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My Goals for January - February

My goals for the next 8 weeks are to lose 8 lbs. That's one pound a week. It's incredibly hard to lose one single pound a week! I
have to tell you that I'm a nurse so I do shift work. My schedule is hectic, and some weeks I work five 12 hour shifts, and others I only work two 12 hour shifts. All of my shifts are 12 hours, and I also work night shifts. It's very hard not to eat when you're awake all night. It's also exhausting to be awake the day after a night shift. In order to lose weight, I've taken all of these different factors into account.To lose the 8 lbs, I've made some fitness and nutrition goals:
1. Track all of my calories every single day. I'm using My Fitness Pal to achieve this on my phone and iPad.
2. Drink 8 Glasses of water per day.
3. Stick to 300-400 calories on night shifts.
4. Workout 2-4/week, depending on my work schedule, of course. 
5. Exercise on the first day of night shifts, rest the rest of the days.
6. Include stretching (Yoga-type class called BodyFlow) into my workout routine.
8. Include weights into my workout routine.
9. And, of course, 1500 cals/day unless I work out or I am working a night shift. 
I'm sure as time goes by, I'll be adding more goals.  

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ceciliahearts wrote 83 months ago:
I'm sure you can do it :D
cuterbee wrote 83 months ago:
Oh gosh, I feel for you. I hated nights and 12s. So glad I'm not doing them anymore! (and I'm not sure at all that I could even manage a 12 hour shift at this point!). Those are great and doable goals, though, and I know you can get them done!

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