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p90x3 calories burned

I started p90x3 yesterday.  So far so good, love the 30 minute workouts.

COLD START:  12 minute stretch and warm up to do in adition to any workout on cold stiff days.

average heart rate was 88

Calories burned 50


TOTAL SYNERGISTICS:  30 minute total body strength workout using resistence bands, (weights and pull up bar can also be used) 

Average heart rate was 116

257 calories burned


AGILITY X: 30 minute sports conditioning cardio using NO equipment.  tape recomended to use as guilds...but I used toy checkers.

average heart rate was 142

425 calories burned 


Dynamix: 30 minute stretch and mobility workout designed to increase range of motion and decrease injury.  Similar to yoga with more fluid constant movement rather than static holds.  

 average heart rate was 116

248 calories burned 


 The Challenge: strength building.  Variation of chin ups/pull ups and variation of push ups. My arms are JELLO! (Chin up bar, bar assist or resistance bands/door attachment needed)

average heart rate 125

392 calories burned

x3 YOGA: very nice 30 minute yoga session. not a lot of long borning holds but deep and through. with modifications and WAY advanced moves... will have to work up those. :) (Yoga mat used)

average heart rate 103

186 calories burned


CVX: pretty nice cardio routine but adding a 10 weight the entire time made it INTENSE.  

average heart rate 158

542 calories burned...YES that is correct :) 


WARRIOR:  This is a pretty fun total body workout.  Upper, core, cardio, ending with legs.  No weights or equipment needed.

average heart rate: 138

382 calories burned 


transistion 1 

ISOMETRIX:  This is yoga but the very hardest part of yoga. Balance!  Does several tough balanced poses each for 45 seconds.

 Average heart rate: 101

173 calories burned  




ACELERATOR: This is a really fun one.  Great cardio, high energy, a lot of different moves going on to keep you from getting board.  Total body for sure.  Some fun donkey kicks at the end.

average heart rate: 141

401 calories burned 


block 2 

ECCENTRIC UPPER:  You need a variety of weights for this one.  I only had a 10 lb set and did fine although a heavier set would be good for some moves.  You also need the chin up bar/assist as well.  I used the assist and it was GREAT...highly recommend getting that if you can't do full pull ups.  I thought I could get by without it, and was fine using a chair, but the assist is so much better.  This workout is a series of pull ups, push ups, and curls but using the eccentric count.  power up...with a slow 3 count negative.  GREAT WORKOUT!  (90 second cooldown on top of the 30 minute workout.)

average heart rate: 128

324 calories burned.   


TRIOMETRICS: This is a brutal workout on the lower body.  All exercises had 3 levels of intensity.  Pretty basic, noting crazy.  Just focus on balance and power.  It was great.  No equipment needed for this one.  All body weight.  FEEL the BURN! 30 minute workout with an added 5 minute cool down stretch.

average heart rate 144

435 calories burned.  


ECCENTRIC LOWER: This one is a lot of traditional lower body exercises (lunges, squats, etc.) only with a three-count in one direction. You can use a dumbbell or bands to intensify many of the moves. A heavier weight than in the other exercises.  One thing I like about this one is that there's a little more of a focus on the inner and outer thighs (i.e., adductors and abductors, which are problem areas for a lot of women) You'll also need a chair for this one. 

Average heart rate: 138

366 calories burned


INCINERATOR:  This is a straightforward upper body strength workout. The exercises come in pairs: you work one muscle group using weights and then the same muscle group using body weight.  This might be another good candidate for "Cold Start" because you don't do many high-impact aerobic moves in the warm-up like you do in other workouts.

Average heart rate: 117

263 calories burned 


MMX: This was rough.  I just finished 12 weeks of T25 and do turbokick several times a week and still barely made it throught this one.  I put my whole weight behind the moves and gave it 100 percent.  Almost push pause....but I made it through... No equipment needed for this one...just your body weight.  a lot going on with each move and may take a few weeks to pick them up perfectly.  A lot of burpee/sprawls as well as variety of kicks and punches.  You will feel like a bad ass on this one :)  This workout is similar to COMBAT from beachbody.

average heart rate149

432 calories burned 

 **I am in my 6th week  

stay tuned! 

