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Achieving Weight Loss Success Without Exercise

By Elle, the MyFitnessPal R.D.

Any number of things can prevent us from exercising — injuries, medical conditions, lack of time or motivation, or simply disliking exercise altogether — the list goes on. While we encourage all of our members to eat healthfully and be physically active, we know for some it's neither possible nor realistic to do both. As a result, we're frequently asked, "Is it possible to lose weight without exercising?"

The good news is yes, it is possible to lose or maintain weight without exercising. Weight loss, at its core, is about creating a calorie deficit — that is, burning more calories than are consumed. This can be done by eating less, moving more, or doing a combination of both. For those who are unable to exercise, weight loss or weight maintenance success relies on making smart food choices and consistently staying close to those daily calorie goals.

Here are our top 6 tips to help you achieve weight loss or weight maintenance without exercise:

  1. Log diligently – Logging foods daily creates an awareness of the energy foods provide in relation to the energy our bodies need.
  2. Listen to your hunger cues – Decide if eating is a want or a need. If it's a want, try to save those calories for when you physically feel hungry.
  3. Eat nutrient dense foods & balanced meals – Get the most nutrition out of the calories you eat by consuming more whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, lean meats and reduced-fat dairy – foods that will provide protein, fiber, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals at every meal. These will leave you feeling satisfied longer than foods that are high in calories but not much else – like sweets and sodas.
  4. Plan & prep meals for the week – Jot down some healthy breakfast ideas, brown bag lunches and spend some time cooking up a meal to reheat for dinner during the week. This will minimize the impulse to grab take out or make poor choices when hungry. Check out our Summertime Shape-up Meal Plan for a handy, printable planner!
  5. Work in any activity you can do – Small things like walking meetings, parking farther from the grocery store, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, creating a standing work station or doing chores while watching television add up! Take advantage of burning a few extra calories whenever you can.
  6. Be realistic – The truth is, dropping pounds will likely take longer without exercise. By setting a realistic weight loss goal of ½ to 1 pound per week, you’re less likely to feel deprived or discouraged and give up. Improving our health should be a life-long journey, not a race to hit a certain weight or fit into those skinny jeans.

We hope you find these helpful! Feel free to share any tips you might have for other members who aren't able to exercise but still want to maintain or lose weight. Have a great weekend!

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bvcathy wrote over 1 year:
I updated my food diary to accommodate my pre-workout snack and post-workout snack... and now all of my food entries for the past 35 days are disorganized. I don't have the time to go back through each one (nor can I remember) and re-adjust. Is there an easier way to modify this?
Hanfordrose wrote over 1 year:
Hi Elle...

This may not be the kind of comment that you expected, but I felt that I had to add something to this blog.

I am one of those folks that did and still does fit into the description of someone with "medical conditions". For almost 2 years, I have been pretty much bound to my wheelchair with only a few painful steps around the house on my walker. I am currently in the preop process for double knee replacements.

I can't walk, ride a bike, go to the gym and workout. I only came to MFP to count calories, because I my surgeon insisted that I lose 70 pounds to qualify for those surgeries...but something changed along the way.

I never liked the words 'diet' or 'exercise'. It wasn't that I lacked of time. I had all the time in the world to sit on my every increasing backside and watch TV or play on the computer. I just had decided to give just stay fat or get fatter...but something changed.

At age 68 years, I thought that my chance at ever being a normal size or an active person had disappeared long ago. Talk about no motivation, I was the perfect example; and I consider exercise to be nothing but sweaty activities which left a person smelly, sore and short of breath...but something changed.

With the help of the MFP calorie counter, I was able to see clearly what I was really putting into my body, not just the calories but the nutritional values of my food choices. I found myself caring about that. Something had changed.

Then, the weight started to come off; and some remarkable changes began to occur in my body. My clothes got so loose, that I had trouble keeping my under pants from falling down. I had to buy new clothes for my shrinking body; and I discovered that those areas which had been storing fat were now hanging down. I didn't like where that was going. I didn't want to just become a smaller, old lady with her stomach hanging over her thighs and her arms looking like she was Bat Grannie.

