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Yeah, I'm Talkin' to You...

...and to myself, too.

Because, you know, a friend won't tell you only what you want to hear. A true friend will tell you the truth. So...please don't take this personally. Think of this as me leaning across the table and whispering to you, "Friend, you've got a tiny bit of spinach caught in your teeth."

It seems like a lot of my MFP friends started a healthier lifestyle program about the same time as I did. I'm not a "New Year's Resolutioner"...I just so happened to start my experiment in January. It looks like the Holidays inspired a lot of my MFP friends to begin around the same time.

And I've got to tell you, here in our sixth month together? We're not doing all the same things we were doing when we started. And my progress - or lack thereof - is showing it.

You know what I'm saying, right? You are logging in and recording your food, but are you logging everything? Do you find you're taking more "days off"? Do you find yourself saying more and more, "It's just one big deal...I can get back on track tomorrow..." Do you weigh yourself and say, "I'm not recording this gain. It's not real," and not using your food journal to analyze why the gain happened? Are you finding that you're not as resourceful as you were when you started...constantly thinking of ways to do more and be healthier all the time?

All of these things are okay. They're not the end of the world. No matter what, you're still better off than you were before you started improving your life here. You are. Me, too. And that's a fact.

And it's natural. I keep telling myself this. I've lost enough weight that - while I still know I've got plenty more to lose - I'm not in "panic mode" any more. I'm in clothes I haven't been able to fit into in years, and people have commented on my progress. I do look and feel better, so I've gotten a little complacent. I think you might be feeling the same way...are you?

But at the same time, if we drift away from our newfound health and wellness, and fall back into old habits, then this wasn't a lifestyle change, was it? I don't want this to be a diet...I want this to be the real thing. For LIFE.

So, I'm recommitting myself today. I thought about three things I could do to right now to rededicate myself and get that scale moving in the right direction again:

  • I'm going to log my water every day. I was doing this in the beginning, and I stopped counting it. I don't know why. I like water, I drink a lot of it, and I should be logging it. Maybe I'm not drinking as much as I think I am. Who knows?! I am about to find out.
  • I'm going to increase my miles per day on my bike. I have gotten comfortable riding 10 miles per hour, one hour per day. I can do 11 or 12 miles per hour. I used to. It made a bigger difference in the amount of sweat and I know that more mph means I'm pushing myself. 10 has become easy. I'm shooting for 11 this week. I may also get out my little hand weights and do some arm thingies while I'm riding. I won't log this extra exercise, but I will do it to see if I can increase the burn.
  • I'm going to spend a little more time on here, supporting you. I haven't been the best at this lately, and I'm sorry. Sometimes, all I'm finding time to do is log in, log my food, and log out. I give a high five here or there, but since more people have become my friends (which I really appreciate!) I don't alway see what everyone is doing and I miss you! So, I am going to try to reach out to some of the friends I haven't seen in a while.

What can you do to recommit and increase your progress? Are you with me? Let's do this!

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kaetmarie wrote 27 months ago:
I need to get back to measuring my serving sizes. I did that really well at first, but now I'm eyeballing it .... and I think it's hurting me. Also, I need to get back to jogging. I started and stopped and started and stopped. I just need to freaking do it!