contact me if you are interested in this p90x3 program or would like to be coached for accountability and motivation.  I'd love to be teambeachbody buddies. create an account and lets do this together!!!!   I would love to coach you through the 90 day program to get you the best results that are guaranteed and help you enjoy getting fit in the process :) to read up on the program or email me at 

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bryanamb wrote 44 months ago:

That is awesome! I started P90X3 on December 23, 2013 and am in my third week. Totally love it. I did 7 rounds of P90X and 3 rounds of P90X2, so I'm a fan of the Beachbody workouts. Looking forward to seeing your journey.

kellyisahottie wrote 44 months ago:
I started P90X3 in December, I am on week 3. I Loved P90X and am really loving X3 - though I can't help feeling like I'm cheating by only working for 30 mins!
eatmindfully wrote 44 months ago:
Thanks for sharing!
jmspck1982 wrote 44 months ago:
I'm in the middle of P90x and was wondering if you did P90x2? I'd love to try X3 (30 minutes would be pretty awesome if the results are there) Is there any Ab Ripper?

sahill314 wrote 44 months ago:
Started x3 on monday! Absolutely loving it so far, its very hard but great program. add me at sahill314
Anonymous wrote 44 months ago:
How did you calculate your calories burned? I'm using my fitness pal but cannot find the workouts...
selmaphilbrick wrote 44 months ago:
I am on day 9 of P90X3.....LOVE IT!!!! Tomorrow's workout, CRX, is my absolute fav so far.
Anonymous wrote 44 months ago:
What are you using to calculate your calories burned?
Anonymous wrote 44 months ago:
Loving P90X3. I had plateau'd with Chalean Extreme (which is my very favorite Beach Body workout plan) and needed something to kick start my metabolism again. Still supplementing with weight training because I don't think I would be able to maintain my muscle strength on P90X3 alone. Trying to figure out my calories burned on My fitness pal.. PLEASE give guidance on how you calculated yours!!!!!
Anonymous wrote 44 months ago:
She probably used a heart rate monitor to calculate her calories.
katyanne15 wrote 44 months ago:
Hey I didn't even realize I had comments on here. lol Sorry guys !!!
Yes I am using a heart rate monitor. a polar ft60 and am loving it for christmas.

Yes there is an AB ripper workout, but it is not apart of the 16 workout base kit. Only the deluxe if you have a teambeachbody account add me as a buddy. or You can create one FREE with me as your coach!!!

p90x3 has 4 schedules you can use depending on your fitness level and/or goals. LEAN, MASS, DOUBLES, CLASSIC. I am doing classic, did a week of doubles. and it appears the LEAN doesn't use the workouts that require a pull up bar.

Anonymous wrote 44 months ago:
How many calories did you burn in the warrior workout? Thanks!!
chris31337 wrote 44 months ago:
Thanks for the info Katy. This is great. I'm loving X3. Did the Original P90X series a couple years ago and really find it easy to find time for the 30min/workout regiment. I'm doing the Mass calendar first and then plan on doing the Doubles Schedule during the fall. Look forward to your updates and progress - Chris
katyanne15 wrote 43 months ago:
glad to help out. I found I was putting the same thing for each workout. and since getting the HRM. they vary A LOT.
smialyneyez wrote 43 months ago:
thank you! thank you!! thank you!!! just finished my first week of p90x3... LOVE it!!! i agree with all your comments about the videos... i should really buy a heart monitor...
Anonymous wrote 43 months ago:
Thanks for sharing! I'm on month two of the P90X3 lean program and was trying to figure out the average calories burned. Had a baby three months ago and want to get back to prepreg weight. So far,I love the program. Have done the original P90X for three years, and was sold on the thirty minute workouts. Can't do an hour with a breastfeeding infant lol!
Anonymous wrote 43 months ago:
Just started today and was trying to calculate my calories in fitness pal. Thanks for giving us these close estimates. keep on Bringing It!
katyanne15 wrote 43 months ago:
glad I could help you guys. if any of you want to get in a facebook support group I am hosting let me know. add me as a friend and lets get ripped together guys!!!
Anonymous wrote 43 months ago:
I did insanity two times last year started p90x but hated the length... I'm alternating T25 and P90x3 now! I absolutely love the videos !!!
Anonymous wrote 43 months ago:
Staring X3 tomorrow follow me on my journey!!! my instagram @latrese_me lets bring it
Anonymous wrote 42 months ago:
Been totally using your calorie counter!!! So helpful!!! Into my 3rd block lean version... Being a p90x 1 and 2 grad (few times over) I'm really digging this program :)) thanks for sharing!!
amandaariagno wrote 42 months ago:
thanks for this i didn't know how to calculate the calories into this program. i started p90x3 and just finished day 4. im on my way to healthy. im not the "athletic" type, but i will by the end of this, and from there on out.
Anonymous wrote 42 months ago:
Curious to know what your using to count your calories?
Anonymous wrote 41 months ago:
Thank you!!! I am using FIT BIt to count my day to day steps and slep, plus I download it the ADIDAS micoah for android and purchased the NB (new balance) heart rate smart for $50 it links with my galaxy S3 and HTC one- so I get my heart rate and calories.
Plus inside fit bit I created the Custom workouts for P90X3- and i can add every days challenge.
Thank you for youir information

