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How to Party Healthy: Questions And Answers On How To Stay Healthy At A New Year's Bash

Written: 12/29/2007

We know that the holiday season is conducive to all kinds of excesses. Here are a few modest tips on how to party healthy.

Should you start preparing your body for the New Year Party?

If you have a normal balanced diet, it is not because of an approaching holiday or party, that you must subject your body to a diet. On the contrary, you will be more likely to eat more than your normal amount if you have dieted or fasted beforehand. The best thing to do is to continue to eat normally and doing a minimum of exercise at the same time. It is not on the eve of a party that you must be vigilant about your diet and eating habits. It is better to be reasonable at the time of the meal in question than to anticipate. Nevertheless, we can adopt a more reasonable diet on New Year's Eve and the days that follow.

What is the recommended diet?

There a few tricks which you can use on New Year's Eve before the party. During the holidays, people tend to consume more calories than usual, fat, sugar, alcohol, but also protein. The idea is to drain excess calories by drinking plenty of water to support the removal of fat and sugars that swell the stomach. Choose water rich in minerals, or even soups and broths. You should also eat fiber: fruits, vegetables (onions, green beans, spinach), grains (bread to a lesser extent than vegetables), which promote digestion and elimination. Choose meals that I call "à la Asian", as the wok: as you will load in fat and sugar, you must choose the sliced, diced chicken, shrimp, complete with noodles and vegetables, and end it with a fruit. Eat balanced without excessive loading of protein, limiting yourself to merely a few drops of oil and not too much margarine. You should not restrict yourself too much, but eat low in fat without any added sugar.

How to limit the damage of festive meals?

My advice is to focus more on the content of the meal, rather than satellites. I call "satellites" everything edible that is served with the main dish. Refrain from the appetizer and focus on the "heart" of the meal. To avoid throwing yourself on the little cakes, snacks, etc, eat a healthy snack one or two hours before the grand party or dinner like cheese, a fruit salad, tea, foods that make you feel full so that you do not arrive on an empty stomach at the party or dinner. Try to control the alcohol to avoid a hangover the next day. If you are invited to a party, it can be awkward to refuse a dish, but nobody will blame you for making a wine or champagne glass lasts a long time. If you are the host, do not forget the fibers and vegetables because most parties I go to lack them. Remember the mushrooms. For starters, a vegetable salad is great. A note of freshness ease digestion and slows the absorption of calories. For dessert, offer fresh fruits. Fruits go well with ice creams and cakes. What you moderate is what you have to watch less thereafter. The important thing is to spend a great time with family or friends, but it is better to focus on quality over quantity, with a beautiful high-end and tasty menu.

And the following days?

The next day, prepare a large salad with a few crumbs of tuna, for example. Always drink a lot of water. You can take some really good teas to promote drainage of the liver which is very sensitive. They can be found in your local pharmacy. They are based on artichoke which is a liver purge accelerator.

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