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60 lbs in 60 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!

Did I get your attention? Good. Most of you who clicked on that are just the folks I'd like to talk to. happy

First, a couple of fundamentals. MFP is different than most counters/plans. It creates a built in deficit, based on your chosen loss per week goal, regardless of exercise. It adds cals back in when you log exercise to keep that deficit stable, therefore keeping your weight loss stable. Whether you eat those cals or not, you still have a deficit that allows for your chosen loss per week goal. But if you don't eat them, that deficit is larger than you signed up for. That is usually unhealthy and unsustainable.

For most people who are obese or morbidly obese, starvation mode (burning muscle rather than fat) is NOT an immediate danger. Someone with a lot to lose has much more leeway with their deficit than someone near a healthy BMI. So from that standpoint it is not as critical that they replace all of the exercise cals, or even some of them.

However, there are some other issues to think about. First, you still risk adaptive thermogenesis – slowing your metabolism. This is the exact opposite of what you want happening.

Second is that if you don't replace any of those cals, you risk encountering the problems that most people on crash diets do - deprivation, bingeing, quitting, and weight regain. Cutting cals to the bare minimum is not good for you psychologically. If it was, we could all just eat as little as possible and lose as much weight as we wanted and never gain it back. But that's not how most people work - and is why all of the diet gimmicks don't work. If crash diets and deprivation worked, the diet product/plan companies would have been out of business long ago. They make money by preying on your desire to get immediate results – and by KNOWING YOU WILL FAIL using those methods, so you’ll be back when you regain the weight, even more desperate for a solution and willing to shell out even more money.

Fuel yourself (and your workouts) properly. If you can eat more, enjoy healthy food and not feel deprived.... why wouldn't you? There are no medals for martyrdom here.

Finally, there is a reason experts recommend that people (especially if not under the care of a doctor/dietitian) should not lose more than 2-3 lbs per week. Even if you have a lot to lose, lose quickly and aren't risking starvation mode - you're risking a LOT of other things.

Rapid weight loss carries many risks, including but not limited to: gallstones, arrhythmias, diabetes, hair/skin issues, menstruation issues, excess loose skin, liver/kidney issues, fatigue and depression, and weight regain. People who lose the weight slowly and learn healthy eating habits (which includes eating enough) are MUCH more likely to keep the weight off.

Yes, we'd all love to wake up tomorrow in the bodies we want. But trying to beat your body into submission will backfire at some point. You have to make the decisions in how to approach your weight loss -- make them informed decisions and consider all aspects of your health.

Slow and steady wins the race. Be the tortoise, not the hare. flowerforyou

*Disclaimer – These are my opinions, based on my own research here on MFP and the knowledge I’ve gleaned from my nutritional education, and research in scientific literature. I’m not an expert, but I believe I’ve learned a lot from those who are.

