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On Banning Gay Marriage

(I didn't write this but it's too awesome not to copy & paste it!)

Top ten reasons given to ban same-sex marriages :

1) Being gay is not natural. Real Americans always reject unnatural things like eyeglasses, polyester and air conditioning.

2) Gay marriage will encourage people to be gay, in the same way that hanging around tall people will make you tall.

3) Legalizing gay marriage will open the door to all kinds of crazy behavior. People may even wish to marry their pets because a dog has legal standing and can sign a marriage contract.

4) Straight marriage has been around a long time and hasn’t changed at all like many of the principles on which this great country was founded; women are still property, blacks still can’t marry whites, and divorce is still illegal.

5) Straight marriage will be less meaningful if gay marriage were allowed; the sanctity of marriages like Britney Spears’ 55 hour marriage would be destroyed.

6) The only valid marriages are those which produce children. Gay couples, infertile couples, purposefully child-free couples and old people shouldn’t be allowed to marry because our orphanages aren’t full yet, and the world needs more children.

7) Obviously gay parents will raise gay children, since straight parents only raise straight children.

8) Gay marriage is not supported by religion. In a theocracy like ours, the values of one religion are imposed on the entire country. That’s why we have only one religion in America.

9) Children can never succeed without both a male and a female role model at home. That’s why we as a society expressly forbid single parents to raise children.

10) Gay marriage will change the foundation of society; we could never adapt to new social norms. Just like we haven’t adapted to cars, the service-sector economy or longer life spans.

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aldal83 wrote 72 months ago:
This is disgusting!
Gay people, male or female have the same rights, as well as the right to get married as straight people, we are, after all the same race.
I'm in complete support of gay marriage and think people with the above views need to get with the times, it's the age of equality and it's advancing all the time.
If one of my children turned out to be gay, i'd be in full support!
soontobesam wrote 72 months ago:
Love this - and I may shortly turn around and repost your repost because the awesomeness is simply too much.
ElizabethObviously wrote 72 months ago:
This is funny! I am in support of gay marriage all the way! And @aldal83 you obviously did NOT read this completely. This post is actually in support of gay marriage. It is saying people who are against it have a silly way of thinking. An out dated way of thinking.
xhereinmyheadx wrote 72 months ago:
I'll never understand why other people (ie, politicians) are so invested in others' sex/personal lives! Like, who cares? Whether someone is into men or women, that's obviously their business. Who am I to judge?

bethc370 wrote 72 months ago:
Love this!
lolcatftw wrote 72 months ago:
@aldal83, on first glance it thought this was hate monger rhetoric too. Then I actually read the first couple of "points" and realized the list is satirical. Number 8 especially scares me. So true.
orchidmother wrote 72 months ago:
A nice jab... But obviously fraught with sarcasm. I have to wonder if all of those thoughts are really in the minds of opponents or do we supply these ideas in order to make a point. I have to admit I am uncomfortable with the idea of gay marriage. I know I am opening myself up to a lot of flames, but I am being honest. But I am also uncomfortable with a lot of things. That does not mean I am totally against them. I do have an open mind. What does not help me as I ponder my own stance is a lot of sarcastic rhetoric that is geared toward making my ambiguity a joke.
Livingbalanced wrote 72 months ago:
Funny stuff.

"The state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation.” - Pierre Elliott Trudeau (former Canadian Prime Minister)
Bmontgomery613 wrote 72 months ago:
Hilarious! I love it. And, I will also say that you don't have to 'support' something to in order to support someone's rights. It's ok if the idea of gay marriage makes you uncomfortable. But, it's NEVER ok to make laws which infringe on the rights of others because we are uncomfortable.
terraskye wrote 72 months ago:
lol I had to reread this because at first I also thought this was not in favor of gay marriage. I am happy to say that I'm glad that those in favor seem to be drowning out the voices of the nay-sayers.

