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TapouT XT and Less Mills Pump - W3D4 DONE

So, last night I did a TapouT XT session for cardio (instead of LMP yoga) and attached the scheduled LMP Hard Core Abs at the end of my workout. I have to say - TapouT XT is no joke...I thought it would be easy coming from Insanity, but I was so wrong. It kicks my butt every time.

I can't believe I am almost done month 1 of LMP - how crazy is that? I am totally looking forward to entering month 2 and trying some new/longer workouts. I hear they are monsters - more reps, more time, more fun :0) I think I may actually toss in a couple of the harder workouts next week just to speed up the process a bit :0) I will also toss in an extra TapouT session here and there just so I can get some extra cardio as well - woot woot!! 

 In addition to those two workouts last night, I also went for a long doggie walk, which was very relaxing. The one thing I am not happy about though is that I ate way too much My guy makes this awesome Avocado Salsa (I'll attach the recipe at the end of this blog), and I totally pigged out on it with whole wheat chips - ugh. I couldn't help it - it's my downfall - I have never tasted anything so gooood in my

With all that said, I woke up this morning feeling 10 pounds heavier...booo. Guess this means I have to work extra hard tonight and get back on track. 7 weeks to Cuba baby, gotta drop another 7 pounds min - lol.

Anyway, that's all I've got for today...gotta get back to work before I fall behind. I do highly suggest though that EVERYONE try this Avocado Salsa - it truly is the best thing


  • 1 (16 ounce) package frozen corn kernels, thawed
  • 2 (2.25 ounce) cans sliced ripe olives, drained
  • 1 red bell pepper, chopped
  • 1 small onion, chopped
  • 5 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1/3 cup olive oil
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice
  • 3 tablespoons cider vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon dried oregano
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 4 avocados - peeled, pitted and diced
  1. In a large bowl, mix corn, olives, red bell pepper and onion.
  2. In a small bowl, mix garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, cider vinegar, oregano, salt and pepper. Pour into the corn mixture and toss to coat. Cover and chill in the refrigerator 8 hours, or overnight.
  3. Stir avocados into the mixture before serving.

81 calories per serving and 6.5 grams of fat. Makes 4 cups and serves 32 :0)

Les Mills Pump W3D3 Done

SO, last night was another pump and burn session and it was awesome!! I really focused on form last night, which made my muscles burn 100x's more than usual. I also upped the weight on my arms and lowered the weight on my legs, but went extra deep. By the end of the 30 minute session my arms were shaking like crazy. Could hardly pour myself a glass of

For anyone starting Les Mills Pump, I would have to say that month one is the perfect opportunity to learn good form. Since the workouts are shorter it might not seem like a challenge at first. BUT, I promise you that if you have great technique and play around with the weights, you will definitely feel it :0) Also, when doing squats and chest presses, it makes a huge difference if you always stay within tension...meaning don't  come all the way up keep your knees and arms bent a bit at the top and you will feel it SO much more. I actually had to stop the DVD for the first time during the chest routine, granted I did up the weights, but was a fantastic feeling!!

Tonight I am supposed to do Flow, which is LMPs yoga session, but I think I am going to do a TapouT XT session instead. The goal is to lose another 7 pounds before I go to Cuba in 7 weeks - fingers crossed it happens.

Although I'm not going to reach my ultimate go I set for myself 107 days ago, I am still happy with my progress. At least I look better than when I I just hope there's a gym at the resort - I don't want to go 2 weeks without exercising. I wish I could take LMP with me, but that's not going to work...booo!!

Anyway, here's to another day of getting fit and looking hot - push hard rockstars... you're awesomelicious :0) 


Insanity - Before and After Pics.

Well, here are my before and after pics with Insanity. Personally, I can't see a difference, but that's OK I guess. At least I broke the 85 day plateau I was on - woot woot :0)

Now that Insanity is officially done, Ive been focusing my full attention/efforts on Les Mills Pump. I love this workout - whenever I finish a session I get happy, it's almost like it's somekind of high. I'm smiling, I feel great, my body feels refreshed, my mind becomes clear...can't say that every happened with Shaun T.

The instructors with LMP are simply amazing and very inspirational. They women have the most incredible bodies - that alone keeps me motivated. The ab routines are fun, but BURN, which I love...I always feel it the next day when I'm sitting!!! The weight lifting sections are fantastic and the music is SO much fun. I honestly can't say enough about this program. The only thing I wish is that I could burn as many calories with LMP that I did with

I think I'm going to have to buy more weights though so I can get the best workout I possible can. In the package you get 5 pounds and 10 pounds, which work well for a lot of the movements, but in some cases I need something in between.

