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Day #92 - Day of Rest

Three straight days of heavy-duty gardening is capped off by being a couch potato today.  Last night's party and the mistake of mixing wine and beer made the final decision for me!  It's another hot muggy day so I am glad to relax in the air conditioned house.

I'm enjoying the addition of a starch and fruit into the day.  Today's starch was on the forbidden list, as it wasn't made from whole wheat flour.  I enjoyed a raspberry scone, made from a mix that was quite delicious.  The scone had just 140 calories and 6 g of sugar, so the carb factor was quite reasonable.  Unfortunately, my day of laziness is not conducive to making my meals for the week.  I'm going to have to do a little more cooking in the evenings this week. 

Looks like this is a short post so that I can veg out for the rest of the day.  I'll have to periodically build in couch potato days.  Everybody needs a day to just do nothing.

92 Down, 8 to Go!

Day #91 - Gardening Queen

Five more hours in the gardens and I'm still not finished!  I have a few small beds to clean out yet and another few truckloads of mulch to buy, haul, and spread.  The good news is that the bulk of the work is finished and the gardens are beginning to look lovely again.  Maintenance after this should consist of trimming and spraying for weeds and bugs.  I sowed wildflower seeds in two beds and I'm hoping they will come up nicely and fill in the space that was previously occupied by weeds.  And I sure hope the weed block does the trick as it will save me lots of time in the future.  Tomorrow I plan to lay down more mulch and clean out the remaining beds.  I also have to do some grocery shopping and cooking, so I'll have to hold off on finishing the beds until next weekend.  One more weekend and I should be finished.  At least I don't need to add any additional exercise to they day.

I am enjoying a glass of wine while keeping an eye on the door for my delinquent cat, Gracie, who will come in when she is good and ready.  I can hear thunder in the distance and a storm looks like it may be ready to blow through.  The neighbor's party starts at 4:00, but we may wait until the cat is in and the storm is history.  I am planning on eating whatever food they put on the BBQ grill, without buns, and some fruit salad that I know the neighbor is bringing.  I made a quick run to Walmart last night to pick up potato salad and macroni salad--two items that I can't even consume.  I don't think I'd be so concerned once I hit maintenance, especially since I've burned almost 1500 calories gardening today.  Yet I don't want to screw up the success I've had on South Beach.  I'm sure I won't come home hungry.

Hard to believe I have just 9 more days to go on this program.  It's been an interesting experience.  Thanks myfitnesspal for the opportunity, and to my sister who is my fitness/weight loss buddy here.

91 Down, 9 To Go!


Day #90 - Calgon, Take me Away!

Had a good time at Sex in the City 2 last night, despite its political incorrectness.  Today I wish I could escape with some good girlfriends and leave my child behind!  We drove to Newport News for the Chick Fil-A 5K this morning.  I missed a turn and we found ourselves at the starting line 6 minutes after the race had begun.  Since we were so far behind, I stayed with Alex to make sure she'd stay on course.  I told her we could jog for 5 minutes and then walk for 5 minutes.  She refused to put any effort into it.  At the half-way point we had caught up to the walkers so I went ahead on my own to avoid clobbering her! I just can't understand how she can be so unmotivated.  Aaaaggghhh!

This afternoon Alex went to the swimming pool--opening day for the subdivision pool--while I napped and then worked in the yard.  I made some progress but there's still a ton to do.  Rain is threatening so I'm not sure what I'll get finished tomorrow.  We are going to the neighbors for a party that starts at 4:00.  I also need to make sure I have the food I need for the week so somewhere over the next two days I have to find some time to shop and cook.  Even though it's a long weekend, it is not a weekend of pleasure.  I can enjoy the summer after the yard is cleaned up.

I enjoyed my Arnold sandwich thin with my eggs this morning, and tonight I am going to enjoy some strawberries and wine.  This is day #2 of Phase II and I have to stick with the 1 starch, 1 fruit per day until Friday, when I can increase to 2 of each.  Since South Beach has lived up to its promise in Phase I, I'm going to diligently follow Phase 2 as well. 

I remember when I was on day #1 of this blog, and I never thought I'd make it to 100.  Here I am, just 10 days away.  Since this seems to be working for me, I'll add another 100 days to the blog.  I should reach my goal by the end of that period and then the challenge will be maintenance. 

