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I've noticed a lot of cardio bashing as of late. A lot of people will point blank tell you that cardio isn't necessary in weight loss. I've read a lot of articles and did a lot of research and while weight training is very important - cardio offers other non-weight loss benefits.

I have a strong family history of heart disease, heart attacks, heart bypasses, etc. Add in the fact that I also have family members on the other side who've had heart attacks, strokes, etc and I'm feeling nervous. 

From the start of my journey,  I have done 90% cardio. Actually, I lost the majority of my weight doing cardio only. I never felt that I looked skinny fat or anything else. I feel like cardio DID change my life and my body. I understand the importance of weight training and I do it, but I'm tired of seeing cardio get such a bad name! 

When I went into the hospital earlier this summer because of breathing issues after my asthma attack - they did an EKG on me to insure the breathing issues weren't some kind of heart issue. They did the EKG and at the end of it the nurse replied "Wow! That was textbook perfect! I truly wish more people's results looked like yours!". When the doctor came in - he asked me "Do you do cardio?" and I replied "Yes, I do" and he replied "Keep it up! Even if for no other reason than keeping your heart healthy". 


I read a lot of articles and I read a lot of studies. I don't base my opinion on any one thing - I make sure that I am making an informed decision about something. While weight training is important, don't disregard cardio. Even if you focus more on the weights - every once in awhile, still do the cardio. It's good for you!

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nicehormones wrote 77 months ago:
Some people only care about losing weight and not being healthy. I love cardio, I feel so much better after doing it. Endorphins anyone?

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