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4 Cool & Healthy Treats for July 4th

We all love an ice cream cone every so often but if you'd rather indulge in a charbroiled cheeseburger or second helping of potato salad this Independence Day, these four light and refreshing treats will help satisfy your sweet tooth. As if that’s not enough to love, they’re packed with water to help keep you hydrated in the summer heat, and lots of antioxidants.

Firecracker Berry Frozen Yogurt Pops – A festive yogurt & berry dessert both kids and adults will love

Berry Green Smoothie – A great way to mix some green into your red, white and blue

Watermelon & Berry Fruit Salad – Use a star-shaped cookie cutter to give your watermelon a little patriotic pizazz.

Berry Ice Cubes – Perfect for dressing up a glass of sparkling water or a club soda cocktail

Have a cool, happy Fourth of July!

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Summerxx13 wrote 50 months ago:
Awesome, I'll definitely have to try the Firecracker Berry Frozen Yogurt Pops! Thanks!
bbygrl5 wrote 50 months ago:
Frozen Kefir! It's low calorie, tangy & delicious, and contains very healthy probiotics. Add that to the list. It's been my discovery this summer and I find it's so low cal and healthy, I can have it a couple times of day!
dsanford55 wrote 50 months ago:
sounds yummy !
nk17 wrote 50 months ago:
If you just have to have the ice cream, I love So Delicious Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches. 90 cal/18 carbs and dairy free.
Hearts_2015 wrote 50 months ago:
Kudos to whomever passed along these recipes to have posted on the site! Great feature..this is new & I LIKE it! :) Happy 4th ♥
prairiewalker wrote 50 months ago:
These are timely reminders to keep us working toward our goals and still not feel deprived! Thank you Mike for gathering all the resources into one spot.
hildadietsch wrote 50 months ago:
Will try the mini ice cream sandwiches !
rabbittac wrote 50 months ago:
Too late, maybe next year.

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