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How To Have A Better Sleep During And After Menopause?


Menopause is a transition period in a woman’s life from a period of being pre-menopausal to being menopausal. This transition is marked by fluctuations in the production of the estrogen hormone in a woman’s body.

The body has so far dependent on the estrogen and progesterone hormone for many body functions; this decline in their production affects critical processes in a woman’s body so that the woman experiences various menopausal symptoms. Some of the menopausal symptoms include night sweats and hot flashes. Whereas insomnia makes for one of the symptoms of menopause, it is exacerbated by other menopausal symptoms.

Hot flashes are intense episodes of heat that literally wreck havoc for any woman’s sleep. In addition, night sweats (intense episodes of sweating that could leave the woman’s dressing as well as her bed sheets all wet) rudely interrupt a woman’s peaceful sleep. Such night experiences often leave the woman devastated. It is even worse if she is depressed, anxious and stressed! All these will go a long way in diminishing her quality of life and productivity during the day as she can hardly concentrate due to the myriad of the circumstances that she faces from being menopause.

All is not lost for such women, there are remedies that could help reverse the situation and have the woman enjoy the much-needed rest and sleep for better productivity and better quality of life.

Consider use of low dose HRT

Now this sounds crazy considering the much revelations that have come with research. It is true that HRT is not for everyone. The truth is that HRT has been found to relieve most of the menopausal symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats among others. However, HRT has been found to raise the risk for heart diseases, cancer and blood clots among other diseases. This therefore critically raises the need to weigh the benefits of HRT versus the benefits of the same.  Any woman with a history of breast cancer, blood clots and heart disease should be weary of using low dose HRT. But if upon examination together with your physician you found that your risk of such diseases is not as high, the doctor could prescribe for you a super low dose of HRT.

Be particular with your sleep patterns

Just like any other kinds of insomnia, insomnia caused by menopause could be contained through the reinforcing of sleep patterns. If you haven’t yet, kindly decide to establish a biological clock; follow particular sleeping and waking up cycles. This kind of consistency enables the body to override any other conflicting message that may be presented to the body. This is important even for those who are not yet menopausal because when you finally reach menopause, the body would already be having a biological clock.

Alternative treatment

Alternative medicine is one of those menopause supplements that are becoming popular with many women. This is because alternative medicine has been found to treat menopause symptoms and at the same time does not pause the same risks as those of HRT. Some of the alternative medicine that could be great in alleviating insomnia include; black cohosh, and soy among others. There are other prescriptions that would better be administered by a doctor that work well to reduce depression, anxiety, hot flashes and night sweats and also treat insomnia.

Consider lifestyle change

The lifestyle change has been working tremendously for many women. It includes exercising daily which is great in relaxing your body and building up good hormones that will raise your mood and ensure great sleep. The second lifestyle change is avoiding alcohol, cigars, and drugs. It is important to also avoid taking very spicy foods especially when you are just about to go to bed. These often trigger hot flashes and night sweats that are bound to disrupt your sleep. Try also to eliminate heavy meat presence in your diet along with other animal products. A vegan diet has been found to be great in eliminating all menopause symptoms.

Get a great environment for sleeping

Creating a nice environment could be all that you need to enhance your sleep. Have the room dimly lit and let it be cool. A very bright room that is hot is a recipe for turning and tossing and sweating. Low temperatures and dim lights often send a signal to the body that it is time to rest.

In addition, you could consider taking a hot bath before sleeping. Once you are done with the hot shower, the body often goes on lower temperatures as it responds to the high temperatures. This is great for sleep. You could possibly enjoy a massage or just a body rub that could help you drift off into sleep. If you do not have vaginal dryness issues, consider having sex with your partner to help raise good hormones for relaxation.


Sleep is very important for anyone, it is important for a woman to consider these tips to ensure she gets the much-needed rest.


