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A note from our founders about the future of MyFitnessPal


Today marks a big day in MyFitnessPal history. We are excited to announce that we’ve received a recent round of funding that will allow us to continue innovating and growing as a company. We are delighted to announce our partnership with the firms of Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers and Accel Partners on this next phase of living out our mission to help you, our users, reach your personal health and fitness goals.

Until now, we’ve built our company from the ground-up without any outside investment. We’ve used our profits to bootstrap our growth for years. So why are we taking an investment now?

Well, we have big ideas for MyFitnessPal, and we want to bring them to life for you, now. We want to build the best, most complete personal health and fitness system. More than that, we want to help create a healthier world by helping individuals everywhere create healthy habits and live healthier lives. These are big, audacious goals, but we are confident that the experience and resources of KPCB and Accel will help us make them a reality.

What does this mean for you, our users?

This new investment will allow us to grow and expand our existing service, providing even more data and insights to help you make better decisions about your health every day. The easier we can make tracking, the more likely you are to be successful in your health and fitness goals. This funding will allow us to do just that, adding more analytics and advice to better serve our members.

The way we see it, if you succeed, we succeed.

There are so many things we’ve wanted to build but we’ve had to grow very slowly and carefully, until now. We look forward to using these funds to deliver the insights and features we have long wanted to create for you. We will also be expanding our presence around the world so millions of people like you can experience MyFitnessPal and fall in love with their new active and balanced lifestyles!

Got suggestions on new features? Send them our way. As always, we’re all ears!

Mike, Al and the MFP Team

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faely wrote 42 months ago:
Looking forward to better, more personalized and customizable tracking and recipe entry.

crisbabe81 wrote 42 months ago:
Would love to see the pie chart of the micro nutrients on the website, like you can on the android app. Also a "LIKE" button.
4_Lisa wrote 42 months ago:
Can you do a more comprehensive restaurant guide? It's hard to make decisions when you have to surf 3 or 4 sites to get answers on menu items.
asalyea wrote 42 months ago:
Wow! Those are some pretty big investors! Congrats! That says a lot about the MFP team, this great platform and opportunity! Congrats!
HardyGirl4Ever wrote 42 months ago:
I agree with the like button. I also think it would be cool if you were congratulated for body fat percentage lost like you are for weight lost.
Alderaic wrote 42 months ago:
well a feature request section similar to blog swith upvotes would be a starter as right now feature suggestions are lost to the depth of the forum after 20 minutes.

Congrats on the investors though, that is good news indeed! ;)
ironken wrote 42 months ago:
would love to be able to make actual macronutrient values as targets rather than a percentage
Alexandra wrote 42 months ago:
Great! More accurate information.....You can type in Orange and get 100 million different (half inaccurate) calorie estimates. MFP should take the time, as did Calorie King, to enter VALID calorie and macronutrient people aren't mislead. A MFP verified food list would help.
Grammie4VT wrote 42 months ago:
I would like to be able to track more nutrients in the food log. Congrat's on the new funding! Awesome!!
Nerdybookgirl wrote 42 months ago:
Personally, I would love to see an easier to use recipe builder. Now that I am eating more whole foods and avoiding mass produced junk, I find it takes forever to input a recipe. It would be nice if there was a pop-out for adding ingredients... or even better a drag and drop option or a dropdown for each ingredient.
HeatherBriggs1970 wrote 42 months ago:
That's wonderful! Congratulations :) MFP has been an integral part of my weight loss journey and this new life of mine. Cannot imagine doing this w/out you! Thanks for all of your hard work.

human28 wrote 42 months ago:
It would be useful to have filters when searching foods, particularly if you shop at a certain supermarket.
olynick wrote 42 months ago:
More research on calories and integration with programs such as p90x and beachbody products. And more research and pinpointed guided goals towards different types of people. Try to help people narrow down how to set there macros and micros and info on how to go about it in an easy to understand format. MAybe a guided monthly food menu for beginners to follow to help with their weight loss goals(again in an easy to follow format because nutrition to sum is very hard to understand).What foods go well together to help weight loss and portions and when to eat and when not to with certain programs.
helen_freud wrote 42 months ago:
great news this site deserve it as i think its a brilliant site its the only way i have ever lost weight. i would like to see exercise videos (even homemade ones) let members upload the videos and also some professional ones
Patti1023 wrote 42 months ago:
I'd like to see a list of available menu items by restaurant (maybe in order by calories, low to high?), so if I go somewhere I can more easily decide what to eat - rather than having to search items one at at time.

Ditto on making the recipe builder easier, it's not very intuitive.

And ditto also on making the item info. more accurate. It's always been unclear to me, even if I scan the barcode on a package (which I often do), where it's pulling the info. from, because sometimes it's wrong.
paxsreekantan wrote 42 months ago:
How about tying up with restaurants to have accurate calorie information for each menu item? You could even recommend healthier items, or have promotions from restaurants, groupons etc.
Poobearalder wrote 42 months ago:
I'd like to be able to manually input a UPC in the event the bar code is unreadable. Also it would be nice if the flash could be manually activated in order to help light the bar code in a dark setting. Thanks MFP for helping me lose 70lbs.
olynick wrote 42 months ago:
Sorry about the spelling I have this annoying banner across my screen.......Maybe do something about that lol
PikaKnight wrote 42 months ago:
Could you please make it so when someone quotes someone else in the forums, that it will tell who said what?
AllonsYtotheTardis wrote 42 months ago:
I would really love a more robust search engine for the food database. I think this would help ALL users find what they need, faster.
BettyBee43 wrote 42 months ago:
Good news, just don't let the ability to introduce new features mean that you overwhelm your current user base with unwanted 'improvements'. New isn't always better!!
ElissaNP wrote 42 months ago:
Frankly I love it the way it is, but I welcome any changes you decide to make. It is proving to be a lifesaver for me, literally.
PikaKnight wrote 42 months ago:
Would also be great if the food database could get condensed/cleaned up.
Duck_Puddle wrote 42 months ago:
Dear God PLEASE let me export my data. Pretty, pretty, pretty please with a cherry on top. Very exciting news for mfp!
efitterp wrote 42 months ago:
Sounds exciting! Would love to see a more accurate way to log/determine exercise calories based on exercise type, body weight, etc.
ChristineinMA wrote 42 months ago:
I echo what Nerdybookgirl said about recipes and paxsreekantan about being able to scan restaurant items
Tobi1013 wrote 42 months ago:
As a former iPhone app user who is now using the Android version, I would LOVE to see the Android app more closely mirror the look, feel, and function of the iPhone app. For example, why do I have to click the search button twice when searching for most foods?! It's great that the app searches through my recent or frequent foods as I type (and even that is annoying because it only searches within the tab in focus), but simply clicking on the search button should automatically search the entire food database. Making the Android app ad-free would be awesome, as well.
efitterp wrote 42 months ago:
...also a more accommodating/smarter search engine for food search. As of now, if one letter is off in a word, the food item is not found.
catita1025 wrote 42 months ago:
I would like to be able to track additional measurements such as blood pressure. Current fields don't allow for fractions, i. e. only three digits. I also second what's been said about restaurants menus and recipe builders. Thanks!
irishiwerethin wrote 42 months ago:
Awesome! Would love to see calories for non-cardio exercises displayed as well as some of the popular programs displayed.
Spintastic wrote 42 months ago:
please clean out and verify the database!

And, add a calorie 'bank' so if you go over by a couple hundred calorifes one day, and stay under by a couple hundred calories the next, you're not saddled with the shameful red bar for the whole week.
Spintastic wrote 42 months ago:
also please include calorie counts for strength training as well as cardio exercises
ninnyfurr74 wrote 42 months ago:
Wow, for a free site I really can't complain! MFP has literally been a life saver for me! The only thing that tends to annoy me is the lack of a "back to the top" button at the bottom of a thread. It would just make it a little easier to navigate the forums. I like the idea of a "like" button as well. Honestly though, for a free site, this is great and I can't tell how much I appreciate it and how much it has meant to me! Congrats on your investor's! Now I know I'll be able to use MFP for a long time to come!!
LittleRed30 wrote 42 months ago:
I would like to be able to decide what my start day of the week is and also count water by the oz not the cup.
ze_hombre wrote 42 months ago:
Double ditto on the data export. I would really like to be able to pull down the data into Excel and do some slicing and dicing with pivot tables. The reports that are available today are great for those who are losing but not helpful for those in maintenance.

Other things posted above that I would love to see are a like button, taking you to a user's reply in a forum post directly, the whole macro listing in the web version like in Android, being able to see a restaurant's entire menu at a glance to make it easier to decide, and a condensed food database or some kind of rating system to show MFP verified entries.

