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Met My 6 Week Biggest Loser Goal

I signed up for a Biggest Loser contest through MFP that began on May 5th.  Some weeks during the challenge, I did pretty well.  I met challenges, ate well, exercised.  Some weeks I was less motivated, but still did what I could. 

I had set a goal for myself to lose 10 lbs in 6 weeks.  I honestly did not know if it would be possible given the family and holiday get togethers during the weekends during that time.  And knowing that my final weigh in was going to follow an evening of fried foods, pasta salads and plenty of desserts, I seriously had my doubts. 

I was 2.2 lbs away from meeting my goal last Monday.  I didn't exercise like I wanted to, I drank and enjoyed some of my favorite foods over the weekend, and I was extremely happy when the scale showed me a 2.4 lb loss this morning :)  I was literally doing a happy dance! 

I am so proud that I am meeting my goals!  I wish I was motivated to exercise more, but it's nice to know I am still losing both pounds and inches when I don't.

Since March 24, 2014, I have lost weight each week.  23.4 lbs in those 12 weeks.  My goal for the next Biggest Loser competition is going to be slightly less.  I don't want to give myself an excuse to eat more/drink more/lose less, but I want to keep things real and manageable and not set myself up to get upset like I would if I set myself a more difficult loss amount. 

And I have to credit not only my efforts, but my teammates and other friends on MFP for continuing to encourage me on my journey.  Thank you! 

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bridget_williamson23 wrote 47 months ago:
Great job Michelle!!! You are such an awesome encouragement with all you're doing! Keep up the awesome work. You are going to crush each goal that you set for yourself!!
befreakingstrong wrote 47 months ago:
I am so impressed by your story! Great job keeping things real and yet trying your best to be healthy and achieve your goals. Thanks for the inspiration!
michelle_816 wrote 47 months ago:
Thank you ladies!
Bridget, you are one of the first I met here on MFP! If I can do this, so can you!

Befreakingstrong - so glad I can be an inspiration for someone :)
Anonymous wrote 47 months ago:
great work I love to do as you

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