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That Old Familiar Flab

In six weeks, I plan on going to Tenerife.  Last October, I went to the same place, with the same bikini (hey, it actually fits now...) but in much worse shape.  Now that it's six weeks away (and the hubs is finally working out with me.  Only took a year of nagging.) I have a few goals and a little plan.

Today, I decided to do a little fitness test.  I am severely disappointed in the results.  By the way, this is  by no means a cry for sympathy.  I don't want any pats on the back, telling me it's ok I have become so out-of-shape.  It's not.  I used to be able to do 25 normal push-ups followed by 25 with my feet on a chair.  Today, I did 10.  That's it, 10, feet on the floor.  I almost cried.

Work-out                          Goal for October             Today's result

Push-ups                       100                                     10

Squats                            200                                     86

Ab hold                           2 minutes                          30 seconds

Dips                               150                                      20

Superman                    100                                      10 (kept feeling like I would throw up)

Oblique crunches       100/side                             15/side

Side-plank raises       50/side                               10/side

Reverse crunches      50                                        40

Overall, pretty embarrassing results.  I'm definitely looking forward to getting back to where I was three months ago.  I am so sick of feeling flabby!

I'm going to be following the hundred push-ups plan and similar for all the other things.  We'll do circuit training for all of these, three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) with two short runs during the week and one long run at the weekend, plus a rest day on Sunday.  I've got my half-marathon at the end of September and Tenerife in October.  Looking forward to the new challenge!

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Panda_Jack wrote 49 months ago:
sarah44254 wrote 49 months ago:
ohhh yeaaaaah :) you'll end up stronger and less flabbier than before!
goron59 wrote 49 months ago:
I reckon you did your test at a low ebb, and think you'll be 75% to your goal with days.

Nice post though... Inspiring me to see how I'd fare on this (poorly, I expect!)
LKFISHER wrote 49 months ago:
at least u are trying i have just about gave up i get so depressed cause my weight comes off so slow it took me over a 16 months to loose 70 lbs and now i find myself regaining i need motivating bad and i need to stop my pitty party on myself and get back to it good luck to you. you will do great...
spyro88 wrote 49 months ago:
Wish I could even do what you're at today!

Good luck

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