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This was my seventh year to be "stage manager" for my kids' dance studio's annual recital. Following is something I posted as a caption to a picture of two incredibly adorable little 5 year old twin dancers. (Sorry, you just get the write-up as the picture isn't mine to share.  Just imagine the cutest thing ever and then multiply it times eleventy.  Picture was posted as "public", so I can share it.)


So at the 7p show, Miss Amanda told them to go to their places based on the glow-in-the-dark X in the middle of the when it was time for their number they did...or at least they *tried*....because at about this same time, we were closing the middle curtain to setup a prop at the back of the stage for the next number. I realized from the side of the stage that there was a problem. Miss Amanda was already making her way to the front of the auditorium, so I walked out to them, knelt down and asked, "Are you in your places?" A little voice very dramatically said, "No. We tried to go the the X like Miss Amanda told us...but it disappeared!" I pushed back the curtain a little bit to reveal the X on the floor about a foot behind where the curtain falls and said, "Here it is. If I hold the curtain like this, can you get into your places?" They moved around a little bit and I sensed they were still again, so I asked, "Are you in your places and ready for me to turn on the lights and start the music?" "Yup, *now* we are. Thank you." "You're welcome." "Okay, here we go, girls" I said as I walked off the stage...

 ...and then I said into the headset, "Standby. Ready, go"...and off they went.

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Cranquistador wrote 40 months ago:
thank heaven, for little girls...
Cranquistador wrote 40 months ago:
sugar and spics and everything nice. :)
gypsy_spirit wrote 40 months ago:
Especially ones in tutus and frills. Nice job, jof.
CompressedCarbon wrote 40 months ago:
I think you might have a soft spot for this job and the littlest of the littles!
usmcmp wrote 40 months ago:
jofjltncb6 wrote 40 months ago:
forrl, it's my goal every year as stage manager to do whatever I can to keep technical problems from interfering with the dancers' opportunities to perform...and when that isn't possible, to minimize the impact.

Every year, there are a few of these kinds of stories where I do my small part behind the scenes like this. (This may be the cutest of them all though.) Whether it's helping a couple of lost 5 year olds find their mark or talking with a preteen soloist who walked offstage in the middle of her performance to give it another try or comforting my own daughter because she got clipped by another dancer during a turn or just consistently starting the lights and music at the right time (aka as soon as possible while still ensuring that everyone is ready)'s something that I believe I do very well...and it's the least I can do for the many dancers who have spent literally hundreds of hours preparing for this one performance.
oregonzoo wrote 40 months ago:
danasings wrote 40 months ago:
Love. :)
kethry70 wrote 40 months ago:
DopeItUp wrote 40 months ago:
FlamencoGal wrote 40 months ago:
My recital is this Saturday. I am doing 2 flamenco numbers. We have adults and kids both. I am 60 years old and not the oldest dancer in our group!!! But you are correct, the little ones are the most adorable!!!
CallMeCupcakeDammit wrote 40 months ago:
Cranquistador wrote 40 months ago:
*punches Dope*
jofjltncb6 wrote 40 months ago:
Thanks, Dope. (Are you still kicking puppies?)
ihad wrote 40 months ago:
I can see it in my mind!
sun_fish wrote 40 months ago:
That is about the cutest thing I have ever seen. And loved the image of you helping them find their places. Priceless.
ssaraj43 wrote 40 months ago:
Adorable <3
KnitOrMiss wrote 40 months ago:
As a backstage mom for years myself, I can tell you that people like you are what make the world go round, at least as far as dance events go. While she may not say anything now, your daughter will at some point realize all you have done once she is trying to coordinate something, whether big or small, all on her own. I never cared about having my name read aloud or anything, and the first year my daughter's new teacher put my name in the program as making it all possible, I thought I was going to cry for days... Recognition is such a wacky thing, but I agree, there is nothing quite like the feeling of a job well done to make sure everything runs smoothly, and no one on the "outside" is any the wiser. I LOVE working behind-the-scenes no matter what I'm doing... Congrats - this is a huge endeavor and commitment you've made - and the returns are huge. :)
Cranquistador wrote 40 months ago:
YAAAAAAAAAY for the picture. <3
AllonsYtotheTardis wrote 40 months ago:
they are beyond cute
_HeartsOnFire_ wrote 40 months ago:
Holy cuteness!!!
Cranquistador wrote 40 months ago:
and Jof saved the day :)
pippi_blondestalkings wrote 40 months ago:
Love, love love!!!
Sad_Grandpa wrote 40 months ago:
Cute kids. Reminds me of my grandkids.
VeronicaG2B wrote 40 months ago:
Sooooooooo adorable!
Vorpal_Sword wrote 40 months ago:
Good show!
elenathegreat wrote 40 months ago:
Upvoted for cuteness:)

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