Thank you for blogging this hun:)
mhankosk wrote 72 months ago:
I was about to get up on my soap box when I read the title of the blog but then I started reading it and it made me laugh. I have a lot of gay friends. I have two that have been in a relationship for 10 years! They love eachother! Why shouldn't they be able to get married?!?
Jesstruhan wrote 72 months ago:
ROFL - I was like the other posters and though this was going to be a hate-fest (and I, too, would be on my soap box to defend gay marriage), but it was so funny and satirical! and so true!! I've long though the argument against gay marriage was a farce. People are people. People fall in love. People marry. Who cares if they are the same sex? Unless you are a person of a faith which requires you to marry of the opposite sex (which, this is a free country so !BIG SHOCKER! not all of us are of faith or under such requirement), then what's the big deal letting someone who feels differently have their right to happiness, too?
mgmlap wrote 72 months ago:
Rights are rights...I love number 6..I am infertile..and ended up adopting...I mean there is a place for everyone in our society..and once people realize that..Its funny how those think that people "choose" to be gay..have never met a child who at the age of 5...already was showing signs of being gay. I know a boy..or rather man..who is now 37..but when he was 5..I knew he was gay..It doesnt make him any less different...
But was so funny is that the same people who oppose same sex marriages..would have opposed racial equality if they were back in the 60s...its those right wing mind you..I am a follower of Christ..but I accept everyone..its not my place to say who can get married or not..who can have children or not..I just think everyone deserves a chance at happiness...
liesl78 wrote 72 months ago:
Awesome! I thought it was gay bashing but it's hilarious! I will share this.
sammi402 wrote 72 months ago:
@ orchidmother, not sure why you are "uncomfortable" with gay marriage, and I'm not going to give you a hard time about it. BUT, i do want to ask: in what way does gay marriage affect your life?
I love that list! And I truly hope that one day every adult in this country will be able to marry who they want.
Squidgeypaws007 wrote 72 months ago:
@ Orchid, it's not really sarcasm, it's irony. That is a key point to a satrical skit.
bossladyday wrote 72 months ago:
This is horrible! SMH @ you!
AWME wrote 72 months ago:
Haha. Love it! Glad I read past #1, because I just thought the writer was a nut who actually meant #1.
nursevee wrote 72 months ago:
Brilliant. The problem with laws these days is that they are highly hypocritical. I'm not gay, bisexual or transgender but I support those people's rights 100% because they support mine. A Man that has a sex change to become a woman can then get married to another man (legally) but two men cannot get married? Seems a little off. The bottom line is this: If it doesn't affect you, why is it ANY of YOUR business? Two Lesbians living together can still go through IVF OR adopt so why is their marriage so taboo? I enjoyed this (considering I thought I was going to be faced with the exact opposite). We are willing to make concessions for so many things, adapt our way of living drastically but we still can't accept that two people have the right to love each other and express that union permanently. ..and yet I have to watch 9 months of news on Kim Kardashians 72 day marriage. Oi.
suzyrid wrote 72 months ago:
There is no reason for this to be posted on MFP. Other than to try and show support for what is an unnatural lifestyle and choice. And yes, just as others have a right to their opinion so do I.
bl5246 wrote 72 months ago:
29 states have legally defined marriage as between one man, and one woman. Let freedom ring!
stephiejones wrote 72 months ago:
this is so it...
ariant23 wrote 72 months ago:
Why is it bad, because I don't want my faith-based adoption services to be mandated to adopt children out to gay couples. We believe one man, one woman. And that homosexuality is indeed a mental illness, as it used to be defined by the APA until they gave into political and social pressure in the mid 20th century. Given that, we do not want to place children in a home like that. We also believe that we have the right to tell the women who place their children with us that their children will not grow up in an abomination like that.

Children deserve a mom AND a dad. Circumstances often occur where it does not happen, but no child should be GUARANTEED NOT TO HAVE a mom and a dad.

And yes, you have the right to your opinion, just like i have the right to my beliefs.
ALW65 wrote 72 months ago:
I'm sure many of you have seen this video, but it's worth adding to the discussion. This young man is so articulate and logical. I heard him interviewed on NPR the other day and this speech wasn't just a rehearsed, one time effort. He speaks just as well when being interviewed, is quick thinking, and obvously very bright.
Destiny122012 wrote 72 months ago:
This is a waste of space. Do I PERSONALLY believe in gay marriage NO. But do I have the right push my beliefs on others NO!! This is not a government issue and it's ridiculous to waste time on something that ultimately none of my darn business. I think with our children dying in the streets, homelessness, high jobless rates, veterans unable to find work, fallen soldiers families living on public assistance, kids committing suicide due to bullying we have bigger issues that actually need our attention.

If Bill and Bob are good people who pay their taxes live a responsible life and happen to fall in love oh well get over it that's their business and I personally don't feel we have a vote in the personal affairs of others. It's just ridiculous and why in the hello is this on a weight loss website obesity is killing people we should be focused on the purpose of this website.