allisonbmerten wrote 40 months ago:
Thanks for this info. I don't have a HRM or Fitbit or anything like that yet and trying to figure out calorie burn on these workouts is hard. I know mine won't be exactly the same as yours, but it's probably a close estimate.
Anonymous wrote 40 months ago:
I was just wondering how many calories you burned for Pilates X? Thanks for this awesome resource!
Anonymous wrote 40 months ago:
Yes, does anyone know the calories burned for p90x3 Pilates?
Anonymous wrote 40 months ago:
man, that stinks.. that is not many calories burned in each workout.
Anonymous wrote 40 months ago:
For a 30 minute workout it is, I ran 7 miles in 50 minutes last week and only burnt about 1000.
Anonymous wrote 40 months ago:
I tracked my pilates workout from P90X3 with my heart monitor and burned 192 cals, with avg heart rate of 112.

With running, you're burning fat...& muscle, and muscle burns more calories during the day. Sure, you can get a good burn in running, but you aren't building total body muscle, working on your balance, or flexibility in most cases. And, of course, not everyone burns the same amount of calories, goes at the same intensity, or the same route.
sh4rkbayte wrote 37 months ago:
This has motivated me to get a good calorie count for each P90x3 workout. I'm 6'1" 215 lbs and am just finishing up week one of P90x3. I did Warrior today and tracked calories using the Scoshe Rhythm (1st gen) which Bluetooths to the iCardio app, which syncs to MFP. I tracked from the beginning of the workout to the end and an additional 20 minutes to count "afterburn" and totalled a whopping 683! My avg HR was 141 and peaked at 180 for 15 secs. I'll keep updating and post the avg burn for the other workouts as I do them. I highly advise picking up some form of HR monitor as everyone is different!
Anonymous wrote 37 months ago:
No Pilates info? Calorie burn?
sh4rkbayte wrote 37 months ago:
I haven't gotten to that phase yet (in week 3) Here's what I have so far:

Synergistics - 567
Agility X - 699
Yoga X - 300
The Challenge - 515
Warrior X - 680
CVX - 595

arielwuteska1234 wrote 31 months ago:
I'm curious to know what was your height and weight when you logged the calories burned?
Anonymous wrote 29 months ago:
Also curious of height and weight please
Anonymous wrote 27 months ago:
How many calories does Complex Upper burns?
Anonymous wrote 27 months ago:
Hey KatieAnne, What size are you so I can see if my calories burned will be comparable to yours? I am logging exercise and food....thanks!
TrystanCamp wrote 26 months ago:
I burned double that for trio metrics but I was doing it pretty intensely. If you put more into each of them you will burn more calories per workout. After you do them a few more times it gets easy to do so you can do it more intensely. 10+ years and going with P90X. I love it.
Anonymous wrote 26 months ago:
I am 5"11 and 180 lbs
KarenLaRocca wrote 23 months ago:
How about PalatesX? How many calories will burned?
kerimacf wrote 23 months ago:
@sh4rkbayte, What type of HR monitor are you using? I use the polar FT7, and I don't get anywhere near that amount of burn. I usually am at maximum hr as well.
rubenbillini wrote 5 months ago:
Anonymous wrote 5 months ago:
I'm considering getting Beachbody on Demand and trying P90X3 or P90X, preferably only the 30 minute session 😉 My goal is to lose 7 lbs in 6 weeks so I'm curious what your thoughts are about your results from P90X3 all these months later? Would you recommend it or should I go with P90X? Thanks so much for your time!

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