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Android Update Available - Messages, News Feed, and More

We just released a new version of our Android app in Android Market.  This release focuses on adding access to MyFitnessPal's social features within the app, specifically:

  • Friends: You can now invite friends and approve/ignore friend requests from within the app.  You can also view their profile and activity stream by tapping on their username.
  • News Feed: Your news feed is also now viewable from within the app so you can easily keep tabs on how all of your friends are doing and provide each other with support and encouragement.  Create new status update and leave comments on your friends statuses - all within the app.
  • Messages: You can now also use the app to send and read private messages to other MFP members.  You have full access to your inbox so you can compose messages, delete messages, reply, and more.
  • Weekly view: We've created a new "Weekly" view on the Home tab - just tap "Weekly" towards the top of the screen and you'll get a weekly view of your net calorie goal.  
As part of this update, the daily nutritional summary is no longer displayed by default on the Home tab, but it's still there - just tap on "Nutrients" on the Home tab.  If you prefer to see the nutritional summary on the Home tab instead of the news feed, you can go to More > Settings and tap the "Show News Feed on Home Tab" row to turn the news feed off on the home tab.
Finally, as a reminder, you can control what status updates get automatically created by going to the "My Home" tab on the website, then "Settings", then "Automatic News Feed Update Settings".  Any changes you make to these settings on the website will also be reflected in the app.  You can also make those changes directly in the app - just go to More > Settings > News Feed Privacy Settings.
If you run into any issues/bugs with the new version, please let us know! We'll look into them ASAP.
Hope you are all enjoying MFP!
Mike & Al 

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jennykcmo wrote 75 months ago:
Awesome! I am excited about this. Thank you.
UncensoredMomma wrote 75 months ago:
I love your app! Thank you! <3
ShiroHagen wrote 75 months ago:
Absolutely brilliant. This is by far the best fitness site/app suite I have come across. I was using Daily Burn before but your free services exceed even their most expensive 'platinum' option. Well done and thank you!
alfredapittman wrote 75 months ago:
Thanks for the update. Everything works fine on my end. Way to go MFP!!!
Krizzle4Rizzle wrote 75 months ago:
frankimbur wrote 75 months ago:
FWIW I upgraded and so far no lost history problems here
PalmettoparkGuy wrote 75 months ago:
Thanks guys, awesome.
Shash27 wrote 75 months ago:
I'm so excited about this!! Thanks guys!!!
splashwags wrote 75 months ago:
Okay I am clueless...How do I get the update? I am not seeing anything on my phone.
NoSheds wrote 75 months ago:
On android,
go to Market,
My Apps
You should see a list of your apps. MFP should have a "Update" next to it. Click on Update.

splashwags wrote 75 months ago:
SportySpiceVT wrote 75 months ago:
I think I love the app more than this page. :) Can you please add the weekly view to the webpage? And the ability to see the daily nutritional summary? I love those features on the app. Thanks MFP! The app and this site are a huge help.
IrishHarpy1 wrote 75 months ago:
Updated... and LOVE it!
PoppyMcOpium wrote 75 months ago:
Great app, great site, definitely keeping me on track! TY!
jetscreaminagain wrote 75 months ago:
I really like the weekly summary and I like being able to get the news feed and messages. Plus no data loss and no signing in. Thanks!
TheMrsFitnessGeek wrote 75 months ago:
Thanks!! I love MFP! I have lost 57lbs with the help of MFP!
AggieCass09 wrote 75 months ago:
love love love it!!!
lunglady wrote 75 months ago:
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! Thank you. :-)
Kym1610 wrote 75 months ago:
Just updated, I love it. THANKS!
piperjon wrote 75 months ago:
The update RULES. Didn't even have to uninstall / reinstall as some have had to do. And the changes are fantastic! Y'all rawk!
lisab1969 wrote 75 months ago:
Just updated mine. Fantastic and all data still there. Thanks - love it.
Tereztaylor07 wrote 75 months ago:
Love the new app! Worked perfectly for me.
Stefeni74 wrote 75 months ago:
When will you have the barcode scanner added to the Blackberry app? Along with all of the other features added to the android or iPhone app?
agthorn wrote 75 months ago:
No problems with the data synchronization here. One quibble with the weekly summary graph though. On the ipod version, it would say "XXX net calories under weekly goal" and only be taking into account the days that I had food entered. On the android version, it's currently telling me that I am "6646 net calories under weekly goal" which isn't really that helpful because there are still 4 days this week with no entries. The charts is correct though (calories for each day and my average for the week over those three days).
pdn190 wrote 75 months ago:
I am having an issue where My Meals do not show up since the update. They are still there when I go to the website, but not on the app.
shalynna89 wrote 75 months ago:
I love it!!! Thanks so much!
whatisinthebag wrote 75 months ago:
Why does the update need permissions to be able to read my contacts data?
lucienj wrote 75 months ago:
I am new to MFP and also (obviously) to the Android app, but I do have one issue to report: twice in as many days, when the app tries to synchronize with the website, the icon remains in the notification bar, and seems to be stuck in a loop. The phone gets alarmingly hot, and drains the battery very quickly. "Manage Applications" indicates that the app is NOT running, so I can't force a close through normal means. Both times, I have had to power down the phone in order to stop the process.

