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Grow Long and Strong Eyelashes - Few Beauty Tips

Beauty tips! The most looked upon section by almost all women. Every woman or girl has a greed for looking more young, beautiful along with an evergreen charm on their face. This greed automatically makes them look for beauty tips and remedies, for younger looking skin and ways to beautify their eyelashes. 

But having a beautiful skin all through your life is not an easy job. It requires a lot of effort and a regime of good diet and exercise. Only the ones blessed with good genetics, do not require must efforts. Besides skin the most beautiful feature of a woman's face i.e. eyelashes, are also very tender and require good maintenance. With the fast and drastic changes taking place in environment and changes in lifestyle, there is a rise in the issue of eyelash fall off, thereby increasing the demand for good eyelash enhancement products and tips for eyelash care. 

How to Get Thicker Eyelashes?

If one has thin eyelashes then, making them thick would not be a tedious job. On the other hand if one has certain skin allergies or other such conditions then it may be a bit time consuming to have thick, strong and lengthy eyelashes. Well, in order to have thick eyelashes there are certain ways and products available. Here is what you can do to have long and thick eyelashes. 

Make it a habit of grooming your eyelashes and taking care of them as you do for your hair. This requires brushing your lashes once or twice a day with the help of an eyelash brush or comb. Use a few drops of vitamin E oil to brush your lashes or simply apply it onto your lashes. This habit of daily brushing stimulates lash growth and makes your lashes look softer and thicker. You can also use olive oil and Vaseline for this purpose. 

You can go for a mascara, a regular one or the one especially formulated for enhancing your eyelashes. But in case of certain severe conditions a mascara does not prove beneficial and may not give the required result. 

The most easy and safe option is the use of eyelash serum. These serums work genuinely for eyelash enhancement and even show effective results. An eyelash enhancing serum with all natural and effective ingredients works for critical conditions also. These serums are known to have NO side effects and can be used by anyone. Moreover such eyelash enhancing serums have a property i.e. some of them come in the form of a mascara performing dual function of a mascara and an eyelash enhancer. 

Choose Safe and Effective Products for Thicker Eyelashes:

Go for a product that aids in growth of thicker eyelashes, as choosing an effective eyelash enhancer is a tough decision and even a small mistake may get one to land in trouble. Eyes are the most sensitive and delicate organ and using a wrong product brings huge risk of damaging them. So it is better to avoid any such condition and have a proper research done before going for any product.

Reviews of Eyelash Enhancement Products:

Here are a few products to choose for, in order to have safe and effective eyelash enhancement. 


An all-natural eyelash enhancing serum that works safely and effectively to enhance eyelashes, thereby giving them good volume, length and making them thick. Maxolash is known to promote eyelash and eyebrow growth naturally, and moisturize them with the help of hyaluronic acid and pro vitamin B5, thus stimulating follicle cells and promoting new hair growth.

Idol Lash:

This eyelash enhancer claims to be formulated to increase eyelash length and thickness to their full potential. It is known to work without the use of a mascara and is said to be available for a price of $70.75 with ingredients like alfalfa and wheat germ.  

M2 lash activating serum:

An eyelash enhancing serum that promises to promote eyelash growth in 6 to 8 weeks. Moreover it is available for a whooping price of $135 for a 5ml container.
Make Up Tips for Thicker Eyelashes:
  • Apply make up properly
  • Avoid rubbing of eyes while applying or after application of makeup
  • Curl your lashes
  • Apply mascara properly
  • Use a gel liner
  • Remove your make up properly 
What to Look for in Eyelash Enhancement Products?

Here are tips on what to look for in an eyelash enhancement product:
  • Ingredients-all- natural
  • Proof of clinical studies
  • Effective working formula
  • The actual ts cost
  • Money back guarantee

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