The answer to this problem was obvious. It was time I got over my aversion to exercise; but the question remained 'HOW', when you are stuck in a chair all day with bad knees.

I found my solution in the most gentle and safe ways. I started by purchasing a couple of Sit And Fit exercise DVDs for people who have limited mobility and other problems which may restrict them from weight bearing on their legs or low back. 30 minutes to one hour of these simple, low impact exercises helped me to get a better attitude toward exercise and do something good for home and in my own time...and without sweating or heavy breathing.

In June, I got even more daring. I bought a swimsuit and got into a swimming pool for the first time in more than 50 years. I went slow at first; and now, I can swim laps for up 90 minutes at a time.

Remember, I am handicapped...but not in the water. Remember, I am an old lady who hated exercise; but I discovered that exercise does not mean you have to join a gym and get sweaty.

All that needs to change is ATTITUDE. When you stop making excuses for not doing exercises, anyone can find time for something physical...even an old lady in a wheelchair.

Yes, something has changed.
tygerbears wrote over 1 year:
Wow, Hanfordrose!
KiwiJewels wrote over 1 year:
Exercise in water is a great idea! I am able to exercise, but also dislike getting hot and sweaty :-) For those of us that don't enjoy swimming, there is also aqua jogging, and water aerobics. Both of these can be done at your own pace, within your own limitations, but you are not only supported by the water, it also creates a resistance that makes you work... and all without getting too hot and sweaty!

HandfordRose - I love your blogs! You are the perfect example of there actually being no excuse for not doing SOMETHING :-) I look forward to hearing more from you, and good luck with the op!

giselle8s wrote over 1 year:
Just bouncing on a yoga/stability ball while watching TV burns calories. After a few minutes, you forget you're even doing it! That, along with #1 on the list, helped me lose over 25 pounds in six months.
DaSavedSinner wrote over 1 year:
When it started dieting I was using a cane or wheelchair so exercising was not an option. I was 350lbs with a lot of hip pain from a car accident breaking my femur. I was also a diabetic on 2000mg metformin and 2 types of insulin. My endocrinologist told me that if I wanted to stop needing meds I should lose weight. He gave me a strict diet plan to "attempt" to follow for a month, the first week I lost 10lbs, after 6 months over 100lbs. That is when I was able to stop using a cane or any other help when walking. I started working out regularly and using My Fitness Pal to get in the habit of controlling my own diet. After a total loss of 160lbs I was doing great until I got off track with a new job and gained back around 30lbs. It hard getting back on track again but I don't know if I could handle my emotions if I was back in a wheelchair. Don't let the exercise limit your goals. Use MFP to learn how much your BMR is and start on a low weekly loss, once you get in the habit of staying in your calorie intake then adjust to a higher weekly loss. But above all else, you CAN do it, don't think you can, give it your all and prove to yourself that YOU CAN!
heres2anewme wrote over 1 year:
I'd love to follow you and befriend you Hanfordrose dand DaSAvedSinner, you both are inspirations for me.
Kpvoneschen wrote over 1 year:
I find this blog very inspiring. I am having difficulty with the food and exercise! How do you handle eating out a lot and at homes of others?
bpdionne wrote over 1 year:
to DaSaved Sinner....what an inspiration you are...good work....I'm so impressed with you...
StinkyWinkies wrote over 1 year:
I am very glad to see this post...very few believe me when I tell them I lost weight *just* by lowering my calorie intake, but I have and will continue to do so, though I do get walking in nearly everyday these days.
retro4me wrote over 1 year:
Just broke my foot two days ago after being on such a good roll using my fitness pal to log food and exercise. Thanks for this article. It encourages me to keep logging and be extra careful during this time of healing and being off my feet!
LydiaBlanar wrote over 1 year:
Great tips :) Thank you for mentioning these basics. I have lost almost 30lbs doing Gluten free and exercise. I sleep better, breathe better and feel less bloated. Your tips will help me achieve, at 40, the last 15 lbs I need to get to my college weight. Insightful blog :)
Nana920 wrote over 1 year:
Great read for all my MFP friends...THANK YOU!
marisabelm wrote over 1 year:
Great tips!, I had a Hysterectomy six weeks ago and therefore I cannot exercise but being disciplined in my eating has led me to loose almost 15 pounds since the surgery.
donamelu wrote over 1 year:
Hi, I have been trying to loose weight for a long time. I love MFP but I need more help. Hopefully some of you can give me some advice. I am a teacher and my job can be very sedentary. However I don't work in the summer and I try to go to the gym on a regular basis. In the past two months, other than checking my calorie intake, I have been going to the gym at least 6 times a week. I started with one hour a day at the beginning and now three days a week I do a "cycle" class and a class of weights in the morning + another "cycle" class at night. The other days I only do the two classes of cycle, one in the morning and one at night. Unfortunately my weight keeps going up. I take thyroid medications because half of my thyroid was removed but my lab work looks fine. My doctor tells me to be patient and to check my calorie intake and exercise. What else can I do? Thank you!
lowdog5 wrote over 1 year:
Hello, I have been using MFP since April 7th and have dropped 47lbs. In the beginning I did ZERO exercise. Period! Now, I'm able to walk/Cycle, and I've joined a Gym to do light workouts after work. I LOVE MFP and swear by it. My goal is 50lbs by August 24th (Cruise :) and 100lbs by April 7th 2014. I'm well on my way and I actually feel GREAT......Anyone who says they can't do just fooling themselves.....BE PATIENT is the key...I lost a lot of weight in the first 2 months..but it has slowed down to an average of about 1/2-1 a week...which is exactly what is needed. Don't be discurrage when you don't see results immediatly....Your body is going through a change and will take time to adapt.....STICK WITH IT....if you have any questions or would like to hook up on MFP....look me up.....LOWDOG5.....From Jacksonville, Florida......
gunguy73 wrote over 1 year:
DaSavedSinner- how did you loose the initial 100lbs? im @315 w major back issues-4 surgeries and maybe 2 more in aug. i was told also if i loose weight it would help w pain. MFP is working but only 8lbs in 2 weeks. any advise?
ibadkitteh wrote over 1 year:
for asian myfitnesspal users, add and let's share some tips on what to eat, exercise routines and many more.

