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Calcium, iron & potassium rich foods

The 3 nutrients that I've had difficulty balancing out have been calcium, iron and potassium.  Since I refuse to take supplements, I have to get my nutrition from food that i eat.  Whole foods :)  This has been a challenge for me since a) I may have malabsorption issues, genetics b) trying to fit within the guidelines of a restricted calorie diet.

Do's and don't for better absorption:

DON'T mix with tea or coffee! 

Never take with calcium or zinc!

Iron and calcium compete for absorption and calcium is the strongest.  However, one article said it's not believed to be as significant as thought before, especially in foods rich w/both.


DO eat vit C with iron rich foods and vit D with calcium.  Sip your yogurt smoothie sitting in the sunshine for 15 min :o)


Goat cheese and sardines are the best sources of calcium!

I don't know everything about this subject.  According  these minerals are needed daily NOT just once in a while?  My blood work shows me border anemic.  Since we all know that I've been fatigued for too long, I've got to make some changes in my diet.  I went to an endocrinologist/nutritionist, who proved to be most unhelpful.  This morning I was able to do some number crunching with percentages and food entries on FitDay.  My days plan is 99% on calcium and 92% potassium, iron 109%, vit E at 95%.  Can I get much closer with 1580 calories?  I can still lose weight and not be anemic! Maybe the restless leg syndrome will cease getting enough potassium.  You have to know, I'm willing to eat things that most people wouldn't because I NEED it! 

I'll continue to look for other foods rich in these that maybe I can get my calories down but I'm looking at eating a can of sardines packed in olive oil today, to get enough calcium.  Found out that cooked spinach has more iron than raw. Why?  Because it cooks down and you eat more while the iron doesn't lose it's effect cooked.  This is fantastic news!! I'm so happy to get enough iron!  I'm almost always 30-50% low in iron.  Actually, all 3 of these essential nutrients.  It's coming together and yes, I'm playing nutritionist for myself.  It takes time and dedication but it's worth it.  I'll soon have it down and be feeling like super mom!  :D  That's the point right?    I will still lose weight eating 1600 calories.  It'll be slow, but it'll be happening.

Salmon, sardines, goats cheese, chickpea hummus, black beans, plus my normal favorites, yogurt smoothie w/fresh frozen strawberries & raspberries, raw honey, blanched almonds, a piece of dark chocolate, a green salad with alfalfa, red bell pepper, red tomato topped w/balsamic vinegar, & a banana.  Every morning I enjoy that hot cup off regular coffee with fresh homemade almond milk and a fresh cup of fruit.  This morning was cantaloupe.  Loving food that God made for us is not only good tasting but beneficial for us.  I can tell right now that those sardines & goat cheese will top my salad with grilled salmon on the side smothered in fresh chopped dill.  Did you know thyme & dill are also very high in iron!!!  Very educational morning.  This is going to be a great day and I'm so looking forward to feeling strong again!

I just want to say again how much the apple cider vinegar helped to clean my inners out.  It's so good for us and natural.  Healthy for the kidneys.  Because of all the fresh produce we eat and the area we live in, picking up parasites and amebas is very easy to do.  Usually during tom I'm just dying from being so uncomfortable but this month has been a breeze and I attribute it to cleaning myself with the vinegar, honey and warm water concoction.   I'll be sure to do another 2 day flush next cycle :o)

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Redh3ad21 wrote 37 months ago:
Awesome shared information. Thanks
Redh3ad21 wrote 37 months ago:
Awesome shared information. Thanks.
I'm chasing potassium, too. I use better body foods Organic Coconut palm sugar. It has 60 milligrams of potassium per teaspoon and is made from the nectar of the coconut flower. I use the coconut palm sugar when I infuse water with fruit to sweeten it or anytime I add sugar, that way I also add potassium.
Anonymous wrote 13 months ago:
I have issues getting these 3 too. I am going to try some of your ideas for sure! Just to add, clams (can be canned) are a great source of potassium and iron as well. ☺
Anonymous wrote 2 months ago:
ya like jazz

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