Follow These Feel-Good Skin Care Tips of All Time

Healthy skin does not just happen. There are certain secrets to resort to, in order to ensure a fresh and young-looking aspect. If you want to make yourself more appealing in the eyes of others and pump up your self-esteem, we recommend that you keep on reading this article. In the paragraphs that follow, you will discover some feel-good skin care tips that are more than interesting to follow. When it comes to looking good, don’t wait for things to change. Take matters into your own hands and you will, no doubt, feel and look beautiful all the time.
#1 Lip exfoliation 
You might not be aware of this for a fact but your lips need exfoliation as well. When dead skin cells build up at the level of the lips, they cause a tired-look, adding years to your face. If you want to pump up your lips, the first thing that you need to do is brush them gently with a clean toothbrush. An alternative would be the application of a homemade scrub (raw honey mixed with brown sugar). Once you are done with the lip exfoliation, it is time to apply Vaseline or lip balm, in order to moisturize the lips and keep them soft.
#2 Eye Balm & concealer 
Speaking about natural beauty tips, you have to try out the combination of eye balm and concealer. The purpose of the concealer is to hide your imperfections but, often times, it ends up sinking in the skin and rather accentuating the things you are trying to hide. If you want to escape such problems, all you have to do is dab your ring finger in the eye balm, then swiping it over the concealer (solid form) and apply it on the skin. In this way, you will obtain a cream-like texture, with the concealer blending in quite smoothly at the level of the skin. Moreover, you will avoid it becoming embedded in fine lines or wrinkles.
#3 Foundation & face oil
According to professional skin care reviews, foundation is one of the basic products to consider for beauty. However, it seems that foundation tends to pile in the folds of the skin or lose its texture, requiring a second or third layer to be applied. When you do that, you will only look older and tired. Instead, you can add life to your foundation by spreading some face oil over your cheeks. In this way, you will refresh your look, adding a healthy-looking and natural glow.
#4 Eyeliner 
Many women have difficulties applying eyeliner at the level of the eyes, due to the fact that their hands are not steady. However, it is possible to apply eyeliner in a simpler manner. All you have to do is apply three or four dots just above the lash line, connecting them one by one. Make sure you keep the eyeliner horizontally and connect the dots easily. Compared to having to draw a straight line all the way, which can be near to impossible, this application suggestion is definitely less complicated.
#5 Eye & lip pencil 
Often times, the application of eye & lip pencil is difficult, because the tip has gotten too soft. Such changes also make the sharpening of these pencils complicated. So, if you are looking for a solution to this problem, all you have to do is place your pencils in the fridge for about an hour or until they start to harden. This will make the application quite easy, not to mention it allow you to sharpen them exactly as you please. Plus, this makes sense economically, as there will be less waste when sharpening.
#6 Makeup removal
Even though there are countless products out there recommended for makeup removal, natural remedies might be just as efficient. One of the most indicated natural remedies for makeup removal is coconut oil. This is because the active ingredients of coconut oil are capable of breaking down even the most stubborn makeup, allowing for it to be removed more easily (it practically slides off, without any effort).
#7 Blush on the lips
If you are looking for the color on your lips to last for a longer period of time, you can consider applying blush on them (alternative – eye shadow). In this way, you will guarantee that your lipstick does not wear off, plus you will definitely enjoy the matte finish the blush actually gives. The one thing you have to watch out for is that your blush color matches the one of the lipstick.
These are just a couple of skin care tips you can consider when it comes to efficient care of skin. Many more you will learn, as you will develop your own skin care routine and begin using more products. As you have seen, many of them allow you to look young and feel beautiful, making the signs of aging less visible.

Some Trending Diets of 2016: Stay Fit!!

In the past few years, we have witnessed a number of diet trends coming and going. It is hard to decide whether a diet is a good choice or not, especially since the information presented on the Internet is not always accurate. In 2016, it seems that the general trend is towards clean cleaning, which means that more and more people are interested in eating organic food. In this article, we have included some of the most popular trending diets of 2016, to help you stay fit and be healthy at the same time.

#1. Low-sugar diet

We know that sugar is the enemy, leading to hyperglycemia and diabetes. Even if you restrict your sugar intake, there are still countless sources of sugar that you are unaware of. In general, it is recommended that the daily intake of sugar does not exceed six teaspoons but, given the hidden sources, we end up consuming three times more. The low-sugar diet is one of the trending diets in 2016 and for all the right reasons.

We are consuming too much sugar, suffering from obesity and diabetes because of that. The low-sugar diet will allow you to lose excess weight, reducing any food cravings you might experience and keeping the blood sugar level under control. Overall, this particular diet has been shown to reduce any inflammatory process within the body and reduce the risk of chronic conditions, such as diabetes.

#2. Fresh-juice diet

For a while now, nutritionists have promoted natural juices as being essential for a healthy diet. The main idea behind this diet is that fresh juices, made from a combination of seasonal fruits and vegetables, can detoxify the body.

As you will begin consuming these super juices for weight loss, you will start to feel better, have more energy and look fantastic. However, experts warn about the source of fruits and vegetables, recommending people to avoid these products if they have been treated with pesticides or injected with chemicals for growth.