Check also my blog 'coz I also made some 1200 calorie meal plans for Asians out there.

i love my fitness pal
ibadkitteh wrote over 1 year:
check my blog for weight loss tips and meals for asians or non-asians out there.
evamcph wrote over 1 year:
I had Achilles tendon surgery 3 months ago & it's a surprise that I can already walk a little even though painful. I have been lifting weights...5 & 8 lbs. while wheelchair bound & have also used some Wii sports...bowling, frisbee, etc., just to build some energy. Now that I am released to ride stationery bike I will add that 10 min. or so/day.
HeidiCooksSupper wrote over 1 year:
The last month, I haven't exercised much. This last month, I've gone over on the calories a bit, especially with comforting bread and butter. This last month, I've been on a plateau. Today I exercised. For me, exercise, once I break down and do it, lifts my mood. A lifted mood means less desire for "comfort food." Yes, exercise burns a small number of calories but it keeps me from putting too many of those calories in my mouth.
toutmonpossible wrote over 1 year:
"Elle" is a man?

I joined this site after suffering an injury. I wanted to make sure I didn't gain weight.

Exercise is great, but people who think that it's as important as calorie reduction are misinformed.
Desdemina wrote about 1 year:
I lost over 40 pounds with no exercise, but the weight loss started slowing down (ok, it stopped) and I was flabby. So I started going to Zumba classes which are FUN! Then I sprained my ankle and tore some ligaments and have this lovely boot that kind of prevents me from going to Zumba. SO I THOUGHT! My instructor said to come on in and she would show me how to do chair Zumba! So I've been going to class about 3 times a week and exercising in a chair. And trust me, I am getting a serious workout and having a ball while I'm at it. I think the trick is to find something that you enjoy (working in the garden? Playing with the dog?) and to not believe you can't do anything.

True, what you eat is most important to watch -- it's a lot easier to reduce intake by 500 calories than it is to burn 500 calories! But exercise has a lot of benefits other than just weight loss, and we shouldn't just want weight loss, we should want health!
Pu_239 wrote about 1 year:
"low fat dairy" Fat is highly important too....
OhLeita wrote about 1 year:
A visit to the ER and week in the hospital left me weak as a kitten and unable to exercise. With suggestions from my doctor, I altered my diet not to lose weight, but to stay alive. Exercise was not an option, at that point, I couldn't walk without losing my balance.

