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Why, Yes...Yes I Have, Actually...

A few months ago, I wrote a post about how I felt a little discouraged that my awesome inlaws (how I adore these people...) didn't seem to notice my weight loss when we gathered for my nephew's confirmation celebration. I felt silly even mentioning it here, with all of you who are so sympathetic and supportive, because the day wasn't about me and the world doesn't revolve around me, but if I'm being honest (which I can't help), it did bother me a little.

I am not sure how many pounds down I was at that point, and other people had noticed, like my parents and co-workers. But what my inlaws are thinking really matters to me, too, and I...I guess I always want them to feel like my husband made a good choice by picking me. (Gosh...why would all the value they have in me be tied up in my appearance?! Why do I think this way?! I know better!)

Anyway, we gathered this past Sunday for my niece's graduation party and one of my sister-in-laws was walking behind me and she said, "Um, have you lost, like, a whole bunch of weight?"

Why, yes...yes I have...

My husband's aunt later motioned for me to come over. "Honey, are you losing weight? You look great!"

Why, thank you. Yes I am losing weight. I have a good bit of weight left to lose, but I am losing. I was also sporting capri pants that hadn't seen the light of day in about six years.

I had a biometric screening at work today. The screening last year left me feeling like a total loser, and not in a pounds-loser sort of way. I felt like a failure, seeing those numbers and having no idea why I couldn't be the size I wanted to be. All my blood statistics came back wonderfully, but that meant nothing to me. Isn't that stupid? Some people would LOVE to be in my place, with disease-free blood, healthy cholesterol numbers, balanced iron and triglycerides. All I saw on that piece of paper was the weight.

I'll get my blood results back in a few weeks, but the scale revealed I'd recently lost another two pounds. (It's been a few weeks since I weighed...I am not weighing weekly on purpose.)

This means I am 25 pounds lighter than I when I started here. 176 days in.

Can I do this? Yes. Am I super motivated? Affirmative. Am I proud of myself? Absolutely. Can we do this?

Yes, yes we can...

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deeannhill wrote 26 months ago:
Thanks for sharing! What a great motivator that must have been. I totally get what you mean. I know in my head that what others think of me is NOT the reason I'm on this journey. HOWEVER - it is such a bummer when people I love and look to for support kind of blow off something I am putting soooo much effort into. I'm glad you got the affirmation you needed. Keep logging & blogging!
cdhaverland wrote 26 months ago:
You are also super motivating, thanks for posting!
nessaryan wrote 26 months ago:
This made me so happy :)
pandie83 wrote 26 months ago:
This is fantastic! Glad to hear you are so motivated!
roch1972 wrote 26 months ago:
Fun blog to read! I also relate. When people ask "have you lost weight? I just love it! So even though we are doing this for health reasons and to feel fit and all that it's human nature to want to hear someone tell us how great we look! :)
lajules13 wrote 26 months ago:
I totally know what you're saying, i had already lost 20lbs and no one seemed to have noticed, other than myself. One day i walk in and a co-worker (male) tells me "you've lost weight, your pants are baggy" mind you that this is a guy who works out daily and has helped motivate me, encouraging me and egging me on. It felt so good to hear it from him, cus i respect his opinion. From that day til this day i have had all my male co-workers noticing, i try not to let it get to me when people don't notice, because i feel good about myself, i know that i have lost weight, i see it when i step on that scale, i see it with the clothes that fits me now, that didn't before. I have stuck to this and i have started exercising, and i am seeing results, so don't get down on yourself, afterall if you are doing it for you, and you notice you're doing well, that is all that matters. I'm proud to say i have lost 24lbs, not sure on inches, but i am so proud of myself and you should be too! :)
nrocpop wrote 26 months ago:
Thanks so much for sharing. I have felt those ways so many times and I feel so alone. There are people in my life that not only do not notice when I lose weight, but can notice if I gain even so much as two pounds. Their negative little remarks tear me down all the time. I wish I did not care what other people think and could just focus on what I think.
dawnblu wrote 26 months ago:
awesome! Thanks for the inspiration!
plymouth2119 wrote 26 months ago:
My sisters dont say a word to me about my weight loss, even though my nephews and nieces notice, but it used to bother me, but when I see friends I havent seen a while and co- workers they make me feel sooo good....thats all that matters... so proud of you.. Capris get it girl.. u soo got this...
MommyGamez wrote 26 months ago:
Thats great that they noticed. I wish to me sharing a story like this soon. Today if my first day trying this. Lets see how it goes! Good Luck on your continuing weight loss!
futuresize8 wrote 26 months ago:
You guys are so wonderful...for those who emailed or commented that they've got negative people in their lives, I say time to take a personal inventory of relationships!
MoveGrammy wrote 26 months ago:
Thanks for sharing. It's nice to hear comments like this one. It's hard to stay motivated at 1 lb per week. I want to lose faster! However if I stick it out like you are then I should be close to where I want to be by Christmas. Wonderful Christmas present to me :)
acelynp2 wrote 26 months ago:
I totally know what you mean. I have lost 12 lbs (still about 25 more to go) and I already look different. It has really bothered me that my workout partner, who sees me in somewhat form fitting gym clothes (and more form fitting now that I am thinner and fitter) has not said anything. I'm not doing it for her, obviously but still. None of my coworkers have said anything either despite often commenting on other people's weightloss. Ah well. Hubs has noticed and a couple of other friends commented. I know in another 7-10 lbs I will start to look really good so maybe there will be comments then. If not, well looking really good will make me just as happy! Congrats on your weightloss and finally getting some recognition! Keep up the hard work.
BaconMD wrote 26 months ago:
It took over 80 pounds before my mom said anything to me.
MaryRegs wrote 26 months ago:
Yeah...same thing here. FINALLY got the question last week-but only one person has noticed. Ugh...onward!
mishimouse101 wrote 26 months ago:
There are multiple reasons why some people would not comment-some of them to spare your feelings (too public of an event to focus on your appearance)-or to try not to put too much emphasis on your appearance in your relationship with them. I would not expect everyone to comment every time you see them. Some would rather comment one-on-one out of earshot of others. They also could have been distracted or even unsure about your progress in what you were wearing since they have not seen you in the same outfit lately to compare. A couple of supportive comments here and there is great, which you received from others. Losing the weight for yourself and the health of your marriage is the key, and you already have hubby's eye. Wait for genuine, heartfelt compliments and they will be precious. Keep up the good work! <3
OutOfBreath wrote 26 months ago:
My step-mother admitted to me she was scared to say anything, because she wasn't sure if my loss was intentional or maybe something negatively emotional behind it.
So try not to take it too personally. Weight is such a touchy subject for a LOT of people, and a lot of people prefer to avoid touchy subjects.

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