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Android Update Now Available - View Friend Diaries, Offline Food Search, and More

About a week ago, we released an update that added the following new features to the app:

  • View friend's diaries: If user's have elected to share their diary with other members, those diaries can now be viewed in the app
  • Offline food search: We've added a streamlined offline database so that you can search for foods even when an internet connection is unavailable
  • Add a profile picture: Upload and manage a profile picture right from the app
  • Bug fixes: Numerous performance enhancements and stability improvements
Today, we released a second update which contains several fixes for a few crashes a small subset of users were experiencing with our last update.  We also fixed a bug where the total net calories under the weekly goal was not calculating correctly.
If you run into any issues with the latest version of the app, please just let us know and we'll look into it ASAP.
Hope you are all enjoying MFP!
Mike, Al, and the MFP team 


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stroken96 wrote 69 months ago:
Thank you
LIFESTARTSNOW030512 wrote 69 months ago:
kmozymoz wrote 69 months ago:
I'm sure you've probably gotten this suggestion before, but would it be possible to make it so you're notified when a friend responds on their status? I often comment on a friend's activity and then have no idea they responded until a day or two later.
ninjacakegirl wrote 69 months ago:
I am still having issues. When I go to start it up, it says, "Error occurred: Unable to save application preferences. If this problem persists, click on the "Send Data" button to send diagnostic data to MyFitnessPal Tech support." If I tap "Dismiss" it closes the app completely. If I tap "Send Data" it takes me to a "Troubleshooting" screen that says, "If you were given a diagnostic code by MyFitnessPal staff, please enter it below." Nothing I type in works, it tells me it's an invalid code and boots me out of the app. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app a few times now and I'm very frustrated.
Simmie69 wrote 69 months ago:
Excellent news, thanks
SixCatFaerie wrote 69 months ago:
Love it! Especially love that I can copy from my diary to my husband's diary! Thank you!
missfitmt wrote 68 months ago:
great update! thank you!
LilacDreamer wrote 68 months ago:
Thank you for MFP. The App and website have helped me lose 30lbs so far.


1) how about the ability to use all decimals on the app? .75 should not round to .8

2) Even more problematic... A user's height on the website really needs to measure to the half inch... I am 5'6.5 and my stats can either be set to 5'6 or 5'7 but neither of those work for me because I am 5'6 and 1/2

If it would be too hard to have a user input 5'6.5 inches then even being able to convert it to decimals would be fine (66.5) but i can't do that either.
lwoodroff wrote 68 months ago:
Pls could you advise where the offline diary is stored? Is it still phone memory? Thanks
nrgins wrote 68 months ago:
Thanks for those. The one thing, though, that's at the top of my wish-list, and which would make the app like 100 times easier to use, is the ability to search foods you've entered before.

Most of the time I want to re-use a food I've entered before, but the Most Used and Recent are a bit unwieldy and limited when you have to go from page to page and wait for each page to load. It's simply not worth it, and I've given up on even using those unless it's something I know is on the first page of either the Most Used or Recent list. I find it easier to do a brand new search than to try to find something I've used before if it's past the 1st page on either of those lists.

But what would be great would be the ability to do a search again ANY food I've entered before and nothing else. Thus, if I know I want to re-use a food I've used before, I just enter a keyword, and I know I'll be able to quickly get it from the list. That would be fantastic!

As an alternative to a search, it could also be a filter on the Most Used or Recent lists. That would have the same effect.

Either way, whether as a search or filter, it would make the app about 100 times more useful. Thanks!!
MelHoneyRocks wrote 68 months ago:
I noticed that my published diary on the app to others is different than what I actually put in. EX: if I add a food and then delete it later, it still shows up on the app when my friends view my diary from the app.
DarkFlutter wrote 68 months ago:
How about viewing blogs?
Especially comments left on ones we post.
519harley wrote 68 months ago:
How is the update accessed to download to my android? Also will this fix the scanner while scanning barcodes? I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Thank you
nimzoking wrote 68 months ago:
Tried latest version, still no scanner options. Having to use version 2.2.012 to keep scanner options.