Funny how we can get so self righteous but excuse our on short comings this is a weightloss site meant to help people and by the way gluttony (overeating) is a sin that is killing people. As an emotional eater I am more concerned with that than I am whether two women want to spend their lives together that's between them and God!

If we are handling our lives and our business we don't have time to deal with eveyone elses!! Just my 20 cents.
orchidmother wrote 72 months ago:
I am going back to logging my foods and activities. I prefer that to this one sided and judgmental conversation. What I was trying to say (and thought I did so with adequate articulation) was that I am not apt to warm to the idea in the face of rhetoric that constantly puts this in my face and makes me feel as if I have no right to my opinions. I would prefer positive conversation that warms me to acceptance. But maybe you prefer to bang me up side the head to force me to accept? And no, you may not think this affects my life but it does. Lets get back to the matter at hand, ok? Please?
hubkal wrote 72 months ago:
Being LGBT is NOT a choice, there is medical proof that it is the way peopl are born. Just because people have been MADE to be afraid of it, being afraid of something is a CHOICE! open your mind a bit and actually visit and get to know some people who are gay. Infact I am sure you know some, but they never even said they were gay in fear you would not like them anymore.
chelekaz wrote 72 months ago:
I love that you used your PERSONAL blog to post this and that we can post what WE want on OUR blogs. They don't necessarily have to be weight loss related.

I am in favor of marriage of any two people who love each other. In a world that is so filled with hatred why would we, as a country, tell someone that their love is wrong? I am thankful that my husband and I are bringing up our children to think for themselves and to base their feelings on people by the way they treat others and not on who they choose to have relationships with.

My marriage to my husband does not affect the mass population. Why should someone's same-sex marriage have an opposing affect? Yes, everyone has a right to what they believe .... and that 'everyone' includes gays and lesbians.
hubkal wrote 72 months ago:
and my post was in response to those who argue against it like ariant23. Get the facts! any faith based adoption agency would not be FORCED to do anything but follow child protection laws. President Obama and Vice President Biden only gave there support to civil rights of our citizens. It is not a law. Stay out of peoples bedrooms and lives. Many adoption servies have adopted to a married couple and that couple have turned around and beaten that child and on some instances gotten a divorce and left the child with one parent etc. If a child is loved and respected then they will grow up just fine, and not even gay if they are not born that way. There are many documented cases! Do you think gay people do not live together and raise children now? what differece does it make if they have a piece of paper that lets them be on equal footing legaly? Marriage is not a Christian thing only, we are talking about a legal issue.
love22step wrote 72 months ago:
A humorous take on the sad state of human depravity. Laughter is good, but the subject is depressing. I'm convinced the Bible is true, and morality is the best alternative for a fulfilled life. We have God-given free will, so it's up to each of us to decide whether to follow God's will or our own.

We all have our weaknesses and fall short of God's standard, but Jesus offers forgiveness and hope, and the Holy Spirit offers strength and guidance. We can make better decisions and live better lives, but only with God's help. Fortunately, He's happy to receive us, regardless of our past.

Love to all, and may God bless and keep you!
amchavarria wrote 72 months ago:
Funny and totally true. If you have the courage to love and the faith to want to marry someone with pure intentions it does not matter what sex the couple is.
TMLPatrick wrote 72 months ago:
Homophobia is like racism and anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry in that it seeks to dehumanize a large group of people, to deny their humanity, their dignity and personhood. This sets the stage for further repression and violence that spread all too easily to victimize the next minority group. - Coretta Scott King
vltaylor35 wrote 72 months ago:
funny but so sad that in 2012 something like that could be written. something is very wrong in this world if we arent free to marry the one we love.
Cimolestes wrote 72 months ago:
Whatever you define marriage as, it is only justice to treat all paired couples the same way. When I first met my partner, if I died my hard-earned work pension would not go to her, but would be put back into the pension fund and would be given to straight couples. That was iniquitous in the extreme and not fair in any way; as it was my money I should have been able to pass it on. Now we at least have recourse in the UK to equality under the law with Civil Partnerships. I am more concerned with the unfairness that is allowed to prevail than calling it 'marriage' or not, for me it is a bit of a linguistic nicety. Legal equality should be paramount whatever route is taken.
bisbano wrote 72 months ago:
so funny...thanks for sharing
anneerick wrote 72 months ago:
I don't think this is clever nor does it hold any validly. Every controversial subject is filled with hypocrisy. You could easily come up with a list to jusity assisted suicide or prositution as well.