Today, I'm thinner than I was in my 20s (I'm 52). The dreaded excess skin is slowly starting to shrink. Since I still cannot properly digest protein and must limit sodium, most people's methods of losing/maintaining weight can't work for me.

When I got to the point my doctor said to stop losing weight (first time I've ever heard that!) I was stumped; I couldn't wrap my head around the notion that I needed to eat not less, but more. So, I began by using the food diary daily to track not just the calories, but the sodium, protein and nutrients I need.

There are a lot of people out there thinking they cannot lose weight because they don't/can't exercise. I and many others here know they can.
nitza53 wrote about 1 year:
thank you all I was just whining on how hard it is to exercise when you are disabled. No excuse I can do it.
pkoll wrote about 1 year:
I exercise very sporadically, so most of my weight loss has been through calorie counting daily on MFP. I started this half-heartedly, just to "try" it out-- and slowly lost weight! Now I am in the normal weight range for the first time in 26 years!
auntraine wrote about 1 year:
First, way to go Hanfordrose! And good post, Mike. You do have to find ways to burn extra calories, even if it's jiggling your feet while watching TV! Your best advice is to be realistic. You aren't going to lose weight as fast as others who can work out like fanatics. You have to do what's right for you. It has taken me a month to lose 2 pounds. At first I was discouraged. But, as my weight steadily goes down each week, I'm looking at it differently. 1/2 pound is a realistic expectation for me.

I am only 46 but I have fibromyalgia, bulging discs in my low back and arthritis and stenosis in my neck and spine, which pinch my nerves. For many years I made the mistake of thinking I just needed to "hit it hard" at the gym and push through the pain. I would only hurt myself more. Three things have helped me--

1) I found a gym that has a therapeutic heated pool (not just a regular pool, but one that is hotter for physical therapy) these are rare, so any pool will work. But they taught fibromyalgia and arthritis classes. After a year of working out in the pool I was able to slowly add walking and other fitness machines. There is a person at our gym without legs who takes off her protheses and scoots into the pool and swims. Water exercise is something almost anyone can do. There are exceptions to every rule, but for those of you in pain, trust me, you will feel so much better in the water!

2) Physical Therapy-- by working with a physical therapist three separate times, and gauging what I could and could not do, and should and should not do, I've been able to adjust my work outs accordingly. At first, all I could do was water movement. Then, walk on the treadmill for just 5 minutes before getting in the water. Then 10 and so on. There are arm bicycles, and other ways to "work out" even when you think you can't. A physical therapist kept me from hurting myself.

3) Having a partner to work out with and try new classes or videos like "walk slim" or "Tai Chi for Arthritis". Do, the Tai Chi really loosened me up, and having someone to try new things with, made it more fun. My workout buddy is a friend I met in water class. She has lost 100 pounds in the past year. I have only lost 20, but she is able to work out 5 or 6 times a week, while I can only manage 2 or 3 times most weeks.

4) My Fitness Pal has really helped my husband lose 20 pounds. So, when I became stuck, not losing any weight even though I thought "I was eating good" . The difference is by tracking every single thing that goes into my body, I'm seeing where things I thought were much less calories than they actually are. Or, I have been on low carb diets so much, I'd allow myself to eat high fat dressings, etc. Tracking my calories this way is great. If I want an icecream cone, I have one-- but it may mean I have to have a salad for dinner.

