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Hi everyone! Totally new to this, just crossed over from Dailyburn.. which I love! The social aspect isn't as huge over there, and it's a great app for keeping track. To those of us lacking motivation, I'm here to help! Feel free to add me, and have your friends add me. I may be new to MFP, but losing weight is nothing new to me.

Let's start out with a few facts. I live a sedentary life. I'm a huge gamer, and Reddit enthusiast. Also - I've tried everything, or so it seems. I'm 22 years old, and 183 lbs. At the beginning of 2011 I lost 26 lbs using Dailyburn, with the help of my ex boyfriend. After ending the 3 year relationship, I put almost all of it back on. Now that I'm in a new relationship and almost to the 'comfortable' phase, I need all the willpower I can get to stay focused!

I work the night shift at a desk job, and work out at Maximum Fitness 24/7 in WDSM. Feel free to join :)

Love, jaimrlx.

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