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Practical Exercises to Eliminate Small Physical "Imperfections"

Written: 12/21/2007

A somewhat soft belly, flabby thighs can be very troublesome for most of you, especially during this festive season where you'll get to meet many people. Even if you are not a fan of fitness clubs, you can overcome your small defects. Note that not all sports are adapted to get you a firm butt and leaner hips and thighs. So here is a breakdown on what will and will not work for you in order to be in shape for the end of year festivals and next year's resolutions.

Round Back

Women aiming to achieve an hourglass figure should practise sports like swimming, horseback riding, volley-ball or even basket-ball. These sports help develop the muscles in your back and tend to make your body slimmer.

To Avoid: Hand-ball and upper torso bodybuilding which tend to make your upper body more muscular.

Large Shoulders

To achieve a more harmonious figure, choose sports which tone your legs: ski, roller, dance.

To Avoid: Tennis and swimming which develop essentially the muscles in your shoulders.

Flabby Stomach

If you do not wish to lock yourself in a gym doing crunches all day, better practise swimming and in particular, backstroke. This sport tones up your abdominal muscles. If you are fan of latino music, then start practising salsa.

To Avoid: Breaststroke and cycling which do not tone your abdominal muscles.

Flaccid Butt

Nothing is better for your buttock muscles than running. If your neighbors below you tolerate this, then skipping rope has also many advantages.

Soft Thighs

Consider dancing on modern jazz-music and avoid dance techniques that involve jumping. Practise swimming and stretching too.

To Avoid: Step and cycling which work your thigh muscles too much.

Acknowledgement: These tips are from my gym instructor.

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