auntraine wrote about 1 year:
Oops. I meant good post Elle. Not Mike. Sorry.
auntraine wrote about 1 year:
Desdemina I love your quote that is's easier to reduce 500 calories than to burn 500 calories. I'm putting that on my fridge!
Vivian06703188 wrote about 1 year:
My daughter lost 38lbs and posted it on facebook. I asked her how she did it and she said Myfitnesspal. I logged on to the site and saw something I could do. I live a very sedentary life. My back is broken in two places. I have several herniated discs and bulging discs. I have degenerative disc disease. I am very thankful that I can walk at all but it is limited. Heavy lifting and exercise is out of the question for me. I started having additional pain in my legs on top of the sciatica I always have. So in an attempt to increase my circulation my son got me a Lifecycle exercise bike. I like this bike because you can set it to basically no resistance so I can ride it without hurting my back and still burn calories. I can't do it for long periods of time. I can't walk long distances. So in order to get my exercise. I do it in 10 minute sets throughout the day and log it all together. I knew eating was going to be a challenge and I needed to improve my diet. So I started researching Superfoods and started incorporating them into my diet. These foods are packed with nutrition and are not high in calories. Most of them have multiple health benefits. I have been using MFP for 51 days and have lost 18 pounds. Sometimes I get discouraged but then I realize the scale is going down and my body is changing. This is working!!! Today my doctor took me off my high blood pressure medications because my blood pressure was too low. :) My diet is improving my health.
arewethereyet wrote about 1 year:
It is amazing what just changing your food can do for you! Thanks for the info Elle! So many people think they cannot lose without exercise. I love to move, but sometimes it is too painful. I have lost an additional 15 pounds this time around with no exercise, but it is time to add in some small weights! I am LOVING the stories. Congratulations to all who are making such wonderful strides to a healthier lifestyle!
Hearts_2015 wrote about 1 year:
Each of you is such an Inspiration..loved reading your comments!♥
foufou46 wrote about 1 year:
GREAT I also have been in a wheelchair. I have, Dystonia which affects my walking. I have taken many falls with injurie"s. I am working with a Personal Trainer, who is helping me walk.
And execrise,
Thanks for the Information.
2gorjus wrote about 1 year:
I love this site. My problem is that I have hypothyroid disease. Even my doctor told me, it will be next to impossible to lose weight since I am taking thyroid medicine. Has anyone had this problem? I am at my wit's end. Help!!!
alisha09088 wrote about 1 year:
I have been trying to lose weight for over a year now. Since I lost two jobs in a year due to downsize, I spiraled into a depression and gained 25lbs. I have been using mfp to lower my calorie intake to 1200 a day. I've been successful at tracking my food and my limiting myself. However, I've yet to lose any weight. I just started taking phenteramine to help kick start my metabolism but the most i've lost is 3lbs. I feel like I should have lost more with watching my food and the occasional exercise. I don't know what else to do. Please help!
Anonymous wrote about 1 year:
Fat is the most problem subject fora man.any person will be heart attack for this we should doing exercises everyday.exercises fit our body and mind.
Anonymous wrote about 1 year:
Brian Thomas
Exercise is the best away for a good health.It,s help to be strong our body and our mind.Exercise most needy subject our health.
Anonymous wrote about 1 year:
wow, we can loss weight without exercise. this is really great think.
paomiamifl wrote 10 months:
Hi! I'm also disabled. Wheelchair-bound. I was born with Spina Bifida.
I've lost 63 pounds in more or less 6 months (started at 225, now 161) 40+ of which I lost before joining this site. I, as many on this thread, cannot exercise other than pushing myself on the wheelchair. I don't have access to a swimming pool either.
What my husband and I have done is change the size of our plates as well as drastically reduce the amount of food we consume. We eat one full meal a day on an 8" plate. 2-3 cups of coffee with sugar and creamer throughout the day, and IF we're truly hungry, we eat a soft boiled egg or two, or hummus, chips, etc...anyway, we're in no way food deprived, have MORE energy by eating less and cooking EVERYTHING from scratch than we ever had in the past. This has led me to believe that one doesn't need to eat as much as we think we need to, unless one has a medical condition in which certain foods and/or specific quantities are medically recommended.
My migraines are almost nonexistent, my joints don't hurt as they used to!
I don't recommend our specific dietary intake mainly because so many variants are specific to us, and maybe not others!
BUT, I do recommend that you read the book "9 inch diet"
It changed our outlook on food and life in general.
I wanted to share with you guys what is working for me, and I've not done ANY exercise beyond limited wheelchair use. I wish to lose 20 more pounds and see how I look and feel before reevaluating!
Best of luck and congratulations to everyone!
Anonymous wrote 10 months:
hi, can someone help out, I suffer from severe asthma and I get breathless very quick, how can I lose weight without exercise, please help.
Anonymous wrote 9 months:
Hi I am using the mfp and have list weight , I have had a set back tho and now gone over my original weight, I myself am disabled with limited movement can't walk far have a phobia of swimming baths but I do try to move around best I can I just need the motivation again I'm so happy to read of similar cases which are an inspiration I would love to have support from people as I don't have much support network with family and friends being busy with their lives I do t like yo pester, sorry I'm going on lol well I sure hope everyone achieves there goal in life I wish u all every success and health and happiness xx Liesa xx
Anonymous wrote 9 months:
Unless a person is totally paralyzed from the neck down, they can still do simple exercises while bedridden or wheelchair bound. For example,non-mobile, super morbidly obese individuals can do something as simple as raising their arms over the head like someone doing "jumping jacks" would do normally standing. They can also try to lift each leg off the mattress while in bed or reach down to touch their thighs or knees. Simple movements like this can actually help get the heart rate going enough to give the metabolism a little jolt. It can also help prevent bedsores. The more you move, the more you may enjoy moving as you begin to feel a little more energy and see better results on the scale.

