of, but this one is pretty major. Please fix soon!
MrsDougNOLA wrote 45 months ago:
I'm also finding that the new version hangs - I'm lucky if I get the option to force close, usually it locks up my phone and I have to power down and back up. *When* it works, I love it. But the when isn't quite often enough for me right now. Hope you can shake this problem out.
nealwalk wrote 45 months ago:
Love love love the update guys! This app has literally made my family's lives better no lie. What I would like to see in the future, is the ability to take pictures of our meals and have the photos displayed next to our diary entries. Another great thing would be that the time of day to be recorded immediately upon diary entries and also displayed along with the photo of the meal. I think there is an alarm clock reminder on there, so great job with that add on guys! The MyFitnessPal team has really done a fine job with this and so many people besides myself are thankful :)
Anonymous wrote 41 months ago:
Wonderful site and I wanted to post a note to let you know, ""Good job""! I’m glad I found this blog. Brilliant and wonderful job! Your blog site has presented me most of the strategies which I like.
cherylb01453 wrote 23 months ago:
I absolutely HATE HATE HATE the new look. Looking for a copy of the old one
cherylb01453 wrote 23 months ago:
I absolutely HATE HATE HATE the new look. Looking for a copy of the old one

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