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Confessions of a Run-aholic

I have ALWAYS wanted to be a runner. When I was in the 7th grade I tried out for track, made the team, but was unable to continue because of the afterschool runs and not having a ride home from school. After highschool I would give a treadmill a go and would be so intimidated by just about everything that I never pursued it. I tried to start running in January of this year, but was WAY to gung ho (i felt like i should just start off running 2 miles at a time) and ended up giving myself double shin splints that took two months to recover.

So finally I tried again with C25K this fall. I was not born an amazing runner.

I irked it out of myself, 30 seconds at a time. i tell myself, 30 more seconds, 30 more seconds.

I lie to myself, i say, "oh you have probably been running for 20 minutes now, it will be just a little bit further. (8 minutes into the run)

I yell at myself sometimes. (in my head of course, i'm not too crazy.)

 I beat myself up.

I encourage myself.

I think of myself getting my Polar Bear Plunge medal on January 1st. (my first 5k!!) I think up outlandish scenarios of people driving by and being jealous of me.

I bribe myself.

I do anything I can to keep running.

The past 2 weeks (week 7) gave me a crisis of faith. I was done with intervals. But why? Intervals and I are friends. We got this. Intervals and I are going to be in each others weddings. You want me to just DO AWAY with intervals?? I dont know if i can do that! And I really didn't. All of my tricks weren't working anymore. I would get 15 minutes into the run and just stop. Finally my female love of my life Sarah suggested for me to just walk a minute, and then pick it up again. So i said alright, she generally is smarter than me, and I did it. So it took me 2 weeks, but I got through week 7.

Today I was starting week 8. I felt confident. I mean i HAVE to get this down right! I have my first 5k in a month! I need to be lean, mean, and crazy. (i signed up for a run that i will be jumping into freezing cold swimming pools. THREE of them) So I start off. I do my five minutes of walking and settle into my rhythm. What I did differently this time, was I started off meandering. Running every which way that I felt like. I took no specific path. Then i finally settled on a loop. It was smaller than the loop I am used to running, but it was a steady curve, and I wasn't facing into the sun and wind for too long of a time. I ended up losing track of the loops after 6, a few laps later i realized i did and lost count again after another 6. My guess is i did 15 laps around this place, maybe closer to 20. 

 I started to head back to the building and my asthma was starting to kick up. I wasn't coughing yet, but i could feel the wheezing. I snuck out my phone for the very first peak at my time left. (my countdown on my phone and i have a love/hate relationship) I glanced, ONLY TWO MINUTES LEFT! I felt elation! I felt on top of the world! Two minutes is nothing! So i ran out the last 2 minutes, finished on cloud 9, and ran for 28 minutes STRAIGHT. My previous longest distance running withouut a break was 18 minutes.

I knew I had it in me. I just had to believe in myself while I was doing it. I had to be confident. So it may have took a little lying, cussing, encouraging, and bribing (i am going to have pizza for dinner HA) but i FINISHED DANG IT! And i have arrived!!

24 Hour Challenge- Day 1

Hey MFPers!! Thought i would make something official to start off the 24 hour challenge. From today the 26th, through Christmas is 30 days. In that time period all of you need to exercise for 24 hours.

This can be completed in several ways: 24 days of one hour exercises with 6 rest days, or something like 45 minutes a day everyday, or probably more like me- a miriad of different times to workout whenever I have a free moment.

You can complete these 24 hours however you see fit. I myself will have 30DS, running, walking, and Zumba combined to make my time. It doesn't matter what you do to complete your 24 hours. What matters is that you are MOVING during this holiday season! Eating is going to be hard for the next month: holiday parties, traditional family favorites, desserts, and egg nog. i am asking you to make wise food decisions and increase your exercise to make up for the times you don't! With our combined support for each other I know that we can succeed and shed a few inches or pounds before Christmas!

At the end of each day, similar to the 5000 calorie challenge, put in your daily time out of the total. If you are going to work out an hour each day you can put it like this: Day 1, 1/24. If you are more like me with different times each day do it out of minutes: Day 1, 45/1440. I find writing blogs is easier on days I am not home, so I will update everyones times in a weekly blog on Fridays. 