However, ALW65 had an awesome link (tp://, which is a worth while listen. A well spoken young man.

anneerick wrote 72 months ago:
Sorry the link is;
bl5246 wrote 72 months ago:
Way to go Destiny122012! Good job. Just an FYI for you, the reason this is political is because Americans with agendas, people who want to force their beliefs on the rest of country have been somehow ALLOWED to influence the Goverment to give them a voice on the government stage, and force the country to PAY $$$ for gays to have same benefits as married couples. It's a money thing. That's the only reason. So I agree with you. I don't care what people sleep with, as long as I don't have to pay for it, participate in it, have my kids exposed to it, etc. They will stand before the same God that I do and give an account of their life too so it's none of my business, UNTIL they start to force me to pay and play.
lolcatftw wrote 72 months ago:
Turn on the news. May 10, 2012, the first time an American president says that he openly supports gay marriage. How did it take this long? About time.
njrayray wrote 72 months ago:
ariant23..Just wondering...How many kids have you adopted? If you are so worried about kids having a Mom and a many have you and your husband adopted? My partner and I have 3. 3 kids a stright husband and wife could not raise because her husband was abusing them and she let it happen for years. So now everynight, I have to remind these kids that they are loved and safe. So remind me again where their mother and father are and that you think they would be better off with them. Our kids are spoiled rotten now and are living a life they never would have had before.
aippolito1 wrote 72 months ago:
haha i saw this earlier. love it.
lloydrt wrote 72 months ago:
and 40 years ago, it was illegal for people of different races to marry each other

what a hateful, biggotted mean and cruel posting you should put it where it belongs, IN THE TRASH.........
BProudOfU wrote 72 months ago:
AWESOME! Love it!
lloydrt wrote 72 months ago:
Im glad I dont follow your blog, seems you can put it out there and not take a stand for me, some one who doesn't care what people do with their private lives, this is probaly one of the most ignorant pieces of trash I have read in a while....

I noticed your not on my friends list, and thats fine ,I wouldn't want to associate with narrow minded, biggoted cruel people , much less blog with them.........shame on you for disrciminating against gay would you like to hear cruel , mean spirited fat jokes, you know, the cruel mean ones kids tell at school........How would you like to be made fun of because of your fat?
terraskye wrote 72 months ago:
@lloydrt did you even read it in its entirety? This was sarcasm against people that DO discrimate against gay people not vise versa .
shellyhef1 wrote 72 months ago:
I find it amusing that obama waited until re-election time to bring up his support on gay marriage. He has had four years to get this handled! Sounds like he is looking for more votes if you ask me, and i and not even against gay marriage!
Disneymale5000 wrote 72 months ago:
I wish people would actually READ the blogs they click on. As for my opinion, I believe and follow the bible. Verses in the bible can be made to seem like they say anything anyone wants when taken out of context. All I am saying is that no matter what anyone thinks, how anyone feels, or what anyone does, God knows what He meant in the bible and it will all be sorted out in the end. But not everyone can be right.
anthemforagirl wrote 72 months ago:
You know, because all hell broke loose when interracial couples were allowed to marry. (rolls eyes).

Love is universal.
Religion is individualistic.

You can't base rationality on something not everyone believes in.

And if gay marriage ruins the "sanctity" of marriage - so does remarrying eight times.
tsavisky wrote 72 months ago:
ariant23 shame on you!
terraskye wrote 72 months ago:
@DLJ1960 hate much?

And what would you say to your child if they came and told you they were gay?

I'd still love mine unconditionally. can you say the same?
BenisaMartim4 wrote 72 months ago:
What does any of this have to do with our fitness and weight loss? This was just a stunt to start an argument. Y'all can type your arguments until your fingers fall off and you're not going to change each other's minds. So why waste your time. Why don't you leave the political stuff to your Facebook or personal blog spot. This is not the time nor place for it. Thank you.
Coyla wrote 72 months ago:
When I went to Egypt and visited a mosque, I was required to remove my shoes so as not to defile the sacredness of the mosque. Marriage should be no different. You should adhere to certain rules and ideas (fidelity, communication, selflessness, loyalty), before given the privilege of marriage.

