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Weight loss incentives for an entire self-overhaul.

Last night, after day 2 of the 30 Day Shred, I flopped down with a permanent marker and some post-its and wrote down my incentives for losing weight. I decided against treats or toys, (or dog biscuits, apparently) and decided to stick with incentives that would help to change my appearance while also changing my weight.

Hey, if I am going to be turning back the clock on my thunder thighs, I can go back to high school with other things as well!

1. 170 lbs- Dye hair purple. I have colored my hair almost every shade under the sun, except purple. My journey started with green hair in the 8th grade. My friend Rebekah dyed my hair with blue Kool-Aid, promised it would be a striking cerulean color, and might last a couple of days. Well, folks, it turned green. And it lasted for four months.

2. 160 lbs- Buy new makeup. If my hair is going to go from natural strawberry blonde to purple and whatever other color strikes my fancy in the next couple of months, I am going to have to have some wicked eyeliner and eyeshadow to go with it. Plus, hey, new makeup!

3. 150 lbs- Whiten teeth. This is a big thing for me. I don't think my teeth are BAD- in fact, I was just at a comestic dentist reshaping my front teeth and he didn't mention the color. I would, however, like for them to glow in the dark when I'm under a black light, or be able to model for a Crest commercial. 

4.140 lbs-  A surprise! I left this one up to my significant other. 

5. 130 lbs- Re-pierce belly button. I got this done when I was fifteen and weighed about 115 lbs. I took it out when I got pregnant, and besides, no one wanted to see my belly anyhow. I'm going to get it flatter and I'm going to get something sparkly, and I don't care who sees my stretch marks, because I'm going to the beach!

6. 120 lbs- Get inked. This is probably the most important one to me, and will be crazy expensive. I have been wanting to get a watercolor tattoo for quite some time. I always wanted to get a tree on my back with two little green birds for both of my deceased grandmothers. Now that I have my daughter, I want to add a little girl in pigtails swinging under its branches.

I'm just figuring that along with being thin, I can modify myself in other ways to boost my confidence and improve my appearance. Too bad there is nothing I am going to be able to do about my weird toes, though. Unless there is some weird Japanese procedure out there I haven't found out about yet.

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haeffel2 wrote 69 months ago:
I love this! I might do one myself! Thanks for being an inspiration:]
Shrinking_Moody wrote 69 months ago:
Love you tatt idea - it sounds beautiful!
STYOUNG1 wrote 69 months ago:
I like that idea, huh that is a great idea!!! good luck!
SmallMimi wrote 69 months ago:
Don't know if you are just braver than me or just alittle more crazy. Great rewards for reaching your goals.
Enduranze3 wrote 69 months ago:
Definitely inspiring! Your list is amazing!!
thrld wrote 69 months ago:
Keep on going! Once you get past day 4, it gets a lot easier. And if you haven't taken measurements -- do so now! Because it's not just pounds you'll lose -- you are going to get smaller everywhere! And check out for toe devices.
CarBeanQueen1 wrote 69 months ago:
I love it!!! I'm making my list tonight! Good luck.
johicks wrote 69 months ago:
I find other things besides the number on my scale to reward myself... trying new foods. Accomplishing so many circuit trainings in a month. Also include into those goals things that will help you get to those scale victories... the HOW to get there!! :~D GOOD FOR YOU!!
wurgin wrote 69 months ago:
hey i had a #1 experience almost exactly like that :)
fluffymcfluffster wrote 69 months ago:
Great list and moreover, great idea! I like this so much more as I am not motivated by new clothes or a pedicure or a trip I can't afford. I like the manageable - but big - rewards you list. We all have a hair dye gone wrong story and I know that all these will turn out much better!
MrsFolk wrote 69 months ago:
Great way to stay motivated! Good luck to you!
queenofgrey wrote 69 months ago:
these are all seriously awesome incentives.
sarahkatara wrote 69 months ago:
this is fantastic! i love the "surprise" one. That's something to look forward too, for sure! I have my goals in my mind but writing them down is proven to make it more probable that you will acheieve them. You are awesome!

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