This has happened while I was at work, and the signal strength is often very low here. It worked fine all evening when I was at home and getting good signal, so that may be a factor. Oddly enough, the synch does appear to complete, as the web site has the changes that I made on the phone, but the icon remains and the phone is definitely still running something very intensive. My device is a Moto Droid 2 running Froyo.

Other than that, I am very happy with the app and this service/web site. I am especially impressed by the size of the food and exercise databases, the bar code scan feature on my phone, and the speed and accuracy of the search function.
ddrrooiiddppss0088 wrote 75 months ago:
Updates are great. Are you going to add notifications as well? I would prefer to disable the email alerts and push it directly to the phone.
RitaPrior wrote 75 months ago:
Great update. Once we start to get notifications of replies to our status/post, and the status/post we have commented on, this will be perfect. Great job, team. You all are wonderful and it's great we get all of this free!
christmre wrote 75 months ago:
I love this update! I really like being able to see the news feed on my phone.
calliope_music wrote 75 months ago:
this totally made my day! thank you!!
Jorra wrote 75 months ago:
So awesome! You are amazing, Mike. Thanks so much!
prettyash76 wrote 75 months ago:
im soooo happy! Thanks!
rudegyal_b wrote 75 months ago:
awesome! i did not lose any data
jessmomof3 wrote 75 months ago:
Thank you so much!!! I love the new app!!!
ehensarling17 wrote 75 months ago:
I am so thrilled with this update! I was a little jealous that my husband's iPhone app had more features than mine -- particularly the news feed. Thanks for this update! You guys rock!

I would like to know though why you need to access my contacts.
RickMckc wrote 75 months ago:
very nice, especially the weekly view. is there a way to see that kind of report/data on the website, too?
lwoodroff wrote 75 months ago:
Very nice thank you but please please make it possible to move the app to SD card as it is huge!! My phone memory gets used up fast and I have to manually delete cache if I want my emails and later resinc. Very frustrating! Thanks mfp!
TourThePast wrote 75 months ago:
I particularly like the weekly graph, which is an excellent tool for helping me see an overview of my eating habits.

Entering calories is so easy with this app, I have decided to keep the upgrade, but I'm not at all happy that you require access to my contacts data.