#3. Raw food diet

The raw food diet is based on the idea that we can stay healthy and lose weight by consuming food in its natural state (not cooked). So, you can consume raw food in the form of juices, blended or dehydrated. You are not allowed to bake, grill or process the food in any way. Proposers of this trending diet consider that, by cooking, food loses its nutritional properties. If you are going to follow this diet, you will have to limit yourself to fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes (all of them in their natural state). It is possible to consume raw milk and certain types of fish or meat, but this is not customary. However, you have to be prepared to make a serious investment, as you will need a top-quality blender, not to mention a food processor and dehydrator. The raw food diet can help you lose weight, but it can also be expensive, given the fact that are only allowed to consume raw food.

#4. DASH diet

The DASH diet is primarily intended for those who suffer from high blood pressure. In fact, DASH is an acronym for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. However, it can be used by other people as well, especially if they want to prevent such problems. In this diet, you are allowed to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, dairy (low-fat) and lean protein. On the other hand, you are to avoid sweets and fatty products, as these have a high-calorie count. Red meat and salt are also to be excluded. This diet is considered to be one of the most effective dietary approaches of the past few years, being often recommended along the best-rated weight loss products.

#5. TLC diet

The TLC diet stands for Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Diet, being based on the idea that one should reduce the cholesterol intake, in order to lose weight. This diet has been endorsed by the American Heart Association, emphasizing on the concept that fat should be eliminated from the diet.

Saturated fats, such as those contained in fatty meat or whole-milk dairy products, are not allowed to be consumed. The same goes for fried foods, as these have a high cholesterol content as well. While the cholesterol intake is limited, proposers of this diet suggest followers to increase their fiber intake.

These are just a couple of the most famous diets you will often hear about in the course of 2016. The basic idea is that you take a look at each diet and consider whether it is suitable for you or not. It might also be recommended to try it out for a couple of days and see how you feel. A good diet is the one that makes you feel good, both physically and spiritually.


Find the Perfect and Right Shakes For Weight Loss


Smoothies are a weight loss tool whose ingredients can be managed. They are a good source of low calories and very rich in nutrients and have the ability of keeping you satisfied for a long period of time.

To generate your own weight loss shakes you need to put together proper ingredients to come up with a product that will enable you shed off some kilos. It won’t take you too long for you to know how to produce your own.

The rationale as to why smoothies are integral in enabling you to reduce weight is the fact that all the necessary nutrients are blended together and made ready for your consumption. This is done without the inclusion of zero calories. The moment you will become aware of the relevant ingredients for making a great smoothie, it needs to contain well-balanced proteins, fats (healthy), carbohydrates, vitamins and other nutrients. This constitute of the basics.

The basics aside, you may opt to add up ingredients that are a source of power which increase the nutritional value of your product without introducing more calories to it. Elements which boost your weight reduction by enhancing the rate of your metabolism, energizing you, and leaving you full for hours.

Ingredients for weight loss

Although most of conventional ingredients for making healthy smoothies end up supporting a steady weight, some of them have proved to be superior to others. Some ingredients, when included in your smoothie, will end up increasing your weight loss by leaps and bounds.

Avocado-  they are a source of healthy fats which you will find useful in your smoothie. This ingredient shall thicken your product giving you the creaminess that you have been craving for. It will leave you fully satisfied and energized until your next meal. It further contains a host of many other minerals and vitamins that will go a long way in promoting your health.

Berries: all kinds of berries, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, and blueberry will give a great flavor to your smoothie devoid of any sugars or calories. Most importantly they have high fiber content which leaves you very satisfied. They also contain antioxidants which are good for weight loss shakes.

Cayenne pepper- This spice does not only kick up your smoothie, it is known for increasing your capability of weight loss exercises. The capsaicin element which is present in the plant is the one that is responsible for shedding off that unwanted weight. When added to breakfast it makes you eat less carbohydrates and fats as the day progresses.

Chia seeds –
These small seeds contain protein and fiber that make you feel satisfied and full and are a good source of weight loss. They further contain various useful nutrients which include antioxidants, omega-3, calcium and fatty acids. The seeds also suck up toxins that are locked up in your digestion system. They come in two forms; chia seeds and chia gel. The later is more preferable as it unlocks the nutrition lockup. It is easier to digest and thickens up your smoothie making it creamier. To prepare chia gel, you should mix equivalent proportions of chia seeds and water in a jar and allow it to settle for five to ten minutes to form a gel. Store it in a fridge for a period of one month.

