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Day 2

Alright, so Yesterday wasnt so bad. I ate right and resisted temptations. It helps that the office I work in have pretty much healthy snacks in its break room.  Granola Bars, Cheez its, stuff like that. I'm really trying to stay off the sodas though and its really really hard.  I love Sodas. But I know that it has a lot of sodium in it so I'm trying.  I have this 24 ounce bottle  that I put my water in.  Its great and not to mention really cute. (has H20 on the side of it in blue). Now everytime I go into the breakroom I look at the sink then the refrigerator (where the sodas are) then back to the sink for water and force myself to go to the sink.  It hasnt been easy this morning and I have had to pee like 4 times, but I know in the end it will be worth it.

 Now to the real reason that I am writing today. I have been trying to bring my lunch to work lately. I have this awesome friend, who is a teacher and is off work at the moment, who loves to come and have lunch with me.  Its great and I love the company but I have to worry now about eating out and counting my calories. There are so many temptations of burgers and chinese food and Cajun food. All of those are not condusive to an eating right lifestyle.  So I told her by text message this morning "We have to eat at Salata and get soups and salads because of my counting calories now". She is awesome and is all for it (I knew I wouldnt have any problems there). Now I have to plan ahead and figure out exactly what I'm going to get on my salad.  If you think about it salads can be just as bad as getting a burger and fries. There is the cheese and the salad dressings and such.  Its too hard. I would rather stick with my frozen Lean Cuisines. They are good and I know exactly what I"m getting and the calories. But I know that this is part of the change I'm trying to make. I will have to be faced with eating out in restaurants and figuring out what is the right thing to eat and what is the wrong thing. When is the right time to splurge and when I've realized that I've splurged a little too much that day. So My friend will be here in an hour and a half and I've pretty much figured out what I'm going to get, but here is the million dollar question... Once I get down there and see all of my options Will I be able to continue and not be tempted to get extra cheese or extra dressing on my salad?  We will see and I'll let you know...

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judykay05 wrote 64 months ago:
Hey, here's an idea some of my friends have tried and it worked for them. Eat your lean cuisine at your desk and meet your friend to go for a walk on your lunch break. Once they took good restaurants off the "Menu" the took the pressure off themselves!

Plus they found that they got a lot more talking in while walking!

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