90 Down, 10 to Go!



Day #89 - SBD Success!

I lost about 9 pounds on South Beach Diet phase I.  Unbelievable!  I weighed in at 162.8 this morning.  Three more pounds to the 150s.  Yeah!!!  I'm thrilled with the results and as of today, have moved on to Phase II.  I was really feeling the muscle fatigue when exercising, so it's time to add some carbs back in.  This first week of Phase II allows me to add in one starch and one fruit each day.  I was so looking forward to yogurt with my homemade granola and fruit. I decided to try a small cup of the non-fat Greek yogurt as it is supposed to be better for you. Yuck!!!  I don't know if it was the brand or if that's typical of all Greek, and for that matter, plain yogurt, but it was so sour.  I threw most of it away--except for my raspberries of course.  I like yogurt but I've always gotten the vanilla yogurt which has 33 g of sugar in it--a "no no."  Damn!  I'll have to try some other brands and types in hopes of landing on an acceptable version.  I had to haul out my egg/canadian bacon breakfast.

I had an excellent workout at water aerobics this morning.  It was a better group of people and they actually worked hard, which made the experience that much more pleasant.  Then I drove to Newport News to pick up our race packet for tomorrow's Chick Fil-A, stopping at Target on the way home to pick up a whole bunch of necessities and household supplies.  The one thing that Target has in their grocery aisle is the Archer Farms thin-crust pizza.  I looked at the label and they totally fit within SBD guidelines.  I bought 3 different flavors.  My big "find" of the day was Arnold's sandwich thins, which are only 100 calories and have 5 g protein and 2 g sugar.  I was able to eat a wonderful roast beef and provolone sandwich for lunch.  I love a good sandwich, and this being my one starch of the day, I was happy to have something that could turn into a sandwich rather than a single slice of bread.  I still need to do some more research on cereals to see which ones might best meet my goals.

I worked all afternoon in the gardens--hand edging until I had blisters and cleaning out beds.  Tomorrow I want to finish the walkway and clean out the last bed.  Once all that is finished, the only thing left is mulching.  That's a lot of hard work but when it's the last piece of the puzzle, you can really see the immediate impact in the yard.  Two more days of intense work and perhaps I can relax on Memorial Day.  We are invited to the neighbors for a BBQ--I'll have to be careful with the food and drink.

I'm headed to the movies shortly to see Sex in the City 2 with a friend.  We are meeting up at the Movie Tavern and I am going to enjoy a glass of wine with the movie.  That will be my first alcohol in 2 weeks so I'm sure I'll feel it. 

I'm so glad to be in Phase II of SBD and hope that I can continue to lose a pound or two a week.  Today I burned over 2,000 calories doing water aerobics and gardening, so it's impossible to go over the calorie count on a day like today.  Success!!!

89 Down, 11 To Go!

Day # 88 - Runnin' on Empty

Runnin' on empty pretty much describes last night's 30-minute jog.  It was beautiful weather in the evening, but without the carbs, it was a hell of a push to keep going.  Today I am really feeling out of sorts.  It is 12 days on this crazy South Beach Phase I, and I'm calling it my last.  Tomorrow morning is weigh-in day.  Provided the scale gives me a big smile, I will plan to move into Phase II of the diet.  I will go to water aerobics class and work in the yard most of the day, and my body is screaming for carbs.  And running a 5K without carbs on Saturday morning is beginning to sound insane.  On my way home from pilates-yoga I'll stop at Walmart to see if I can find fresh strawberries and greek yogurt  The first week of Phase 2 I can add in one starch and one fruit serving each day.  Wow, I can have a slice of bread again.  Eventually I can work my way up to as many as 3 starches and 3 fruits a day.  Right now, any carbs will do.

I have pilates-yoga tonight, which is another factor in my decision.  I feel like I'm losing muscle strength and it's getting harder and harder to do the plank and some of the other forms.  I don't like losing muscle tone.

The day is just dragging by.  It feels like it's time to leave, but I've got at least a couple of more hours.  The document I am working on is particularly challenging as well, and my brain is feeling foggy.  It's a warm day outside--it sure would be nice to lie down in the shade of the big oak tree in front of the building. 

I have tonight's meal all planned: Trader Joe's marinated tuna ahi steak on the grill with vegetable moussaka.  I'll have to pick up some more of those no sugar added fudge bars for dessert.  Even with a snack in the next hour, I'll be within the calorie limit.  Sure hope my scale does a little dance tomorrow!!!