Cinnamon - This spice assists in the regulation of sugar levels in blood by increasing the glucose metabolism rate. This translates into reduced quantities of blood glucose storable as fat. Fats found around the abdomen are very sensitive to the effect caused by the spice when compared to any other fats emanating from any body part.

Coconut oil –
This ranks among the key weight reduction ingredients because it provides you with enough fats in your smoothie. The healthy fats are important if you really need to lose weight in order to achieve that much desired optimum health. The fats found in coconut are consumed by the body and not stored as fats. This one will keep make you become satisfied and full of energy. You need to factor it as an ingredient in the preparation of your smoothies.

Greek yogurt - Greek yogurt is known to contain a high level of protein making it superior to the other types of yoghurt. This means that apart from satiating you it makes you remain full for a much longer period. Whenever you need one, then you should go for that variety known as full-fat. There is an array of flavored varieties which are laden with a lot of sugar.

Healthy fats –
These type fats are integral in your health plan and will keep you satisfied for long hours. When you totally deny your body those healthy fats then you should not think that you are going to lose any weight. Eating enough healthy fats is vital for inclusion in your weight loss exercises. You should factor fats in your smoothies by including coconut oil, avocado, nuts or butter nuts, and coconut oil.


Does Your Skin Care Routine Relieve Anxiety?

If you are hoping to achieve any remarkable success in the search for beauty, then you must have a working skin care routine. This is a step by step procedure that must always be carried out in order for you to have the kind of skin you desire. However, these routines have in the recent past found a new use in the lives of women: as stress relievers.  Numerous testimonials have surfaced with lots of women claiming that they were able to switch their attention from their worries by simply thinking about their skin routines. This was further approved by psychologists who ascertained that there is indeed a connection between skin care and stress. It is this assumption that necessitates the question: how will mere washing, exfoliating, toning, moisturizing and the other routines chase away stress? Read on to find out.
1. It is a good distraction
So you get home feeling all stressed and downtrodden. You just want to sleep and forget the bad day that you have just completed. But, just before you burry yourself in bed, even with your shoes on, you remember you are on a must do face cleaning before sleep. Now, because you are a disciplined person, you grudgingly drag yourself to the bathroom and start stripping your face off the makeup. What will happen is that your thoughts will gradually shift to the matter at hand (make up removal) thus denying whatever issue that was troubling you any airplay. See the thing with stress and anxietyis that they are fuelled by your thoughts. They will keep haunting you so long as you are thinking about the controversial issue. This means that they will be nonexistent if you shift your thoughts from them. You can even try rehearsing your skin care routine in mind every time you are under pressure. You know, like the way you count from a hundred backward in order to suppress the need to knock off someone’s teeth?  I mean, if it was able to help a person deal with anxiety from an impending flood, what more can it do for you and your unbalancing account books or unfaithful spouse? You will be surprised at the massive relief that this can bring.
2. It boosts your confidence
Most a time, you will get anxiety attacks when you have to face people and you are not sure how they will perceive you. However, with the best skin care routine in tow, you will be able to boast of a flawless face that you will not be afraid to show to your boss or even potential employers. Though indirectly, your diligent skin care will have relieved you off the stress of having to worry about your appearance and leave you only to worry about other factors like the presentation at hand. In addition, when you are confident you will be better suited to carry out your daily activities thus the chances of getting stressed will have been significantly slashed.
3. Forces you to sleep 
Quality sleep is an integral part in the achievement of a naturally glowing skin. This is because it is during your sleeping period that you skin gets time to undo all the damage that may have befallen it throughout the day. Now, six hours, as recommended by health experts, will be enough time for your skin to regenerate and kick out all the toxins. The good thing is that the benefits of this beauty sleep will not end there. They will also be extended to your stress management. This is because research has shown that better sleep reduces stress and irritability to a great level. The truth is that you will enjoy a more clear head and hence more resistance to stress after sleeping well than when you haven’t slept a wink. Therefore, if your skin care routine involves you sleeping early, it will be by extension, helping you keep stress at bay.
In an attempt to get a flawless and beautiful skin, most people are opting for best skin care routines. These are laid out plans on how you will take care of your skin each and every day. They involve clearly spelled out steps that must be followed diligently each day in order for you to achieve the kind of skin you desire. However, apart from being excellent beauty nurturers, these routines have also been shown to help in the management of stress. This is because they offer women a good distraction whenever they are weighed down by issues; forces them to sleep more and even makes them more confident. Now, these threes are major players in the management and eradication of stress. In essence, we can conclude that indeed skin care routines can also come in handy in the management of stress.

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