I would also like to see when someone replies to a comment I made on their profile. I have had a couple of conversations with friends and comments get lost because its scrolls off the page rather quickly. Same with when someone quotes me on a forum thread (not necessarily when there is a reply). Not necessarily an email type alert, more of a alert like you see on the top of the page when someone sends you a message.
ncjenny88 wrote 42 months ago:
Would love to be able to track more food nutrients such as sugar grams.....
ze_hombre wrote 42 months ago:
I would also like to see an option to shift from weight to body fat % on progress. I don't care how much I weigh now, just what my BF is.
megsmom2 wrote 42 months ago:
congrats! this is pretty amazing stuff! MFP is already awfully wonderful, and I look forward to seeing what happens in the future. The only thing I would ask is that you remember to keep it personal..I like that this place has become a "hangout" for so many of us...keeps me checking in and helps keep me on track. watching with
amyjlandon wrote 42 months ago:
I would love to see an integration between popular recipe sites (epicurious, all recipes, my recipes, etc) so you can just select the recipe and assign it to a meal, then alter as needed.

I also agree with the "banking" calories feature.
RunConquerCelebrate wrote 42 months ago:
I use body media I would like for my calories burned to show up on my news feed when I sync at the end of the day.
GurleyGirl524 wrote 42 months ago:
I love MFP!! I would like to see a "share recipe" feature. I have recipes that friends would like and vice versa. It would be nice to just "share" it to their inbox or newsfeed without having to retype the entire ingredient list
babydull wrote 42 months ago:
I agree with the above poster: 'Would love to see the pie chart of the micro nutrients on the website, like you can on the android app. Also a "LIKE" button.'
RunConquerCelebrate wrote 42 months ago:
Also the option to see when someone responds to a newsfeed to get a message or something. It is hard if you comment on someones news feed you will never know if they responded to your comment unless they post on your profile.
Also show my exercise and or calories burned from my bodymedia on my newsfeed just like a does when I manually enter an exercise
dan_boisvert wrote 42 months ago:
1. Please, please, please, please allow us to more easily export any or all of our own data. For example, if I want to export all of my data for Tuesdays during 2013, I should easily be able to export that data. It will make a huge difference.

2. Please integrate all of the social functions--blogs, forums, etc--much better across platforms. For example, while using the android app, I should be able to view forums or blog posts.

Thank you! I'm excited about the opportunity MFP has right now.
donnamacd wrote 42 months ago:
Would love to see a calorie count show up when I search a food in the data base instead of waiting until it's logged in on the food diary to see the count.
wmako wrote 42 months ago:
Thank you, thank you, thank you MFP! You're such a part of my daily life. I agree with some of the above comments, such as adding a "like" or "awesome" or "congratulations" button and then being able to roll over calories for a one wk period at a time. Also, it would be nice to be able to add to "My Foods" without having to create from scratch, in other words....allow to choose from already created foods in the database. However, even if you never do any of this, I'm still SO grateful!
mbriganti wrote 42 months ago:
I would love it if the PC version allowed you to enter text in the search prompt and automatically identify recent, similar items for suggestions (i.e., the way the software works on the Ipad or mobile devices).

Thanks. Its a life changing application. Good luck.
PikaKnight wrote 42 months ago:
Fix the ads so that it doesn't autodirect you to another website now and again. That is happening more and more and is annoying.
k9hrd wrote 42 months ago:
I would like to be able to filter out the
"chit chat, fun and games" topic as I am not interested in those types of games and comments. Many times lately those are the only topics showing on my side bar.
mwilkjob wrote 42 months ago:
great news mfp, congrats. I like the new look you have and am also glad to see such generous comments from your users; there are a lot of great suggestions.
flinchyny wrote 42 months ago:
Congrats on the investors.

My #1 request: clean out the food database. Having like 12 entries for the same item (half of which are inaccurate) is so annoying/time-wasting.
SAHMwich wrote 42 months ago:
YAY! I hope that means my app will start working again soon!
widecurves wrote 42 months ago:
Mazel Tov! I love your audacious goals!! Some way to keep track of the number of servings of fruits and veggies each day would be a welcome addition to this fabulous site.
acweber76 wrote 42 months ago:
While I certainly don't want MFP to become Weight Watchers, it would be neat to see a way for restaurants and food manufacturers to "certify" their item listings in the database. I would expect this to be a source of income for MFP, Inc. As an avid MFP user I'm more likely to buy products that I know have accurate information in the database.
rmsrws wrote 42 months ago:
A place for private notes, on our friends list. I'd like to be able to indicate if that friend has has WLS, or other issues, so if I am looking for more personalized support, I have it more accessible with out having to go back and read profile, or go through my stack of sticky notes next to my computer.

I love this site!! It has changed my LIFE, it has been a total LIFE SAVER!!!

jimenezal wrote 42 months ago:
One of the best things about this site is that it is free!!! and very accessible. Thanks for that and all the success for you guys.
whitecapwendy wrote 42 months ago:
@Joy_joy The ads are what keeps the site free.

What I would like to see: love most of the previous suggestions but would add that I would like to see an expansion of the number of micronutrients that I can see when I view my food diary. I like to watch several, and to do so I have to keep updating my settings
paladinmfp wrote 42 months ago:
I love that you can add more features. I would like to recommend two.
1) Blood Glucose tracking via an app, or by direct entry. The app would be my preference.
2) Summarize and let us export the nutrition information for our doctors, nutritionist, or trainers. By week, month, quater, whatever. Either by CSV, PDF, or other mechanism.
ZoeLifts wrote 42 months ago:
I would think the priority would be additional servers (or larger or updated) that can handle capacity so the site doesn't crash so often. Then let's worry about the cherry stem.
rCatheriner wrote 42 months ago:
Awesome! I do love this site and am ok with it as is, but would love to see some updates.

I agree with the "like" button. Also, being able to post photos in a status would be great (progress photos, inspirational pictures, etc.). In addition, I know a lot of veterans out there are saying they wished they took photos in the beginning- maybe making a progress section where you can add photos and your current weight/measurements (this could be connected to a smart phone or webcam).

I also agree with the idea of getting a notification when someone responds to you when they comment on their status or when someone responds on the forums.
TipTopMMR wrote 42 months ago:
Awesome news! I love this site and am thrilled for you!

I second the following suggestions:

A cleaned up/more accurate food database
A more intuitive recipe builder
A way to copy recipes from popular sites (particularly Epicurious, as they encompass several different recipe sites)

Thank you!

BrendaLee wrote 42 months ago:
Drag and drop within the food diary and/or the option to easily move entire meals around. Better functionality there would go a long way towards making the whole process more enjoyable.

And better moderation of the message boards. You can't have a healthy community with a toxic forum.
hmvanwink wrote 42 months ago:
It would be nice to have the ability to save a recipe in the forums and save that in a folder somehow. Same with other forum posts. Maybe Fitness and Motivational or create our own. To be able to organize saved forum posts so it's easier to find later.
CaseyDiane wrote 42 months ago:
I would love to have the ability to track my weight with end goal and also incremental goals so multiple trackers would be awesome!

I would also like to be able to access all my foods when trying to edit/add stuff.

When adding an exercise to the database I would love for it to stick and not have to add it several times.

I love MFP and recommend it all the time and I have used others,
doug_pierce wrote 42 months ago:
Congratulations on the financing. This is great news for users. I look forward to the new enhancements.
MadonnaMoeller wrote 42 months ago:
I'll leave all the logistics up to you guys! I just want you to know how happy I am that I have lost 22 lbs. since 2-1-13 and am nearing my goal. I have tried so many plans that did not seem to work for me,
and cost a lot of $'s, but with this plan, I have met with success and I know I will be able to keep the weight off. Thank you, thank you!!!
annmolly90 wrote 42 months ago:
I would appreciate the calories and carbs protein etc, used in Activity/Excerise NOT TO ADDED to the calory total for the day as I want to stay within my 1200 calories and that way I can see that the cals used in excercise etc are an extra bonus
susan_skipper wrote 42 months ago:
Get rid of the red bar that streaks across the screen when we have gone over our calorie intake, even by 1 or 2 calories. There is no need to remind us that we have gone over, we know. It makes me feel guilty and I get the feeling that the calorie police are going to break down my door and confiscate my fridge.
titanium96 wrote 42 months ago:
It's a simple thing, but when I get a notification on my iphone it would be great if it made a sound as well.
athryn wrote 42 months ago:
I'd just like a version of MFP without the ads, I would pay for an app with this feature.
JBossRN17 wrote 42 months ago:
I vacilate between using Calorie Count and MFP, the reason being that at the end of a day, I get a "grade" on my eating on Calorie Count. That simple reinforcement is enough to drive me to want all "A"s. Badges I can do without or maybe that is just an generational difference....GREAT JOB though for MFP.
semiorganized wrote 42 months ago:
My husband & I share meals a lot & it would be nice to be able to have a share feature for recipes, menu items, etc., either through Bluetooth or nfc, text, etc. We also use the Withings scale & app. Sometimes I don't want to share the weight from Withings. If I gain a little & then lose it, MFP shows a loss, but it is really a return to my previous weight... I have a sister who does Weight Watchers & she had to choose between their app & MFP. Maybe a partnership with them, like you have with other apps. One more addition would be to add more measurements, i.e. bust, thigh, arm, maybe even calf. I also second the "like" idea. Thank you for all you do. Your hard work is appreciated.
carolose46 wrote 42 months ago:
amazing news! you rock!

my suggestions: instead of like maybe a nice thubs up button!or emoticons to quickly support our friends.

would like to know who commented on my posts easily without having to scroll all the way down.

easy pic posting.

thank you for your commitment nice life mission!
ayalowich wrote 42 months ago:
It would be nice if the main website was as easy to search as the iphone app. On the app, I can simply type in words and it instantly associates those with entries in my data base. On the website, I have to scroll through pages to find things that may end up being in an entirely different meal group.
treesloth wrote 42 months ago:
Whatever you do, I'm sure it'll be awesome. You've already come up with a killer system, and I'm looking forward to seeing it. Congrats on what you've accomplished already, and on the new opportunities.
rew05d wrote 42 months ago:
The ability to delete comments and not have to wait on moderators AND being able to hide comments left throughout our membership on the user's profile. Every user doesn't need to see every dumb thing I have ever said on any post in the forums.
Tdacks wrote 42 months ago:
Wow, this is such a big deal. Go, MFP team!