Device is 7inch tablet.

Model Number - MID
Android Version: 2.3.4
Kernel Version: 2.6.36

If this helps :)
domsmoms wrote 68 months ago:
I love that you added being able to view your friends' diaries. Thanks for that!

A request: since Kindle Fire doesn't have a camera, any chance of allowing manual barcode entry for food?
chelekaz wrote 68 months ago:
Love all that you do and all of the updates. One thing I would really like to see is BLOGS and GROUPS to be accessible through the app. I mostly use the app but need to get to main computer to access these 2 points.
jmenglund03 wrote 68 months ago:
I would like to join in about the blog functionality on the mobile app (I use the Android version). If there's a way to "enable" that in the next update, it would be terrific, and greatly appreciated!

On a separate note, I have only been using the desktop and mobile versions of the site for about a week now, but have been impressed at the sync between the two. One of the best I have used to date! Great job on your work with this - thank you, thank you.
degan2011 wrote 68 months ago:
I would like to be able to change the meal time on a food item in my phone app diary. right now I would have to delete and research and enter again.
jennkain97 wrote 68 months ago:
ever since you've done the last couple of updates, the app seems to think it should randomly reset my calorie & macro goals. any chance you're working on a fix for that?
runninggrandma wrote 68 months ago:
I downloaded an update three daya ago and now my scanner does not work. It has a red line down the middle of the screen which then turn to green, but won't read the barcode. I have an Android razar. I
love the feature of using the barcode and am lost without it. Please help!
lensac wrote 68 months ago:
Could you please add an option to move the offline DB to SDcard storage? I can move the app, but the DB still stays on the phone. As it is approximately 20MB, this is a very large portion of the OS volume which means it is unrealistic to have this on older phones (about 2 years old)
If I could disable the offline DB that would be fine also.
DFWTT wrote 68 months ago:
I will not update if it means losing the scanner option and having 20MB used on my phone memory.
nicora57 wrote 68 months ago:
I've noticed that the weekly average calorie report is wrong now...
By the way it would be great to have this tool on the main site too (as a report tool for example).
Best regards.
Hollsjazzy wrote 68 months ago:
i would love to be able to access the blogs from my phone. but other then that your program rocks!!!
WhisperALullaby wrote 68 months ago:
I agree on the decimal thing, there's not a good way to enter thirds or quarters, any way to support up to two decimal places?

Thanks for the improvements!
NathanJ79 wrote 68 months ago:
I second the need for two decimal places.

Also, connection errors, but these are nothing new. If I can get on the web via the mobile browser, check my email, forums via Tapatalk, etc., how is MFP not seeing a connection? Is it on the site's end?
JoAnn73 wrote 68 months ago:
Thank you for allowing MFP users to update our profile pics. Question how long does it take to show the new pic online and on my phone? I just changed it to see if mines worked and i still see the old pic?
Fasbold wrote 68 months ago:
I like the Android app but a 17+ MB database that won't store on my SD card would require me to uninstall several other helpful apps to make room. I had to uninstall the app as I kept getting the message that I was out of space. I will gladly reinstall it if you can store the data on my SD card.
michaelgilstrap wrote 68 months ago:
Thank You
initforlife_clc wrote 68 months ago:
The last two updates, my app doesnt even work anymore, sometimes it wont even get past logging in, I used to use it all the time, everyday...but now it keeps crashing. I wish I never updated it...I miss my app!!! Please fix it!
Almond_joyz wrote 68 months ago:
I, too, am having issues logging in on my LG phone. It timed out twice this evening and I really like the convenience of using my phone, especially when I'm on the go and at work.
deejaylobo wrote 68 months ago:
Will we ever see a big screen optimized app for Android tablets?
LowcarbNY wrote 68 months ago:
I want you to know that I am on MFP BECAUSE of the Android App. I was on SparkProple but their their scanner fiunction and food database is very poor.
You still have lots of room for improvement in your logging area but you are in the lead. Keep the updates comming and stay there.
alba_merula wrote 68 months ago:
HUUUUGE thanks to you guys / gals!

