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I Don't Like this Meal, Not One Bit

I am not very good at returning food at a restaurant if I don't like it. I usually just don't go back. Times have changed and I now have the revenge of the Internet! I also can ask nicely for something else, or a replacement. I have had very good experiences the last two times I asked.

I never thought, what if the replacement was worse than the first plate? I guess it's possible.

Today I am not feeling too humorous. I'm heading to the dermatologist. Last time was uneventful, but I have had melanoma more than once. I remember I looked like an acne crazed teenager on Jolt Cola! My mother and brother both had melanoma; my mother's apparently led to pancreatic cancer (depending on what study you read.).

I really hate cancer.

As most of you know I was unemployed for 6 months and I have been contracting for 6 months without benefits. I am a little behind. The good news is that I was offered a fulltime job yesterday!

I was looking back over my timeline and I have been here before.

Here is what I wrote 5 years ago. I guess I was feeling sorry for myself as I walked towards the tennis courts after my appointment. Heck, I only got a few hours of sleep and things sort of suck. I was thinking how I would rather have a different lot in life - another meal because I wasn't liking this one.

My face still numb from the Lidocaine injections, I was watching one of the tennis instructors getting ready for my daughter's group lesson. My family wasn't due in for 20 or 30 minutes, so I struck up a conversation with Chris.

It sort of started with, "Well, what happened to your arm?"

"Rotator cuff repair." I said looking at the ground. My face was starting to come to.

"It's probably from your 120 mile per hour serve!," he smiled.

"I was never much of a tennis player." It made me grin thinking about taking off somebody's cherries with a fast serve like that.

"I was a pro at one time. I used to run marathons for 17 years too." Chris said. "It's over now. I had a neck injury and I will be walking with a limp for the rest of my life."

I thought to myself: man that does suck. I suppose I will heal sometime soon. In spite of my discomfort, I won't die from cancer in a few months. "Wow, I am sure that was tough to handle."

"It was an emergency surgery and I didn't get to decide how it was going to turn out - simply that if I had it, it wouldn't get any worse." Chris said with a interesting gleam in his eye.

"Life has some surprises for sure," I added.

"You know, life is good. I get paid to play tennis with kids all day. I do private lessons with people that will never achieve much, save the praise I give them. I've taught tennis to people with one arm. I go and visit US vets in hospitals that have lost limbs. I have it pretty good compared to them."

"Sure it's not my first choice in life, but it's the best second choice I could ask for."

Chris continued. "I had a dentist that gave me a couple of crowns once after I got it with a fast ball playing in college baseball. It saved me thousands of dollars. Ever since then I just give whatever I have to give - I give it everything I have. Some people call it paying forward, for me, it's life."

"Oh yeah, and your daughter, Chris said. "She is very athletically talented. With the right coaching, she'll get some stuff done."

My family pulled in, and kids started whacking tennis balls in every direction. For me it seemed a little chaotic, for Chris, he limped into the middle of the court and started hitting them back.

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izzybelle2013 wrote 1 month ago:
Excellent blog. Makes you think. And Super Congrats on the job offer. Maybe things are turning around? Hope so.
kdavid1987 wrote 1 month ago:
Just what I needed before heading into work. As always, well done!
Dootzy1 wrote 1 month ago:
Happy to hear about the job offer and hope that it suits you! Thanks for the great read!!
suttercm wrote 1 month ago:
Congrats on the job offer. The path forward is always one step at a time. You got this!
sherry0614 wrote 1 month ago:
Isn't it funny how God/fate/destiny brings someone into your life to show you perspective? Not everyone listens or sees that gift, but you did. Congrats on the new job, and stepping back onto the middle of the "court" :-)
Laura80111 wrote 1 month ago:
Congrats on the full time job offer. I agree "I hate Cancer". You are still an inspiration to those of us that have had the opportunity to get to know you through your blog. Keep up the good fight!
HappyAnna2014 wrote 1 month ago:
THANK YOU!! I needed to read this today. I both broke and dislocated my ankle/leg whilst figure skating two weeks ago, and had surgery to repair it all this past Monday. I am completely dependent on someone else for the most basic of my needs for the next 36 days and I am feeling sorry for myself. You made me realize that I don't have it that bad. Thank you. And congrats on your new job. As a computer engineer contractor, I get where you are coming from. :)

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