My biggest feature wish would be the option to filter out user-added foods from my searches. Other users tend to leave out vitamins and minerals, or just add calories, and I have to wade through each to find one that lists them all. Or, I'm just looking for tomatoes, and I've got to scroll through all the entries for tomato-based foods or from people who couldn't initially find tomatoes in the database, so they added it themselves. Not that I never use user-entered foods, but I would like the option of a filter.

Barring that, it would be nice to see the * symbol next to user-added foods when searching from my android phone. That may be simpler than a filter.

Thanks for the update.
e2b130 wrote 42 months ago:
Congratulations! I only ask you keep the simple things simple---keep in the forefront why new customers sign up and why've you've been able to maintain their allegiance.
xenalyn wrote 42 months ago:
I am loving MFP! While you are working on progress, I think it would be brilliant to have integration with recipe websites so you don't have to enter recipes through the currently laborious process. Simply syncing with my account and importing a recipe from there would be AWESOME!
M_Fitz72 wrote 42 months ago:
I absolutely love this site and the app!! They have both been a major part of my journey thus far. Very pleased with the news of new opportunities for future growth!
AggieCass09 wrote 42 months ago:
i love this site and have been on here for years! I would like to see more work put in to the reports section so you can manipulate things better and see longer time frames.
jame15147 wrote 42 months ago:
when you search the food data base, there should be a way to transfer to your food diary so you dont have to search all over again.
RunningActor wrote 42 months ago:
I would love to have a link with Daily Mile, or Garmin Connect so I don't have to double log my runs!
jofjltncb6 wrote 42 months ago:
Looking forward to better filter options in database search, better database record integrity, identified quote boxes in forums, and notifications for/tracking of your posts in forums and comments on others' walls.
Blessedbythebest1 wrote 42 months ago:
Congrats! I would love to see a better Recipe builder not great at all, if I incorrectly input a measurement instead of havingto adjust it by clicking on it, you have to delete and research for the item not very intuitive at all. A "like" or "high button" would be great! Also, getting notifications from "group members" when they post in a group you are apart of. Oh and having something that alerts me when someone comments after I've commented on a particular post. So I can follow that discussion which I have already commented on. Thanks for changing my life!
kathleennf wrote 42 months ago:
1. Like button
2. Agree with notification for quoting me- good idea!
3. Be able to create exercise groups especially for strength training- eg "upper body" - "legs" whatever.
4. Be able to share recipes with friends.
5. Work a little bit on the database. It's true that it's really crowded with a lot of confusing entries- and not always the best result pops up. If I type in "yeast" because I want yeast I have to scroll WAY down to find yeast - after a bunch of rolls etc.
6. I think the recipe calculator works just fine.
7. Searching database should include your recipes. I have I think 6 pages of recipes now. I think iPhone searches them but not the web app.
8. Be able to get better reports, and for longer time. For example I would love to be able to plot weekly net calories vs. weekly change in weight.
GREAT APP! I LOVE IT! You guys get credit for saving lives, for sure!
karibj2010 wrote 42 months ago:
Something similar to Facebooks "like" "Proud" or "Encouragement"...something along those lines.
RedheadQuine wrote 42 months ago:
Pretty please can we have an ad-free app? I'd be willing to pay a few ££/$$ to not have to see ads at the bottom of the screen.
QueZee wrote 42 months ago:
I love this App! Thank you, and congratulations on your funding.
justcrystalxo wrote 42 months ago:
how about some type of reward or achievements like badges or stars or trophies for different milestones. the milestones can be pounds lost or days logged in. i say this because one of the things that motivated me the most in my beginning days was to watch the (username) has logged in (amount) days go up. like hitting one year was pretty awesome.. im waiting for year two. another milestone could be for logging exercise for a set amount of days.

id like a way to link to people when replying to them. so @otherusername because thats what people do already to respond to a particular person through their own comments.

a link section so that you can add a link to a website within your comments. to maybe recipes or a thread post.

id also really love a bigger photo album section.. & bigger size photos. i always have to decide what pictures to delete because i take new ones and 18 is just not enough pictures after losing 140lbs. i like showing the progress. =)

id like a notification when i get a response to a thread post.. because i often forget to check the threads again to see if someone asked me something from a response i gave them. id prefer the notifications to be on the site.. not to email by the way.

but all in all i LOVE myfitnesspal! thanks for doing all that you do!
mynameiscarrie wrote 42 months ago:
I'd like there to be a "mynameiscarrie finished her diary and was within 5/10% of her calorie goal" option instead of just over or under. I know I'm not the only one who gets discouraged when the giant red bar at the top taunts me even if I'm only over by 50-100 calories.

I would also like to see a range option. Instead of 1200 calories and 1200 only, maybe say 1200-1400 or 1200-1350 per day.
04hoopsgal73 wrote 42 months ago:
Congratulations on your new funding!

I enjoy it here and MFP is an added value to my life.

Two main features to consider which would incorporate our lives more easily would be restaurant nutriiton trackers and the various fitness programs people use like Insanity, Jillian, P90x.

Awesome sight! Travels all over the world with me.
faely wrote 42 months ago:
the recipe builder at is exactly what I would love to see here.

Also would be great to have a function that allows you to choose which forum and group you would like to search in, instead of the whole website.

Get rid of the "xxxx was under their calorie goal for the day". Your goal is your goal, being under it isn't always a good thing. Plus it makes those that go over their goal or use the TDEE method feel guilty because they didn't get that little hurray from the website.

Allow for choosing which method of weight loss one is using, NEAT or TDEE, etc. and allow for customization of those goals such as showing your exercise calories but not adding them to your total daily allotment.

I 'like' the addition of a like button.

A few modifications on the width and html and c++ capablilities as well, such as being able to press enter and have a space between paragraphs when posting to your profile/comments, etc.
faely wrote 42 months ago:
oh! and the ability to set your "days logged in a row" to a vacation status or something like that so that when we go somewhere that we can't log in, we don't lose our days and get it reset.
cervenec wrote 42 months ago:
Congrats! Can't wait to see the new analytics available for users :)

SLambertAlaska wrote 42 months ago:
when I search for a non-processed food, I would like to see the USDA or MFP basic entry first, before entries added by MFP users. It's annoying to have to scroll to find the basic entry for an orange, for example. Thanks for listening. I'm looking forward to big things!
khalleron wrote 42 months ago:
More flexibility in the goals for those on low-carb or low-fat diets (or low-sodium). Not everyone has the same nutritional needs.

One-size-fits all does not really fit everyone.
Crochetluvr wrote 42 months ago:
I would like to see at least 48 hours worth of posts on the wall page rather than have to load more posts. Because if I respond to a post a few pages back and try to return, it takes me back to the first page and I have to reload 2 more sets of pages to get back to the page I was on..and then search for where I was on that page. Since the friend/motivation of the site is a major help, it would be great to be able to more easily keep track of friends posts/achievements and respond to them, because we can't possibly be here 24/7 to respond immediately. ;D
ocmitchris wrote 42 months ago:
A paid, AD FREE version would be very welcomed.
changing4life wrote 42 months ago:
I think this is an awesome site.

I would like the ability to reset my account without having to completely delete it.
nkoconnell wrote 42 months ago:
Like button please!
changing4life wrote 42 months ago:
Oh, and a fruit/veggie tracker too.
SkimFlatWhite68 wrote 42 months ago:

I'd like to add photos to the food diary, take and upload photos of meals, kind of like Instagram does. Could also do that in the exercise diary section.

Plus facility to add photos easier in blogs and forum posts.

With regard to the above posts about location and the food database, we aren't all in the USA, I'm in Australia, so I would not want the USDA database to be the default.

Thank you, I love MFP and it has absolutely helped me reach my goal.
nonie4joy wrote 42 months ago:
Awesome news! Congrats!

I would like to see a listing of food groups such as fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, protein. . .so I can see if I'm getting my recommended daily servings according to "my" formally known as "

nonie4joy wrote 42 months ago:
Awesome news! Congrats!

