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I feel compelled to share something I just experienced, especially after seeing some updates about "rewards / justifications" on some of my friends' pages and in the forums . My friend Denise loves the saying "You are not a dog, don't reward yourself with food".

This is so true. I've been good so I'm gonna eat "x" or haven't had this in a while so I'm gonna treat myself. REWARD.  No. You are not a dog. Stop it with food rewards.   Instead: if you want to eat it. Just eat it Because you CHOOSE to eat it. Because you can, because you make the choice to.

With that said, we all have trigger foods and foods we gravitate to ...foods that we crave and want. Foods that we often know we shouldn't eat, want to eat less of. But we think we cant cause we just gotta have them ...can't stop. ME. I was 236 pounds of walking bread carbs minus bones and vital organs. If it was bread, a cookie, a cake, a bar, a cracker ...I was eating it. Was all I wanted, grab it, eat it, no desire or room for anything else. Didnt keep me full, craved more of same.

With that in mind .... Flash to this afternoon when I was having late lunch. I steadfastly eat my protein my big game changer. I eat very few grain carbs and sugary things. My cravings stopped after a few weeks of cutting back. But ...Ive still been eating some crackers with my bowl of egg or tuna salad. Today, counted out my 15 Kashi asiago cheese snack crackers. As I was eating ...I realized I really didn't want them. Just wasnt wanting them.  So ..I stopped. Only ate 7. That was a WHOA moment for me.

My point is this. If there is a food or group of foods you want to cut back on or stop entirely ....JUST DO IT. One step at.time. You must be steadfast and stick with it for a few weeks .. let your body do its thing and adjust. You WILL stop wanting it as much. Once YOU are in control, then you  can choose to have some if you want. You are in control, not your cravings.

 Mindset switch. YOU are in control. You CHOOSE.

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dianacannon89 wrote 44 months ago:
Love it! Food rewards are my biggest problem but I am getting through it! I am beating my chocolate cravings and baked good cravings slowly with substitutions and better choices! Nice post!
Nillia2 wrote 44 months ago:
Yess!! first challenge was to drop bread for 2 weeks and it worked, and I dont crave it now, nor anything bread related actually. That challenge made me realise I didnt need it!
CordeliaDiane wrote 44 months ago:
This is just what i needed to read right at this moment! Thank you very much.
thriftycupl wrote 44 months ago:
Eating and what we eat is a choice like so many other things in life. I love that I have choices and some days I love to make the choices that aren't good for me. What I love the best is that it's my choice and I hold myself accountable (oh yeah and my friends on here). Thanks for the reminder and keeping our choices in front of us.
mpf1 wrote 44 months ago:
very well written! well said.
optimumchill wrote 44 months ago:
Excellent post!
Thatsdatdiva601 wrote 44 months ago:
I agree with all u said. Thanks for sharing.
ITTISSDONE wrote 44 months ago:
So very true because I do have those trigger foods and it gets easier and easier...
EDesq wrote 44 months ago:
I tell ya what,when folks realize that this wheat/gluten thing has a lot to do with a lot of health problems, and decide to STOP the gluten and wheat, that alone will change your desire for ALL those baked goods, confections... When I chose to stop eating wheat and gluten after 2-3 weeks, my world changed AGAIN. I wasn't allergic to wheat or gluten, or so I thought, until I stopped eating it. Then BOOM, "airborne" allergies (nose itching and sniffles) stopped, ankle swelling stopped (can NOW see my ankle and feet bones!), itching stopped that I "thought" was coming from "airborne" stuff. YES! We DO have Control. It took a while for me to be able to DO what I am doing now for myself, but I am sure Grateful that I built up the Will to exercise My Control. And the "Strange" thing is that no one seems to want to discuss wheat/gluten/dairy allergies. These are Major causes of Inflammation and Inflammation is the cause of most-if-not-all diseases (heart disease, diabetes, cancers, arthritis...) There is a reason we are craving these things and how they "tear-up" our Bodies from the inside. Great Blog Post!
Snitch1 wrote 44 months ago:
I have not been able/nor have I tried, to cut out any specific group of food. But, I have changed the way I eat. I eat slowly, and when I haven had enough, I just..STOP. Especially if we are out a a restaurant..I usually will continue to "pick" at the remaining food on my plate..but no more, now I pour SALT all over the plate. I don't like salt, so that def makes it unappetizing to me.
bkbakersgirl wrote 44 months ago:
Thanks for that. It's nice to hear that there are easier times coming... something to look forward to instead of dreading years of 'craving'. Lol. I have cut back BIG TIME on sweets. It's nice to know that since I've changed the habit, my body will adjust.
jeenuhpee wrote 44 months ago:
this is uberly fantastic. I agree with it all.
angel823 wrote 44 months ago:
Totally true. Ive experienced this myself. People change and it all leads to self control. Once you realize, just how u realized, you feel soooooo much better about urself and end up realizing that not only do u have control over what you eat but also about everything in ur life. Keep up the good work!
cardozm wrote 44 months ago:
i choose !!!!
butterfli7o wrote 44 months ago:
I SO needed to read this today! Thank you~!

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