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Month 2 Day 1 – Insanity tried to kill me!!

Last night was CRAZY!!! Honestly, what the heck was that???  When people say it’s like starting from scratch they’re not kidding. The workout was only 20 minutes longer, but the moves were much more intense due to a lot of hard combinations, for example – in one section Shaun T has you do 4 plank ski jumps, 4 jack push-ups, 4 in-and-outs, ending with 4 oblique push-ups – yep totally INSANE!  
I was drowning in a pool of sweat by the end of it. In fact, I think I may have overheated last night – I was burning up until the last 10 minutes then within a split second my body started to freeze. For the first time it felt like I had to put clothes ON to complete the workout.  Overall though, I managed to burn 943 calories in 59 minutes with a peak heart rate of 178.

Another aspect I loved about the Max Interval Circuit routine was watching the people in the video. These are people who are fitness instructors and athletes who have completed at least one round of Insanity and yet they were still struggling. Some looked like they wanted to die while others kept taking unscheduled breaks every 5 minutes. It was also very amusing to see people go all out when Shaun T was standing beside them, but as soon as he left you saw them hurl over from

After Insanity I decided to go for an hour long doggie walk, which felt great. It helped stretch out my muscles and kept me from getting stiff. Although I had enough energy to do Brazil Butt Lift after dinner I decided not to. I’m going to monitor my body and energy level this week then decide if I am going to add BBL back into the mix for next Monday.

Tonight on the schedule is Max Interval Plyo – I hear this one is the one to watch out for. I know Plyo was the hardest workout for me in month one, so this is definitely going to be a struggle tonight, but I am SO looking forward to it :0)

Here’s to pressing play and pushing hard – WOOT WOOT!!!

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aweigh2go wrote 69 months ago:
I did notice people going all out when he was right there beside them bu when he walked off, the camera caught them on all fours trying to suck in air. But if you notice, Shaun T himself talked a lot less during this video too. I don't know how anyone managed to talk during this Insanity! I couldn't even gather my thoughts much less form words to come out of my mouth!
kubyshechka wrote 69 months ago:
OMG I worship you! You had energy to walk?!! Great job, keep it up! Maybe one day I will gather up the courage to do it :o) For now, I am sweating just by thinking how hard you worked - lol.
kmillar1224 wrote 69 months ago:
aweigh2go - LOL I knoooow...there's no way I could talk during one of these sessions. I love how he was asking people how they felt and to tell us to keep going and they all looked like they wanted to tell him off...hahahahah made me laugh.

Kuby girl - you could totally do this workout. TRUST ME...I was the laziest person in the world who gasped for air walking up stairs, but somehow I manage to do Insanity with intensity every day :0) If IIIIIIIII can do it, YOU CAN :0)
peridot1383 wrote 69 months ago:
Wow, you are awesome! That's a crazy amount of calories. I love reading your posts because I feel like I am really getting a window into what it will feel like for me. I always can relate to everything you say!!! Congrats on Month 2 and as always, I can't wait to hear about your sweat and success :)
kevinlynch3 wrote 69 months ago:
LOVE's 23 days away for
pattiwilemski wrote 69 months ago:
it is crazy!!!!!!!! i did that one today. it is HARD!!!!! i can hardly get thru the level 3 drills!!! what kind of heart rate monitor do you use? i need to get one
jackflak wrote 69 months ago:
Keep it up!!
Rothwilder wrote 69 months ago:
Yep, just how I felt. My first day on month 2 was a week ago.
tberend wrote 69 months ago:
Oh my gosh. I'm doing this workout tonight. I'm nervous. I did the fit test last night and then watched the video for today so I'd have an idea of what was coming. Holy crap! I can't imagine getting through the first 10 minutes, but I'm determined to do it!
kmillar1224 wrote 69 months ago:
lol - tberend, as HARD as it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. If I can get through it, you definitely can!! :0) Keep me posted on how you do tonight!!

Congrats Rothwilder, sounds like you're almost done the program...that's awesome. Any plans on doing a second round?

Thanks Jack and Kevin...soon this will be you ;0)muhahahahahah
superpapa16 wrote 69 months ago:
I had much more "fun" with Month 2 than with Month 1, but yeah that first workout in M2 is no joke. There's really no way to prepare for how fast and insane (pun intended) it is.

My favorite is at the end of one of the workouts the caption says "Do not stop moving." and the model/ instructor is on the floor looking like she may pass out. That's how crazy it is.
formerlynobel wrote 69 months ago:
Month 2 is definitely tough, but I find those workouts so satisfying! I'm in between programs right now and still do them a couple times a week. It will get easier! Just wait until Month 2, Day 2, lol... hope you like push-ups!
ramgi wrote 69 months ago:
I thought the first day was fit test plus Max Interval Circuit? I could be wrong. Got to look at the calender again. Great job for pushing through! You rock!
kmillar1224 wrote 69 months ago:
Hi Superpapa - I think I will find month 2 more fun as well. I like the variety in the movements and I like the warm-up a lot more compared to month 1. Totally going to have to keep my eye open for that "don't stop moving" funny!!

nobel - the workouts or very satisfying. Burning close to 1000 cals in 60 minutes is such an awesome feeling. I don't mind push-ups, just can't do That's the area where I have to push myself more, I wanna get to the point where I have great upper body strength :0)

ramgi - yep, the fit test was scheduled for yesterday, but I didn't do it. Right or wrong, I'm going to wait to the last fit test to see how much I've improved.

you guys/gals are awesome, love reading your comments and having your support and encouragement. Please keep my updated on your Insanity journey, I love hearing how others are doing and seeing your results :0) woot woot - here's to another day of pressing play!!
superpapa16 wrote 69 months ago:
Went I went through it the 1st time I had to take a photo of it... after I was able to peel myself off the floor! It's on my profile now...
hxesez wrote 69 months ago:
i tried insanity myself and there is a reason why it called that i only did the 1st 5 min and the result i couldn't walk for days i felt pain all over my body my friends told me if i finished it the pain wouldn't have been as much but i couldn't it just to INSANE now im back to hip hop abs and my beloved treadmill and insanity i hope you have fun wit my brother (gave it to my brother >;)hehehe)

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