I hope everyone will join me in a new challenge!! Woot Woot!


Lemons and Life

Lemons. And not the Sabrina type. :)  Life is throwing me LOTS of lemons here lately. The previous month I felt God shining down on me. It may rain all day, but at my lunch time on my running days the sky cleared up just enough, to let me push through another run. That's the kind of life I have been having. I want something new for dinner, and posts a new recipe that I have all of the ingredients for and can make with no problems!

As of the past 2 weeks that has all changed. My daughters started day care for the first time ever last week. While this may not be a big deal for some people, it sent me into a stress filled tizz and really challenged me.

The Thanksgiving holiday is coming, and I have had stress over trying to create a menu that i could a) afford b) actually eat. Black Friday is upon us and Brandon has taken it into his head that if we don't purchase a TV then life isn't worth living. Work has also been so busy and crazy for more than a month. I used to go to work and relax, but work now gives me zero quiet time.  

This 5000 calorie challenge has also sent me to worrying because the first week I felt like everyone had 3000 + and little ole me was no where near. Even though I crunch the numbers EVERY night, I still worry I won't make it. This stress is probably more of a self doubt thing. I really wasn't sure if I could actually burn that many calories in 19 days.

Some of this stuff seems silly, i know, but it is all things that have challenged me, and i could have used any of them as an excuse to not exercise, or to eat a whole box of cookies. Finally, we discovered Friday that my Grandma is sick. Days in the hospital and surgery later, and we learned yesterday that she is terminal. My Gma and I are very close and I could use this as another excuse. I spend my nights after the girls go to sleep at the hospital and my mornings before work there too. 

Last night I was an emotional mess, but still got the girls fed, gave them mom time, put them to bed, and went to the hospital. I got home at around 10pm and realized that I had yet to work out at all today. The wind was so terrible I didn't run at lunch. I was drained, exhausted, and if anyone asked me how i was I would start crying all over again. I dropped my coat on the floor at the front door of my house and started to kick my shoes off. Brandon said, are you going to go crawl into bed? Want some Tylenol? (my sleeping drug of choice) I said no, I have to work out. So i put my heart rate monitor on, popped in 30DS and did my work out.

There are several things that I normally do during any type of work out. They are smile, laugh, and horse around. My cat Sammy is used to me hassling him any time he is near me and I am jumping around our house. Why he hasn't learned to hide in a closet by now is beyond me. Last night I did not smile. I did not laugh at my goofy ability to do push ups. I was grim, but I pushed through. Sammy kept walking up to me and looking at me expectantly but he got no harrassment from me last night. I finished my video 27 minutes later and felt... calm. I did not feel like I would cry at any moment. I did not feel fragile. I felt strong and in control of something. I showered and went to bed.

This morning I woke up, did my normal rush around to take the girls to daycare, then headed to the hospital. Gma was unable to eat her breakfast this morning and the nurse was trying to shove this plate of biscuits and gravy at me. I politely said no thank you. I was worried over her. I could have eaten that free food. As the nurse said with her oversized booty, "if you don't eat it, it will go to waste." I do hate things that go to waste.  But I didn't. I spent the little time I could with Gma and came to work.

I brought my running clothes today, with my long sleeves and my hat, determined to run. I will do 30DS tonight, even if it is at midnight. Life is throwing me LOTS of lemons, but that is no excuse to not take care of my children and my husband. And that is not an excuse to not take care of myself. I will maintain, I will push hard. I will strive for my goals. I will love my Gma fiercely and enjoy my remaining time with her. I will support you if you need it. I will raise my children and love my husband. I am strong.

Week 10 - 50 lb Challenge!

It's been ten long weeks, and i am too excited to start with anything but the results! Last week we lost 6.4lbs and had lost a total of 44.4lbs together!

Here we go!

