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Transformation Day 51

Well, tomorrow is weigh in day.   I have cheated and peeked.  I was down by 4 lbs, but, being a woman, I gained 1.8 pounds from last night to this morning.  But not sweating it, my goal was 2 pounds a week and it is great if I can do that.  Anything more is a bonus.  Ok, so funny thing happened yesterday.  I stepped on the Wii, which I hadn't done in a while, but I had set a goal of 10 pounds in a month and wanted to weigh in at the end of the month for it.  The Wii got mad at me because I am losing too fast.  Lol.  I get mad at myself for not losing fast enough.  Its all about perspectives.  Plus the machine is worried I won't keep it off.  I will keep it off, I don't want to have difficulty tying my shoes ever again! 

 I think my daughter tried to give me a compliment yesterday.   Haven't seen her in a couple of weeks and she came over and we went to dinner.  In the car she said "Wow, you have lost weight, your stomach doesn't touch the steering wheel anymore, you have plenty of room now. "  She is such a sweet child, with a wonderful way of using words....

 Veggie Humus Wrap at Earth Fare for lunch today.  YAY!  I love that store.  I have to cook dinner for my parents, who come from a line of farmers, so meat and potatoes is about all they can consider eating.  I might shake them up and get them some couscous or something, lol.

 On another note.  My husband has promised that when I hit the 50 lb goal, he will get me a charm from Tiffanys and I can get a spa day with the works.  Hair, nails, pedi, massage.   Even more motivation now.  I promised him a trip to VS (Victoria Secret) when I get thin enough.  Its a win win situation!  ( Just in case there is any confusion, my husband will not, I repeat, will not be wearing the VS, I will.)


Tip - Skinny Cow Ice Cream.    Its one of my favorites!  

Transformation Day 50 WOW

Wow, 50 Days!   Feels just like yesterday.  And what do I do to mark this milestone?  Something stupid.  I wasn't even using my head.  I know that we are taking my daughter out to dinner tonight.  I packed a nice low cal lunch.  My friend says "I am happy you are getting healthy, I miss our lunches."  I said, "We can still have lunch together, I can eat what I want, just have to keep in my calories."  So she invited me to her house at lunch for pizza.  Which, hey, would be ok if I ate one slice.  BUT NOOOOO!  I had every intention of eating one slice, but it was sooo good.  I had to have another.  Almost wanted a third.  Almost.  But I did have 2.  Weird thing, now I feel overly full.  I have regret for eating it, because of the calories, but I also have regret because I don't feel too hot from it.

On to more inspirational rantings.  It has been 50 days since I started my transformation and thank you to everyone who has been here with me through this.  If I keep up the rate I am going, by this time next year I would be 100 pounds lighter.  I will shed an entire, extremely skinny person.  ;).  Lets look at some of the benefits I notice since I started this:

  • Tons more energy, to the point of me being my old annoying self.  I can't stand to just sit and watch tv anymore.
  • Loose clothes!
  • Less joint aches!
  • Loose rings!
  • Better body functions!   I don't want to re-enter the land of TMI.  Refer to one of my older blogs if curious.
  • More compliments!
  • Less chins!
  • Fit in boothes at restaurants!  (that was really embarrassing when I couldn't)
  • Better disposition.

All in all I am feeling so much better.  I am excited.  I am so glad I finally got off my big fat ass (which is less so now) and did something about this.  I am very thankful I found MFP.  And greatly appreciate my friends on here that have motivated and supported me.  I couldn't have done it without you all.  Thank you.

Well, I better go work off some of that pizza.

Tip - Every once in a while, take a step back and review your progress!

Transformation Day 49

I survived the long weekend.  YAY!  Now back to work so I can relax a bit, lol.  I had a great NSV moment today.  I hadn't been to the gym in a week, due to ankle and busy and working out at home.  One lady told me that I look like I have lost weight and another that I barely know (just say hi as we pass by in the locker room) Told me I looked great and what was my secret.  I of course had to tell her all about MFP.  It really feels good to have people validate that you are getting results.  I made the mistake of trying on some old cloths this weekend and they were a couple of sizes below what I wear now.  They didn't fit and I had this self doubt starting.  But my spirits are up again.  Thanks to the ladies at the gym.

So, is it ok to have negative thoughts on men studying to be priests?  For the past couple of weeks I haven't been able to get a lane in the pool because 3 Jesuit students have decided that would be a great time to swim.  :(   I know they have every right to be there.  I just hate that my routine has been shanghaid.  I am a creature of habit.  I had to "float" with the floater today and wait for a lane to open.  I did water weights, but not the same calorie burn as swimming laps.  I guess I will have to get up at 5:15 instead of 5:30 so I can get a lane...ugggg

Tip - Pickles.   Lost of pickles are zero calories and good to nibble on if you have the munchies.