I would like to see a listing of food groups such as fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, protein. . .so I can see if I'm getting my recommended daily servings according to "my" formally known as "

webneb wrote 42 months ago:
Woo Hoo thats awesome! Cant wait. You guys have turned my life for the better. Love ya work. :) from Australia
shalomcharlotte wrote 42 months ago:
Great news, congrats!
I have a suggestion that would make things easier for me.
When I log exercise, extra calories, etc. get added automatically to my daily allowance.
I do not want to consume the calories I just burned off! :}
I'm sure some people do.
I would prefer an option to bank those.
As it is right now, I have to try to ignore the growing daily allowance if I do a lot of exercise in a day.
I'm not that math oriented so if there was a setting which would allow me to choose to set aside those calories burned, it would be better.
barbiecat wrote 42 months ago:
I love MFP.....I've been logging food and exercise almost every day since early 2009.

my only suggestion is that I'd like to be able to delete exercises from the list of "most frequently used cardio" exercises
heather4949 wrote 42 months ago:

I just love this site....your team is doing a mighty job world wide and you deserve all the success and acknowledgement with those dollar investments......The world salutes you..
onlycatfud wrote 42 months ago:
99% iPhone user, though I have visited the site a few times for a few things. Have tracked every single day since mid-January.

Since everyone is sharing opinions:

Prioritize work on the database. Some people are just terrible at naming conventions and entering data.

Have some standards! Minimum amount of info, spelling, portion breakdowns, etc. If something doesn't meet the standards get rid of it. I would be much happier if half the database was culled tomorrow and the stuff remaining was well organized, well written, and generally trusted to be more accurate.

The voting system on the website is great, have some kind of system that allows minor editing or version control, every item seems to have a (Corrected from Website!) or stupid qualifier or tag attached. This is GOING TO GET MUCH WORSE the more and more time goes by because I assume items are not being deleted for any reason. But they should. A downvote / flag as inaccurate / flag as poorly written / flag as outdated or updated / threshold that will trigger a moderator (can come from community/volunteer) or automatic removal of items and then someone else will try again or put up something better. But set some STANDARDS for the community!

The more you expand, the more you add users, the more time ticks by in general the database will get worse and worse NOT better.

That being said I personally enjoy the people who add "typical restaurant order" kind of stuff and use those a lot as I eat out a lot at different restaurants and travel extensively to places without good nutrition labeling legislation and whatnot.
BobbieInCA wrote 42 months ago:
Love the site! My Wishlist:
More of the same requests: Deletion ability...By Me: Duplicates on "Frequent Foods."
By You: Remove redundant items on food lists.
Both would save us LOTS of time.
Also, a Toolbar, so we can Bold, Underline, or add Italics to our comments.

Maerce wrote 42 months ago:
Congratulations! One suggestion I have is to make it easier to log home cooked meals.
It is very time consuming to log a recipe, I think one way to make it faster is if we could save our favourite ingredients? Editing recipes can be hard as well since you can't just change amounts of ingredients.
Also it would be very helpful if there was an option of 'serving size' instead of 'number of servings'. Since it can be hard to tell how many servings are in some meals :)
marathon64 wrote 42 months ago:
Awesome! Would love to see an easier interface to upload pictures to blogs and forums. Perhaps having a "best of" where particularly inspiring blog posts and forum threads can be more easily accessed and archived? Perhaps having more "expert" invited posts on topics that the forums get so contentious about like eating back exercise calories, macronutrient ratios, different diet plans, etc....
Binkie1955 wrote 42 months ago:
congrats. this is a great site! Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and Lindora are about to find out what social media is going to do to their business models!!
I've been a member over 100 days, spend more time here than on facebook and am introducing friends (and making friends) as well.

I'd say keep it simple. some thoughts -
- form some user groups and poll them regularly.
- Advertising - probably, but I think it might be very sublime. just letting food manufacturers supply their ingredient information and be sure of its accuracy is a lot. maybe they could add a logo or two to show its' 'verified' by the maker but I'd keep commercials as low profile as possible.
- Food Allergy Information would be a great item to consider adding for those who want to track it as much as many of us want to track carbs, fat and protein. there are those who must avoid certain things (peanuts, dairy, gluten, etc) and I'm not sure if that's there.).
- I'm not sure why you wouldn't add prescription and homeopathic drugs as well?

but overall the simplicity of your site is ideal. don'tlet it get complicated. most of us are not propellerheads and we don't want to be.

thanks much. get rich.
aummie53 wrote 42 months ago:
Would like to be able to input data after the date has passed It is hard if you are traveling to always have internet service to keep up to date. Also would really like a bigger food data base.
cbattles516 wrote 42 months ago:
A Garmin Connect interface would be awesome. I'm just starting on MFP and I use a Garmin device to track my workouts (stationary bike with HRM, on trail cycling with HRM, GPS and cadence sensor / walking with GPS and HRM [and maybe a footpod if I ever buy one]).

Additionaly, the interfaces on the web and the android ap differ with the android app actually seeming to be superior to the websit. It would be nice if all the fuctionality and displays were common with additional usage/information breakdown on the website if screen area is required.

Finally, maybe it's a bug, maybe an oversight, but when you first start logging your weight, the graphs start at 0 prior to your 1st report intstead of just starting with the first weight (on web only, android does not do this) and it's annoying to not have a usable graph for the first week or so.

Keep up the good work and congratulations on your funding.
Skeebee wrote 42 months ago:
I wish you had the option to post how much weight you gained; even if you are trying to lose. Make it optional; it gets REALLY annoying that I have friends motivating me when it says (you have lost 1lb!!) when you actually gained 6 and dropped a few off in a few days. It feels good at first, but it's a false positive. I would like it better if people actually could see my gains, too. I like honesty. ;-)
sistahbigbone wrote 42 months ago:
So long as it stays free, it's all good :)
chefdrewski wrote 42 months ago:
Would like to see some sort of value for strength based exercise. Surely calories are burned......
zophiel67 wrote 42 months ago:
I would love a widget for the Android platform. Nothing fancy; the basic homepage calculation is fine. Just something to put on my homescreen that screams "You only have 500 calories left for dinner, so don't you dare eat that cookie!!!"

Also, access to the forums through the app would be wonderful.

Agree with the suggestions of a "bump" based feature request, the optional weight gains, the MFP-validated food values (why does everyone hate potassium???), and the database cleanup.
lisak919 wrote 42 months ago:
Make it easier to print recipes without all the extra boxes and ads. Perhaps create a recipe report.
azjoanna wrote 42 months ago:

If possible please clean up the food database...too many inaccurate entries. Could you have a drop down food database that only had professional/accurate listings with nutrients. If people wanted to search the larger universe of food database they could make that choice. I do like the suggestion of more restaurant/grocery store brand listings direct from the establishment. Also...remove where it says "generic first" or the grocery store name first, it makes it very difficult to 'find' an item even in my own database.

All in all I am very pleased with MFP and I know it will only get better.

Keep up the good work. :-)
nygr8guy wrote 42 months ago:
Congrats and best of luck to you! Try to clean the database, that's a great start! Support from people and social networking is very important. Keep that in mind and I'm sure you'll be a winner. You already are in my book. Love the site, can't wait for more.
SRuiz126 wrote 42 months ago:
I love the app but it would be awesome if you guys could integrate more of the community aspect such as the forums and blogs into the app! GREAT JOB THOUGH!
dsgoingtodoit wrote 42 months ago:
thank you so much for all of the work to date...truly...big thanks....; best wishes for your continued success...
madrap wrote 42 months ago:
I frequently eat some leftover dinner for lunch the next day, but the lists are separate. I would like to see some quick way to add yesterday's dinner for today's lunch. I also agree with all the comments about cleaning up the database by deleting duplicates and verifying entries.

I love your site. Keep up the good work.
papalito wrote 42 months ago:
I'd like to see a medication section as a reminder when logging food did I take or forget my meds or because I'm taking an OTC or something that me fitness/nutrition needs shift
Jerrypeoples wrote 42 months ago:
thank you
MarianDorn wrote 42 months ago:
Congrats! Although I am new here, I have really enjoyed the system overall. I am however, tracking "sugar calories" separately from this program. If you could add a feature that would track those calories, it would be great! Congratulations again and good luck!
smwooley wrote 42 months ago:
I just put this on my status, and then found the same thing on a message board; I agree 1000000%: It's always bothered me the way that MFP seems to encourage people to under-eat, by the way it's configured. The shift to red once you've exceeded your calorie target; the message that gets posted when you complete your diary - MFP consistently reinforces that you need to eat less.

Too many people eat 1200 calories, exercise an hour a day (or more), don't eat those calories back, and then are stumped as to why they aren't losing. We've all seen these posts repeatedly in the forums. The collective response is always "YOU NEED TO EAT MORE". And I think MFP is contributing to that problem. MFP does great in setting targets based on the TDEE philosophy. But your targets already have a calorie deficit built in, so you don't need to eat below that number - you need to eat AT that number.

Here's a suggestion on reinforcing (what I see) as the "right" behavior - eating to your calorie target, and ensuring you do hit your minimum calories.

Select your calorie target. The target would now identify a targeted calorie "window". Within 5% of that target,on either side, MFP would show "green range". When you are within 5-10% of the target, MFP would show in the "yellow". And if you were more than 10% over calories OR under calories, it should show red. So I have a 1500 calorie target. My "green range" would be 1425 - 1575. My "yellow range" would be 1350 - 1425, AND 1575 - 1650. And if I ate below 1350, OR above 1650, it would show red.

