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Free online full workouts - Jillian Michaels included

Here are some full length workouts that I found online for free. I don't own these or have any interest, just wanted to pass along the goodness to all my at home workout warriors. Enjoy!

 Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred:

 JM's Yoga Meltdown Level 1:

JM's No More Trouble Zones (a playlist of all circuits):

JM's Banish Fat Boost Metabolism:
JM's 6 Week Sixpack Abs Level 1:
10 Pound Slimdown Kickboxing:

Here is a free 90 day workout program. I wasn't into it but hey it is free:

Here are some other free workout sites:

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2BhappyBhealthy wrote almost 2 years:
hey I'll take it!! Thanks! :)
jennieodwyer wrote almost 2 years:
No problem. I love to mix it up for free :)
Jennical wrote almost 2 years:
Hey, thanks for sharing this... I'll have to go through them to see which ones I would be able to do given my wrist pains etc....
lindalou4850 wrote almost 2 years:
Thanks for sharing.
chooriyah wrote almost 2 years:
Thanks! I've been looking for the Yoga Meltdown one
susybon wrote almost 2 years:
Thanks! Been using fitnessblender for quite a while. They are great!
Orient_Charm wrote almost 2 years:
Thanks for sharaing...
llb617 wrote almost 2 years:
AWESOME!! Thanks!!
kidzz4x wrote almost 2 years:
Will be checking those out for sure.
TheNewo wrote almost 2 years:
wowza, thanks!
ricopetroceli wrote over 1 year:
Can you load the 30 day shred by julian Michaels level 2 and 3? I can't access it. It says private. Thanks
loobylou92 wrote 12 months:
The link to level 2 and 3 don't seem to work. Could you please redo these?
jennieodwyer wrote 12 months:
Sorry I didn't upload any of these videos I just found them and posed them over a year ago.
Anonymous wrote 7 months:
Take a look at this...

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