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You never know....

When I started and had made the decision to take back my health, I never knew the impact it would have on my family.  

Now as most of my friends now, one of my biggest inspirations is my son, he's the one that gave me hope this was possible.  My son was always the big kid, as a freshman he was 6'2 and about 250 lbs.  By his senior year he was 6'4 and about 290-300, always very active football was of course his favorite sport.  The summer before his senior year he decided he wanted to join the Army, they said you have to lose 100 lbs before we can even consider you.  His recruiters were great, helped him with his diet, and developed a workout plan that consisted of running at 4:30 with them eveyr day before school, after school was spent in the gym lifting. Well my son accomplished his goal, and this is what gave me hope that I could lose weight, I could become healthier and that I wanted to be around to see what other incredible things he does.  

Now since I've been losing weight, it's had the same impact on my mother and my daughter.  

My mother who is my best friend and one of the strongest people I know, was diagnosed with cancer last year, it was a horrible time, but at the moment she is in remission.  Once she started feeling better, she started asking me about lifting weights, my mother this amazing woman, went out and bought herself a small bench and weight set, and started following Stronglifts.  She proudly told me this morning that she deadlifted 85 lbs this week.  She's absolutely amazing! 

Now my daughter who like my son was always one of the bigger kids, she's 6'2, well after she had my granddaughter she was not happy with her size, and told me if I could lose weight and do this, so could she.  And off she went.  She's now dropped from a size 18 to a 12.  

So I guess my writing this is as a pay it forward, you never know who you will give hope to and show them that yes it is possible.  Keep just being amazing. 


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_HeartsOnFire_ wrote 3 months ago:
High five love! It is like a domino effect. It's kinda awesome that way! You rock!!!
NinjaUnicornPirate wrote 3 months ago:
Awesome story!
gypsy_spirit wrote 3 months ago:
Ripples in the pond. You are awesome!
TexasGal1 wrote 3 months ago:
Hats off to your son for planting the seed! Cheers to you for taking ownership of your health and setting the example.

You are such an awesome inspiration to all of us!
MadTownD wrote 3 months ago:
This. Is. Awesome.
dapunks wrote 3 months ago:
nighthawk327 wrote 3 months ago:
This is so great. :)
whovian67 wrote 3 months ago:
We already KNEW you were a total inspiration !!!! So glad your family saw it.. the last to see it....
ljminto wrote 3 months ago:
This is a wonderfully inspiring story! I love that your son took charge of his own weight and life! I have 2 nephews that are both overweight and I worry so much about them and their health. I hope one day they, too, will "take charge" and help themselves, as your son did. Thank you for being an inspiration and for sharing your story! Kudos to mom! Thank God for moms and the examples they set :)
jwhited71 wrote 3 months ago:
This was to remind myself of why I started and some of the very positive things that have happened because of it. Was having a rough morning so needed the reminder :)

thanks everyone ~ and just an update my Dad is still a lost cause believing all the latest Dr. Oz crap.. but some day maybe lol
CallMeCupcakeDammit wrote 3 months ago:
That's awesome! ♥
ednaemerson wrote 3 months ago:
awesome blog.
kezzola wrote 3 months ago:

Yep. After seeing my weight loss my daughter has now lost 10 kilos (22 lbs) and like me has another 10 to go.
_Zardoz_ wrote 3 months ago:
Love it!! People are more likely to respond to something or someone they see having such a great success.

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