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I Don't Want to be Obese Again! But...

It has been more than 5 years since I started this journey, but not yet 10. I lost the first 5 pounds and then the first 10 pounds. I ran a 5K and then a 10K. 

Finally I lost over 70 pounds. I also ran 8 marathons.

This is my first blog back since the wedding. Me and Ruth couldn't be happier! It is amazing what connecting with the right person can do. She supports my career goals, my diet and comes to every half or full marathon to cheer me on. The rest she runs with me.

I have written about my broken femur. Well, it's healed!

6 weeks ago I ran a half marathon and stepped in a pothole about an inch deep. It was just enough to force me to put too much weight on my left leg. That was somewhere between miles 9 and 10. I finished the race and could not wait to sit down!

I did the guy thing and waited a week before seeing a doctor.

I thought it was a flesh wound, but the doctor found a crack in the femur at the knee. Originally they though it even looked healed - an old football injury. Or in my case, motocross or hockey. 2 weeks out I went to the orthopedic surgeon. They did an MRI and found a rather large subcutaneous fracture.

Did I tell you I also had a fracture in my foot not long ago?

All this got me to thinking about why I had 2 fractures, yet I easily finished a full marathon in September. I messaged the doctor and he is going to have me in for a bone scan. It could be related to my medication, or something more sinister. I don't know.

Yeah. :(

I decided to do something more than just see doctors. I am a believer in the power of prayer (and working hard to achieve results). This past Saturday while Ruth was out shopping with her son, I went to the healing rooms and got prayer. In just a few minutes I went from walking on crutches to getting around pretty well. The bone pain was gone, Really gone!

My leg is still stiff and weak from non use, but that is manageable.

All this not running, laying bed, resting, and taking it easy make my food consumption a huge risk. I want to be back in onederland. Currently I am at 217. It sucks because I was doing so well. I always look forward to stepping on the scale when I go for my yearly cardiology check up, which is next week.

The doctor continues to smile at my progress and sticktoitiveness.

This weight loss thing is so fragile. I am doing what I know how to do and will be more and more active in the coming weeks. Portions are the key as my diet is still really good, I cut down on the fruit and upped the protein a little more. Less sugar and less carbs (which turn to sugar and stored fat).

I don't think I could manage my weight without activity. I do no't want to be obese again!

I am in for my 4th quarter checkups with half a dozen doctors. I have to get my blood drawn for PSAs next week. I expect those to be better too!

Thanks for the votes and comments, but most important, thanks for your support.

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marlown wrote 1 week ago:
You are truly one of my biggest (no pun...:))inspirations - for fitness, faith, fortitude, etc. I share your quotes often, but I am not fully practicing what I "preach". Working on it. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to more good news (and humorous "tough love").
aliciaaw wrote 1 week ago:
Another good one!
dan323 wrote 1 week ago:
Great blog David.
Aplant77 wrote 1 week ago:
With your attitude you'll be back running marathons again in no time. Stay positive - it will help you to get you where you want to go!
izzybelle2013 wrote 1 week ago:
You are probably so very sick and tired of being sick (or injured) and tired. Yet, you persevere. You are truly an inspiration. I have great faith in you. I know you will be successful.
brittvshows wrote 1 week ago:
Congrats on the wedding! No one deserves such joy as much as you. I looked for you last week and thought "oh no!" when I couldn't find you. Now I realize it was "Oh Yeah!!" for you and Ruth. Best regards to you both.
chetvr wrote 6 days ago:
No one applies that capital 'D' for determination like you do, Dave! Sending you all the good vibes and to Ruth, too.
nats2508 wrote 6 days ago:
Congrats on the wedding and I'm glad your leg is on the mend. Another great post, thank you x
jodynichelson wrote 6 days ago:
Injuries are so difficult! You are amazing! You have overcome so much! To stay at the weight you want, you will have to change what/how you eat since you can't run right now. But, that's ok. You will be fine. Look at this a temporary problem. You can do it!
Congratulations on your weight loss and wedding!!!!!!!!!
Laura80111 wrote 6 days ago:
Your journey and determination is amazing and so inspiring. Yes I too believe that prayer works. Congrats to you and Ruth ;) Thank you for sharing your ups and downs with us.
ggeise14 wrote 5 days ago:
Wishing you (& Ruth) all the best! This life journey is quite the thing - so MANY turns & twists!
runningforthetrain wrote 4 days ago:
Congratulations on your marriage to Ruth. Wishing you a speedy recovery from your fracture-- yikes! I will think of you next time I have an excuse not to exercise:)
mrswhitehog wrote 3 days ago:
Congratulations to you both!

pizzafruit wrote 1 day ago:
I don't know how you do it but I'm grateful you do.
I wish you both every happiness. You'll be back 100% in no time at all.
ericbayne wrote 24 hours ago:
Don't know you, haven't read all your blogs. But if you lost 70 pounds, kept it off, and became a onderland-dwelling marathon runner, you DO have stick-to-it-ivness. I know you will be back running again soon. In the meantime you know what to do and how to do it. MFP will do the math, you do the rest. You know you can do it because you already did. God has and will continue to bless you!
janelleu1 wrote 22 hours ago:
Yes, the power of prayer!
Vampich wrote 12 hours ago:
I would just look up exercises that are for people with low mobility or that are in wheelchairs and do them. You have come so far. That is wonderful
Hoppymom wrote 5 hours ago:
Congratulations on your marriage! I hope that you and your wife get to live a long, happy, healthy life together.

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