The message when you "complete your diary" also could be changed. Sustained under-eating slows your metabolism. Don't give someone the "iN 5 weeks you could weigh..." Instead have it identify "Your caloric intake is significantly below targeted levels, and may impact your metabolism" (or some similar message).
semitte wrote 42 months ago:
I would like to be able to see the calories of each item BEFORE I post it. Sometimes I'm not quite sure as to what I'm choosing. But after I post and see how many calories that is, I often have to delete it and go back and guess on another one. I've been doing this long enough to be able to sense how many calories something has.
Kindone wrote 42 months ago:
It would be nice if you could hover your cursor over a searched item to see the nutrient properties before selecting it. As it stands, it is frustrating to have to choose a variety of like items to see which one is the correct one and then delete the choices that are not correct. If that makes sense..
texasgardnr wrote 42 months ago:
That was so very wise of you all to build MFP slowly as money permitted. I was impressed to read that. Congratulations on now having investors who have faith in MFP and your incredibly awesome goals. And such wonderful goals indeed! I have been very blessed to have found MFP last year. This is the only time that I have lost weight in a healthy way. I have learned so much this past year using MFP while attempting to lose my last pounds, which of course is a challenge at my age.
Thank you for making MFP freely available so that anyone can access it.
darwinwoodka wrote 42 months ago:
How about a body type range for goal setting? For very fit/active women, the women's calorie range is all wrong. My lean muscle mass is far greater than most women of same height/weight. My calorie goal should not be the same! Hence all the "eat more" messages for people who are doing strength training or very active exercise and not losing weight....
JUDDDing wrote 42 months ago:
First, congratulations! Second, please be careful! I, somewhat selfishly, need you not to blink out of existence within the next year or so. I know that in times like these, people will tell you that now you are "safer", but funding can and often does increase the risk of death too. Third, you should consider packaging MFP as a private or semi-private corporate wellness site. Like "wellness for life" but not sucky. Just a private instance of MFP provided and hosted by you for a given company's employees. I bet this would sell well - especially with the kind of results you have driven so far.
jgatti60 wrote 42 months ago:
Congratulations! Love MFP. I would like to suggest adding the glycemic index of foods. It would be very helpful for diabetics as well as those tracking healthier lifestyles. Many thanks.
baybeejulia wrote 42 months ago:
The most important thing to me right now is a notification bar!

Also, a nicer photo gallery would be good. Being able to properly see large photos of friends rather than a small one right next to an advertisement.
Gidzmo wrote 42 months ago:
Perhaps a button to dislike something or report comments that are inappropriate?
SteffieMark wrote 42 months ago:
All I can say is Bravo! You guys seriously rock! I can't express enough how much I appreciate MFP. And it's free! No other site, free or paid, could have helped me the way My Fitness Pal has. I have lost 106 pounds and own a lot of the credit to this site, the support system I have gained here, the expertise of some well read members and all the wonderful features y'all have developed and continue to improve for us. Anything you do to it, works for me! You have done great so far! And it's still free! Keep up the great work!
PippiNe wrote 42 months ago:
As many people have suggested, the food database does need an overhaul. If you were to create a way family members who are dieting together could share meals at a click of a button, there wouldn't be so many entries like 'Jane's Special Meatloaf'. As it stands now, the only way for my hubby or daughter to easily add a meal I've entered is to add it to the database. Also, would it be possible to give each person more pages of their "recent" foods? I eat a wide variety of foods and would like to not have to search for them when I do repeat an item. Thanks so much for all that you do - I love this website!
Sunitagt wrote 42 months ago:
Great news! Hoping that the food database duplicates get merged, and perhaps someone has to approve a new food before the entry is added to the global database? So the user who created it can continue to use it, but it doesn't end up in the universal list until someone has made sure it's not a duplicate, or a personal-only item (like Cindy's 1/2 apple etc).
kenna44cat wrote 42 months ago:
Wow! That is such awesome news. I think a lot of suggestions here might relate to a select few people. I don't have an iPhone or other cell with App capabilities so I'm not interested in the new Apps for phones, for example, but many of your members would like that. I love MFP and think it's great that you're looking to improve and add more, but I hope the original simple basic concept doesn't get lost.
FeelingLessChubby wrote 42 months ago:
Congratulations, this is GREAT news! This side deserves all the best :)

Please please update the forum to something more modern, PHPBB platform is free and simple to use, and it does everything a modern forum should do nowadays, including actual linking links and easy photo attachment options.
mamadon wrote 42 months ago:
Congratulations! I cant complain about a thing! Its free and it has been a life saver for me!!!!Thanks!
bekindi wrote 42 months ago:
Awesome. Being able to allocate specific gram goals for macros instead of just percentages would be a great and helpful addition.
jfauci wrote 42 months ago:
LOVE the idea of an "MFP Verified" recipe! It frustrating searching for a specfic food and finding many different nutritional counts. Congratulations on the funding.
Jeneba wrote 42 months ago:
Please remember that BIGGER is NOT always better! Please also remember that "this" is a "place" where people come for consistency when a lot of the rest of their life is hectic. Please remember that change for the sake of change upsets people. Please remember that many of this community have emotional issues they are dealing with and need to know that this is a calming, reassuring presence in their turbulent lives. Namaste.
highstandards wrote 42 months ago:
Stop focusing on weight loss. Some of us are in good shape and just want to stay healthy or grow.

Launch some sort of public project management system so that we can actually submit requests which will be dealt with.

Be more flexible when it comes to setting up goals. If I want to partially set up my macros using grams, I should be able to do it.
Bibianna2012 wrote 42 months ago:
Congrats on your funding!

Just don't make it like facebook! Facebooks privacy settings are confusing, and a pain once you are able to figure them out. Also FB suggests content that is annoying. Agree that bigger isnt always better. Weight loss is very personal and there is a nice level of anonymity that you can keep here if you wish.
healthyornot wrote 42 months ago:
Fab news for you guys. You deserve it :-)

Will you be able to afford the time now to make the tickers work for gainers. It is the only thing that frustrates me :-(

ChristineS_51 wrote 42 months ago:
I love MFP - and it's free - can't get much better than that!
I would like to see
1. the option to alter recipes by using a "Save As" option so you can keep the original recipe and the new one; to be able to alter quantities in recipes without having to delete the whole line and re-insert a new line; to be able to search in own recipes.
2. Database needs cleaning up - lots of duplicates and incorrect entries - I agree with Sunitagt - entries need to be verified before adding to the main database.
3. Improved database searching options - I like to use the MFP entries as they have a range of weights & measures - maybe a radio button to click to searach MFP "official" database only?
4. Maybe have a children's version?
Thanks MFP - using MFP has been a life changer for me \0/ \0/
sharilou24 wrote 42 months ago:
I have found MFP to be a wonderful resource and I'm making great progress using it, so thank you.
Like many others I feel the food database needs some attention. When I started using MFP I expected to type "Chicken breast 90g" get an accurate calorie count but as many others have said you have to wade through supermarkets and other users entries and often guess which is most suitable. So a list of accurate generic foods would be fantastic.
Perhaps you could ask supermarkets/suppliers to submit accurate nutritional information for their products - after all it is in their interest.
Most of all keep up the good work!
stevenleagle wrote 42 months ago:
More of the same. Keep the simple interface, if possible keep it free. Charts that go beyond a year.
lincs_lass wrote 42 months ago:
Again with the food database, I'm in the UK, would it be possible to sort by location as obviously stuff in the USA is not applicable for me (unless I'm lucky enough to visit in the future!) It would also be great if more food outlet chains got involved so that eating out was easier!
Thanks for keeping it free, it is a great tool with a great community doing great work for lots of people :)
Keep up the good work MFP :)
lincs_lass wrote 42 months ago:
Again with the food database, I'm in the UK, would it be possible to sort by location as obviously stuff in the USA is not applicable for me (unless I'm lucky enough to visit in the future!) It would also be great if more food outlet chains got involved so that eating out was easier!
Thanks for keeping it free, it is a great tool with a great community doing great work for lots of people :)
Keep up the good work MFP :)
Calliope610 wrote 42 months ago:
Here is an entire thread supporting the calorie goal range instead of the current calorie goal method which gives members a big red bar is they go over the daily calories by even one calorie. Not very encouraging, esp when one is working to meet their macros and make it, only to be "rewarded" by the red bar of shame b/c then exceeded their total calories by 9.
tops2kopsville wrote 42 months ago:
Right now I journal on paper. will there be a way to just enter calories for the meals or the day. think I seen one site do that. cant remember which been on so many but it was a free site.
also would be neat to sync to other sites if we want to use two or more sites.
kalidp wrote 42 months ago:
Love this app! All of my friends are asking how I've lost so much weight (over 30 pounds so far) I give this app a lot of the credit and I send them straight to it!
I would like to see an improvement in the progress graph. I have to choose 90 days, 180 days, etc. I'd like to see a graph of from when I began.
acidosaur wrote 42 months ago:
thanks for all your work- this has been a life changing website for me! as the person above me says it would be great to have more restaurants especially UK restaurants added for easier tracking. sorting by country location would also be great!
jpeeden wrote 42 months ago:
1) Allow entry of UPC on website search
2) Updated official restaurant entries
3) Remove some duplicated entries
4) Share recipes with friends only
5) Track more than 6 items
6) Line graphs showing tracked items over time
7) Integrate with fitlinxx (I think a lot of YMCA's use this system)
8) Get generic info in a basic unit and allow entry in whatever unit user prefers and do the calculations behind the scenes. (e.g. Ribeye Steak, enter either in oz., grams or whatever else and get correct info)
macattack99 wrote 42 months ago:
Thanks for all the hard work and dedication you and the team at MFP have made to helping so many people!!