Transformation Day 47


Well, busy busy weekend.  I have a rose bush, lilac and some other tree to plant today, then everything will be planted and I will have to find some other way to expend calories.  The reason it takes so long to plant anything is my yard is all bedrock.  There is no simple digging a hole, you have to use a pick axe.  But it is a great work out.  

 Even though its a holiday weekend, I still have kept under my calories.  My family wants me to make ribs, potato salad and corn today.  2 ribs is 340 calories.   I will make myself 2 veggie burgers instead and still have less calories!   Its all about choices.  I could have the ribs and then do a big work out to burn them off.  Or I could fill up on the veggie burgers (black bean) and not have to sweat it (pun intended),  Besides, I want to go to the movies tonight (Men in Black 3) and get some popcorn!


Well, here it is, the much asked for pictures.  They aren't very good because it was a cell phone.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The new garden I dug out and planted 

 Image and video hosting by TinyPic

3 little bushes I planted

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The new flower box I put on the deck and added pansies ( I like pansies)


Tip - Enjoy life.  You don't have to eat cardboard to lose weight, just stay under the alloted calories and get some exercise in.


Transformation Day 45 Yay Me!

Ok, today is Day 45 and I have officially lost 21 pounds.  I feel so good about his.   I have doubled the projected weight loss!   I hope I can keep up this pace.  I would love to shed another 20-30 pounds before the possible trip to the UK. 

Today someone told me I had a swamp ass.  I was so confused and asked what the hell a swamp ass was.  For those of you who are like me and don't know, she said it was when your pants sag so much in the butt it looks like they were dragged through the swamp.  I think she is wrong, I looked it up and it is when your butt crack sweats and ...welll eww.  But, I still like the sentiment that my pants look too baggy!

 Today I was going to lunch with a friend and we went to this wonderful deli.  I researched it before we went, they had a cool website where you could build your sandwich or salad before you went and it would tell you how many calories.   THANK GOD!  I now know why I got as fat as I did.  I love pastrami.  Just the meat, nothing else was 1168 calories.  That is not a typo, that is a thousand.  Corned Beef (also one of my old favorites) just for the meat 568 calories.  Then add a couple hundred for the buns.  OUCH.  I built a huge salad with tons of yummy stuff for a lot less.

 For those wondering about mom, the doctor will not do anything until she gains weight and increases her strength.  I wish I could just give her my weight, it would help both of us so much.  After that happens, there is another experimental medicine that looks promising.  It does have a couple of side effects, one being weakening of the heart.   I told mom I rather die of a heart attack then cancer taking over the body.  She isn't agreeing with me....YET.


TIP - I know I have given you this tip before, but it is so important.  If you know you are going out to eat, check the menu and preplan your calories.

Transformation Day 44

So today is the day I take my mom to see the specialists and find out what, if anything they can do for her.  I am worried and scared.  I hate bad news and prefer to live in my state of denial and convince myself that all is well.   But, can't get her better if we avoid this.  She wants fast food on the way there and the way back.  So today may be a wash, but I want her to enjoy.  She loves fast food.  I usually won't let her have it.  I try to make her eat healthier stuff.   But I will try to make today as pleasant as possible, considering the circumsstances.  I won't even preach how bad the fast food is.

 I had quite a work out in the garden and yard trying to get out my aggravations.  The neighbor came over and said that my new garden was so lovely and that she liked to sit on her porch and look at it.  Makes me feel good that others like it to.  My husband said it was nice, but he has to.  lol.

 I have noticed that my HRM has me burning 1/2 the calories that the database on MFP reports.  Could explain my stall a couple of weeks ago.  I am glad I have a more accurate number to go by.

 Tomorrow is official weigh in.  I hope I can add a charm.  I am feelign positive about it  I have been working hard and eating below calories.

 In August I may be going to the UK.  I want to get down so I won't be embarrassed about asking for a seat belt extender or even worse being forced to pay for 2 seats or kicked off the flight.  These have never happened but it is my fear.  So, I have almost 3 months to lose 20 pounds, then I will be the a little less then what I weighed the last time I went.

 Tip- Today's tip is borrowed  from something on the foruml   Please go read it, it is excellent advice.

Transformation Day 43

I cannot believe I have made it 43 days so far!  I am feeling better, more energy and happier.  I wish I would have started this long ago!

One thing that sucks is my ankle has knocked me out for a bit.  Some people say do something else. But even sitting it feels like someone is taking an axe to it, so don't have the desire to really do anything (but feel sorry for myself).  I figure it will work out, it usually only knocks me out for a couple of days.  From what I read, it is good to let your body rest, you burn fat more efficiently if you do.