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kimcat73 wrote 79 months ago:
Well said, as always! Listen to this woman, she knows what she's talking about! Love ya!
Vegasboricua702 wrote 79 months ago:
Goodness! Awesome article! Keep it up! Every word is true.
goodforeyou wrote 79 months ago:
Very good info you've shared here!
SusieB01 wrote 79 months ago:
In general what you said is exactly true. I have a thyroid problem and quite a few other health problems, so I'm losing about the same weight with slightly fewer than the recommended calories. I don't want to lose too fast, though. Losing muscle can be a big problem for someone like me who is continually losing.
cbhagen wrote 79 months ago:
Well said. I am the tortoise. ;)
Charice wrote 79 months ago:
Great article! What you said here is the exact reason I started MFP, and why I know this time will be different. I also think you inspired a new personal theme song: "I Am the Tortoise, kookookachoo" (Sung to The Beatles' "I Am the Walrus.") Awesome post, thanks!!
Tandksmommy11 wrote 79 months ago:
Weight loss can cause gallstones? I've had sludge in my GB for a long time, and I've recently been having more pain. I wonder if its attributed to my loss?
jocelynlewis wrote 79 months ago:
Very well put!!
lauriallen wrote 79 months ago:
I just read your article and I fall into that category, but not by choice (that I am aware, and that is the truth). I started on this diet and said I was giving up pop, chips, cookies, cake etc cause I don't need those things, and started focusing on fish n' feathers (poultry), and much healthier eating, veggies fruit etc. I lost 8 lbs the first week, 4.5 the second and 9 the third. I knew this is way too much too soon, and am so worried that it just happened too fast. I worry every night now that it's just going to come back or that the scale was wrong somehow and when I get back on it I'll be back to where I started from. I am doing my best to eat as much as I can but come to a point where I'm just too full and cannot eat another thing without feeling like I'm going to burst. I am looking into replacing some of my water with OJ or milk but I just don't know what else to do. After reading your blog, I understand now why my cycle hasn't showed up this mth (TMI for most readers sorry). How do I go slow and steady, I don't want to fail trust me I just don't.
Thank you so much for the blog it really hit home and has made me think of how I can rethink my meals and workouts. So that's my goal for the next 3 weeks.
reepobob wrote 79 months ago:
You are so dead on, here. I eat back virtually ALL of my exercise calories and have been averaging 1.7 pounds per week of loss since 11/10/2010. I would fail miserably on this journey if I starved myself. Great post!
ladyhawk00 wrote 79 months ago:
@TandKsmommy - yes, weight loss (especially if it's rapid) can cause gallstones or make gallbladder inflammation worse. If you're having more problems, I would go see your doctor to get checked.
jessiandrerob719 wrote 79 months ago:
thanks for the modivation! im definatly the turtle but as long as i not hungry or making myself sick plus still losing happy!~
ladyhawk00 wrote 79 months ago:
@lauriallen - You don't have to increase volume a lot to increase cals (to provide enough fuel.) Increasing healthy fats is a good way - use natural oils in cooking (olive/canola), use nuts more, include avocados. Also, a fruit smoothie or milk is a good way to add more cals as it's sometimes easier to drink more when you aren't that hungry. Just increase cals by 50 each meal/snack and it adds up quick. It usually takes just a few days or a week to adjust to the increased intake. Finally, if you have a lot to lose, I wouldn't worry TOO much about the first couple of weeks - that is usually mostly water weight. But I would try to make sure your NET cals are over 1200 (net is on your homepage).
KMCorazon wrote 79 months ago:
I just had a light bulb moment reading what you wrote. I joined a group at work and the first week, I lost 4 lbs. As a result, of course, I felt great. I had quite a few days where I didn't meet my calorie limit, earned extra calories, but didn't eat extra. Today, my group had our weekly weigh-in and I gained a pound. Needless to say, that was a bummer, but I believe I know where that pound came from and I am even more determined to work with this program and MFP to get to where I want to be. As long as I have this and people like you with good sound advice, I believe that I will be OK! Thanks a bunch!!
kiwi_dee wrote 79 months ago:
Thank you! This is a great post :)
ladyhawk00 wrote 79 months ago:
Thank you all - glad you liked it! ;)
SunLovin1 wrote 79 months ago:
Really well done. And thank you for taking the time to blog about it. Metabolisms are not something you want to take lightly.
celticcat63 wrote 79 months ago:
Like so many others have said you are spot on! My weight loss journey began in January 2011 with a medically monitored weight loss program. I have lost 37.8#'s with only a few weeks consisting of "big" losses. I try to keep right on with my calories. According to the tests I have maintained most of my muscle mass. Even with trying to do this sensibly I had to have my gall bladder removed in Feb.

Thanks for the wonderful and well documented post.
jwells70 wrote 79 months ago:
Makes alot of sense and makes me feel better about the " I only lost 2lbs this week" feeling! I will not get discouraged or give up!
MobiusMan wrote 79 months ago:
well said sweetie. i wish more people would listen to this kind of thinking and just accept it rather than some of the crazy poop we hear on this site
tiger87lilly wrote 79 months ago:
Excellent advice....I'm going to copy and past on my page if you don't mind????
ladyhawk00 wrote 79 months ago:
@tiger Go right ahead ;) The more who read it, the better! lol
KatRDH94 wrote 79 months ago:
Thank you for this wonderfully informative topic and blog. Always good to have a reminder of what is healthy and what isn't. Thanks again!!!!:o)
Lyoncub wrote 79 months ago:
You definitely got my attention with the 60 pounds in 60 days. What you said was very good. I have been on so many diets that I think my body is totally confused at what to do. I love the good healthy food, all the fruits and veggies, but I'm pretty sure I have gluten issues, which has contributed to some of my problems. You were talking about adding 50 calories to each meal, etc, but I'm not sure what you are really wanting us to do. What actual plan did you follow...example of daily eating would be helpful. I have 150 lbs to lose and I need to do it now. Thanks in advance for your information.
countrygirl_717 wrote 79 months ago:
very well put!
I've noticed that most people aren't eating ENOUGH food it seems, and then can't figure out why they're always hungry, hate working out, and are crabby and irritable all the time. When all they need to do is eat more! And they'll still see the weight come off. Probably more than if they had ate less actually!
Thanks for the post, I hope people take heed!
ladyhawk00 wrote 79 months ago:
@Lyon I was talking about someone who has trouble eating enough to meet their daily cal goals. I don't especially follow a "plan" (other than MFP's calculations). If you'd like to add me as a friend, you're welcome to look through my diary for ideas. ;)

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