With this new backing and aqurired funds is there any chance support for BlackBerry OS10 might be coming? Yes I know you say to use the web but the BB10 browser and MFP's site aren't the easiest to navigate together.

zmzmzm19 wrote 42 months ago:
Thanks so much for all you do for us MFP users. I am so grateful for this sight, it literally has changed my life, for the better!! Looking forward to seeing all the new changes coming our way!
amberlykay1014 wrote 42 months ago:
Thanks for working so hard for us!

I was thinking that it would be great to have a RESEARCH tab where users would have access to articles in the medical field regarding recent developments in weight loss. Medical journals would give people a reliable place to look for information instead of just turning to search engines for their information.

I think a lot of people would appreciate having a built-in TDEE and BMR calculator too. It's well known that many users go to Scooby's and other workshops and it would be nice if this could all be built in house, especially for new members.
stargirlll wrote 42 months ago:
This is great! I LOVE using MFP, but there has always been one down side for me (and a million other users): THE RECOMMENDED DAILY CALORIE INTAKE IS WAY OFF! It's not healthy for it to basically ALWAYS default to 1200 calories to lose weight. That is the absolute lowest ANY person should ever go, and it will cause metabolic damage to continuously eat this way. Weight loss WILL halt. As a fitness enthusiast who lifts heavy weights, the protein intake is always way way way too low, along with fats. It'd be nice if we could TRULY input our own macro goals instead of having to use a percentage, as that is not realistic and bodies do not work off percentages. I believe MFP would benefit greatly from at least adding options for weight lifters as what is recommended is definitely for people who do endless cardio.
threshkreen wrote 42 months ago:
I love the newest change that I have seen which is to add the calories from exercise into your daily total (maybe I just didn't notice it before since I do most of my logging on my phone).

I would like to see it easier to follow where you posted on the forums. Also, the recipe builder does indeed need some work. All in all, I believe this is one of the easiest to use. Certainly, it has a nice clean look...I did another calorie counting site for a while that was so busy with medals, ads, goals, challanges, I don't know what else. It was always so busy it was distracting. I did like, however one feature. They posted lots of articles with good information. Perhaps a place where you could post links to MFP vetted sites for anything like recipies, different diet point of views, anything geared to health. Also, perhaps a "Ask the nutritionist" column.

Good luck and thanks for giving us such a high quality site.
Ribena145 wrote 42 months ago:
Good luck for the future - thanks for being here for all of us and glad that you'll continuing on and growing - in the right sense :)

I remember reading a suggestion on being able to search for a food and choose whether or not one wanted to have the MFP members foods show up or not (* marked). I would prefer to just have your food selectons at times. Sometimes there are just sooooo many foods to choose from. I think that would be helpful.

Bry_Lander wrote 42 months ago:
Great news, I use MFP religiously!

I would like to have the food search on the web version perform like the iPhone app, where you start typing a food and it brings up a list of your recent foods filtered according to what you are typing.
PlaypenIII wrote 42 months ago:
I just wanted to say congrats on the funding! I think you guys are doing a great job. I've tried to lose weight many different ways and a good friend of mine turned me on to your website. It's been a life changer! I've lost over 40 lbs and it has changed my eating habits for life. Once you become honest with you inputs it gets so much easier.
Congrats again!

niftyafterfifty wrote 42 months ago:
I would suggest an "edit" option on our homepage like the one on the forum posts. It would save time if I didn't have to delete and repost a comment.

It is also annoying when you check someone's diary, then go back to comment on it and are returned to the first page instead of to their post. Of course, this only happens if you've hit the "Show More" option. Unless you have time to regularly check the posts throughout, this can be a big annoyance and time waster.
I don't like to give generic response to their diary posts, but sometimes I just don't have time for the hassle.

I really enjoy MFP; thank you for considering my suggestions.
niftyafterfifty wrote 42 months ago:
Also, being able to change amounts in the recipe calculator would be a great help!!!!
QueenLaureen62 wrote 42 months ago:
That is great news! Congratulations! Add me to the list of folks that love MFP. I would like to see more work put into the exercise/calories burned side of things. Add new exercises and make sure calories burned adjusts with the individual's weight loss.
bsteenbergen wrote 42 months ago:
Allow us to add food to our diary from the food itself, not just from "Add to Journal". Its frustrating when I search a food only to have to go back and add to journal then do that search and wade through more results to find what i'm looking for.
dianefisher47 wrote 42 months ago:
hoping the program remains free as I was on another before and when they changed things they sold out and started charging,

I would love to see on front page a picture of fruits and another of veggies, this would be like when we add water as soon as we have one we click on it, this would help us make sure we eat enough.

another would be a little area saying post it note...this would be private I sometimes like phrases I read but only want to save a phrase...or a note for myself..instead of having to go to foods and check the bottom part and having to find my old notes from older dates..this post it would be on front page always...thanks
smm773 wrote 42 months ago:
This is awesome news, and I applaud the MFP folks for making a website that has helped so many!

My suggestions:
1. Make some sort of acknowledgement button . .not necessarily a like button, maybe thumbs up.

2. Be able to copy meals, but move them around--for instance eating last night's dinner for lunch the next day.

3. Drag and drop recipe calculator would be awesome-but I love this feature no matter what.

4. Easier conversions of measurements.

5. Not sure if this still happens, but after so long the private messages we get go away or drop off. I have lost lots of info and conversation this way.

6. It would be nice to be notified when people respond to threads instead of having to go back and look.

Keep up the great work!
lgblack wrote 42 months ago:
Thank you MFP for doing what you have done so far with no outside investment. You have a great product, that our fitness trainers direct their clients to for tracking during their weight loss journey. I have lost the 25lb I set out to in January, and am now in a maintenance state - still using MFP while I figure out how to stay where I am :)

I concur with ideas posted previously: some verifying of the food database to eliminate duplicates, partering with restaurants (Canadian too please) to make the choices when going out easier, a weekly cummulative calorie/exercise count (for the over/unders. Can't think of anything else. Keep up the great work!
bethanylaugh wrote 42 months ago:
agree with: ironken "would love to be able to make actual macronutrient values as targets rather than a percentage"
bwallace2012 wrote 42 months ago:
two suggestions:

1. would like to be able to "subscribe" to certain blogs and receive notices of new postings. there's a "Subscribe" button, but I've never received notice.

2. would be good to have a group for the 70+ crowd.

and high praise:

I have NEVer had success with diets and the like. MFP is the ONLY thing that has made any significant difference. I applaud your efforts to make this program available to any and everyone. It is nearly unbelievable how much difference MFP has made in my life and the lives of so many others. perhaps MFP can counteract the damage done by corporate "nutrition."

Jerseygrrl wrote 42 months ago:
Be able to copy foods and meals and move them around: Today's dinner is tomorrow's lunch of leftovers. Sometimes breakfast is dinner instead.

Expand the ability to track nutrients and customize that for yourself.

Easier to create and edit recipes.

Easier to create and edit exercises.

Fabfitgirl5 wrote 42 months ago:
Want to make sure that the investment does not mean that personal information we provide behind the scenes is sold or used by the firm in exchange for their monetary contribution.

Other than that, great news and keep up the great work.
HealthyAlison wrote 42 months ago:

A few things should filter to the top of search results:
1. Non-starred foods
2. Things I've used before even if they've fallen off my recent or most used
3. Items with info straight from the manufacturer / restaurant. IMHO, if you can get reliable info straight from a producer it should not have a star.

Fix the programming on the My Meals tab. I still can't get to page 2.
tj1376 wrote 42 months ago:
1. Like Button, or an equivalent. Sometimes we just dont have time to comment on everyone, even if you want to.
2. Access to the forums from the iphone/pad. This is the only internet some people have and they miss out on the forums because of it.
3. Site sponsored challenges. Challenges keep people motivated and help you find friends.
4. Easier way to post pictures...I still havent figured it out.
5. Ability to print our data.

I love this site and your fabulous for creating it!!!!
Shes1CraftyMama wrote 42 months ago:
So many people want the "like" button. It is all over the forums. Make it a High Five (great for encouragement) this way you can avoid some of the copyright issues.... ???
Also, maybe set it up so you can have multiple users on one account for families or couples wanting to work together. This can only increase support networks!
Agree with macro #'s and not %'s!
An easier way to add in measurements (like a spreadsheet) rather than one at a time!
Thanks for all you do!
IronPhyllida wrote 42 months ago:
What about a way of tracking a conversation with someone, like when they leave a comment on my page, if I hit reply you can only see it on your page ie they cant so they can't reply. Sorry if someone else has mentioned this before.
kittee83 wrote 42 months ago:
Very happy to hear this. This website and app has helped me focus on my health and weight loss. Thank you so much for being there for us <3 xx
musicboxes wrote 42 months ago:
I frequently have leftovers from dinner for lunch the next day, so it would be great to copy dinner to lunch or visa versa. Also a great job, inspired me or similar post for comments.
ls_66 wrote 42 months ago:
I was afraid this was going to happen... corporate greed taking over a great web site... someone is cashing in
lisnalec wrote 42 months ago:
Thanks for this amazing site!!!
lisnalec wrote 42 months ago:
Thanks for this amazing site!!!
Kris6344 wrote 42 months ago:
First comment: Thanks!
Second: How exciting!