I found myfitnesspal when I spent my days at home, in front of the PC, and it helped to get rid of a few pounds.

Now I travel a lot more, and I also have an Android phone, which is usually offline, except for mornings and evenings. Needing a computer to register meals and snacks, let alone checking a food before I buy or eat it, was not easy, and I stopped using the page out of laziness.

Now I can search and enter everything right as I eat it - it's a great help.

Thank you again!

goddessww wrote 68 months ago:
I love this website so I want to get the android app. When I went to download the app, it wants my contacts. Why does the app need the contacts list?
Pixelle1 wrote 68 months ago:
I love the App BUT it's seriously annoying lately!

Every time I try to add foods it just lags and the force closes. It's so slow in searching and adding that I give up most of the time, write it all down and add it using the PC.

I've had these issues for a couple of weeks now, and the new release hasn't fixed it for me.

I use the Samsung Galaxy S on the latest Android update.

I hate to moan as I love the site and the way it helps people, but the App isn't working for me.
heathernje wrote 68 months ago:
i think a new update is needed. i haven't been able to log in with the app for days. i've been using my computer. the app simply doesn't work anymore...
goddessww wrote 68 months ago:
Found my answer about the android contacts:
cdr3000 wrote 68 months ago:
I'm not sure if this is the place to suggest it but do you think you could add the ability to vote on the accuracy of nutritional information as well as add/correct stuff that is inaccurate? I love being able to do that on the computer and it bugs me when I'm on my phone and the nutritional info for the barcode I scanned doesn't match what is on the box! (:
CountryDevil wrote 68 months ago:
I am going to have to agree with others on the DB taking up space on the device. Newer devices these days would not normally have an issues as they have much more device storage space. However with older devices this space is prime real estate. It does not make sense to have the ability to move the application to the SD card but not the offline DB especially when it can be 20MB+.
mfpdcg wrote 68 months ago:
Thank you, developers!
tbodega wrote 68 months ago:
Please add a tablet interface for us android users. There are millions of kindle fire, samsung galaxy tab, Nook, and Asus Transformer tablets out there.
wally1uk wrote 68 months ago:
Might also be nice if the most used food actually updated, which isn't happening now at all. My current number 2 most used food is one I've not eaten in 3 months or so!! Sort this bug out guys...the logging facilities are what makes MFP a success.
zavolocko wrote 68 months ago:
using it on Samsung Galaxy Tab (1st gen). previouse version have sone issues with size of Reports on my screen , now fixed. over all good job.
could be good if I can create My Own Food with barcode. please add this field, I ready for input digits manualy , if camera scaner feture is hard to add
I think, you should do small video for food adding / creating on youtobe. reason - streamline database, as sometime i found food, but with mistakes.

NathanJ79 wrote 68 months ago:
The tablet experience is a little lacking. I don't have a tablet, but my phone's ROM has a hybrid mode that lets me use it as one. It's just stretched out. It could be (a little) better.

Also, you should put an ad remover on the Market. I think people should be able to choose between paying a couple bucks to lose the ad and reclaiming that extra space, or putting up with the ad and paying nothing. You might be surprised how many people buy it, even if they don't care about the ad.