rakess wrote 75 months ago:
tried to update and continue to get Error Package file not signed correctly. any ideas?
RDTaylor13 wrote 75 months ago:
love the addition of the social features to the android app. Haven't had any loss of data, or problems with logging in. Great work MFP staff and programmers
gr8chick wrote 75 months ago:
Very sweet!! I didn't have any problems with the update, and I love the changes. It would be nice if an alarm could be incorporated when it's time for a meal. At times, I get so busy at work that I completely forget to stop and eat my mini-meal. Otherwise, this app is super-terrific! Thanks for all the hard work for making this better for the Users!
urpal1014 wrote 75 months ago:
Love the app and the website! Thanks to my Fitness Pal I have lost 12 lbs!
jljc_2010 wrote 75 months ago:
asilva3111 wrote 75 months ago:
Nice additions! The best app ever!
mike wrote 75 months ago:
The "Read Contacts" permission is requested only because we allow you to invite people to be your friend on MyFitnessPal by email. If you want to invite a friend to MFP, we allow you to lookup their email address from your Contacts on your phone - that's the only time your contacts are accessed. Unfortunately, Android won't allow us to request permission for reading contacts ONLY when you actually need to read your contacts, so we have to request that permission up front. But we never use it unless you actually want to invite a friend, and that contact information is ONLY used to send the invitation. We don't share it with anyone, etc. - it's just to make it easier for you to invite someone in case you forgot their email address.
hschuette01 wrote 75 months ago:
Very nice!!! I've been waiting for this. Initial review, 2 thumbs up!!
AllanClayfield wrote 75 months ago:
Still a bit buggy! I can see all my recipes from More\Edit Foods & Exercises\My recipes (+30)but I can only see the one new recipe I've added after the upgrade from Add to my Diary :(
623Hernandez wrote 75 months ago:
Thank you!!!
Bakins929 wrote 75 months ago:
Great update, love the changes. The weekly summary is awesome, especially the avg column and the over/under weekly calorie goal. Thanks!
AnitaMcKenna wrote 75 months ago:
Excellent!!! Like so many others, I love the weekly summary. Haven't had much chance to use it fully yet, but so far so good! :-D
dixiech1ck wrote 75 months ago:
Is there anyway to get Endomondo to do some kind of buy-in so that your workout calories automatically can be synced in with your calories on MFP? Just a suggestion.
Robrowald wrote 75 months ago:
This update is phenomenal. now the mobile app is a full replacement for the webpage for me. AWESOME. keep up the great work.
jujubean1992 wrote 75 months ago:
WHEN will the black berry app be updated like this??
2Cor4Hope wrote 75 months ago:
SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!! This is THE BEST. I downloaded the update via Android Marketplace and no issues at all. Thank you SO much for such a fabulous app. I use the mobile so much more than the computer so it is nice to be accountable to my friend.
Nickstery wrote 75 months ago:
Sounds awesome, I just updated my Fascinate and it doesn't have the extras... Whiskers!
akashastrega wrote 75 months ago:
Lots of comments to read through, so forgive me if this was posted already.
The app force closes since the update, the fix is to un/reinstall the program then run it, and it should work fine. I had to do this on my Sensation.
akashastrega wrote 75 months ago:
PS--I would love it if, on the next upgrade, GPS integration was possible so exercise can be tracked like a pedometer. THANK YOU. I love the ease of having my droid sync to my account so I never forget to log anything!
KyleGA wrote 75 months ago:
Thank you!!! Loving the new improvements which made it to the Android version. Had to admit, was jealous that the iphone had the features first. :-p

Thank you for all you guys do to help us on our healthy lifestyle journey!

Cheers to you all!
Sepheara wrote 75 months ago:
no negative side effects at all, LOVE it <3 best app there is
TourThePast wrote 75 months ago:
Thanks for the explanation about the contacts data.

I'm getting on very well with the upgrade - the weekly summary is an excellent feature. While I've been generally under my calories, looking back over the last few months, I can see a pattern of a slight rise in net calorie intake. The slowing in weight loss, which I'd assumed was my metabolism slowing down is in fact clearly directly linked to my intake / exercise!
Terri_39 wrote 75 months ago:
LOVE this update!! Thanks so much, you made an already great app even better!!
mrshickey wrote 75 months ago:
yipeee!!! was using my ipod touch app over my android but now i can use my mobile!!!! great seeing as its ALWAYS with me!!! my husbands still waiting for blackberry update......... lol
ocbreeze wrote 75 months ago:
I have been trying to download the android app... it keeps saying it is being downloaded, but I can't find it. I have an HTC Evo. Thx.
tginsburg wrote 75 months ago:
Looking good. Just need the barcode scanning capability like the iPhone app, and we'll be all set!
akashastrega wrote 75 months ago:
@tginsburg, I am not sure what the difference is with the barcode capabilities of the iSuck, but the droid app does have barcode is next to the search bar when entering a food item.
deckerp wrote 75 months ago:
Good deal. No problems with the new app. I like the weekly view. On the PC the Fitness Report seems to have its same old problem. Run a Fitness Report for the last 7 days and the first day is wrong. Run it for the last 30 days and the first day is wrong but now the date that was wrong in the 7 day report is correct. So it's the report not the data that is wrong.
Bron1985 wrote 75 months ago:
Just updated this now and i'm delighted. Didnt lose any data. Love the additional features, as it was a pain in the 4ss having to log on online for the weekly view, for comments in my community etc., Really nice update. Thanks a million.
KeeleySue wrote 75 months ago:
I hope someone see's this...
I've posted this in the tech help forum but no help yet.

I can download the update just fine but it won't install. It get an error that says:

Package file was not signed correctly.

I'm on Android 2.2 - Froyo

I'm not sure where to go from here and I keep trying. I haven't uninstalled and reinstalled because I'm afraid I won't be able to reinstall at all.

