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Swimming equipment – so many amazing choices

When it comes to swimming equipment, there just are so many options. Let’s overwhelm you with some of the choices available. There are swim paddles and resistance gloves, swim snorkels, training aids, bags and backpacks, ear plugs and nose clips, kickboards, pull buoys, swim caps, swim facilities and deck equipment, swim fins, and swim goggles, to name the more obvious.

All of this swimming equipment, and more, is available at eSwimElite. There are many different types of product for each sort of swimming equipments, differentiated by quality, look and brand name. It’s hard to know what you’ll like until you search yourself but let’s help you by giving some selections for you to peruse. Remember that for each item selected here, there are many more available so don’t think the options are exhausted by the following list. We’ve only made a few choices that we especially like but as always the final selection is over to you:

•        Earplugs.

•        Earplugs made by Finis

•        These are particularly comfortable with an effective seal

•        Their specialized shape stops the plug from going too far into the ear

•        They are easily cleaned which stops possible infection

•        Kickboards

•        Kickboards made by Adidas

•        These are carefully designed to give the best buoyancy

•        Designed ergonomically to ride well in the water

•        They improve technique and strength

•        Arms are well supported with pre-molded hand grips

•        They are tough, made from 100% EVA foam

•        Swim caps

•        Swim caps made by Adidas

•        These are made from latex, giving added strength and durability

•        They fit securely, giving you confidence that the cap is doing what it should

•        Swim googles

•        Swim goggles made by Adidas - Hydropassion goggles

•        These are unisex

•        They don’t fog up and they provide protection against UV

•        They are made with a beautifully soft seal, giving a wonderful sense of comfort

•        They have a double strap, easily opened and closed

•        They are made from durable 100% thermoplastic gum

•        Swim teaching platform

•        Swim teaching platform made by Finis

•        Designed for swimming lessons in deeper water, this marvellous platform means that learners and the less experienced can rest, wait for the next instruction and prepare to follow the instructor’s advice in security

•        This is a tough structure, resistant both to sun and chlorine

•        It can be easily modified to become higher or lower in the water

•        It’s easily carried

•        Its railings are readily removable, facilitating its adjustment and flexibility

Choosing swimming equipment, especially given what can seem a bewildering array, can be a challenge, But no more. The team at eSwimElite have done the hard work already and made important selections. You need only come and be wowed by the choices available. You’ve just seen a very small part of our range, and we didn’t include the pictures or the price. Check that out yourself, Time to spend a little time with eSwimElite and plunge into the swimming equipment world. 

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