Third: How to improve:

One big simple improvement would be to compile the features that are unique to the mobile app or website.

On the app:

-recent foods appear in a list as I type them, which is better than searching through the pages of recent foods on the website

-several daily/weekly pie charts/lists are available that I can't find on the website

On the website:

-The quick tools for adding meal entries is a great feature I wish was available on mobile

(Remember that the ability to easily and quickly log food is of the utmost importance; it is one of the main purposes of MFP, and, the quicker it is to log food the more likely we will have success. So in my opinion, these types of improvements should come first)
danasings wrote 42 months ago:
LOVE MFP!! It has saved my life and my sanity in so many ways.

Sharing recipes and having more comprehensive restaurant nutrition information would be awesome. Thanks for asking. :)
gmallan wrote 42 months ago:
1. Easier way to edit recipes
2. Notifications for comments
3. TDEE and MFP method options
4. Tick box to ignore user-entered data when searching food database
jleevelazquez wrote 42 months ago:
Coaches to motivate users and give advice.
Partner with local like-minded companies to create support groups.
A more reliable and realistic exercise database for energy burned.
seanpaget wrote 42 months ago:
I'm on life long warfarin, as are millions of people. Keeping my INR stable is a chore, a way to watch the Vit K contents of foods easily would lead to a happier and more healthy time. Please consider it... :)
Jishuku wrote 42 months ago:
Congratulations on the funding. :)

I would love it if you add all vitamins and minerals. It's the only thing missing for me at this time. Cheers.
rajivroy wrote 42 months ago:
Congrats! Gentlemen well deserved.

- On the serving size, where possible, if it is entered in ounces automatically provide grams or vice versa. I have decided to standardize on grams and join the civilized world. I either have to hunt for measures in grams or do conversions.
- Tighter integration with Fitbit. Right now it only imports the calories burnt and weight. Why not import the manually entered exercise also. ex swimming. Right now I use MFP for calories consumed and Fitbit for calories burnt.
- For someone like my wife, who is technologically challenged, logging the food intake is higher mathematics. Perhaps a way to enter food in take by describing and having a wizard figure it out for her maybe helpful.

I cant help but credit my friend here, Jhinuk and MFP for a new beginning on the way I eat. Dont get me all emotional now.
MzOnree wrote 42 months ago:
I wish I had found MFP when it was first started; however, I'm glad I came across it in a magazine at the physicians office.

MFP has been a wonderful tool for me and I am so happy you all got funding!

I started to read everyone's post and decided just to type my information, so this may be a repeat.

It would be nice to comment on someone's diary without needing to scroll the entire news feed to get back to the person's post to comment.

I think it would be great to write on a friend's wall and when they respond it goes to both person's wall. That would save a lot of flipping back and forth.

I would like to be able to have more nutrients listed on my diary page.

I know the food list is a mess. There are so many items listed for one thing. I know this could never be an exact science...but it seems that some items could be eliminated.

I agree with a thumbs up button or something similar letting your MFP friend know that you looked at their post. Sometimes it is hard to get to all of my friends, lol!

Changes or no changes...I'm thrilled to be a part of MFP! I'm so thankful you all designed this site. Cheers! ;o)
MzOnree wrote 42 months ago:
I forgot to add that I have lost 45 pounds with MFP. I plan on being on here for life! I have made some wonderful friends and enjoy seeing what they are doing, because in turn, it makes me work harder. I learn new foods I never though I would eat and I'm thrilled to be a part of this.

So as I said, I will be on here for life! Thanks again and keep up the fantastic work! ;o)

P.S. Even if there was a fee...I would still be here. I'm hooked!
MzOnree wrote 42 months ago:
Gosh, I'm a pain in the last thing, I hope, lol! Is there a way to put the silly stuff in it's own catagory...I'm talking about the topics, "Would you date them or not, Is this person sexy or just okay, what movie star does the person above you look like"...that nonsense is what I am talking about. It knocks out a lot of good information others post by taking up space on the main page and many don't get to see the topics because of these silly things. Just a thought. Thank you! ;o)
yoovie wrote 42 months ago:
I would like to be unbanned before the merger
yoovie wrote 42 months ago:
I would like to be unbanned before the merger
losing_it_2013 wrote 42 months ago:
I would like to be able to copy lunch to dinner, or breakfast to lunch. Unless I'm missing something, I can only copy lunch to lunch, or dinner to dinner. I do love MFP and have had the longest stretch of weight loss ever - including using Weight Watchers! Keep up the good work !!
kit_katty wrote 42 months ago:
1) Comments on recipes, so you could put in directions and notes! that'd be great for people to share!
2) Like button!
3) Cleaned up foods database
4) Ability to choose whether you would like most used or recent food items
5) Ability to track body fat % rather than weight
6) Better suggestions for different macro settings ie more carbs for runners but more protein for weight lifters, suggestions for combined...
7) I agree with the ability to copy lunch to dinner etc. I do that sometimes!
Glad to hear it!
silvergurl518 wrote 42 months ago:
please make sure your users are actually taken care of as you expand your enterprise. i wouldn't want to become a lost cog somehow.

other than that, congratulations :)
lem_orc29 wrote 42 months ago:
-Making the forums/blogs available on the app would be great.
-I'm not sure of the techie language, but changing the format of the forums so that we can just "attach" photos, rather than having to have them hosted at a different site and inserting html code would be FANTASTIC.
brkfst4dinr wrote 42 months ago:

I would like to see the food list cleaned up. I've noticed several different listings for the same foods and usually the calorie count per serving is inaccurate.
MsGuMama wrote 42 months ago:
Have to agree with everyone on the foodlist, perhaps require that before the food is shared with everyone on MFP that for raw foods the USDA Nutrient Database is confirmed ( all process food is confirmed via manufactures website, barcode scan, or a pic of the Nutrition info is uploaded for verification. MFP foodlist should ALWAYS be at the top of the list before user entered food list.

A suggestion for correcting the current list is to allow MFP members to identify mistakes for you. Put a "needs correction" button or something were members can flag an incorrect nutrition info and alert MFP that its incorrect.

or a Thumbs up Thumbs down rating system, where MFP users can rate thumbs up for correct and thumbs down for incorrect, foods with alot of thumbs down should be removed and foods with a certain number of thumbs up should become "certified" or something, that way when users come to a food they can see if its accurate or not.

Just my thoughts of how you might solve the problems that everyone is bringing up in this forum.

Perhaps an auto converter - grams to oz etc... If something is posted in grams it would be nice to have the OZ listed right next to it and visa versa.
keya729 wrote 42 months ago:
Yeah!!! This is great news this is the only "weight loss" plan I've been able to stick too for more than a few months. I'm coming up on a year with MFP and can't wait for many more to help me get to my goal weight.

Congratulations again!!
fatnfrantic wrote 42 months ago:
A 'like' and an 'unlike' button (or maybe thumb up/thumb down),verified items in the database, a choice of start date (I always WI on a Saturday and would like my week to start then instead of Monday) and a notification when someone replies to a message. Congratulations on obtaining funding. Keep up the good work, your App is awesome!
HealthyAlison wrote 42 months ago:
Thought of another...the suggestions when you mis-spell something are only useful for comic relief. You could be one letter off an incredibly common food and have it suggest something completely different.
taso42 wrote 42 months ago:
annemama wrote 42 months ago:
That's good news! I love MFP! I've often wished that instead of just "copy meal to today" I could copy it to another meal. Now it copies from lunch to lunch or dinner to dinner. I often would like to copy yesterday's dinner to today's lunch, for example.
Thanks for taking our suggestions!
MoreLikeMe43 wrote 42 months ago:
The single most beneficial addition for me would be:


I'm learning and collecting new recipes all the time, but if I enter them into a site like, I have re-enter them (one hard-to-edit ingredient at a time) into MFP to calculate and track the calories and other values.

Overall, though, MFP is an excellent app at an awesome price! ;-)

P.S. I agree, too, with suggestions for "Like" and "Back to Top" buttons, as well as better notification of when someone comments/replies about/to your own posts/comments.
mslizalde wrote 42 months ago:
More user friendly Forums format I have issues following feeds on there. Would like to see more of a Facebook style where people comment on Topics and can tag people they're responding to.
4thoseiluv wrote 42 months ago:
I would like to see a place to add recipe 'instructions' rather than just the ingredients. Also, if the quantity of an ingredient needs to be changed, a simple click on it rather than having to delete and reenter would be fantastic! Individualized macronutrient input rather than just percentages would be wonderful as well.
CoozyRoo wrote 42 months ago:
Build in more comprehensive and customizable calorie goals. Provide TDEE and BMR calculators in the goal setting section so we don't have to leave the site.