88 Down, 12 To Go!

Day #87 Outdoor Paradise

I finally got my swing up in the gazebo.  I had to stop at Home Depot for chains and it probably took an hour to drill into the beam, put in the eye hooks, hang and balance the darn thing.  It looks nice in here. 

I just finished a really good salad, though it's hard to have a good salad when you've run out of tomatoes.  The only thing left for the day is to blog and try to get a run in later tonight.  I'm totally out of sync now with the running as I've eaten and have to give myself some time to digest.

I am writing this from the gazebo.  The best investment I ever made was to build this deck and gazebo and gardens.  Though the gardens I often curse as they are overrun with weeds.  But the point is, I can hang out here in the screened in gazebo, play on the computer, read the newspaper, and listen to the birds sing.  This gazebo could be the best thing about my entire property.

I probably got myself in trouble at the office today for being totally exasperated when my colleague had to get admin staff to put paper in the copier.  My document was after his so I asked him why he couldn't add the paper and he said it wasn't in his pay grade.  We are at the same level!  So I added the paper so I could get the document and told him that this was not a gender specific activity.  I have been at work for 9 years and I have NEVER seen him add paper.  In fact, I have never seen a MAN add paper to the copy machine.  What the hell is with that?  Are they afraid to work the technology?  Anyhow, I'm sure I overreacted.  My friend suggested that maybe I tell everyone that I haven't had carbs in 10 days and they may need to stay out of my way!  I can see it now.  I'll put a big sign on my door.  CARB DEFICIENT. ... ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!  Hah!  As if I don't scare enough people away on my "good" days.

One does need a sense of humor to survive the office, family, the news, and oneself. 

Hopefully, I'll get my entire 30 minutes of jogging in later tonight.  If I don't, I still took a 45-minute walk earlier in the day, which gave me more than enough calories burnt to once again come under the 1,200 mark. I have eaten more calories the last few days, but with the exercise, I'm in good shape.

87 Down, 13 to Go!

Day #86 - Half a Dozen Eggs

Is it possible to overdose on eggs?  I came home after pilates to find that my porch swing had arrived, so instead of making my turkey meatloaf for dinner, I took the swing to the gazebo and began putting it together.  Terrible instructions, lost washer, and the need for a longer chain made me put the job aside, but everything took way longer than needed.  By the time I was finished, I was hungry and didn't feel like repeating this afternoon's chili meal.  So an egg omelet it was.  With my egg breakfast, hard-boiled eggs for a snack, and egg omelet, I've eaten half a dozen eggs today!  Well, that's not something I plan on repeating any time soon.

Now that dinner is consumed, I finished making the South Beach granola topping. It looks like it will be really tasty on yogurt.   The turkey meatloaf is in the oven so that all I have to do is heat it up tomorrow.   No more egg emergencies.  Oh, regarding yogurt.  I typically get organic fat-free vanilla yogurt.  I looked at the label today -- 1 serving has 33 grams of sugar!  In the garbage it goes.  I'll have to look closer at the sugar in items I buy.  I had been solely focused on calories.  I also researched dark chocolate to find an organic brand (Green & Black's) that has far less sugar than most other brands.  And according to their website, it's available at Target and a lot of other stores.  I'll have to buy some chocolate this weekend.  

Today was kiss-up or kiss-ass Tuesday, which ever way you want to look at it.  First I had a very polite discussion with one of my colleagues who has been here forever who was upset that I hadn't asked him about one of our research analyst's availability for one of my projects.  Well, analysts are not assigned to particular individuals, but he seems to think otherwise.  Anyhow, I was very nice about it and we had a friendly "chat."  Then I had to clear the air with my admin and I "made nice" with her.  I ate crow and said all the right things, even though I'm not at all happy with either predicament.  But what the F!  If it makes them happy, fine.  My work is important and as long as these interoffice politics don't invade my work, I can kiss ass with the best of 'em.  Wonder what surprises tomorrow will bring?

I'll weigh in on Friday.  I feel like I lost a lot of weight the first week, but I'm not so sure about this week.  Guess I'll find out soon enough.  I have noticed that my muscle strength has deteriorated and it's much more difficult exercising--pilates was noticeably tougher on the muscles today.