Looking forward to another session tonight :0) I'm doing another round of Body pump (I think that's what its called). It's a 30 minute session focusing on all the main areas. In 2 weeks I get to start a brand new, more intense routine - YEAH BABY!!! I might start doubling up, too...doing body pump with body challenge just to give me a little extra something Photobucket Photobucket

Have a great day everyone...keep rocking the way you do :0)

Insanity ONLY 3 days left!!!! Plus, early comparison of Insanity and TapouT XT

1040 calories burned last night - YEAH BABY!!! The mix of Insanity and Les Mills Pump (LMP) has been amazing. I feel so much better - as in...happier!! I think the weight training has a lot to do with it. Although Insanity has been a wonderful program, I think LMP and TapouT XT are more my speed...or as some would soul mate workouts.

Since last nights LMP session was only 20 minutes, I decided to up the weights to 30 pounds on the squats (which felt amazing), 20 pounds for chest, 10 pounds for triceps, 10 pounds for lounges, and I can't remember the rest. It's funny how the weight has to change depending on the exercise. I can honestly say though that I was FEELING the burn last night. My shoulders and back are tight today, but I love that.

As for tonight, I have cardio recovery with Insanity and flow for LMP. Flow is basically yoga and stretching, so I think I might actually do the scheduled Plyo session for TapouT XT to burn more calories :0) I'm very curious to see how different Tapouts Plyo is compared to Insanity.

So far I have noticed no similarity between Insanity and Tapout. I mean, they're both intense programs that make you sweat, but that's where the similarities stop. Tapout doesn't leave you on the floor sick to your stomach wanting to die, but that doesn't mean you're not working as hard. After a session of TapouT you feel refreshed and strong. It's a lot of push-ups and floor work, but I love the strength training aspect of it. You also get your heart rate up for a great calorie burn. I personally enjoy it better than jumping up and down for 60 minutes.

Mike the Instructor is also a great motivator. He corrects peoples form, so you know how to do the exercise properly, he introduces his crew and shows before and after pics to really get you motivated, plus he stresses that they've been through this 90 day program, so don't compare your energy to theirs. Not to mention...he's funny and of course...cute to look at.

The warm-up for Tapout is short, to the point, and makes you feel good. With Insanity I could barely get through the warm-ups sometimes. I also love the fact that the moves aren't repeated three times over. Although he does repeat moves once in a while, he mixes it up by adding more movements to that one exercise, which makes it more fun and extra challenging.  

Once I get further into the program I will be able to give you more comparisons, but for now...I hope that helps :0)

Have a great day everyone - keep smiling and rockin like the rockstars you are :0)

Insanity AND Tapout XT last night - what was I thinking??

Well, last night I did something crazy – I did both Insanity and Tapout lol I couldn’t help myself, I was excited to see what TapouT XT was like. Thankfully, the first session called Combat Cardio was mostly floor work and not so high on the cardio (PHEW), although it was A LOT of push-ups, which were super hard to do.

Very different moves from Insanity – the push-up/plank moves completely different, there were a lot of “superman” moves (those were fun), explosive moves, kicking, etc. The worst was the grinder – you have to do 10 wide pushups, 10 in-and-outs, 10 narrow push-ups, then you go to 9 wide, 9 in-and-outs, 9 narrow until you work your way down to 0. Yep, needless to say I gave up on those…lol.

Honestly, besides the grinder, the first session wasn’t so bad. Unlike Insanity, I didn’t feel like I wanted to die during or after the workout. It did get my heart rate up and I was sweating like a crazy person, but it was refreshing somehow. One thing you will want to get is a large mat to lay on or a towel since there’s a lot of floor work.  

I didn’t do Les Mills Pump (LMP) last night because it was my scheduled “walk day” where you’re supposed to either walk fast for 45 minutes or do some kind of cardio that gets your heart rate up. I think tonight I will do Insanity and LMP tonight, since I love lifting weights.  

Only four more days to go and Insanity is DONE!!! I’m getting so excited to say by to Shaun T…lol…for now, I’m sure I will go back to him in a couple of months once I’m done these other programs.

Have fun my friendsters, keep smiling and pushing hard :0)

Insanity - 5 more days left!!! WOOT WOOT

So, I was getting ALL ready to celebrate last night thinking I would NEVER have to do Max Plyo again, but i was wrong...booooo lol. Looks like I'm going out with a bang :0) Can't believe I only have a few days left of Insanity and then I am DONE baby!!! woot woot!!

I wish I could say that after all this time plyo got easier, but it didn' well...I still managed to get my LMP in last night, which felt great. Since LMP was only 30 minutes with no cardio, it was a great addition to last nights workout.

A lot of people have asked about LMP while others have asked for a comparison of Tapout XT to Insanity and P90X, so once I get a more involved in these programs, I will do a complete run down of all the differences and similarities. Hopefully, it will help others decide which program is best for them.

In the meantime, I'm going to cut back on blogging every day as work is getting CRAZY with all our university students returning. I will, however, commit to blogging once a week about the new programs - hopefully that's a good compromise :0)

Keep pushing friendsters - you're looking HOT!!