Sarah has worked really hard over the past 10 weeks. The nine previous weeks before this she has lost 14.6 POUNDS! (that's THREE bags of potatoes!)  She knocked it out of the park this week and lost another 3.6lbs! (love those woosh weeks!) That brings Sarah's total weight loss to 18.2 lbs for our challenge!

Robin has been sculpting her body and making her whole life more healthy. The first nine weeks of this journey she lost 11.2 lbs. (that's like one of Denali's PAWS! ;P) She didnt take no for an answer and lost 1 pound this week for a total weight loss of 12.2 lbs for our challenge!

Amanda has been switching it up, constantly changing her strategy so she doesn't become complacent and stall her weight loss. So far she has lost 7.2 lbs with us. (that's like a bag of potatoes and a bag of apples!) This week she got to take it up another pound and has now lost 8.2 lbs!

And moi, I have been running my little heart out and lost 11.4lbs during the first 9 weeks. I lost another 1.6 lbs this week to bring my total weight loss to 13 pounds!

That brings our total weight loss this week to SEVEN POINT TWO POUNDS! DING DING DING! *firetruck sounds* *car alarm sounds* *ringing bell from the Price is Right*

We have officially lost 51.6 pounds and reached our 50 pound challenge goal!!!!

Now let's put that into perspective!

A bag of feed for your animals is 50 lbs! A gold BAR weighs on average 400 ounces, which is right at 25lbs. We have lost TWO gold bars which would be worth over $350,000! And finally we have lost a 50 pound bag of flour. If you work at a donut shop your goal is to get 12 donuts out of a pound of flour, but Erica tells me those are puny donuts. In order to have the awesome kind it is 10 donuts per pound. We have lost FIVE HUNDRED DONUTS LADIES!! WOOT!

So now we need to have a discussion. Do we keep going for another 3 weeks? Do we stop the challenge now and begin our 24 hour challenge early? Or should we do a hybrid challenge that lasts until Thanksgiving? Let me know! So proud of you guys!

Undie Run

I have three other daring souls who have agreed to join the Undie Run with me. (still need that fifth person!!) Obviously this will leave my entire midsection exposed, where i have the proof of being a mom twice over. I am a firm believer in NO EXCUSES! And want to enter into their ab  competition. Nick- who already has a crazy 6 pack- is jumping up his ab routine to prepare for the competition. I am going to start tonight and try to keep up with him.

The ab routine will be as follows:

1.       100 crunches with your ankles crossed in the air

2.     100 legs up in the air doing a bicycle motion and crunching from side to side ( this may kill me)

3.    Knees are  bent, sides crunching and pulling your elbow to your knee, 25's on each side to 100

4.   100 crunches laying completely flat

5.   100 pelvis crunches



Now i can't guarantee i will knock out 500 crunches the first night. but what i do know is that i will give it my best shot, and be sore in the morning! 

Lots of time to think while running.

I have yet to master the ability to shut my brain off for more than a couple minutes at a time while running.  So i have a half hour 4 times a week to my thoughts. Yesterdays run I was thinking about the Polar Bear Plunge coming up and my fitness goals for next year. Here they are:

1)      Run the Polar Bear Plunge January 1st

2)      Run the Undie Run May 18

3)      Run the Redneck Run

4)      Run the Mud Run

5)      Run the Halloween Run

6)      Run the Warrior Dash

7)      Attend 10 Zumbathons    

All of these runs are fun themed runs. None of them are serious. I chose fun ones on purpose. I am trying to enjoy my exercise. I am not interested in finishing first or competing. I am interested in becoming a good runner and being healthy.

I feel this is a good balance of runs. None of them are longer than 3 miles, so i should get good and comfortable with that distance over the next year. I thought i may want to push farther and do some half marathons, but decided to take this in baby steps. There are a bunch of tough races out there that i will master in 2013!

 This schedule would give me 16 activities on top of my normal exercise. They say the easiest thing is to lose weight and the hardest is to maintain it. I believe this schedule will keep me in maintenance mode.

I would love to get a 5 person team together for the undie run. I can count my husband in, and a coworker of mine- Nick, anyone else want to strip down and run for a good cause?????

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