I've got a couple of fudge bars to enjoy yet, then it's off to bed.  It's been a long day. 

86 Down, 14 to Go! 

Day #85 - Revisiting the Program

I went back to blog#1 to remind myself of my weight loss goal for the first 100 days:  14 to 21 pounds (averaging 1 to 1.5 pounds per week loss).  Well, despite my month-long plateau and thanks to South Beach, I've hit my goal!  I'm right in the middle at 18 pounds lost and still have two more weeks to go.  Let's see if South Beach can help me hit the 21 pound mark.  I knew this would take a long time, so it's good to remind myself that I am on course, despite the many challenges.

Tonight I walked my "running route," and took Alex with me.  She begrudgingly came along.  I have a slight muscle pull in my thigh and I wanted to give it a little time to rest.  And I don't want to feel like I "have" to run.  I was starving when I got home so I had a bowl of chili, and with rain on the way, I didn't think I'd get time to rest after dinner and fit a run in.  So walking was the next best thing.

I have some energy now, so I think I'll go to Trader Joe's and pick up ingredients to make my own granola.  There's no sense in hanging around the house.  Looks like it will be another successful day under the belt.

85 Down, 15 To Go!



Day #84 -Rainy day of Relaxation

Today's showers prevented me from outdoor work, which is probably a good thing.  I need the break.  Alex's legs are sore from helping me out in the garden.  Mine aren't--I guess I'm in respectable shape.

I did myw weekly grocery run to Trader Joe's and spent all morning cooking. I tried a new recipe from the South Beach book -- vegetarian moussaka -- featuring eggplant and lentils.  It has some nice flavors (cinammon, nutmeg), but it's a bit on the dry side.  It's okay, though not worth trying again.  I have a ton of it left over so that's the featured vegetable of the week.  I also made another batch of chilli.  The  last version turned out great and I made a few tweaks so hopefully this will be just as tasty.  And I made my canadian bacon/egg/cheese "omelet" in muffin tins, so I'm all set for the week on that front as well.  I also bought some ingredients to make crabcakes, which I may try later this week, and some marinated mahi-mahi (tuna steaks) that just needs to be thawed and heated.  From everything I've read, eating fish on a weekly basis is a good thing, and I'll have to continue to experiment to find some good fish dishes. 

This afternoon Alex and I went to see Shrek 4 in 3-D.  It was another cute movie.  A good way to spend a rainy day. 

I have fudge bars left to eat tonight, and then that's it.  I am finding that I just can't get the 1,200 calories without the carbohydrates.  I feel like I'm eating plenty, and even adding a late night hard boiled egg or spoon of peanut butter or cheese stick, I've got calories to spare. I have now completed 8 days of South Beach, with 6 more to go in Phase I.  Then I can gradually add in the starches and fruits.  This is an experiment, and I'm curious to see how it concludes.

84 Down, 16 to Go!

Day #83 - Another Grandma Kind of Day

Spent at least 6 hours in the gardens today.  Alex helped for part of the time.  We made a lot of progress, though there is still plenty to do.  I laid down 16 bags of mulch yesterday, and today 28 more.  I still need to lay down the weed block on the right side of the yard and then put mulch over the top.  I'm hoping the weed block will at least keep the path through the gardens clear of weeds.  It's all a lot of work.  I'm hoping I can clean up the beds tomorrow which will allow me to finish the job next weekend, weather permitting.

I started this morning by jogging.  I knew it would be tough and I walked after 18 minutes.  I've got more than enough exercise the last two days.  That ought to help with the weight loss effort.  Next weekend is the Chick Fil-A 5K and it's going to be challenging, primarily because of the lack of carbs in the diet.  I'm sure I can run the entire course, but my time probably won't be very good.  That's fine.  I've come a long way in a short amount of time.

If all goes  well tomorrow and I get some yard work done in the morning, we should be able to see a movie.  The new Shrek is in movie theaters now so that will probably be our pick.  Somewhere in there I need to go to Trader Joe's and get my groceries, and cook up my meals for the week.  The chili and the turkey meatloaf were winners, so I may stick with those meals.  I'll browse through the cookbook for ideas.

I'll go to bed early tonight and do some reading.  It's been a very tiring day.  I'm getting too old to handle this big yard.  But I'm also cheap and don't want to hire out.  What's a girl to do?

83 Down, 17 To Go!

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