Thanks for this!! Great post :)
futuresize8 wrote 27 months ago:
Amen! I could measure a little more often too on a few things. You can do it!
bpientok wrote 27 months ago:
So easy to slip up. I work in food service and I have been finding myself sampling again this adds calories I don't log. I have a goal and would like to stick to it!! Thanks for the pep talk!!
futuresize8 wrote 27 months ago:
You got it! If I worked in food service, I'd be in TROUBLE! My thing has been that I try to make sure I haven't eaten ALL of my exercise calories, just in case I forgot something. But still... stick to that goal...I will, too!
dawnblu wrote 27 months ago:
I'm with you! this describes me to a T lately!
nessaryan wrote 27 months ago:
yup! this is me! thanks for the pep talk :)
futuresize8 wrote 27 months ago:
Thanks, Dawnblu and two have stuck with me for a long time and I love ya for it! Now...Let's re-energize...
TrishaGuy wrote 27 months ago:
That is me for the last few weeks. I hurt my knee and since most of my exercise involves my knee I have been disheartned. I am still trying to work on my ab's and arm's but not showing a whole lot on calorie burn :/ .... I like seeing the numbers. My logging has been slack and yesterday I did not even fill in or post a diary boooo. I start over today ....and WILL log everything....even those 5 chocolate covered peanuts(if I have any).Thanks for the pep talk and your honesty....the truth hurts for a minute but in the long run we need to hear it :)
miahs12 wrote 27 months ago:
OMG, that's definitely me lately. For the last 4-5 weeks or so, I've been so busy, I haven't even found time to log my food properly. But I will work on that and on my lack of workout for that matter. I'm going to run again tonight!
Thanks for your post!!
rbrannock wrote 27 months ago:
You were definitely talking directly to me on this one. Thank you for this...I needed it. I have been so slack but told myself to re-commit and I can already feel like my mind is back so it should be a "piece of cake" to get back at it. Its so easy to get off track once you've lost and you wear smaller clothes, etc. I've done it every time in the past...NOT THIS TIME. I vow to get to my goal and stay there. Best of luck to you as well.
cczar wrote 27 months ago:
Fantastic post - and oh so true. I am definitely finding that I am more "relaxed" about what I eat - need to get my butt back into gear and focus on what I am feeding my body!! It is still healthy, but I am not improving on where I was last month, which is not helping!!! Lifestyle change = finding ways to continuously improve the way I am living life today. I am definitely printing out this blog and sticking it up at my desk.
futuresize8 wrote 27 months ago:
Thanks you guys! You inspire me...we're all in the same boat and we can get control of this again any time...why not let that be TODAY! This minute! Think of how good we'll feel when we double the progress we've already made...I can't wait!
Init_to_winit wrote 27 months ago:
Wow I felt like I was reading thoughts from my own head! Thanks for the inspiration! I'm ready for my mid-year resolution to start!
amhancock wrote 27 months ago:
What a great reminder! Glad I came across your entry! Thanks!
msudaisy28 wrote 27 months ago:
This was me a week ago. I had been flirting with the same 3 pounds for 3 weeks. A friend asked me if I was being too lax with my eating or not working out as much or as hard as I had been before. I thought about it and realized that I had been having too many days where I was over by a lot. I am typically under my calories on a weekly basis, but I was slacking off on the discipline to be consistent each day rather than going over by 500 calories one day and then being 100 calories short the next 5.... Long story short, I rededicated myself last week and kicked those 3 pounds to the curb!
alumpoflard wrote 27 months ago:
I started January 1st, and am 58lb down, but it has slowed lately..I used to cut the crusts of my little boys toast in the morning and then smother them in more butter and eat them! I was a little picker who wore big knickers! I find lately that I have started to pick a little again and not log it, I don't want to go back to being the crust eater I was! Yesterday I decided that I needed to give myself a shake, stop picking, log everything and drink more water! I have just come across your blog.. Great minds think alike!
Emmabulliemum wrote 27 months ago:
great post and makes a lot of sense. I have been good and logged everyday but there have been dasy only 1 or 2 where stuff has gone un logged, but who do we cheat? only ourselves so really what's the piont. Lets get back on track and whip the weightloss in to shape
Penelope2Plyr wrote 27 months ago:
Very good blog, and thanks for the inspiration! I have been going strong for 6 weeks now and proud of the way I am beginning to look and feel. It is so much better to be 100% committed and see results, than to half-heartedly mess around and wonder if it is doing any good.
deeannhill wrote 27 months ago:
'Complacent' is definitely a descriptive I can use these days. I'm ready to be 'consistent' again! Thanks for the pep-talk!!!
franklyskarlett wrote 27 months ago:
I just started a challenge to myself this morning. I eat well all day and then when dinner rolls around I get lazy and that's either boring or unhealthy. So I'm going the whole week eating no take-out and one thing I wouldn't normally take the time to prepare every other day. And no alcohol all week. Even if I cut the calories out of the rest of my day, it shouldn't be a problem not to drink all week.
karen6266 wrote 27 months ago:
I started May 7th on MFP. I have lost 4 lbs. It's really hard but by logging my food on a daily basis it has made me really aware of how bad some of these foods are. Thanks for the pep talk and the support.
sandidorsey wrote 27 months ago:
Yep that is me! I have gotten way too complacent.

* I am going to concentrate more on drinking my water-and log it

* I need to get better at measuring portion sizes.

* I am going to MOVE more :)

Thanks for the pep talk :)
zclark13 wrote 27 months ago:
Once again an awesome blog and a great job at reading my mind!!! I have found that with the advent of summer not only am I more sedentary during the day (I'm a substitute teacher so I don't work in the summer)but I'm spending more time drinking with friends.

My new committments are:
Only one drink (adult style!)at an event.
I'm very good at water and logging it...although I stop logging at 8 even though I have more than that, it just seems pointless to make the cup overflow!
LastSixtySix wrote 27 months ago:
This is the nicest kick in the butt I've ever read. LOL Thank you. I'm recommitting to doing my knee exercises daily and getting all of my water in.
cheercoach11 wrote 27 months ago:
thank you for this! I stumbled across it, but I really, REALLY needed to hear this!
joleciamichelle wrote 27 months ago:
Thank you for being a friend!
angbak60 wrote 27 months ago:
Hum, reading my mind again??? I am guilty of not logging as correctly as I should - it doesn't change the facts. I'm doing very well with the water and pretty well with exercise, but I have to work on portion control. I get frustrated with myself because I 'KNOW' what I need to do as I've been down this path before. KNOWING and DOING are really two different things and I've gotta do better!
lastchance2010 wrote 27 months ago:
futuresize8 wrote 27 months ago:
You guys are keeping me motivated!
sunnysashka wrote 27 months ago:
I like that! I've been with MFP for over a year. I do not have much weight to lose but those 8-10 lbs keep coming back and I get rid of them and then they come back again.... So my connitment:

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