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Supervised Weight Loss Class

Well, completed the second session.  This was the first in a class setting.  Surprised at the bad attitude of some, the progress of others and the lack of progress by still others.  Weighin went great.  was 282.6. Not bad for one month.  That was my three months goal, well ahead of schedule.  BP was good.  Clarian said that they are going to submit requests for my pre op testing and also submit my case for insurance approval.  Surgery may be near Feb 1.  Feelin great, and have a can do attitude.

Visit with the Psych Dr.

Passed the tests with flying colors.  Took about 2 hours.  1 hour of testing.  1 Hour of personal interview and test results review.  Dr. said ideal candidate.  No major followup.  Most interesting observation is that Dr said I am a glass half full guy.  Hmmm that might be a close call.

First non-wife compliment

David at work asked, "You loosing weight?"  Felt good that he recognized the effort.  Always feels good when Molly says something... but was nice to hear it from someone else.

First Support Group Meeting

Oh  my... memo to self, don't attend any more meetings where pictures might be shown of naked candidates for body revision.  Was good to hear a few tips from others... planning meals is a big deal.

Portions and Progress

Really starting to get a feel for what real portions should be.    Also starting to realize that buffets are the enemy.  They might be a good idea from time to time to get some variety, portion control should really be exercised.  Don't have to eat it all.  Clothes are no longer busting at the seams.  Good to feel a little slack.

I turned 47

Today is my birthday.  Oh, what to do?  Feeling good... brought lunch for a second day and made my breakfast again.  Wow.  Making progress on the scale.  I have about 10 more lbs to go to get to the goal weight at Clarian.
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