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Day 1: Biometric Screening

Thanks to a carrot/stick combination at work this year, I'm in the middle of a live healthy overhaul.  Basically, we can complete the requirements and get a small monetary reward at the end of the year (carrot) or you can not complete the requirements and next year you pay an insurance premium surcharge (stick).  So, I will play along despite feeling like most of what is expected does not actually help. 

There was the 60 Day Challenge where you didn't actually have to change your behaviors, just report on them... There are webinars, some good, some bad... There is smoking cessation, weight loss, etc... But today...

Today was biometric screening.  Basically it's a day where they preach "knowing your numbers".  Gotcha. I was pretty sure i knew mine, but man was I off.

Happily, I've lost 7 lbs since the last time I was on a scale (wayyyyy back in September).  But from there, things got a bit dicey.

BMI - I'm on the edge between overweight and obese.  Yep.  I wear a size 14 pant... and I'm borderline obese.  I did not cry.  So at least I can hold on to that.  BMI... 30. Oh lord... it's out there.

Total Cholesterol - I'm "mildly high" at 218. Less than 200 is the goal there.

LDL "Bad" Cholesterol - Borderline High at 152.  Supposed to be under 100 here.  That is no bueno. 

HDL "Good" Cholesterol - Sad trombone again. Low at 45.  Considered a risk for heart disease.  

So... the plan of action is to come here everyday.  If I miss one, I will not punish myself.  I will be honest and open and anyone is free to swing by and be judgy... or supportive (which is strongly preferred). 

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Dstars27 wrote 59 months ago:
I'll be supportive AND judgy ;-)
laceyjoe wrote 59 months ago:
Yes, yes you will...

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