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You're Drinking Black Coffee?!?!?

Our intern is a good kid. He is bright, young, athletic, fairly health conscious and pursuing a possible military career in addition to his college education.

I'm at the coffee station and he's loading up his coffee with sugar free creamer. I'm pouring my second cup of coffee for the day, black.

He says, "You're drinking black coffee?!?! You should put some of this in there," he says pointing to his container of creamer.

I said, "Nope, it's loaded with bad stuff...not doing it."

"But it has no calories," he explains.

"Uh, yeah it does!" I answered, watching him scramble to read the label. "Okay," he grants me, "there are like 30 calories in a serving."

"Which is how much...what, a teaspoon?"

"Why are you worried about 30 calories? You're fit," he says.

Huh? Me? Fit?

It is absolutely absurd for me to think of myself in those terms. Though if I math it out, I realize that if I've been biking like I have been and counting calories that at some point, fitness should happen, right?

We talked briefly about how it's really more like 100 calories per cup of coffee if I drank it the way I used to (cream and sugar), and I'd have two cups a day, which was 200 calories. Multiply that by seven days a week. 1400 calories worth of coffee. And it's not just's uncounted olives on a salad, handfulls of nuts, uncharted cocktails. Thousands of extra calories - and no exercise as a buffer - adding up over time.

"You don't know this because you've only been here for a month, but I used to weigh a lot more than I do now," I confessed, "so this is not about me being all calorie obsessed. This is still kinda new and I pick my splurges carefully."

"Actually, your online photo for Outlook? You..." I could tell he'd just waded into uncomfortable waters.

"Were a lot fatter in that picture?" I offered, laughing.

"I didn't say that!" he said, laughing, too.

"It's okay, I'm really happy now," I said. "And I need to get that damn photo retaken."

"Yeah, you do."

Fit. Me. Wow.

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franklyskarlett wrote 23 months ago:
Love this! I'm so insanely proud of and inspired by you.
MaryRegs wrote 23 months ago:
YEAH!!! Fit....YOU!!! Happy Wednesday my friend!
MaryRegs wrote 23 months ago:
YEAH!!! Fit....YOU!!! Happy Wednesday my friend!
angievaughn wrote 23 months ago:
That's great!! You should be proud!!! You are fit!! You are amazing!!
cdhaverland wrote 23 months ago:
Fit and inspirational!
futuresize8 wrote 23 months ago:
You all are MY inspiration! And I love being here for you and with you!
dawnblu wrote 23 months ago:
That is so freakin' cool. Way to explain it to him. I also need to get my work photo retaken. My hair was short and my face was fat making me look older than I am now and that was 10 years ago! Keep up the good work and the great blogs!
Alex_is_Hawks wrote 23 months ago:
that's awesome...congratulations!
shellihooten wrote 23 months ago:
That IS an awesome story! And those little 'things' do add up...wonderful job!
loopingcaterpillar wrote 23 months ago:
this is how i want to be :P
MommaKit79 wrote 23 months ago:
Affirmations from others are GREAT!!! AND...they make us realize how far we've come, whether we realize it or not!! GREAT Job!!
CassandraMarie3 wrote 23 months ago:
guardian419 wrote 23 months ago:
Thats awesome!!! Do him a favor and give him some homework... look up how HORRIBLE it is for you when your body drives up insulin to help take care of the extra sugar it isn't really getting from all of those chemicals. I was a Monster Absolute Zero addict until I started doing some research...
Rowena02148 wrote 23 months ago:
Way to go, black coffee drinkers!!! I drink mine with splenda or two. How about you? sugar or splenda?
Jena_72 wrote 23 months ago:
I would LOVE to see the picture you two are talking about next to the new picture of you! What an awesome story to unfold, over a cup of coffee.
futuresize8 wrote 23 months ago:
I think the other thing that gets me is that I still have like 20 pounds to go...and I appear to be "fit"?
LiliWray wrote 23 months ago:
What an inspiration you are! I agree with mrsjbarnes; this is such a wonderful story. You never know what can happen over coffee :)
futuresize8 wrote 23 months ago:
Mrsjbarnes, I'd show it to you, but he is on a different version of Outlook than me, and so I don't even have access to it. Also, I have requested my work photo in the past to have on file for stuff, but didn't do it the last time because it was so awful! I will find a before to throw into my pics, though...
Cntrygal81 wrote 23 months ago:
Such a great story - Thanks for sharing. Congratulations on your success!
nessaryan wrote 23 months ago:
Heh. Bless him. Congrats on that very very nice compliment. :)
CDCO wrote 23 months ago:
I know my comment is not going to be original, but I'm so glad you shared this! Thanks for an enjoyable read.
Nic620 wrote 23 months ago:
Thanks for sharing!!! Like this story!
jipsybird wrote 23 months ago:
Funny he insists you put some creamer in. That cracks me up. A person drinks their coffee a certain way, why insist on them doing it your way?

That's a wonderful NSV. Your pic here on MFP looks fit too (I realize it's just your face, but one can tell even from the face.) :) You are doing so well!
Siannah wrote 23 months ago:
Loving this! And yeah, get that Outlook photo retaken will you!
riosmart wrote 23 months ago:
Thats awesome! Sugar and creamer are wasted calories!
kwazgo wrote 23 months ago:
Good for you! By the way, the proper term for powdered creamer is 'dust'!
I found it was easier for me to switch to unsweetened hot or iced tea than to 'settle' for coffee without cream and sugar. I enjoy coffee much more now, still with (real) cream and sugar, just once every few weeks. Unless my wife shares a sip of hers :-)
zclark13 wrote 23 months ago:
Love it!
AriesOx wrote 23 months ago:
Great blog! I love my coffee, but I really like it creamy and sweet, so I work the calories into my day. Can't wake up without it, so it is a must. I compromised by reducing the amount of cream, and changed to stevia instead of sugar, but I have to have my coffee :)
silverman4kids wrote 23 months ago:
This was great for me to read. I just started removing all of my flavored creamer and it has helped. I won't do any fake sugar stuff, so it has taken awhile, but it works! When I need to splurge, I get a soy latte at Starbucks -- it is rich and creamy plus there soy is vanilla flavored but not fake!
futuresize8 wrote 23 months ago:
I should say that my weekend treat is some full fat creamer and organic sugar. There is nothing wrong with enjoying that if it's "your thing" and you work it in. For me, reducing intake has been about cutting out the things I don't "have" to have to make room for things I would like to have. And exercising to make sure there is room for it in my count. BUT, the most amazing thing is a virtual stranger thinking of me as healthy and having my s*** together... Okay, off to get a black coffee now.
LosingitinTX wrote 23 months ago:
I unfortunately can not seem to drink black coffee, but I do use Stevia since it is plant based. Been using it since before the craze when it was only available in drops or your ground it with a mortar and pestle yourself.
grountree wrote 23 months ago:
Day 2 of drinking black coffee for me! I never though I could do it :) I am hoping that I will come to enjoy it! Kudos to you
odditblue wrote 23 months ago:
LOVE IT!! And cheers to you, raising my cuppa black coffee in a toast to ya. =)
sjeannot wrote 23 months ago:
I drink black coffee too. No need for all the sugar and milk. I think it tastes just great without all the added stuff.
sethandjane wrote 23 months ago:
Wow - what a GREAT work story! :)
jd643 wrote 23 months ago:
Go girl!
(Added the peanut that I ate earlier thanks to this hahahaha)
Scalvak wrote 21 months ago:
I just stumbled onto this post and I love it!

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