Tomorrow I take mom to the doctors, so kind of anxious about that.  I will be able to get a work out in before that and I will definitly do it to burn some of this anxious energy off.  (hoping the ankle is better).  

I am also super excited because I bought some fig trees and yesterday they had little figs on them.  I love figs and they are healthy, thats for sure.

Sorry this is a boring blog, just not one of those days where I feel I have a lot to contribute.  

Tip - Cinnamon (ceylon)  It has so many health advantages.  It fights diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancer, etc.  It also promotes weight loss.  I get it on amazon and take 2 pills a day.  (Ok, haven't taken it in a year, because I forgot about it, just started again on Monday).

Transformation Day 42 - My HRM

Well, I used my new HrM today (I got a polar FT40) and I have discovered that I do not work out half as hard as I thought.   My glider says I burned 100 calories, my HRM says "Nice try but it was actually 43."  This is good to know so I won't think I have burned more than I actually have.  I am going to do some research about heart rate and calorie burn.

I also added some belly dancing and cardio workouts to my Netflix for when my ankle decides to be kinder to me.  IT is still not too hot, but trying to work through it. 

If anyone has any advice or knowledge to pass to me about HRMs I would appreciate it.  I worry I am not using it right.  I do love that I put mine on the little disk and it loads it to the computer, that is cool.  

 I will be so happy when I am in better shape and I can work out like it it nothing.  


Ok, Tip - if you can get an HRM I highly suggest it because you really can't trust calorie burn that is posted on web, you have no idea who posted it.

Transformation Day 41

Wow, 41 days and I am still excited.  I have never lasted at trying to be healthy for this long.  I think the difference this time is this is not a punishment.  I am not depriving myself.  I am not going to bet hungry.  I am not working out until I cannot move.  I am eating healthier.  I am working out.  I am feeling healthy.  

Its weird.  I have a lot more energy and I don't crave junk.  I still eat foods I like, but I don't have huge plates full and then go back for seconds, then afterwards lie in bed saying "Oh I am so full"  I have also noticed my digestion is a hell of a lot better.  **WARNING:  ABOUT TO ENTER THE TMI ZONE**  I used to have diarrhea all the time.  Now I am a normal person.  I do not have to run to the restroom in stores (except occassionally to pee cause I drink so much water and tea).  It is nice.  I think maybe the main contributor to that issue was fast food fats and over eating.  My body had to figure out a way to get rid of it fast because more would be coming.  OK, off the gross subject.

I have made some wonderful friends on here and that has helped me alot.  All the support I get on my blog helps me to continue to carry on too.  I feel I am not only doing this for me but for all of you.  So Thank you.

Tonight my husband wants spaghetti, I am looking forward to it, Then a work out with the Wii fit and test how accurate they are!  I just got my Polar FT40 heart monitor my husband bought me and I can't wait to try it out.  I am lucky to have such a supportive partner. I am so glad I decided to give marriage one more try (I have had 2 previously failed marriages).

I would also like to invite all of you to join Reesie and my group.  It is called The Charmed Ones and for every 5 lbs you lose, you buy yourself a charm.  Its really motivating and fun.  

So, Tip of the day...

Pat yourselves on the back you deserve it.

Transformation Day 38


Oh my what a busy day.  I almost forgot to do my blog today.  And we know I kind of slack of on it when its the weekend.  Anyhow... I am here and didn't forget.  Where to start...

 I lost 1.7 pounds in this weeks weigh in.  YAY!!!!  I was worried because the previous week I gained.  I refused to log it though.  I told myself I would post whatever it was the following week, so in essence I really lost 5.7 pounds.  That stupid TOM, I really hate him! 

Reesie and I started a new group.  Its called The Charmed Ones and it kind of reflects our attitude.  Supporting others and recognizing the accomplishments we are making.  You are all  welcome to join.

 As some as you know my mother is fighting cancer.  She has gone from 280 pounds down to 97 in a few  years.  Its from the cancer and being nauseous all the time.  So our goal as her family is to get her to gain weight.  That has added to my waistline.   Last night she said Beef Stroganoff sounded good.  So, I got home from work, checked on hubby, went to the store, went to her house and cooked.  My father informed me that he does not eat beef stroganoff (since when?) and I made myself a veggie burger.  Mom ate 2 bites and was full.  I am not complaining about that and I guess I have kind of gotten off the point.  The point is supposed to be that even if you have to make fattening foods for your family, you can have the will power and make yourself something healthy and good.  The veggie burger was wonderful  I added sauteed mushrooms, avocados, cheese, tomato and blue chees dressing.  In fact it was a double burger and the entire thing with corn on the cob was only 569 calories and filled me up. 

 You guys are all great and have kept me going.  Thank you.


Tip - Parkay spray.  Zero Calories, Zero Fat

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