My issue with gay marriage is that it subsists on the idea that marriage is a right rather than a privilege. It's a sacred institution that we shouldn't trample all over with our muddy shoes because we just really want to. I'm not stupid. I know heterosexuals have made a mess of marriage, but pushing for gay marriage only opens the doors even wider.

Otherwise, I'm for civil unions across the board for everyone as far as the government is concerned.
lloydrt wrote 72 months ago:
wow, such hateful cruel people here with their so called religious ideas.......glad you dont teach my kids in school, such hatred and cruelty......go spew your hatred some where else, sick cruel really need to go to church and learn what love is, .......such a nasty group
lururu wrote 72 months ago:
The greatest thing in life is to love and be loved in return x
thewomaniknowinside wrote 72 months ago:
I am bisexual. My 13 year old daughter is bisexual. With that being said if my daughter were to fall in love with a woman or a man it wouldn't matter. As long as they treated her right, accepted her for her and never took her for granted, I wouldn't care if she married a flying purple people eater. I have been with my husband for 15 years but even if I had been with a woman instead for that long it would have taught my kids the value of a trustful and faithful marriage. I love that you posted this.
thewomaniknowinside wrote 72 months ago:
To the mental illness comment : What if prejudiced is a mental illness? And for those who use religion to state that marriage is between one man and one woman, you might want to re-read your bible since in many instances marriage was between one man and several women, but that isn't unnatural? We live in America and guess what the United States was built on..FREEDOM.
ElizabethObviously wrote 72 months ago:
Epilepsy was once thought to be a person possessed by demons. Also Tourette's. So to say being gay or bisexual or transgander is having the same thinking along the lines of people who thought like that.

As for marriage being sacred and how we should follow the Bible...who is to say that YOUR religion is MY religion? who is to say YOUR religion is the correct religion except YOU? There are so many things in the Bible that are so very outdated that no one seems to remember. People think they can pick and choose what suits them. Well if you want to say being gay is wrong, then get things right. If you work on Sundays, you should be stoned to death. Men should be able to beat women as long as the stick is smaller than his thumb. If you eat meat on Fridays, you should be put to death. And heck by all means, if you are a talkative Jew who doesn't follow your religion, let's beat the crap out of him and hang him up to die.

TIMES CHANGE PEOPLE! You can not control everyone because of what YOU believe. Because guess what, YOU are not the center of the world. Get over it!
DLJ1960 wrote 72 months ago:
dorkboi wrote 72 months ago:
So many things I could say here....My wife and I will be married one year on June 18. There are currently only 5 states that fully recognize our union. We do not live in one of them. Her company does not allow health benefits for myself or our children. I say ours because she has been an integral part of their live and is active in parenthood along side with me. I am a stay home parent. I'm not "unemployed" as so many like to say. My wife and I had many long discussions about it when we decided to blend our homes and after much convincing, I agreed that after working myself nearly to death as a single parent, my kids deserved to have me home. I grocery shop, do laundry, clean the house and drive a "soccer mom van". I volunteer at the kids' schools and I am able to attend field trips with them. I also volunteer for a local organization answering phones in their office one day a week. Pretty mundane, everyday stuff that many of you do I'm sure. If something were to happen to me, my wife would not be guaranteed custody of my children unless we have legal documents written up and even then, my family could contest it. She may not be allowed into an emergency room or hospital room to see me. She would have no access to my medical records. If something were to happen to her, my children and I could lose our home. We could lose our vehicle. We could be kept away from her funeral services. All because the government sees us as "roommates" and not "spouse". We would have no claim to each other whatsoever. So please, before you express anger, ignorance and intolerance for my life, consider how you would feel if these things applied to you. I did not ask to be this way, I did not choose to be this way. As a matter of fact, my life was much more chaotic and "sinful" as some may say, before I became comfortable with who I am and decided to be true to who I am. Sorry for the long ramble. Just hope to open some eyes to a different perspective.
jesmendi wrote 72 months ago:
I've been married for a year and a half to my best friend and the love of my life. I dreamed about marrying my husband for several years before we got married. It was all I could think about. I wanted nothing more than to be his wife and now that we're married, nothing gives me more pride than to say that I'm his wife. I find it absolutely heartbreaking that anyone would have that taken away from them just because society didn't like their relationship. I am a Christian and my husband is an Atheist. We were married in the church. What if someone had told me that I could not marry him because we did not agree about God? I would have been absolutely devastated.
The fact that this is even an argument frustrates me. We are all God's children and He loves each and every one of us just the same no matter who we are or what we do. To think that people would actually think that God would not recognize love frustrates me. God is love. How could he not recognize love --- in any form it may take?
I think, as Christians, we should uphold love in all its forms. For what are we without love? Nothing.
juliep1974 wrote 72 months ago:
I love it - I think that is the best post I've read in my 5 months on this site. Thanks for sharing!
LadyBeryl wrote 72 months ago:
Nothing bugs me more than fornicating straight people who can LEGALLY marry pointing fingers at gay folks who cannot.

