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Ice Cream Memories :)

Today I decided to try my hand at making homemade ice cream, I haven't done this since I was a kid yes many many years ago.  It's brought back some wonderful memories.  

When I was growing up my mom ran a daycare out of our house, so there was always about 10-14 kids she got paid to watch in the house, than of course all of my brother and my friends.  We had the swimming pool and pool table so it was the popular place to hang out.  

Well every Friday in the summer my mom set up an obstacle course and it was making ice cream day.  Not like I am doing now with an electric one, it was one of the old crank jobs.  It would be an all afternoon event ending in one small scoop of ice cream on a cone.  

We would all line up, you would have to do a short sprint, go take a turn cranking the ice cream until your arm was tired, jump over some short hurdles she set up, older kids had to swim a lap in the pool, and whatever other obstacle she put in place, and you would repeat.  

For my mom it was a great inexpensive way to keep 20+ kids occupied all day and end with a treat, for us it was just poor fun.  

So the ice cream I'm making now, there are no obstacles other than hoping it comes out okay, but the memories that it brought back will make it the best tasting creation I've had in a long time.  

I'll update if it actually comes out like ice cream or just a delicious cold drink.  

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MadTownD wrote 3 months ago:
I almost teared up... sounds like your mom is awesome! :-)
jwhited71 wrote 3 months ago:
My Mom is awesome! :) Happy times
MrM27 wrote 3 months ago:
I fully approve of using child labor to make ice cream!!! I will hope you decide to take pictures while making it so we can share the experience. Maybe one day I will be brave enough to try and make my own.
CallMeCupcakeDammit wrote 3 months ago:
I love this! I did tear up, doggone it!
jacqueinhutto wrote 3 months ago:
This bought back memories for me as well. In my family the men would take turns turning the crank. The ice cream maker would have a blanket on top and the kids took turns sitting on the top to keep it from rocking. Usually peach ice cream because my grandparents had peach trees.

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