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Online workouts I liked this week

Well there were a lot of wrenches thrown into my workout plan this week. 

I may have mentioned here that I made a pact/schedule for myself in order to make progess on my weight loss journey:

  • January: logging and staying on track with calories
  • February: Fitting in my workouts 3-4X a week
  • March: Challenges: pushups and squats
  • April: Try new workouts, boot camp perhaps?
  • May: Up the intensity (Insanity maybe)

So I planned to hit the gym MWF and maybe Saturday this week.

I was successful on Monday, and then on Tuesday I found out I had a required meeting during the time I planned to go to the gym on Wednesday.  I like to do intervals and upper strength training at the gym -- and that was Wednesday's schedule.  Since I am in the middle of the 200 squat challenge now, I am not using weights for the lower body or doing anything else.  

Long story short, I ended up working out at home Wednesday AM. I don't have heavy weights at the moment, and don't have a lot of space to store them, so I have been trying not to really buy much.  I also can't really jump around with workout videos.  Squeaky floors and my downstairs neighbor also works from home. 

I found 2 great links for some workouts:

1.  Standing ab workout: I felt this the next day!  Even though it seems easy.  It is also practical for my small apartment.  Not too noisy.

2.  Workout builder on  This site seems a little flaky, but you can grab 8 videos to string together a workout.  I haven't had it successfully load when trying a focus area, but I just browsed all the workouts to find what I wanted.  I built a good upperbody workout yesterday and I am feeling it today.

And as for those intervals?  I did some at the gym on Tuesday and walked to the park to hit the stairs (there is a run with about 80 stairs) a few times.

Happy exercising!

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