As a Christian (the kind that follows CHRIST), I believe in marriage as a prerequisite to a sexual relationship. If you are straight, you should marry someone of the opposite sex. If you are gay, you should probably marry someone of the same sex. Living a lie is not good for you, your spouse, or your children.

To all of the so-called Christian fornicators out there who oppose gay marriage: DEAL WITH THAT!!!
NikkieSam wrote 72 months ago:
Thanks for sharing. Real food for thought. If you are a true Christian, you believe that we are all God's children, gay or straight, and in his eye's we are the same. May we all share the same joys of happiness. It is time that we vote these old hateful politicians out of office and move forward in the 21st century and not backward to the horse and buggy.
Wildheart_Baby wrote 72 months ago:
I think we should here what Jesus had to say on the subject of same sex people getting married

" "

There you go, he had nothing at all to say about it

At one point, inter racial marriage wasn't allowed, yet if someone suggested that now they'd be thought of as rather backwards.

For my money, same sex marriages are required, so that those couples have the same rights to pensions and other benefits as opposite sex marriages, there is also no sanctity being undermined by same sex marriage, or you'd be asking questions of Katie Price or Rush Limbaugh's multiple marriages.

Hopefully people will come to realise that the only thing that changes about society, in the words of Chris Rock is that it becomes a little less crazy.

Lets also stop calling it gay marriage, since you don't gay drive, a gay car, to the gay restaurant and eat a gay meal off a gay plate.
AlexanderK1994 wrote 72 months ago:
This is so accurate...
I hope some day people will change their minds about this sort of stuff. I'd love to see same-sex marriages legal all around the world when I'm still alive... (So that I don't have to go all the way to New York or somewhere to rightfully marry my girlfriend.)
kokaneesailor wrote 72 months ago:
I'm thankful I have a Mom and Dad.
xxatreyubluexx wrote 72 months ago:
This is disgusting. You don't write things like this. You do NOT chose your own sexuality. I'm a proud and happy bisexual. Marriage is for those in love, not for being just between that of a man and a woman. Your "God" made us the way we are. In another theory by Socrates, we were all born as bisexuals. Teaching humans to fear homosexuals is wrong. Every is humane. Compared to a straight man or woman having marriages that are only a few hours long and having twelve of them is horrible- we only ask for one marriage to a person we actually love, and we can't even receive that. Instead we receive civil unions and domestic partnerships. That doesn't make us feel human as if we all have the same civil rights, it makes us feel like animals. Being "gay" is natural.
LuckyLeprechaun wrote 72 months ago:
1. I'm glad you liked my blog post enough to re-blog it.
2. Your readers (Don't know if I can accurately call them that, since they clearly didn't READ the list) have made some horrifyingly awful comments here.
3. FYI, if you were so inclined, you can remove comments you do not wish to display. Just hover your mouse over each one and use the "delete" button as needed.

Hope that helps.
jackisuzu wrote 72 months ago:
I am gay. I was married to a man for 16 years and have 2 beautiful daughters ages 15 & 11. I am now enganged to the most amazing PERSON who happens to be a woman and we will be getting married next year. I am thankful to be able to marry her legally in the state of Mass. My girls are very excited to be a part of the wedding and absolutely my fiancee and her son!! Thank you for posting this. I know not all people believe in gay marriage and I completely respect that. It is the same as 40 years ago when inter racial marriages were against the bible and thats why God seperated the races. All nonsense. I was brought up Christian and have my pown personal relationship with God. My love and happiness cannot be evil. We will also be getting married in church and I am so excited to be able to share that experience with friends and family. Thank you to all those who may not agree with gay marriage but support my right to marry based on love and happiness not gender!!

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