Last week of Inansity - combining with Les Mills Pump

Well, it's finally last week of Insanity - PHEW!!! I can't believe I made it this far. To be honest, there were days when I felt like I wanted to die doing some of the sessions. I actually held out hope that I could make it through the program without Shaun T. making me sick, but that didn't Overall though, I'm thrilled to say that I bet the insanity :0)

Despite having a busy weekend and still battling this stupid flu, I still managed to get my workouts in. I even paired it up with Les Mills Pump again. I have to say that since doing LMP and Insanity, I've managed to drop another pound, which I am beyond happy with. I also see a lot more definition in my arms and can feel my abs getting stronger. Although Insanity has been a fun ride, I'm looking forward to going all out with LMP. I love the fact that it makes me sore afterwards - that way I know it's working. With Insanity, I never felt tight or sore after a workout, so I often wondered if I was pushing myself hard enough. On the flip side, I love the calories burned with Insanity compared to LMP. With Insanity its around a 700-800 cal burn, with LMP its around 250.

I should also be getting my Tapout XT DVDs today in the mail, cant wait to try it out. Unfortunately, that will have to wait until next week - there's no way that I can do Insanity, LMP AND Tapout all in one

Not sure what's on the schedule tonight, but I do know it's going to be fun/hard...just the way I like it :0) woot woot!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend filled with trouble (of the good kind)!!



Week 7 Insanity - Need Your Help BIG TIME!!!

Hi Friendsters, I need YOUR help BIG TIME!! We're trying to get our little pooch Dakota in a Fido Ad, which requires a lot of people to vote for him. Can you PLEASE follow the link provided and vote for our baby - I would FOREVER be grateful :0)

On the Insanity front, another day done and feeling better. After having those sick days last week, I felt like I was back at square one on Monday. It was super hard getting through the sessions, but as the week went on...I got better. In fact, last night I even decided to add another round of Les Mills Pump. It wasn't hard to do though considering last night was LMP yoga, which felt great. Normally I hate yoga, but this session was fantastic - 20 minutes of stretching in weird position, but really feeling it in my legs and back. I actually slept like a dead person last night, which was awesome. Here's hoping I can do both again tonight - woot woot.

Oh, and I got on the scale this morning and managed to go down another pound - YAY - it's about!! Here's to pushing play and going hard :0)


Week 7 of Insanity and tried LMP just for fun!!

Well, another day closer to ending Insanity - woot woot!! Unfortunately, my HRM screwed up last night so I couldn't track the calories burned durning Insanity, but I did get it working again for my first Les Mills Pump session. Yep, that's right...I decided to do the first 20 minute routine last night and all I can say is...yeah baby...this is going to be FUN!!

I totally love the idea of doing weights right now, but not liking the amount of calories I burn. I'm used to burning close to (if not) a thousand calories or more. With last nights LMP session I only burned around 150 cals in 20 minutes. However, I know muscle helps burn fat more quickly, so in the end I guess it pays off.

I loved the routine - short and sweet. I did 20 pounds to start on the squats then I did 10 for the arms, shoulders, and back. The kit came with a barbell, 10 pound weights and 5 pound weights. I think tonight (if I do it again) I will try upping the weights for the leg routines. I want to be sore the next day, so I KNOW that it's working my muscles :0)

I really hope this program works. Although I loved Insanity, it didn't give me the results I was looking for - still on 3 pounds down and maybe 6 inches in total. It's a good start, but with only 2 months left...I need something that's going to melt the fat away :0)

Here's to being one day closer to a new start!!

Insanity Week 7 - I see the finish line!!

Good morning friendsters, sorry it’s been so long since my last post, but sickness and vacation got in the way of writing – boooo! Unfortunately, it didn’t help that I started to enjoy being lazy again. Thankfully though, my inner self got pissy with my lazy self and kicked its butt off the couch.

So, after a couple of days off I returned to working out last night. It definitely wasn’t easy; in fact I would highly recommend NOT taking a break from Insanity as it makes it THAT MUCH HARDER. Even though I did miss a couple days due to being sick, I decided not to repeat the full week. Instead, I will keep moving forward and complete the program as scheduled. At that point, I will be switching programs and doing Les Mills Pump and/or TapouT XT. I have ordered both programs, so it will be a toss-up as to which one I do. I might try to do Les Mills Pump in the morning and TapouT XT at night, but we’ll see.

Although I had originally said I was going to do P90X, I decided to put that on hold for right now. After doing a lot of reading (on my days off from work) it was brought to my attention that TapouT is basically a great combination of both P90X and Insanity, but with an MMA flare to it. I also heard it’s a lot of fun and the moves are fast. So, unlike Insanity where you do three rounds of each move – these workouts are more like Insanity’s Pure Cardio routines, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! 

They say everyone has a soul-mate workout…I’m hoping to find mine SOON!! Insanity has been great and I love Shaun T, but it’s not a love…it’s more…torture than love…lol.

Keep rocking it my sexy friends…you’re looking GREAT!!
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