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8 Errors You Must Stop Making

Written: 11/19/2007

I admit I'm guilty of some of them. Though it's not an easy thing, it is very important to correct the following errors if you want to lead a healthy life.

  1. Skip a meal
    Skipping a meal can have more inconveniences than advantages when we trying to lose some weight. Some hours after skipping a meal, you run the risk of "breaking down" because of hunger pangs or an irresistible craving for food. When you "break down", you eat generally far more food than you would have eaten if you had taken your normal meals at their regular time.

    Correction: Eat 3 regular-sized balanced meals at correct intervals with a breakfast to start the day.

  2. Snacking in between meals
    Most of us have a tendency to forget the little calories we nibble in between meals. Your body does not forget about it though; it stores every surplus calorie. Foods which lead to obesity are foods you have eaten outside of your regular meals.

    Correction: Avoid snacking in between meals or if you are snacking, eat healthy snacks.

  3. Consuming too much "sugary" drinks or alcoholic drinks
    Avoid sugary or alcoholic drinks and opt for water.

    Correction: Learn to develop the water habit. Water is a drink which has 0 calorie. As a guideline, 1 g of alcohol contains 7 kcal, 1 glass of wine contains 70 kcal and 1 liter of wine contains 600 to 700 kcal.

  4. Cutting short on all food you love to eat
    If you cut short on all foods you love to eat, then you are taxing your body. Sooner or later, you will give in to the cravings and you will then tend to eat more than you used to eat.

    Correction: The technique here is to gradually stop yourself from eating this or that food. It takes time but it is a sure technique to prevent yourself from relapsing again.

  5. Eating in less than 15 minutes
    Our stomach has an internal clock (or we can say speedometer) which is not in synch with the traditional clock. If you eat a meal under 15 minutes, you will find yourself asking for more. But if you take your time and eat the same meal in let's say, 30 minutes, you will find yourself satiated.

    Correction: The average time for eating a normal-sized meal is around 20 minutes. Learn how to keep within this time limit by enjoying every mouthful and keeping down your knife and fork everytime you take a mouthful. Cultivate these two habits and you will find yourself enjoying your meal more.

  6. Eating while watching tv or reading
    In these cases, you are not concentrating on the quantity and quality of the foods you are eating. This allows the absorption of great quantities of foods and generally, high-density calories such as chips, chocolate or soda.

    Correction: Eat while sitting without doing anything else.

  7. Not making a shopping list
    You run the risks of buying more foods than you need if you do not prepare any list beforehand. Temptation is very strong moreover if you are shopping in a supermarket.

    Correction: Do your shopping with a shopping list and after having eaten.

  8. Not having a menu of the meals you are going to eat
    If you do not have in mind what you are going to cook, then when it's time to eat, you will tend to rush to the foods which are easily prepared without giving any thoughts to the calorie intake, etc...

    Correction: Always prepare a menu for the day when you wake up. Take a good 15 minutes to go over what you will eat. Even if it happens that you did not have the time to prepare a menu, then go over these 101 meals that can be prepared under 10 minutes.

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