Some days I love walking or going to the gym while other days i hate the thought of it. On those latter occasionas I simply think of it as "medicine" that I must take if wish to remain alive and healthy.

I consider it a blessing that I am able to walk while others may not have that abilility.
Anonymous wrote 9 months:
Such wonderful advice from all but I have a double problem. I can barely put one foot in front of the other due to arthritic hips bought about by lupus. Also need both shoulders replaced, and cannot raise my arms above shoulder level. I have explored most avenues, even joined a ladies gym run by physiotherapists, which made my shoulders and hips worse. Has anyone got any ideas please that might help me. I desperately need to get some weight off so the hips can be replaced. Thank you all.
Anonymous wrote 8 months:
I also am somewhat disabled because is a torn meniscus surgery 18 mths ago. I am going to try this as you gave me such incentive to lose weight Thx
Anonymous wrote 7 months:
hi I cant exercise due to a stroke I had, am 64btw, so its not a get fit lose weight to get into skinny jeans wot am I supposed to do? its so depressing, my husband and son have to push me to the toilet in a commode, am to heavy to push for them helppppppppppppppp plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Anonymous wrote 7 months:
I have fibromyalgia. For the past 6 months or so I've had a flare up. It's not that I can't exercise, but if I do, I am too exhausted to deal with working and looking after my kids (single parent). But, in the last 7 weeks I have lost 7kg of pure fat without losing any muscle. (losing muscle is a risk if you cut calories but can't exercise). I'm doing a ketogenic diet. Not just a low carb diet but ketogenic, ie under 40g of carbs a day, moderate protein and high fat. This enables me to eat VERY low calories (around 800 a day) but not go into starvation mode or lose muscle, as my body has become a fat burning machine .
Anonymous wrote 6 months:
I am happy for those who have found a way to add more activity to their lives, but as a few others have commented above, it is extraordinarily difficult or impossible for some people.

I am lucky that before I got really sick, I was very thin (5'4", 95 to 100 pounds) and the weight I want to get off is "vanity weight" (I am now 130 pounds, hardly obese, but certainly not thin).

I have a post-viral and post-pesticide poisoning condition that makes me extremely intolerant of exercise. I can DO some exercise (say 5 minutes on a treadmill or even 20 minutes of something like walking), but then I will be in bed for days with post-exertional fevers, swollen lymph nodes and incapacitating fatigue.

The tips about working at a standing work station, etc. assumes that someone can work at a job, which many people cannot, even a part-time, sedentary job.

Having gone to grad school for psychology and having worked for a major weight loss company (take it from a former insider, they are all pretty much scams which provide only temporary weight loss for all but a handful of people), I know that writing down everything you eat DOES increase weight loss (or at least help in weight maintenance).

Just wanted to point out to the author that some people are in a category where they pay a physical penalty for ANY increased activity. That's where it gets really tough to get any weight off.