Any help would be appreciated!!
DoncasterPhotography wrote 75 months ago:
all works nicely for me. HTC Desire running Froyo.


would have been nicer still, if App2SD was included!!
kimeister wrote 75 months ago:
Working fab on my EVO running Gingerbread. Thank you sooooo much!
bgpalm wrote 75 months ago:
My trainer recommended your app but after reading all of the permissions you are requesting (in addition to contacts), I cannot download this app. Why do you need permission to my phone calls or the ability to collect images seen through my camera? That's a little excessive in my opinion.
Cmccracken1 wrote 75 months ago:
i am really enjoying the new updated ap. love checking in with my pals and getting my messages on my phone.
thank you thank you .
holden_chick wrote 75 months ago:
The app wont load now :(
B_L_A_Z_I_A_N wrote 75 months ago:
Updated perfectly on my Hero!! love it! Thanks for working hard and creating a great system!
mike wrote 75 months ago:
bgpalm - the camera permission is needed for the barcode scanner to work. We only use the camera when you are trying to scan barcodes.
Wynterbourne wrote 75 months ago:
Wow. First off I said I love the app, but then I commented that I read and understood your reasoning behind requesting the read contacts permission and that I can take a minute or two out of my day and check my own email and invite people to use the app manually at my computer. I said because I can spare the time to do this and don't want you to have access to my contacts I will not be updating this app unless that is removed and you *delete* my post??? I was nice and merely stated that I didn't want you to have the information. Why did that result in my post being deleted? People don't have to read my comment about emailing friends on their own to figure out that is an option.
mike wrote 75 months ago:
Wynterbourne - I don't think we intentionally removed your comment. We removed a few comments related to bugs that have been fixed in the update because they were confusing people. But we did not remove comments about permissions - you can see that there are several still on the post. If you don't want to update the app, that of course is up to you - all I can say is that we definitely do not do anything "nefarious" with your contacts. We use them only when you request it, and only for the purposes you request them for, i.e. inviting friends to use the app. Nothing more. We are very aware that our app would not be successful for long if we were doing bad things with the permissions people grant us, so we work hard to maintain the trust of our users.
HeelsAndBoxingGloves wrote 75 months ago:
Love the update!!!!!! Thank you!!!!! :-)
mactavisht wrote 75 months ago:
Love the changes. Having the same problem on my Galaxy Captivate as lucienj though. Sometimes my Sync notification just stays in the notification bar. Can't clear it and it drains the battery. Usually have to reboot to get rid of it.

And not that I'm upset about it but the ad that you are displaying at the bottom is coming up with basically a 404 I believe.
Zenzoey wrote 75 months ago:
While I like having the app on my phone, I would not consider updating to the new version because of the new permissions to view contacts. I see this as a serious infringment on my privacy...
JJHudgens wrote 75 months ago:
My partner accidentally deleted MFP from her MyTouch! She meant to push on the update button, but pushed uninstall instead! Whoops! She tried to get it back but could not find it in the Market Place! Is it gone from there? How can she find it again? Help, and thanks!
mike wrote 75 months ago:
Zenzoey - see my comment earlier explaining why we need the view contacts permission. We don't use the read contacts permission for any purpose other than the ones you request.

JJArvayo - the app should be in the Market. Do you have any content limitations set on Android Market? I believe our app is rated medium maturity whereas some people have their content restricted to low only. et us know if that helps you find the app.
TTHdred wrote 75 months ago:
Just wanted to say THANK YOU! I love the updates. All work well for me. Great improvements
Kekibird wrote 75 months ago:
Wow, what a big change! And a good one! The other app was very utilitarian. Worked for what it was. But this is nice to have the social abilities with it now. Thanks!
lee3978 wrote 75 months ago:
mojo75 wrote 74 months ago:
the android app is great now! Any word on blackberry or windows mobile updates?
Bdoosh wrote 74 months ago:
Is there a way to use the new updated version on my Droid2 and not have to log in every day. The previous version would remain logged in all the time. I like the new update, but I dislike the logging in everytime. Thanks!
PrfctGdess wrote 74 months ago:
I agree it would be nice to move the app to sd card, but I jumped on to say YOU GUYS ARE SO AWESOME!! The android app is phenominal, thanks so much!
schlubba wrote 74 months ago:

Thank you so very much!!!
ohiogirl30 wrote 74 months ago:
Looks awesome...... PLEASE update the blackberry next!!!!!
TheOddOne wrote 74 months ago:
App to SD pleeeeeeeaaaaaassseee! :)

It seems like many people want this. You explained why the contact access was required but nothing about the App to SD. :(
Hothead41 wrote 72 months ago:
Please make a non-ad/paid-version available. I can live with static ads, but the moving ads in the current app is very annoing. I WILL pay to make them go away!
Anonymous wrote 34 months ago:
Love the app but since update i have no feed updates and will not retrieve my recipes. I am using android phone. Please fix as i love this app

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