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Here thar be dragons.

Since the start of July, I've walked about 33 miles with my Leslie Sansone DVDs, not to mention the usual mallwalking I do. I've also been playing a lot of DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) because it helps to keep things nice and fresh in my routine.

My body hasn't felt this generally healthy in a long, long time. It's a good feeling. 

Oh, and just for kicks, I'm going to start throwing my dragon eggs out here every now and then, too. Essentially all you have to click on them and that helps them hatch into cute little virtual dragons. Sounds like fun, huh?

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

Thanks! ^_^ 


I lost 2 pounds this week! And I earned it - thanks to Leslie Sansone DVDs, I walked 26 miles this week! 

My legs are tired now, but I can feel how much stronger I am now that I've started exercising again for real. No stopping me now! 


How could I have ever despaired at my thighs, the thighs that move my body and help me get where I need to go?

How could I have ever mourned the loss of my flat tummy, when that tummy held and sustained my son?

How could I have ever hated my breasts, the breasts that nourished my child for months after his birth?

When instead, I could have celebrated my body, no matter what it looks like, and helped to guide it and scuplt it to be what I want it to be. When I could have loved myself enough to take care of myself, rather than moaning on the couch with a bucket of ice cream and a bag of chips about the state of my life. 

My muscles are strong! They only wanted to be moved and loved! What a simple wish I refused to fulfill.

 My body is powerful! I can do anything I set my mind to, and it's time that I set my mind to something!

 I have so much to be grateful for. It's time that I start being grateful for it.

Oh, no!

I GAINED this week! .8 lb. What a sad way to get started!

 I will admit, I was discouraged. But not anymore! I can't let it stop me from being healthy. It only gives me more reason to push to greater health and a downward trend on the scale next week!

I never want to have to put weight back on my ticker again! And with MFP's help, I won't.

Hope everybody had a better week than I did! I know I'm going to have a great one this week! 

This week in review.

Calorie Shakedown: 

Saturday: 1920

Sunday: 2045

Monday: 1850

Tuesday: 1720

Wednesday: 1830

Weigh in is tomorrow! I have to admit, I'm a little bit nervous. I took last week off from exercising because I was very sick; I could barely get out of bed, let alone jog or do a fitness DVD. Even yoga probably would have been pushing it.

 It's been a while since I was inactive for a whole week and it had me worried. Would I fall back into my old habits? Would I struggle to get back into the groove once I was feeling better? Would I even want to exercise once I was feeling better?

 I started slow over the weekend, walking a little bit here and there with my hubby at the store when we shopped for groceries. Sunday, we spent about 25 minutes playing DDR and I did yoga for the first time in literally months (that's another story for another time!).

 Monday, I exercised with a Leslie Sansone Walk At Home DVD, which is a fabulous line of products in case you aren't familiar with them. They've changed the way I look at cardiovascular exercise. I also did yoga again, which was very refreshing! I felt better than I had since before I got sick, but I struggled a bit with the fast pace of the DVD. I worried that I'd lost some of my ability over my illness.

Yesterday (Tuesday), I had to rest as much as possible. My right knee was in somewhat acute pain, and I knew I wouldn't be able to hack the strenuous exercise I'd done the day before. I took a long (over an hour) walk with Charlie (husband)  and Noah (son!) at the mall, because the weather wasn't very amenable to walking outside. I overindulged on baked Tostitos and salsa - being baked doesn't make it a free food, I should have been more careful! 

Well, I paid for it this morning with a bloated tummy and a general feeling of, "Guh." I got my energy back mid-morning and spent a good while cleaning up the house (which suffered greatly when I was sick) and I even exercised with the Leslie Sansone DVD again!

My knee feels much better today, which tells me that resting it was the right thing to do. I don't feel so bad about not exercising more vigorously yesterday, although I still feel a litlte guilty about the chips. Live and learn!

And I had a much, much easier time with the DVD today. On Monday, I had a few moments where I felt like I would have to stop because my muscles were mad at me. Today, I just felt stronger and stronger the farther I went and when I was done, I felt relaxed rather than exhausted. 

I've been drinking water in huge quantities this week, too, which felt like the right thing to do as I've been pretty thirsty. My soda intake this week has been limited to about 3 glasses of diet for the whole week! I know that's going to be helpful.

I will update again after TOPS tomorrow, when I weigh in and let you know how it turned out for me! I don't trust my home scale for "official" weigh-ins, they have a doctor's scale there that's much more reliable.

Wish me luck! I hope I don't need it! :D  

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