Anonymous wrote 6 months:
Yes! You've no idea how many sites I have visited in the last two years. I have RSD/ CRPS, I was bedridden for years with "lava like" burning throughout my right leg from waist to knee. If people don't understand RSD or believe it ( i worked in medical field and did not believe-that's Karma for you!) it has an IC9 code, it is real. I digress, I had 5 surgeries in a little under two years, 4 for my back including an eight hole titanium cage and one for " a fruit basket size " my doctors words, of tumors all benign. No need for gory details but things went very bad. I was taken in my gown to optimologist because of cuts on corneas, the tape came loose. Family & friends gave blood. When I was released I developed a burning sensation in right leg and edema that compared to elephantitis. I could not wear shoes only socks and my blanket was held up above my skin, plus I had to go from jeans to big flowing skirts. With RSD, which was noted during civil war, the pain you have believes you are not receiving the message you hurt so it keeps on increasing the area and message. I lay in a hospital bed, knowing under those huge legs there was muscle atrophy happening. Prior to surgery, I was 5'6" and weighed 130 lbs. in my family that is amazing most have past the 300 mark and one brother & sister are above 400lbs. I think you can see the tremendous fear I had. We tried therapy, every modality made an increase in pain. Then a miracle 2 years ago I went into remission! This is where you should insert loud applause and much cheering. But it didn't work that way. I can't run, ride a bike or walk a straight line. I also got on a scale 199lbs. I am very, very pale naturally and I am sitting here waist deep in blonde hair ( the only skill I had for awhile, growing hair). I slowly began my exercise routine. I use to ride a bike 14 miles, 6 days a week. After 5 minutes I am red as a beet and my face is so swollen that family members took pictures, I didn't look or feel like myself. I kept with exercise only adding a few minutes a week ( low impact aerobics) while I watched my face and nose swell. My nose finally developed these bumps that let out a clear liquid. Straight to dermatologist, we did a few test, including exercises. One of the worse cases of exercise induced rosacea she had seen. It appeared I had gone through all four stages in that many weeks. So as bad as I made it, is as bad as it will stay! Yes I am controlling flare ups with antibiotics,soaps, and cremes. We have a pool, not heated, I live near the Smokies in TN., that I can use part of the time. So the deal is, no sweating. I need exercise that will not flare up my face. Unfortunately yoga is not the best to do, at this time, after all the bedrest, I have no flexibility. I write down every bite I eat on my phone I carry with me. I swear on anything you want, I never, ever eat out. I can't stand the salt and I have a 6'5" skinny husband who can't get enough good eating out! Kashi ceral for breakfast, 1% milk ( has more nutrients than skim) with fruit, yogurt/fruit or salad for lunch, 3:00 broccoli and cauliflower, and supper, I rarely eat meat, two vegetables, 1/2 cup some kind of starch, maybe 2 oz meat, I do sometimes have a late night WW ice cream bar. Only deviate on holidays. I have been told some of my meds are "fat" pills whatever that means. I have 3lb weight I use while watching TV. The lowest weight I have reached is 195. If there is anyone who can help me with the whole weight and exercise thing I would be so grateful. I've used recumbent bike and a treadmill with DVD if paths throughout USA. House temp 66 with 4 fans on me. They have both been sold. Getting up out if bed at 199lbs when you got in bed at 130lbs is like coming out of a coma. I had no time to adjust to the super sized me! I know this is long. I just wanted to get across my frustration. I have not tried juicing. Any suggestions? Again, sorry about the length.
Anonymous wrote 6 months:
I came across this site on my many attempts to help my sister in some way. I hoped I could give her hope and lift the depression and sadness that has become her life. I started reading about 6 post back, then I got to this last post above. I started off thinking how similar things were to my sister. I ended up knowing what I was reading was FROM my sister! She has lost so many years to this disease and to be hit with Rosacea Stage 4, Rhino something which keeps her even more isolated. She is a funny, caring person. At Christmas, because she is so temperature sensitive and the house is kept cold, she crocheted personal blankets for each one of us to snuggle in while visiting with her! Any suggestions, no matter how strange she would love.if she reads this she already knows I love her but want to remind her as we say to each other more than any language has come up with a word for.that much.
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