How about a personalized recommendations for the number of calories left in your daily budget (i.e. 180 calories left provide some suggestions...banana, etc)
davemacdo wrote 42 months ago:
I would pay between $5-$10/mo. for a premium, ad-free MFP experience on the web and mobile.
lisajohnson9634340 wrote 42 months ago:
Thanks so much for this site! This is a big help to me on my journey to a new me :)
Please, please fix the database. Too many multiple entries for same item,,, different calorie count?? It needs to be accurate.
Congrats on funding, I hope it will allow you to make this even better and more 'polished'.
LinOtt wrote 42 months ago:
Thank you for this site. It has been the best thing to happen to me for years. Congratulations with your funding. You are on to a good thing here. I like your recipe feature but find it difficult sometimes to include portions into my diary, perhaps this could be made easier. I dont always have the time to include the whole method so these recipes arent suitable for sharing.
andypandy1109 wrote 42 months ago:
couple of things i would like to be able to add food from the top of the screen...not have to scroll down to which meal i am having to add.

also when i key in potato i do not want to see shops or brands just potato same with all generic foods
TrailRunner61 wrote 42 months ago:
Congrats! I love MFP!
If you clean up the food database, it would be awesome if each item was listed in grams, so people like me, who use a scale, can add food accurately.
mahanaibu wrote 42 months ago:
More accurate calorie countss, given by volume and by weight, where possible. eliminate the well-intentioned but often iaccurate member calorie settings unless you have verified them, as well as the vague 'One apple" type categories. Overhaul the calories burned on exercise as well. Make it weight-specific--a 250-pound person burns more on an activity than a 150-pound person. Provide walking and hiking burns per mile as well as per minute. per mile is more accurate.

Congratulations on your new era. You deserve all wonderful new growth; the site is a life-changer.
bluelena wrote 42 months ago:
I would love, love LOVE an option to have my calorie goal be a range instead of a static number. And then when I finish my diary for the day, the automatic wall post could congratulate me for being within my calorie goal range for the day.

The "red line of failure" does not necessarily indicate failure, IMO.
joann1948 wrote 42 months ago:
Congratulations!!! I would not be where I am today without this website. I have made some great friends. All I can say is make it simple. Do not make it complicated. I would like to see a Overhaul on the calories burned on exercise. Put more choices in there. Good Luck you all deserve the growth. The site is certainly a life saver for many of us.....
rachaelgifford wrote 42 months ago:
I haven't read all the other comments so this may have been said - but I would love there to be a weekly average on the reports like there is on the android app. :-)

MFP is amazing and has really changed my life. Thank you :-)
Mylolamia wrote 42 months ago:
Congrats MFP on a great website...have been on here almost a whole year and love it, lost 23 lbs. gained many new friends, inspired to a healthy active lifestyle. One suggestion which would be great is an Edit button to make additions/corrections/deletions on comments...this would be invaluable and make life so much easier for members.
Mylolamia wrote 42 months ago:
Also, as we are able to edit food and exercise on those pages, would really really love to be able to edit ingredient amounts within recipes, new or already existing.
WowWowWanda wrote 42 months ago:
Congratulations! As others have commented, I also would like to see the food data base cleaned up. Some of the user added items that are incomplete just create too much of a time wasting effort to scroll through. The food diary is the best part for me and making it easier to be accurate and quick would be the best improvement. What ever you guys do --- know that ya'll already have a great product!
jiliaj wrote 42 months ago:
I use a couple of other sites as well as MFP, and I really appreciate the fact that MFP doesn't have a whole lot of stuff to load up on each page. The ability to go through lists and tick foods to add to meals is excellent, as is editing the amounts on the fly. Mostly I use other sites to occasionally supplement some of the information here - they have better nutritional analysis, and graphs, but MFP is faster to load, and doesn't require a lot of waiting - so don't loose that aspect.
Kellie82much wrote 42 months ago:
Congratulations on acquiring such a big investment! I look forward to seeing some of the suggested changes implemented on the site.
sympha01 wrote 42 months ago:
I would love to see a database function that allowed for automatic conversion between metric and imperial measurements. So for instance today I might see an entry for baby carrots at 35 calories for 3 oz but I have already measured my portion at 55 grams. It's not a huge deal for me to go convert into a fraction of the 3 oz serving the database but I have to do this to some food everyday.
sympha01 wrote 42 months ago:
Overall as a user I would prioritize standardizing more of the experience for mobile apps and the website. There are some functions the mobile app does (reports!) totally different and better than the website. There are other functions (links to the community section) that the android app doesn't do at all. Adding food is -- oddly, I think -- easier to do on the android app than on the website.
sympha01 wrote 42 months ago:
Finally, I would really like to see the newsfeed get a little more Facebook or Twitter-like. For instance, I would like to be able to put in working hyperlinks, images, or video into my status updates. This would just be for fun, of course, but I've really be surprised by how much I find myself interacting with my MFP friends in the newsfeed, and by how much I'm enjoying it and it helps motivate me.
dmw45 wrote 42 months ago:
I'd like to see the same features on both the website and the android app. I can't blog on my phone and I can't see pie charts on my computer. Doesnt seem to make any sense why not. The other thing I'd like to see is to be able to upload photos right to blogs.
INxFOCUSx2013 wrote 42 months ago:
I would like to see a "HIGH-5" button an Awesome work button or smileys, the LIKE button is an FB thing.
MsGuMama wrote 42 months ago:
USDA Food Group Suggestions. They have a my plate website that based on your Daily calories suggested how many of each group you should get. While I look great with MFP because I stayed under calories, I also eat almost NO vegetables, 1/2 serving dairy, little to no fruit. I would like to see MFP get a little more comprehensive with helping users really get a clear picture of what they are eating and not just how many calories they ate.

::MsGuMama Completed her diary today and ate all of her vegetables::
^hehe maybe not to that level but its fun
APalmieri2012 wrote 42 months ago:
Would like the iPhone app to be able to move meals. For instance: I make a meal for dinner, it is normal for me to take any leftovers for lunch on the next day. So instead of just copying the meal from dinner to dinner, I would like to be able to move the meal from dinner to lunch. Or do as the website does copy from dinner to dinner and then allow me to change where the meal took place.

Just my two cents.
ladiebugs00 wrote 42 months ago: integration!!
ChanaRo wrote 42 months ago:
I hope corporate involvement doesn't cloud your objectivity.

I would like an option to NOT have the calories burned by exercise added to my "daily allowance". I want my daily allowance to be what I set, and my calories burned by exercise to be a separate thing.

Your app is awesome, I use it every day and recommend it to all my friends!!!
coccodrillo72 wrote 42 months ago:
There is room for improvement in the food log, especially regarding personal (MY) foods: many times when you try to log a personal food not all (MY) personal foods are displayed, both in the website and in the Android app. Many times an internet connection is needed in the Android app to look for MY foods, which shoudn't be (this does not happen on the OSX version).

Also we need better reports: we need to see for example avarage calories consumed (now on the website I can only see a bar chart). Also the daily goal in the graph shoudn't be fixed to the current value but take into account the past variations.

The Reporting period in the reports should have also a "from the start" option.

We need more "Nutrients Tracked" in the food diary.

We need to be able to insert actual values of some micronutrients (vitamins, calcium, iron), not percentages which rarely appears on food boxes.
coccodrillo72 wrote 42 months ago:
Oh, btw, the ads on the Android app are really really annoying, I'd gladly pay a few dollars to get rid of them. Please publish a pay, ad-free, version (I'm not talking about a "premium" annual fee, ala Runtastic, that nobody likes). Thank you
dorianaldyn wrote 42 months ago:
Just want to say congrats on the influx of capital! I work in the venture industry and I'm so happy for you guys - those are some top tier firms! That says a lot about what you've built to have such a solid investment syndicate.
DonnaB0527 wrote 41 months ago:
I would like to enter my recipes in a "cookbook" that can be shared with family members. My husband and I both use My Fitness Pal, and I don't want to enter every recipe twice - once on my account and once on his.
Prudiddy wrote 41 months ago:
I would like to just thank you for building this site! It has changed my life and been the best thing that's ever happened to me!
Anonymous wrote 40 months ago:
Can we please have active hash tags?

It would be really helpful to find likeminded pals and help build motivation networks.


Thanks MFP!

Cher / MFP Screen name 'lesbionairre'
Anonymous wrote 37 months ago:
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Anonymous wrote 24 months ago:
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anewstart22 wrote 24 months ago:
I would like to have less confusion while inputting recipes or single items. I find there is alot of misinformation on your food items and I have to look at a few of the listings before I get the correct one. Who is watching that? Why do you allow so many inputs of one single item and the incorrect numbers which are entered? It's like wading through a pool of misfits. A couple of my friends have already left because your system truly is very inaccurate in several areas for food input, even more so forr those who weigh everything before they eat it.

That's my honest opinion and it is because I just came from a place that was much easier to use, easier to make menus, frequent foods and recent foods worked far better than yours does. We were provided an easy to read all in one page the health information including the micronutrients we needed for proper logging.

Unfortunately they had to close for unavoidable reasons or I would still be there. The jury is still out for me to decide if I am staying here or not. Your program truly is very difficult to use.

Anonymous wrote 12 months ago:
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