For those having problems with the app, you can always use the mobile browser and access the site directly. Tablet users might find this is the better experience, but regular phone users might find it useful as well.
cajcaj111 wrote 68 months ago:
please do something about the y axis on the progress plot. the data isn't meaningful if it's being pulled down to zero at one end. i cannot imagine that a fix for that would be too hard.
HipsBreastsandMore wrote 68 months ago:
Hi! I am still having problems logging in from my Android. I have installed and uninstalled my app numerous times. Wish MFP could let us know what's going on and what they plan to do to fix this problem.
Classicgem wrote 68 months ago:
I am having an issue with scanning the barcode on food. It scans and the upc code comes up, but the nutrition facts do not come on the screen. The screen remains black.
seraphine66 wrote 68 months ago:
I'm having the same issues as those above, unable to login and same issue as ninjacakegirl: "When I go to start it up, it says, "Error occurred: Unable to save application preferences. If this problem persists, click on the "Send Data" button to send diagnostic data to MyFitnessPal Tech support." If I tap "Dismiss" it closes the app completely. If I tap "Send Data" it takes me to a "Troubleshooting" screen that says, "If you were given a diagnostic code by MyFitnessPal staff, please enter it below." Nothing I type in works, it tells me it's an invalid code and boots me out of the app. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app a few times now and I'm very frustrated."
I have also tried uninstall/reinstall. Please fix it :(
babyhilton2 wrote 68 months ago:
Is there a way to delete foods from your most used and recent items?

I have tried deleting them online, but they just come back? I would like to delete them from my iphone.

ljoury wrote 68 months ago:
My spouse and I split a meal -- is there a way to enter the entire meal, then share it with him so he can put in .5 and I put in .5? Otherwise i email him everything I put in the recipe...thanks
BoomerL wrote 68 months ago:
Hey great work on the android platform.

Thanks for all the work..

If there a suggestion bucket...

Android App for tablet ??

craftykat12 wrote 68 months ago:
I tried to do a offline food search but it didn't work help.
nickihkk wrote 68 months ago:
I have had to uninstall this on my phone because of the space used on phone memory for the offline database. shame as it is a very useful app. Agree with others you should be able to move this to the SD card.
jlpostill wrote 68 months ago:
My Father has also had memory issues with the latest update (20+ MB)
Jjmcgaffey wrote 68 months ago:
I'm joining in the chorus asking for two decimal places to display. It's actually keeping the number - there's a difference in calories if I enter .3 or .25 as a food quantity - but the display is the same, which is somewhat disconcerting.

Thank you for making the nutrition summaries work! Now that they actually display over the period selected, they'll be much more useful.

I would love to be able to adjust things in my lists - in the app preferably, online if necessary. I have four different "banana" foods on my recent list, because of entering them in different meals. And they really should display the same names in both places! What displays as Banana (raw) on the app displays as Raw - Banana online. This makes it unnecessarily confusing to try to use the delete functions that do exist online. I'd love to be able to adjust the displayed (and sorted by) name, too, so that I can label something the way I'll look for it instead of trying to remember a brand name or something.

I'd love to be able to shift entered foods and meals to a different meal designator - sometimes I eat a meal for dinner and the leftovers (half the meal) for lunch the next day. Not something I want to enter as a meal - not something I'll have regularly - but it's really annoying to have to enter it again when there's that lovely functionality to 'copy to date' - but if I use it it shows up as the wrong meal!

I have lots of minor complaints about the app and MFP in general. But it is by far the best, most useful program I've tried, and being able to enter everything on my phone makes it work. Thank you!
batchelar wrote 68 months ago:
whast the version #
jofjltncb6 wrote 68 months ago:
Viewing others' diaries from the iphone app only works if the "meal names" are unchanged. Any foods entered under custom meal names are missing.

Also, second for being able to filter search to foods previously used.

