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No more physio

I've just had my last physio session, at least my last planned physio session.

Wilna thinks I'm basically good now, probably have been for a while, but I'm managing the aches and pains properly and generally avoiding any new injuries.

The fact that Wilna is about to go on maternity leave is a complete coincidence.

I'm back to running again. Not as much as before, but certainly back to my old pace. I can walk medium distances in work shoes without buggering up my knees.

Now I have to get my head out of recovery mode and into developing fitness mode again.

Oh, and I somewhat failed to stay booze free for June, but my weight is still coming down a bit, so I'm cool with that.


Hmm, that didn't work out, lets try again

I wanted to make an observation that I've been visiting the staff canteen too much recently (crap food, too much fat/salt etc), and not pushing myself in getting back to fitness.

Then I spotted that my last post in April said exactly the same thing.


Well I'm going to say the same thing again now.

I must:


  • Not use the staff canteen and eat healthier lunches instead
  • Progressively get back into running.
  • Do other fitness-related things and not just walking. 


Also inspired by @slimmerchick, I think I'll try to give up booze for the rest of the month of June.



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