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10 water exercises to treat arthiritis pain

Water exercises to treat or help deal with arthritis are very common practices today. This is because the pool provides a very comfortable environment. You do not feel the whole weight of the body because of the thrust of water. This is helpful as your joints get used and with time and controlled exercises, you can be able to work out and help build your bones again. It is also good because water provides resistance helping the muscles grow. Water exercises for people with arthritis are best when in a pool of warm water. Warm water helps the body by relaxing the muscles and joints creating a comfortable environment for exercise. This allows for vigorous movements involving many different joints. It is also easy to exercise while in a company of others as it gives one the morale, and will to keep on moving. Below are some of the best water exercises that help in dealing with arthritis pains.
Pool walking or jogging
This is the simplest water exercise that will help ease arthritis and joint pains. To begin with, walk in water up to the waist level. Try to make at least ten to twenty steps in the forward direction. Let your body feel the water resistance as you wade through. Then, move an equal number of steps backwards. Repeat this, at least, five sets. Then, try to increase your speed by jogging on the spot. This also increases that intensity of activity in the joints. With time, you should be able to switch between jogging and walking. You can then move a step further and try the same with water at the chest level.
One leg balance
This will be quite easy with the help of a pool noodle. Raise one foot to the hip level and try to balance your body weight on the other. Make sure that you do not bend the knee of the leg that you are standing on it. To begin with, you can place the pool noodle under your raised leg so that it forms a letter U. This will help you balance with ease. Try and hold on one leg for as long as a minute and then switch to the other leg. Repeat this for five times and then try the same without the noodle.
Side stepping
Move to one end of the pool, and stand to face the wall of the pool. Stand close enough such that you can feel your toe touching the wall of the pool. Make ten big strides with a little support from the wall in one direction. Make the same number of steps in the opposite direction. Make two sets using this movement. This exercise helps deal with types of arthritis pain around the waist joints.
Deepwater bicycle
This is a good exercise for the legs. Take a pool noodle, place it on the water surface and lie on it with your stomach. The noodle will help you float with your legs hanging freely in the water. Remember that you can only do this in the deep end. Try to move your legs as if you are cycling. Do this for five to ten minutes. This is a good remedy that involves all joints of your legs.
Arm raises
You can use your webbed gloves or arm paddlers for this exercise. Stand in an upright position in a pool of water at chest level. Lower your hands and let your elbows rest freely. Try moving the lower part of your hand from the elbow in an upward and downward movement. Make sure that your elbow remains in position and only make an angle of ninety degrees for every movement. Make three sets of ten with intervals of rests in between them.
Push ups
Move to the end of the pool with water covering the body to a proper level. With your hands in line with shoulder width and arms crossed close in front of the chest on the edge of the pool. Let the whole mass of your body rest on the arms. Try to pull your body up and out of the water up to the waist. Slowly and with great care, lower your body back into the water. Repeat this to make a set of ten pushups.  Make a set of three but ensure enough rest time in between the intervals.
Standing knee lift
Stand in a pool and lift one of your knees to the waist level as you are matching. With one leg up, make a small bend with the other leg. Make a set of ten and then switch to the other leg and repeat the same.
Pool planks
Have a pool noodle that can hold your weight. Hold it in front of you and then lean forward towards the pool floor but making sure that your legs don’t leave the ground of the floor. Hold in that position for as long as you can.
Hip kickers at pool wall
Move to the center of the pool and stand on one side of the body to gain balance. Lift your leg with the upper part of your body slightly leaning backward to a kicking position. Move your leg back and try kicking from behind with the same leg. Repeat this to make a set of ten and then switch to the other leg.
Side and forward plunges
Take a lunge step, oversized in a forward direction and stand near the wall of a pool for support if necessary. The forward knee should not advance past the toes. Return to the starting point and do the same thing with the other leg.
If you take these exercises accurately and with consistency, they will help you deal with arthritis and joint pains. Ensure that you prepare well for any training session in a pool. These exercises are vital in reducing all types of arthritis pain associated with joints.


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Anonymous wrote 28 months ago:
Its nice to see this kind of exercises, I never tried pool exercise still now.

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