And being able to see the macro profile of foods on the app would be great too.
misscky2004 wrote 68 months ago:
Really frustrating downloaded update now i can not use app no option to send data so im lost as to what to do!! just says cannot sync error!! arrrgghhh!!
beth40n2 wrote 68 months ago:
I love all the new features. I started on MFP two years ago with an iPod, and now have an android phone. I love all the enhancements! Keep it up.
skiavidly wrote 67 months ago:
this app rocks !! Thank YOU !!!
jmenglund03 wrote 67 months ago:
Having MAJOR problems with the Android app after the latest update was pushed out and installed. Since that time, I have not been able to log into my account - it gets stuck on the 'synching data' screen. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it, and now I cannot log in at all - I receive an "invalid username/password" error message. I changed my password (using the actual website via desktop computer) in an attempt to hopefully pass by this hurdle. I am only about 10% optimistic on this, as it's been four days now that the app has been down :(
buffxi wrote 67 months ago:
I am not able to install this app on my android phone. It says invalid file package. I was really hoping it would work! Is there another update in the works to fix this???
jayhawkX wrote 67 months ago:
I just a Samsung galaxy S3 a few days ago and I installed this app yesterday. It's a great app, but there needs to be one without ads. I would gladly pay for it, as I'm sure many others as well.
sharonloraine wrote 67 months ago:
wish it didn't log me out on my phone. i have to use password every time I log in. It would be nice if it kept you logged in at least for the day.
bigoboo1 wrote 67 months ago:
Will it update on its own or do we have to uninstall/re-install? I am having a ball with MFP and have to admit that I have been more successful here than ever.
semira6 wrote 67 months ago:
Question: my weekly net calorie graph doesn't seem to aggregate all the days of the week. Is there anything I can do to ensure the graph is incorporating everyday? Thank you in advance.
Toadlily wrote 67 months ago:
My Fitness Pal has helped me so much - i love this program and the app - Now i love it even more with the Fitbit + My Fitness Pal apps on my iPod touch. with iOs most recent ... everything was great - until today - and my food is not transferring over to fitbit - the two are having some kind of fight and not talking - not even the laptop full versions - i deleted the apps (both) and reloaded them - but nothing so far. Thanks for your great work.
AussieRachG wrote 67 months ago:
Your latest update has caused a massive amount of data to now be stored on my phone, rather than the SD card - which means I am having massive issues keeping my apps running and I may have to delete MFP - is there any way you can program it to store ALL the data on the SD card??
lorimccaghren wrote 67 months ago:
The new updated keeps crashing my phone and is completely unusable now. It gets hung up and force closes every time I try to use it. Really disappointing.
hoskinator wrote 67 months ago:
I had to uninstall the app because it put 20 megs on my phones internal memory.

This is more than most of my other apps put together because they offer the ability to store on the SD card.

letmebeda1_wechange wrote 67 months ago:
thank you
Carolsweetie wrote 67 months ago:
My husband and I are new vegans and really think your site/app are terrific. We can track our foods and know that we are getting the right protein and nutrients.
Best app ever!!! Thank you very much:-)
Lipstickcherry wrote 67 months ago:
This place is making a difference in my life. My blood pressure came down, even though I have not lost that much weight yet. And my doctor isn't going to see me until Jan. She just wants me to keep losing weight. I am saving money not using a brand-name app to log found AND this is WAY easier, plus it's kind of fun to nerd out, looking at my potassium (suppose to eat enough) and challenging myself to up that and my iron (on a flexitarian diet...meat is rare). Thanks again.
Loisnelson2012 wrote 66 months ago:
Welcome, to your new volunteers! This is a great site and it motivates me. Your members are also very caring and supportative.
StarryEyed500 wrote 65 months ago:
"I had to uninstall the app because it put 20 megs on my phones internal memory.
This is more than most of my other apps put together because they offer the ability to store on the SD card. "

I had to do this also. I have a Galaxy Ace and can't upgrade till next July. Please fix it for us poor low memory users!
highway25 wrote 64 months ago:
I just did an update on my android phone on Oct.3 and now everytime I open the app, it says an error has occutred and forces closed. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, cleared all of my cookies and cache, turned off and then back on my phone, and still the same thing. I was loving this app until now and would love to get it fixed. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
emeka896 wrote 63 months ago:
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sunnysideout13 wrote 56 months ago:
the update took effect to my phone today, and i have not been able to open the app since, it's been stuck on "synchronizing data" all night. i have rebooted several times, forced stopped. i have an S3.
Anonymous wrote 6 months ago:
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